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  1. My favorite was when Ronald Reagan asked for decaffeinated coffee and the Queen’s waiters didn’t have any despite her efforts. The horrified look on Nancy’s face at him making an issue of it was priceless. 

  2. Craig

    On the previous thread, the grading of a thousand years of royalty gives the majority D’s and F’s!  The few who get great grades are the women.  Liz did well.

  3. I do not get the appeal of  the British Royals.  It’s costly to have a bad logo you cannot get rid of and all the faces of the royals  who make you gulp and look away.  Yes we are all sorry Eliz has died and she was wonderful during world war 2 loooong time ago.
    The Brits should have taken this opportunity to end the monarchy now they are stuck with Charles yikes.

  4. In my early school years, maps of the globe were about 1/3 pink representing the British Expire.  Most of those countries are now either totally independent or part of the Commonwealth.  I imagine that most of even the Commonwealth countries will divest the role of the monarch.

  5. Yes, she did her part in WWII, but she also evolved with the times.  And, it was her speech that gave comfort in 2020.   She didn’t ask to be born into that family any more than we chose ours.  I can’t imagine the pressure.  What if she wanted to be more private? What if she wanted to be a teacher or a dancer or a doctor or a cake decorator?   She had no choice in her place in life but, overall, she did it with grace.   A good egg.  

    I, too, hope the Mar L Ego Mob family is banned from attending her funeral.

    What is the identity of the UK without the monarchy?

    I wonder if Hong Kong misses being part of the British Commonwealth?

  6. Yeahhhh…I know this site isn’t the place to praise The Monarchy, so I’ll just say I grew up with King Charles lll from afar, always seeing him growing up via newsreels, Time, Newsweek, Look, Life magazines.  It took me a little while as a post-toddler to understand how this little boy could already be the King-in-waiting.  It must have been 35 years ago the stories appeared about how Prince of Wales Charles was speaking against global warming and promoting modern farming techniques and irrigation in poor parts of the world.  Then the stories started and never stopped about how he was so unpopular in GB, how hated he was.  I never really understood why. Yes, his marriage to Diana ended badly and his carryings-on with Camilla made for great fodder for the press.  Now he’s an old man anyway you look at it and his reign will likely be short.  Brits are already excited for King William and way down the road, King George.  What goes around…hell, when I was born England had a king: George.  And, Queen Elizabeth ll was just always there; I never hated her like I hated Margaret Thatcher, for sure. For me, she was just there, The Queen of England, so far removed from my life I never got all that excited.

  7. Wide awake after my dog let me know there was some monster at our back door, I am sitting going through a few news sites, one in particular jarred me alittle, the Sydney Morning Herald.  I think the coverage of QEII is not behind the paywall.  I, like many others, thought Australia had cut the monarchical ties, but apparently not.  NSW will declare the new king and all the barristers changed from queens council to kings council. It is interesting to read of her life and death from a UK perspective.
    I took a glance at the Toronto Star too.  It has been decades since I last read that newspaper.  I spent a lot of time in Canada back before independence, which meant growing up understanding parliment, royality, ie, QEII as queen, and how they differed from the U.S.A. And, especially how international trade worked because we could not get Cadbury’s in the States and when we drove over to Windsor we could.  Cadbury’s was not imported into the U.S. back then.  There is a slight difference between how the Star is covering vs. SMH

    A little information, I grew up in the Detroit area and visits to Canada for vacations and Windsor for lunch or dinner, was the norm not the exception. Twenty minutes and we could be sitting in an English restaurant enjoying tea. A little longer drive and we could be in Toronto for dinner and a late drive back.

  8. Dexter

    I’m one of the resident royalists on the site so you aren’t alone.  It is a bit of a running joke between me and Craig.  


    Even Scotland may go more for a Commonwealth role rather than a complete divorce.  There are advantages as long as the country has independent rule.

  9. fittingly there was a double rainbow over buckingham palace

    Image result for double rainbow over buckingham palace

    from themonklife:

    … the double rainbow refers to spiritual transformation on onlookers. Witnessing a double rainbow means you will get a good change and start a new beginning in your life, and it is promising and brings good luck to your life.
    Different cultures have different beliefs regarding the double rainbow. It refers to internal awakening, growth, new beginnings, success, and multiple positive beliefs.

  10. guess we should have expected the end was near and thngs were achanging back in june when this was published and they moved recently

    Prince William and Kate Middleton to ‘move to Windsor estate as Charles plans to offer them “Big House”’ | The US Sun (the-sun.com)

    PRINCE William and Kate Middleton are preparing their family move to a house on the Queen’s Windsor estate this summer, it’s claimed.
    Adelaide Cottage was understood to be the family’s first choice when they move from London to Berkshire.
    But in time, The Sunday Times reports the Cambridge’s could move into “the big house,” as Prince Charles does not plan to spend as much time at Windsor Castle as the Queen when he is King.
    The move will see Wills leave Kensington Palace, which has been their main home since 2017.
    However, it’s understood they will keep the residence as their London base, retaining it for their press team.

