Biden’s Semi F-Word

“What we’re seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy. It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something, it’s like semi-fascism.” President Biden yesterday

“Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition” (Wiki)

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  1. and a semi-FU tweet from white house 

    BiD shared this with the trail last night and it’s worthy of a repeat

    “Each quote tweet simply listed the member of Congress’ name and how much in PPP loans they had forgiven: The White House says Buchanan had the most of the cohort with $2.3 million in forgiven loans, followed by Mullin ($1.4 million), Hern ($1 million), Kelly ($987,237), Gaetz ($482,321) and Greene ($183,504).”

    No need to turn on folks getting a bit of their student loans forgiven. Look at the big money and look at who is screaming the loudest.

    ps – They passed tax cuts for the wealthy, too.

    also see

    BiD, over the years they’ve also passed several other bailouts for the wealthy under the disguise of helping the needy.  remember when reagan trickled down on the poor folks?


  2. putin playing russian roulette with a radioactive bullet

    as of 4:24 edt today the guardian:

    Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant still disconnected amid increasing concern over safety
    My colleagues Isobel Koshiw and Emma Graham-Harrison in Kyiv have more on the ongoing concern about the nuclear power station in Zaporizhzhia:
    Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is still disconnected from the grid after fires broke out around the plant on Thursday. Ukrainian authorities and international experts are increasingly warning that there may be a nuclear catastrophe unless fighting around the plant desists.
    Problems with the electricity supply to the plant appear to be unresolved as of this morning. The plant was disconnected twice on Thursday when the blaze affected the fourth and last connection into the plant’s reactors. Three other lines had already been taken out because of the war.
    Energoatom, Ukraine’s state nuclear agency, said that work was under way to restore the plant’s connection to the grid and the plant’s own needs were being supplied through a power line from Ukraine’s electricity system.
    Energoatom said it could not comment on Friday on the security systems or the operations of the equipment. On Thursday, it said they had information that they were working normally.
    The nuclear plant, Europe’s largest, relies on electricity to keep its reactors cool. During an outage, the plant still received supplies of electricity from one remaining backup line connected to the nearby conventional power plant, Energoatom said. There were three of these lines before the war, but two have been cut.
    If all external connections go down, it must rely on diesel-fuelled generators for power. If they break down, engineers only have 90 minutes to stave off dangerous overheating.
    Satellite images published by Ukraine’s Radio Liberty show plumes of smoke rising up near the plant.

  3. also in the guardian today:

    The People of Praise, a secretive Christian faith group that counts the conservative supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett as a member, considered women’s obedience and subservience to men as one of its key early teachings, according to leaked remarks and writings of the wife of the group’s founder.
    A leaked video of a recent private People of Praise event, marking its 50th anniversary, shows Dorothy Ranaghan explaining how some female followers of the faith group cried intensely in reaction to the group’s early teachings on “headship” and the “roles of men and women”, in which men are considered divinely ordained as the “head” of the family and dominant to women.
    Asked in an interview during the anniversary event about the years after the group’s members first made a “covenant” to join People of Praise in the early 1970s, Dorothy Ranaghan said: “Some of the women – who are still in my women’s group, as a matter of fact – were wearing sunglasses all the time, because they were always crying and would have to hold on to their chairs every time somebody started teaching, because ‘What are we going to hear this time?’”
    She then added, as the audience and her interviewer laughed: “But it all worked out just fine in the end.”
    The comment marks the first time a statement about some women’s negative early responses to “headship” teachings has been published. The leaked footage was shared with the Guardian by a source who asked to remain anonymous.

  4. They’re passing out “Great Maga King” (or “Great King Maga”, unclear from the tweet). Status now.
    Jr just cleared it with his father.

    In case you always longed for a place where you really felt as if you really belonged.  
    Like a family.
    Like a family with a Great Maga King. (Or Great King Maga. )

    I think it’s like a King Mackerel only different.

  5. Watching my recording of last night’s FOX frauds, too funny their performative outrage at being called fascists after calling him a senile socialist for two years. 

  6. I’d remove the Semi- part of the description of the F description of the MAGAnauts. When it comes to the head of MAGA, I never use semi- before FF or AH, depending on my mood at the time.

  7. King Mackeral, King MAGA – both are oily but one tastes good if prepared correctly – the other is utterly distasteful.

  8. Can a web host silence a customer for $1.6M in unpaid bills?  My money is on “yes”. Let’s hope so.

  9. A spit in the ocean –

    Affluent property owners at a South Carolina beach have scored a court victory that allows them to keep a wall of sandbags they were accused of installing illegally to protect their homes from rising seas. An administrative law judge recently sided with a handful of property owners at Debordieu, dismissing a case that could have forced the sandbags to be removed. The decision is likely to be appealed by environmentalists who want the sandbag walls taken out.

    Read more at:

  10. Ruth Marcus on the $1.6B donation to Leonard Leo’s dark money RW influence organization.  It makes my blood boil. Wapo

    If, as the Supreme Court has decreed, money is speech, then $1.6 billion is one boatload of rhetoric.

    That is the eye-popping sum — described as “the largest political advocacy donation in U.S. history” — that a little-known electronics magnate donated, tax-free, to a new nonprofit run by Federalist Society co-chair Leonard Leo.

    There is so much wrong with this picture — even aside from how it supercharges the conservative Leo’s already-considerable influence on the country’s legal and political landscape. The gusher of cash in modern-day politics, much of it from undisclosed donors and not subject to ordinary contribution limits or reporting requirements, is a bipartisan scandal, one to which we have become dangerously inured.

