59 thoughts on “Taliban Republicans for forced pregnancy are handing midterms to Dems”

  1. Kansas is the beginning of the women of the nation telling the Supreme Court Taliban contingent where to go.  The GOP will pay the price.

  2. Latest returns from Kansas, abortion rights winning 60.8—39.2% with 88% tabulated in a record turnout. This is a state that’s 2-1 registered Republican!

  3. Statement by President Joe Biden on Defeat of Kansas Ballot Measure Threatening Women’s Right to Abortion | The White House

    The Supreme Court’s extreme decision to overturn Roe v. Wade put women’s health and lives at risk. Tonight, the American people had something to say about it. Voters in Kansas turned out in record numbers to reject extreme efforts to amend the state constitution to take away a woman’s right to choose and open the door for a state-wide ban. This vote makes clear what we know: the majority of Americans agree that women should have access to abortion and should have the right to make their own health care decisions.
    Congress should listen to the will of the American people and restore the protections of Roe as federal law. While that is the only way to secure a woman’s right to choose, my Administration will continue to take meaningful action to protect women’s access to reproductive health care. We will continue to act where we can to protect women’s reproductive rights and access to care.  And, the American people must continue to use their voices to protect the right to women’s health care, including abortion.

  4. President Biden announced a successful drone strike which took out a long-sought Al Qaeda target in Afghanistan, and the Chinese government threatened a litany of military actions in response to Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

  5. a little victory run around the capitol last night

    [warning: don’t let 1st 3 minutes of schumer disuade you from listening to sen.s tester & moran, jon steweart et al –worth watching a rare celebration]
    86 – 11, folks, 86 – 11

  6. Ah, the chicken-fried-taliban smothered in pro-choice gravy.  The Tuesday, BLUE plate special.  Mmm. 

  7. Darn, Kunce lost the primary.  I think he was the stronger candidate, so maybe some Repugz voting for his opponent to keep him out of the general?

  8. ALL the -polls- had  “Yes” snd “No” tied in Kansas, undercounting the No vote by 10 points.

  9. I’m not optimistic about the midterms notwothstanding the “No” vote in Kansas.  Nate Silver and his bunch as of yesterday still saw a Repug pickup in the house of 20-35 seats.  I think the Senate is a toss up.  

  10. I really dislike the way questions are worded on ballots.  They always seem to be worded to confuse voters.  Please, pay attention.   

  11. bId -the Kansas vote was also put on the primary trying to minimize voting, and indies could only vote on the amendment, so even they showed up.  Summertime heat and people lined up to vote.  Less than three months to go and momentum might grow if the greedy old perverts do more stupid.

  12. The old methods of polling ate becoming non-functional in this new age.
    i.e.,  Polls Schmolls  

  13. Polls are easily skewed by the Media Owners.    Count the votes, there’s your poll. 
    The owners of the Media are not Woodwards and Bernsteins, the owners are Murdochs and Citizen Kanes.

  14. Pres Clinton was a dead duck politically, everybody hatin’ on Bill Clinton.  But wow, look at those polls. 
    The economy was cooking. 
    Let it ride, the Bush kid is coming.

  15. I saw that.  I thought the number I mentioned was the trimmed down number but maybe not.  

  16. Nadler and Moloney will both lose, by the way; the kid is sharp like a ginzu blade.

    Suraj Patel

  17. The interesting thing about the Kansan vote is that many of those Johnson County voters will go ahead and vote Republican in the general election possibly turning out the Prochoice candidate in favor of an anti-abortion candidate.
    BTW, Republicans have a super majority in the Kansas legislature, with a Democratic governor. How is that for disconnected crazy.

  18. 538 is saying the Repugs have an 83% chance of winning the House and an 80% chance of holding between 213 and 254 seats.  Dems have a 57% chance of winning the Senate and an 80% chance of holding 47 and 53 seats.  

  19. Poobah, according to WaPo:

    A U.S. official said he believed that a small-munition Hellfire with the explosive force of a hand grenade was used. Photos of the safe house don’t show the kinds of burn marks normally associated with a large explosion.
    Intelligence analysts examined various streams of intelligence, which probably included aerial surveillance, and determined that only Zawahiri was killed. His family remained safe inside the house, and no civilians were harmed outside, the senior administration official said.

    Not sure who’s right or wrong or what difference it makes.  He’s dead regardless of the Hellfire’s payload.

