Right Wing Follies

Meanwhile real ads at CPAC in Dallas:

For a testosterone supplement, the pitch: “it blocks estrogens that feminize men”

A new dating site called RightStuff so “you can be sure you’re not dating a liberal”


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  1. craig, you deserve a medal for courageously exposing your brain to the toxicities emanating this weekend from CPAC.  your bravery, stamina and faithful reports to the trail earn you extra buttery caramel swirls on the popcorn.

    See the source image

  2. bill revues new GOPer books on the shelf

    Bill dives into the recent trend of Republicans and their manly manuscripts.

  3. more maher if you can stand it.  look if fearless leader can sit thru the cpac garbage, you can do 4:13 minutes of bill’s monologue

    Bill reacts to the top stories of the week, including Biden’s legislative hot streak.

  4. .imagine being that guy’s wife, probably thinking he’s a really cool guy.   Bind moggling.

  5. Manly men need to buy the special raised toilet seat so the manly men do not dangle.  Idiots.  Too stupid to remember roid rage and extra t does kill.  
    Well, it was time for a new laptop computer; the old one had issues with the keyboard (did not work) and mouse pad (did not work) and it could take a few hours to power up.  It was also of 2017 vintage.  Too many miles on it.  The new one, work horse it will be, has Windows 11, a most worthless pile of stinking pig droppings.  It will rank with some of the other stinking operating systems put out by MS.  To get around obstacles such as software not working, I have resorted to downloading old Window 7 and 10 programs. They build, get updated and function, whereas the 11 stuff sits there and is worthless.  That is my rant against modern technology for this morning – so far.  The machine itself is very nice, at least for a gamer computer.  Way too many flashing LEDS of multiple colors for a tool.  But, that is the price of modern life, the tool is the object and not just something to get tasks completed.  It is nice and fast, even compared to my big desk top computers and servers.

  6. “I am personally most proud of each Hoosier who came forward to courageously share their views in a debate that is unlikely to cease any time soon,” Gov. Eric Holcomb said in the statement announcing that he had signed the measure. “For my part as your governor, I will continue to keep an open ear.”

    Translation: “please don’t punish us at the polls, voters”
    Punish them.

  7. no matter how funny some of these assholes are…  I couldn’t watch them…

  8. Watched all of Trump’s 90 minute Wisconsin speech last night. Stuck to his golden oldies, not much new material. Like watching QVC sell recycled fake jewelry. If he does run the fact checkers will  be busy again. So many lies. 

  9. MyPillow guy now selling MyCoffee at CPAC, “100% Organic. Yeah right, just like his “pure cotton” pillows that are actually chopped up foam from China

  10. Has PillowGuy stopped selling indoor/outdoor slippers that can be worn for any occasion.   From your own bedroom to storming the halls of Congress, this footwear has you covered. 

  11. https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/06/us/drought-water-canal-colorado-nebraska-climate/index.html

    “Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts in April signed legislation that, within the terms of the compact, would allow Nebraska to build a canal in Colorado to siphon water off the South Platte River.”

    “Concerns about how much water — or how little — is flowing down the South Platte led Ricketts to announce the $500 million plan to build a canal on Colorado land to funnel water into a Nebraska reservoir system during the non-irrigation months in the fall and winter.”

    “The South Platte River Compact allows Nebraska 500 cubic feet of water per second — with some conditions — in the fall and winter between October 15 and April 1.”

    “Critically, though, the compact permits Nebraska to build a canal on Colorado land to divert water from the South Platte “for irrigation of lands in Nebraska” and “grants Nebraska and its citizens the right to acquire by purchase, prescription, or the exercise of eminent domain” any land necessary to build and maintain the canal.”

  12. This is rich. Gay right winger, former Trump Intelligence Director Richard Grenell at CPAC attacked Buttigieg for being appointed to Cabinet “because he’s gay”

  13. I’ve paid close attention to CPAC events for many years, often in person, they’ve always been nuts but this one even by their low standards is truly off the rails

  14. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cpac-fake-jail-jan-6-rioter_n_62ed419fe4b0c5501619eace

    “CPAC Has A Special Exhibit: A Sobbing Jan. 6 Rioter In Jail”

    “In a remarkable bit of irony, the exhibit is the brainchild of Brandon Straka, a conservative influencer and Jan. 6 defendant who provided “significant information” to the FBI as part of a plea deal that kept him out of jail ― and presumably landed others there.”

    And then, and then, MGT went inside the fake cell and squatted in front of the faker, while fake-Christians desecrated the Lord’s Prayer.

    I mean, it’s not Yoko Ono screaming in a bag, but it’s some kind of performance ~art~ I guess.

  15. Parents, We need your kids to be as willfully ignorant and hateful as you in order to stay in power.  – Glenn (I forgot he existed) Beck   

  16. What does this mean? Beck: “Christ is often depicted as a Lamb. I believe the Lion will come soon”

    Didn’t the lions eat the Christians? I don’t get it

  17. “Inquisition II, The Glorious Bloodbath to Come. ”
    Turn us loose on them heathens, O Lawd….

  18. A lady on the twitter:
    Maybe it’s because I’m a mother of HS shooting survivor or maybe just a mom, but anyone who endorses the cockroach who danced to dead children’s names at a gun convention is just as deviant as he is.

    She’s right. They are cockroaches.

  19. bINd – The nebraska canal thing has been ongoing for decades.  I thought it was settled twenty or thirty years ago in court.  Something about states borders no matter what some yahoos wrote on paper.

  20. Craig – That sounds like some “end times” talk.  Jesus, the sacrificial lamb, returning as a lion to devour the liberals. 

  21. How exactly does Nebraska exercise eminent domain in Colorado for the canal?   Sounds like a very strange scheme to me and I don’t get the Colorado connection. Yeah, the South Platte runs through CO then NE to join the North Platte in NE. Someone with more initiative than me should explain it in third grade terms so I can understand it. 

  22. pogo – From the link in my original post:
    “Nebraska has taken action by invoking the fine print of a century-old water compact between the two states…”
    Still, everyone in both states had better start praying for rain and snow, or there won’t be enough water, anyway. 

  23. https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/05/opinions/biden-wins-approval-rating-ghitis/index.html

    “But the more historic moment came on Wednesday, when the Senate overwhelmingly voted to approve a resolution to ratify membership for Finland and Sweden in NATO — only Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri voted against it while GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky voted present. It was arguably the most consequential expansion of the alliance in decades, and a huge blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin. More than five months after he launched his war, Putin’s efforts to control Ukraine and divide NATO have failed in large part because Biden has held the alliance together, even helping Europe face Putin’s weaponization of gas exports.”

    Are Hawley and Rant on Putin’s payroll?

  24. https://www.salon.com/2022/08/06/indiana-representative-pushed-to-outlaw-erectile-dysfunction-alongside-abortion-ban/

    “…Indiana Rep. John L Bartlett pushed for an amendment to the ban which would outlaw erectile dysfunction drugs.”

    “We’re forcing young girls to be mothers but not forcing the men to be fathers, Bartlett said while issuing a statement in the Indiana House of Representatives, according to Insider. “If, in fact, an unwanted pregnancy is an act of God, then impotence is an act of God. I think the onus should be put on men for these pregnancies.”

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