  11. today in the ‘toons

    on the lighter side and some would say a bit too soon for jokes about the dead

  12. wapo:

    LONDON — Britain’s new king, Charles III, will deliver his first address to the nation Friday, as the country begins a period of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for more than 70 years. A gun salute of 96 rounds, one for each year of the queen’s life, will be fired. Bells will toll at Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Windsor Castle. Parliament will convene to pay respects.
    In coming days, Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will lie in rest in Scotland and then make its way to London, ahead of a state funeral expected to be held in around 10 days at London’s Westminster Abbey. World leaders, likely including President Biden, are expected to attend. They started paying tributes as crowds gathered to lay flowers outside Buckingham Palace.

  13. Charles III’s parents both lived to a ripe, old age.  His reign may not be all that short, Dex.   He’s an environmentalist, as is William.   
    Something was amiss with the Queen’s health if you saw her hands when she was meeting PM Truss.  Very white fingers and bruised hands; poor oxygenation.   Old age isn’t for wimps.

  14. being a very early climate change prophet with a big international limelight always on him that meant people listened or were at least exposed to the idea meant he was a danger to the oil producers & profiteers.  have a feeling they were instrumental in the bad PR about him over the years, in particular making effort to denigrate his intellect and promote the idea that he’s a flake. 

    back in ’82 i was fortunate to hear him give a graduation speech.  he was eloquent and ahead-of-the-times Jeremiah on the environment.


  15. I’m raising money to combat the deep state’s evil speeding ticket hoax.  This aggression will not stand. 

  16. One other piece of continuity in the Monarchy
    Under Queen Anne, Sarah and John Churchill came into power in 1700. 250 years later the Churchill’s direct descendent Winston Churchill was QE II’s first Prime Minister.



    British Embassy Washington

    United Kingdom government organization
    The condolence book at the British Embassy in Washington will be open Friday from 9am to 5pm and will be open again on Monday from 9am to 5pm.
  18. KGC,  charles joins the club of flawed leaders.  how many of ours are/were members of that institution and we still hold them in esteem?


  19. jamie, another interesting coincidence will come about when/if william, george or harry become king in that their lineage is even more royal than charles due to also being spencers tracing directly back to king charles II   

  20. So DOJ is asking Judge Cannon to stay her order preventing the FBI from accessing the purloined documents while it’s trying to continue with its investigation of Dumbass’ theft of USG documents, citing irreparable harm if the order remains in place during the appeal.  I have yet to hear a credible legal analyst opine that DOJ is wrong either in the Motion for Stay or the Appeal although I did hear one analyst say a better route may have been a Motion for Reconsideration, giving Judge Cannon a face-saving out, but that is a strategic rather than legal argument on the merits of the Motion and Appeal.  Of course the appeal path is through the 11th Circuit then to the supreme court (I am no longer capitalizing scotus’ name), which could result in very bad precedent. There’s an 8/12 dem/rep split in the court so it’s luck of the draw for a review panel, but only 6 of the 12 reps were Dumbass appointees, the other 6 were Reagan (1), Ford (1), GHWB (3) and GWB (1), so a RW nutjob ruling is not a slam dunk at that level, even en banc.

  21. Ukrainian media outlets and social media users have speculated that a top Russian commander has been captured as Kyiv’s counteroffensive against Moscow’s forces gathers pace.
    Images and video shared on Twitter and Telegram purportedly show Lieutenant General Andrei Sychevoi among a group of Russian troops handcuffed on their knees with one social media user saying they were near Balakliya, in the Kharkiv region
    Many noted the similarity of one of the captured men to other images of Sychevoi.


  22. Charles is not and never will be a leader of anything.  More apt comparisons are the royals to Hollywood.

    Charles got where is he by being first born. I think the reason she lived so long was to keep him off the throne.

  23. Is it against the Geneva conventions to march captured prisoners in their under ware carrying Ukrainian flags.?  Asking for a friend.

  24. About a week ago I purchased a (new to me) used camera from a dealer in Japan on Ebay.  The camera arrived in three days, express shipment.  I ordered a part for the camera from a dealer in California, it arrived after four days.  I ordered a lens for it from Japan, it is slow, probably not arriving until next week.  I ordered a different lens which is due to arrive today. 
    It was not until I checked the Ebay purchase for that lens when I noticed where it was from, Ukraine, Kiev or preferably Kylv.  Yup. From war ravaged Ukraine.  Some days, just some days.  I do think there has been a push to help support the good people of Ukraine by purchasing things such as rentals and not showing up.  I think buying old camera gear might be good too.

  25. KGC… good to see you back… and feisty as ever!
    I don’t get all the American fascination with royalty either…   but… if it pisses off trumpty dumpty because he’s no longer the lead story in the news…    good!

  26. Thanks RR  Let us not forget Eliz had to be dragged kicking and screaming to honor Diana despite the fact that her business had never had lower ratings.  
    And isn’t Cate Middleton Anorexic 

  27. I won’t gush – although QEII appeared to me to be a pretty good queen, for what little I know about queens, plus, she’s been queen since I learned to walk, and that’s pretty damned impressive.

  28. Craig

    The historian who did the countdown of monarchs that I posted was almost equally down on all of them with majority rated C or much much lower.  Two that he ranked Superior were Elizabeth II and her father as examples of duty, service, dedication and devotion.


  29. Per Sir Macca:

    Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl
    But she doesn’t have a lot to say

    Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl

    But she changes from day to day

    I wanna tell her that I love her a lot
    But I gotta get a belly full of wine

    Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl
    Someday I’m gonna make her mine, oh yeah

    Someday I’m gonna make her mine

    That’ll do.

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