Biden On Fire

He’s on fire!

Biden: “If the MAGA Republicans win control of the Congress, it won’t matter where you live. Women won’t have the right to choose anywhere. Let me tell you something — if they take it back and try to pass it, I will veto it.”

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  1. david horsey’s Many theories on Trump’s secret files, but not yet one to rule them all | The Seattle Times

    Reportedly, during his chaotic tenure as president, Trump was visibly inattentive and bored by intelligence briefings, yet he insisted on taking classified documents with him at the end of the day. Was he actually perusing this stuff in his bedroom while he spent the night tweeting and binge-watching right-wing media? Or did it just make him feel important when he held state secrets in his sweaty fingers? And was that ego boost the reason he took piles of classified documents with him to his glitzy palace in Florida?
    There is dark speculation that Trump planned to use the information in those documents for his own self-serving purposes. A more innocent view is that he was just willfully ignorant of the rules governing the handling of classified information.
    Perhaps, though, it is something in between. While in office, Trump never indicated that he understood that there are constitutional limits on presidential powers. He acted as if he were a king with the right to do any damn thing he wanted to do. It is entirely possible that he took all those dangerously sensitive documents simply because he figured they belonged to him and then he resisted returning them because a petty tyrant never gives in to his adversaries or admits a mistake.

  2. letters from the Civil (service) War front

    Ms Petri’s Opinion | Farewell, Mother. I am off to join the 87,000-person IRS army! – The Washington Post

    My Dearest Mother,
    I heard the good news today from Senator Grassley and Senator Cruz and many voices more: The Lord be praised, President Biden is starting a new army, 87,000 strong, and all armed, to work for the IRS. They shall burst into homes and knock down doors and wreak Biden’s personal vengeance on the middle class, and every one shall have an AR-15. My dream is coming true. I am rushing to enlist; I am leaving the farm in your hands until my return from service in this glorious cause. I love our home, but a hatred for the American taxpayer surges through me like a strong wind, and I must go. Please tend to the cows until I come home again.

    My Dearest Mother,
    I arrived at the place of IRS recruitment today. There were a few others there, though not the throngs I expected. Some of them were well past their prime and had an accountant look to them. I tried to bolster everyone’s spirits by singing a song of my own devising about crushing our adversaries and ending democracy, but nobody joined in. They did hire me because they saw I had a lot of experience entering data, though I apologized profusely for it and said I had been working out. Now I must prove myself, which I will do in boot camp. Hope you are well, and the cows, too.
    My Dearest Mother,
    Training is ended, they say. Still no AR-15. I tried to ask, but people kept saying, “You mean a Form 1015?” Instead, I am seated at a desk, where I have to manually enter data from tax forms into a very, very old computer. The last person who occupied this desk was somebody named Phyllis, and there is a card wishing her a happy retirement left behind on the desk and a drawing by her grandson taped to the monitor. I do not see the swelling ranks of an 87,000-person army. I asked where the others were and Gregory said, “What others?” I hope they give me my weapon and my mission soon. I told Gregory that and he laughed. After lunch, he gave me a rubber hat to put on my finger to protect it from paper cuts. “There,” he said, “now you are properly armed for your task.” It does really help, though.
    My Dearest Mother,
    I saw the senators on television again talking about how an army of 87,000 of us was going to come sweeping into people’s homes and describing us in very scary terms. They can say these things about me, but I don’t think it’s right for them to say them about Carol and Gregory. They are just doing their best. Also, I checked and they’re hiring maybe 40,000 people tops; the rest is to counteract attrition like with me with Phyllis. The work is very different than I expected, but I do derive satisfaction from it. I have a purpose here. I have a home here. I must go; forms await. Love to the cows.

  3. any connection to the doc dump at mal an ego?   odd story from last year listed by the hill as 3rd on their “most popular” list today

    CIA admits to losing dozens of informants around the world: NYT | The Hill

    Leading counterintelligence officials issued a memo to all of the CIA’s global stations saying that a concerning number of U.S. informants were being captured and executed.

    The CIA’s counterintelligence mission center investigated dozens of incidents in the last few years that involved killings, arrests or compromises of foreign informants. In an unusual move, the message sent via a top secret cable included the specific number of agents killed by other intelligence agencies, according to The New York Times.