  20. Dems Gain Slightly in Congress Support | Monmouth University Polling Institute | Monmouth University

    The latest Monmouth (“Mon-muth”University Poll finds the Democrats making small gains in preference for Congressional control and the year-long slide in President Joe Biden’s job rating appears to have stabilized. The economy remains a driving force in the midterm elections, but it is not the only issue of importance.

    Democrats have made slight gains in the public’s preference for party control of Congress since the spring. Currently, 38% of Americans say they want the Democratic Party in charge and another 12% have no initial preference but lean toward Democratic control. Republican control is preferred by 34% with another 9% leaning toward the GOP. The combined 50% who choose the Democrats is up from 47% in June and 44% in May. Republicans’ 43% support level is down from 47% in June and 48% in May.

  21. That “Hellfire” model is a nasty little beast , no warhead per se .
    The drone  was at 50,000 ft.  Just before impact 6 blades pop out and spin like  crazy , nick name  ………… “Ginsu”.
    Saw a picture of the roof of a car hit by one , one can see where the blades peeled thru the roof .
     Claim is it can kill the passenger , and not the driver. 

  22. Heard a Repug on NPR trying to downplay Kansas because they have a Dem Governor and liberal-appointed judges. 

  23. wonder how the “life begins at conception” folk will deal with this

    the guardian:

    Researchers have created the world’s first “synthetic embryos” in a groundbreaking feat that bypassed the need for sperm, eggs and fertilisation.

    Known as synthetic embryos because they are created without fertilised eggs, the living structures are expected, in the near term, to drive deeper understanding of how organs and tissues form during the development of natural embryos.
    Last year, the same team described how they had built a mechanical womb that enabled natural mouse embryos to grow outside the uterus for several days. In the latest work, the same device was used to nurture mouse stem cells for more than a week, nearly half the gestation time for a mouse.
    Hanna said synthetic embryos were not “real” embryos and did not have the potential to develop into live animals, or at least they hadn’t when they had been transplanted into the wombs of female mice. He has founded a company called Renewal Bio that aims to grow human synthetic embryos to provide tissues and cells for medical conditions.
    “Synthetic human embryos are not an immediate prospect. We know less about human embryos than mouse embryos and the inefficiency of the mouse synthetic embryos suggests that translating the findings to human requires further development,” Briscoe said.
    But, he added: “Now is a good time to consider the best legal and ethical framework to regulate research and use of human synthetic embryos and to update the current regulations.”

  24. patd

    Why in the hell are they trying to create artificial embryos when we don’t even need the regularly created variety?  If you want a baby and can’t make one of your own, then foster or adopt the ones who need loving homes.


  25. jamie, they say they will be used for testing so that they don’t have to use “real” embryos.

  26. The Fasiban seemed to have won in Arizona . 
    But new water cuts are coming for them. deep ones.
    I hope some Dem ad man shows Trump railing about toilets , and showers , and  cuts in clips of Lake Powell, and Meade drying up, with their “Dead Pool” numbers .  
    They should  run on  drought,  change,  water , and power. 

  27. CC –
    As I said last week there’s a lot of really pissed off people  about ” The Flying Monkey Airforce ‘ , 
    That burn pit stunt  these last few days , was really  a stuid move. 
    Their bullshit bombs  are not working anymore . 

  28. Back to AZ,
    The real irony  is that they are having one of the strongest  monsoons  in years.  But it all is rolling off their roofs and down  the drain. 
    The Aussie  sheep stations pioneered  this tech  years ago. 
    You have no idea  how much water lands on your roof.
    The trick is storing it, in ways that  appeal  to people. 
    I built  a system   years ago  . 
    It’s all gone .  

  29. So far, the power grid has held (although I’ve heard of flickering lights today).  Despite leaving my AC at 86 degrees so it won’t kick in when I’m gone, and, 79-81 when I here at night, I kept electricity down to $105 this month, despite Greg Abbott’s tax. 


    “On everybody’s bill, there are also these surcharges for paying for what happened in 2021,” Golding said.”

    ps – Phone bills are going up in September, thanks to Greg Abbott, too.

  30. Blue –
    We are not citizens , we are “consumers”  .
     Remember  ” Citizens United ”  ?
    That one is our problem . 
    In court , you and Exxon are the same thing. 

  31. My apologies to elsewhere, but I’m wrapped in a blanket because it is 60 degrees in the middle of the afternoon, and we are scheduled to go down to 53 tonight.



  32. The Catholic Church paid for the ballot measure. A couple of million.  How is that separation of church and state. Tax their political expenditures at least.

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