    When seven-, eight- and now 10-figure (10!) checks dominate the political discourse, when the public has little way of knowing who is funding messages and promoting candidates, the ordinary contest of ideas is skewed even more heavily in favor of the wealthy and powerful.
    The mega-donation came from Barre Seid, a 90-year-old Chicago man who made his fortune in surge protectors and other computer equipment. First reported by the New York Times’s Kenneth P. Vogel and Shane Goldmacher, it took the form of shares in Seid’s company, Tripp Lite. The entire ownership of Tripp Lite was first transferred to a new entity controlled by Leo, the Marble Freedom Trust; then the company was sold last year to an Irish conglomerate.

    The structure of the transaction, evidently legal, allowed Seid to avoid paying capital gains taxes on the increased value of the company; ProPublica and the Lever, which jointly reported on the donation, estimated the savings — and, therefore, the taxpayer-subsidized benefit to Leo — at $400 million.

    And that’s just the galling tax wrinkle. The real story — the real problem — is that $1.6 billion, and to understand why requires a quick history of campaign finance regulation and the emergence of “dark money.”

    Well worth the read. Gotta find out who markets Seid’s (now the Irish conglomerate’s) surge protectors and other computer stuff so I can buy someone else’s.

  11. It has been said that Nancy Pelosi can count votes better than anyone.  Let us hope she is correct with this prediction:

    Democrats will hold the House, add 2 senators, and break the filibuster for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify Roe and enshrine our freedoms. Women, know your power and show your power. We are NOT going back!


  12. What?!!!   maybe he means semi fun…
    I mean a fun repug…   that’s one of them oxymorons…

  13. Yeah, the affidavit is available online, mostly redacted but i don’t see how its release benefits King Dipshit, but thanks for clamoring for it, maga ppl 👍

    (does the ‘F’ in ‘FPOTUS’ stand for “false”?)

  14. In the Q & A, Biden described how he handles documents he takes home.  “I have a secure room (assume this means a SCIF has been installed).  I have a person with me, and all papers are in a locked briefcase.  All papers are returned to their secure site when brought back to DC.”  Assume this means one of those bankers’ cases handcuffed to the carrier.


  15. Craig – the moron may not be smart enough to drink water with one hand, but he learned what those highly classified documents are all about.  I would not be surprised if flynt and maybe a couple of putin’s friend, if not puttie himself, gave him a shopping list with what letters to look for.  The document covers are in colors with various patterns to identify what is inside.  Even if someone is illiterate, the markings tell the story.  A lot of the secret or top secret documents are stolen occasionally.  The super duper important stuff is directly related to lives and it is difficult to just walk out the door.  Access used to be very restricted, that is until SFB got in and started getting people cleared who would never have a Classified clearance let alone TS or higher.  Just another example of the destruction of America he was and continues to do.

  16. msn quotes from NYT editorial board’s

    Opinion | Donald Trump Is Not Above the Law – The New York Times (

    “Mr. Trump’s unprecedented assault on the integrity of American democracy requires a criminal investigation. The disturbing details of his postelection misfeasance, meticulously assembled by the Jan. 6 committee, leaves little doubt that Mr. Trump sought to subvert the Constitution and overturn the will of the American people. The president, defeated at the polls in 2020, tried to enlist federal law enforcement authorities, state officials and administrators of the nation’s electoral system in a furious effort to remain in power. When all else failed, he roused an armed mob that stormed the Capitol and threatened lawmakers.”
    “This board is aware that in deciding how Mr. Trump should be held accountable under the law it is necessary to consider not just whether criminal prosecution would be warranted but whether it would be wise. No American president has ever been criminally prosecuted after leaving office. When President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, he ensured that Nixon would not be prosecuted for crimes committed during the Watergate scandal; Ford explained this decision with the warning that such a prosecution posed grave risks of rousing ‘passions’ and worsening political polarization.”

  17. right now he’s looking at everybody around him could be one of that “broad range of civilian witnesses.”   bigly paranoia.

    from wapo:

    Included in the paperwork with the affidavit was a formal notice that the redacted memorandum was being released. In it, the Justice Department writes that the redactions are necessary to protect “a broad range of civilian witnesses.”

  18. Jamie, I clicked the tiktok link and my entertainment life flashed before my eyes in 45 seconds. The only thing missing was an 8-track tape being plugged into a Craig player.

  19. Trump’s best shot might be his treason is so awful it would be harmful to national security for prosecutors to reveal details to a jury.

    Gen. Petraeus got a sweet plea deal because DOJ couldn’t securely put classified material he shared in front of a jury. He only got two years probation.

  20. I’m going with effed and “praying” I’m right.  I’m stealing Sword of Dumbassacles btw.  
    Poobah, I heard one of the frequent MSNBC guests discussing the issue and he said Kash Patel could be in hot water for obstruction (along with the MAGAt King if he was stupid enough to dummy up a standing declassification order that Dumbassacus’ chiefs of staff knew nothing about).  

  21. There are constitutional issues about requiring a president to have a security clearance but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be required for a former president


    “The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday kept in place a Jim Crow-era voting restriction in Mississippi’s constitution that removes voting rights from people convicted of certain felonies, ruling that the provision was created with racist intent – but no longer operates in a racist manner in the state.”

    “The law was instituted in 1890 and did not originally include rape and murder, but did originally include burglary.”

    “…the court noted that the state designed the restriction to disenfranchise those convicted of “black crimes” but while maintaining voting rights for those convicted of “white crimes.”

    “Amendments were made in 1950 and 1968, with the 1968 amendment adding rape and murder.”

    “While the writing of the law was racist, the majority opinion found that because the law had been amended twice, which required approval by both the legislature and the electorate popular vote, it had been “reenacted” as recently as 1968, and no longer existed in the same context as its racist inception.”

  23. There is no way to describe the feeling when you learn that your identity has been exposed.  What SFB has done is irreparable damage to many people, there is no way to assey the damage.

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