  4. Inventing Anna: The tale of a fake heiress, Mar-a-Lago and an FBI investigation (

    A pivotal moment for the woman who was fluent in several languages took place last year when she was invited to Mar-a-Lago, where she mingled with former President Donald Trump’s supporters and showed up the next day for a golf outing with Mr. Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham among other political luminaries.
    But the 33-year-old woman was not a member of the famous banking family, and is now a subject of a widening FBI investigation that has delved into her past financial activities and the events that led her to the former president’s home.
    “It was the near-perfect ruse and she played the part,” said John LeFevre, a former investment banker who met her with other guests around a club pool.
    In addition to the FBI, law enforcement agents in Canada have confirmed that she has been the subject of a major crimes unit investigation in Quebec since February.
    A year before the FBI’s spectacular raid of the former president’s seaside home, the woman whose real name is Inna Yashchyshyn, a Russian-speaking immigrant from Ukraine, made several trips into the estate posing as a member of the famous family while making inroads with some of the former president’s key supporters.
    The ability of Ms. Yashchyshyn — the daughter of an Illinois truck driver — to bypass the security at Mr. Trump’s club demonstrates the ease with which someone with a fake identity and shadowy background can get into a facility that’s one of America’s power centers and the epicenter of Republican Party politics.
    Those issues have become even more critical after FBI agents seized boxes of classified and top-secret materials two weeks ago from Mar-a-Lago after executing a search warrant on Mr. Trump’s home.
    Her entry — multiple trips in and out of the club grounds — lays bare the vulnerabilities of a facility that serves as both the former president’s residence and a private club, and highlights the gaps in security that can take place.
    The probe into her activities comes three years after two different women from China — one of them toting two passports and a thumb drive with malicious software — were arrested in separate instances after they entered the club grounds while Mr. Trump was president.
    Little information is public about Ms. Yashchyshyn, who once worked for a suburban Miami business that specializes in providing pregnant Russian mothers the option to have their babies in the U.S. to gain citizenship, court records show.
    But when a bitter court dispute erupted last year between her and a close associate with whom she once lived, the details of her whirlwind trips to Mar-a-Lago and other activities over the past several years began to surface and soon reached the attention of federal agents.
    Valeriy Tarasenko, 44, a Florida businessman who was raised in Moscow, said he met Ms. Yashchyshyn in 2014 and allowed her to live in his Miami condo so that she would watch his children when he traveled on business.
    They have since parted ways over what he alleged was her abuse of one of his children – accusations that Ms. Yashchyshyn vehemently denies.
    He said he has met twice with FBI agents and spoke to them about multiple trips she made to Mar-a-Lago and what he claims were her efforts to make inroads in the Trump family and look for new streams of money.
    She used “her fake identity as Anna de Rothschild to gain access to and build relationships with U.S. politician[s], including but not limited to Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Eric Greitens,” he said in a court affidavit in Miami.

  5. BiD, this line from above story seems to corroborate your suggestions about pregnant russian women ensconced at mar a lago

    Little information is public about Ms. Yashchyshyn, who once worked for a suburban Miami business that specializes in providing pregnant Russian mothers the option to have their babies in the U.S. to gain citizenship, court records show.

  6. Trump’s in hot water again for grabbing classified documents and hiding them in a hotel safe. Jon’s got some thoughts about whether this stuff will ever catch up with him — and also about Mar-a-Lago’s oddest menu items. Anyone want some meat items with their nuclear codes? Writers Robby Slowik and Maria Randazzo join Jon for a thrilling night under the stars.

  7. Although reported over the years since the early months of 2017 that operatives were disappearing it is now that people are starting to put dots on the calendars and trying to connect them. Yeah, it gets real when your name is given to the enemy.

  8. If there’s dead spies names on those files , the DOJ is in a real bind, you can’t run this stuff through “open court”.

  9. a few days ago michael cohen on well-experienced knowledge of why the god-king took the TS docs.  see video at 4:57 minutes

    raw story:

    “Based on everything you know about him, why do you think he wanted to keep those top secret documents at Mar-a-Lago,” host s Steele asked.

    “He’s gonna use it as a get out of jail free card,” Cohen immediately shot back. “It’s a way to extort America turn around to say if you put me in jail, if you go after me — he’ll even say his children — I will have my loyal supporters who you do not know who has copies of information that may have been, and again this is my conjecture, that i would take those documents, I will release them to Iran, to China, to North Korea, to Russia.


    “You want to take me down, I’ll take the whole country down,” he added.

    “Remember, and I’ve said this with you 1000 times, Mike, Donald Trump doesn’t care about this country,” he continued. “He doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than himself.”

    If you had pitched this outline as novel , your agent would have dropped you. 
    By the way, that Brazilian psycho is getting the Frontline  treatment on Tuesday . 

  11. Pretty sure the old just-and-merciful put us on auto-pilot several eons ago and then split for sunnier climes. 

  12. I can see all “The Founders” peering down from some red, white , and blue rotunda , watching to see if they got it right . 
    This is the test they were all thinking about , that hot summer in  Philly. 
    And so far , they were right but only because of the judges, and not all of them. 

  13. Hey Sturg –
    I’m more a Mayan Man , that’s real “ole’ timey religion”. 
    You know, the king and queen use sting ray barbs to pierce their foreskins to get blood to write to the “Gods” on strips of bark . Which was then burnt , and the smoke carried their message to the “Gods”.  
    That beats the hell out of crackers and grape juice. 

  14. ” Woke ” 
    Where did this  come from ? 
    It’s such a perfect term for DeSantis to use a club .  Like CTR  to a lesser degree. 
    One can pin all one’s fears to these simple words. 
    By the way a wingnut cell phone in Texas has backed the takeover of 3 school boards there .
    They are after the schools and the local boards of elections. 
    And it’s working. 

  15. I’d like to see a nation wide teacher’s  strike .  For just one day , top to bottom , East to West . I mean every teacher ., from  Harvard to kindergarten. 

  16. This is one of those times Nietzsche was talking about back around 1888 when he started up about that “God is dead” business.  He wadn’t just bumpin’ his gums.

  17. My summers with uncle Monk and aunt Lourie . 
    “Dizzy and Pee Wee Reese” , calling games out of Shreveport  TV.
    And “Little Eva” on Bandstand  doing the “Locomotion”. 
    At Dangerfield, Texas. 

  18. Little Eva and the Locomotion…that’s how long Carole King has been slinging those musics around.  

  19. New Gregg Abutt ad: He had to wait tables to pay for school, because his daddy died.    He is going to invest in education “and especially energy.”  Yep, he said it in that order and emphasized energy. 

  20. ~It would be a shame if SFB’s plane went down in a storm over open water.~

    ~It would be a shame that those stolen documents would do him no good as a get-outta-jail-free card.-

    ~It would be a shame if the whole, crime family was on the aforementioned aircraft.~


    “Students at Grapevine High School organized a walkout this morning in protest against policies recently passed by the district that they said discriminate against transgender people and limits discussion of race.”

    “Organizers wrote that “there will be absolutely no violence, property damage, or verbal assault” and encouraged students to “remain calm even if there are counter protestors present.”

    “Several parents and community members were also on site in support of the walkout.”

  22. Got a funny – as part of retiring from federal service I need to get the pay total for my time in the military.  Yup, four years U.S. Air Force, nineteen seventy two to nineteen seventy six.  My pay came to nineteen thousand eight hundred forty dollars (19840).  That is what I was paid for offering my life to defend our United States. 

    The first year, my spouse reminded me, we often ate breakfast cereal with water.  Even later towards the end of the month, pay was monthly, we would shop at the commissary for pigs liver because it was twenty-five cents (or less) per pound. 

    At least the enlisted are paid better today.  Too bad the on base housing was privatized and is now horrible.  Back then on base housing was good.  We had to live off base because on base houseing was for upper enlisted only.  Yeah, those who could least afford to live off base were forced off base. 

  23. My uncle Monk sat up with my father the night before he left for WW II . 
    He died when his tractor ran over him with a “brush hog mower” .
    They did not let Lourie go down to the pasture.
    It was a bitter pill for such a wise and kind man. 
    He changed my world . Like my dad before me. 

  24. Whenever in my past ive had occasion to use the tractor it was every time accompanied by the abject dread of falling off and bring run over, and what that stuff back there could make you look like.  

  25. That old drum beat of “privatize”  is better than those government people , who can’t tie their shoes.
    After decades of this horse shit , we will find out it’s just another way to pay off your money bag donors .


    “…Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for Florida governor, has picked as his running mate Karla Hernández-Mats, the head of the teachers union in Miami-Dade County, in a clear sign that he intends to put education at the center of his campaign…”

    And, and, and she’s a woman whose right to control her own body has been taken away by a bunch of men and one, female cult member. Remember that, Charlie.

  27. He let me mow on that Ford tractor , I hit a pine tree once , I nearly fell over backwards into the PTO.
    I grew up that summer bigly. 

  28. bINd = You get a clothing allowance.  Plus if there is change in design or ordered clothing you get those as distribution, similar to what happens in basic training. 
    I still have the distribution ticket, like a sales slip, for my initial uniform set, including drawers (boxers), T-shirts, summer, winter, fatigue, boots, chukas, low quarters (dress shoes), rain coat, gloves, glove shells, handkerchiefs, several types of hats, brass, belts, ties, field jacket, and duffel bag to carry it all in.  It was all so wonderful and a mix of white, OD green and Air Force Blue.  And, a marker set to ink up and place your ID in everything in the world.  Those are what you are “given” as your initial uniform. You also get your web belt, canteen, helmet (with liner) and assorted military gear you wear or carry during basic and are returned when you leave.


    “…it’s… an oral rabies vaccine, dropped from the sky. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has initiated its annual oral rabies vaccine distribution, a project that will continue through October. The project is focused on preventing the spread of raccoon rabies…”

    Maybe if Pfizer had created vax nuggets that tasted like hot wings, we would’ve gotten the MAGAts vaxxed and we wouldn’t still be dealing with it.

  30. BB – I guess I misunderstood. Maybe they had to pay for something they didn’t return or maybe the allowance didn’t pay for everything they needed. 


    “Hungary’s nuclear regulator has granted a construction license for two new reactors at the Paks nuclear power plant, which are to be built by Russia’s Rosatom…”

    “Hungary aims to expand Paks with two Russian-made VVER reactors, with capacity of 1.2 gigawatts each. Nuclear energy is not subject to European Union sanctions.”

    “Hungary’s approval of Rosatom’s new reactors has been cited as evidence of the close relationship between Putin and Orban.”

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