GOP Has Long Wanted To Gut VA

Time to accuse Republicans of wanting to blow up Veteran’s benefits to save money. They’ve been crusading to “privatize” VA health care for many years.

Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange, Radiation, Toxic Water Included in Landmark Burn Pit Bill – – Military Times


Nate Silver: “Environment Might Be Improving For Democrats”

Cook Report: “Is the “red wave” ebbing? Probably not much. But as Dems show more signs of life and Rs nominate several problematic candidates, we’re downgrading our
House outlook from a GOP gain of 20-35 seats to 15-30 seats”

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29 thoughts on “GOP Has Long Wanted To Gut VA”

  1. Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Paul Rieckhoff and former Chief of Staff for DHS Miles Taylor react to Republicans trying to claim they had a legitimate reason to block the burn pit bill.

  2. about 5:56 minutes in on the above video it’s disclosed by the former administration guy: “ultimately the goal here is they want to blow up the dept of veterans affairs and veterans benefits…”

  3. Who said they love the wars and hate the warriors? That pretty well sums it up. They’ve Maya Angeloued themselves. 

  4. why hasn’t the GOPers relentless effort to get rid of VA been more recognized and reported on by the media who seem hell bent on only stories that criticize the dept? 

    just like the GOP hypocrisy on supporting the men in blue but turning a blind eye to their jan6 death and injury, this antipathy to keeping promises to those who serve in the military reeks.

    old white men speak with forked tongue perhaps?

  5. The only folks who align with Republicans are white, toxic, racist, entitled men.  More might be duped into voting for them, but it’s the party of those who are actually entitled.   


    “The country-club Republicans are the reason we have Donald Trump,” he said. “They sold our industries overseas and told us that it was good for us.”

    “With his populist, anti-corporate arguments, Kunce comes out of the Truman “give them hell” tradition. He strongly resembles Democratic Senate nominees John Fetterman in Pennsylvania and Tim Ryan in Ohio, who have pitched their campaigns around winning back working-class voters. But neither of them boasts Kunce’s military record…”

  7. Speaking of outrages, the Texas Hunt Lodge breeds White Bison for hunters.  They are extremely rare in nature and sacred to the Lakota.  This way, the great white racist hunters get to slaughter a grass eating symbol.


  8. I thought Biden did a good speech last night.
    Hopefully at least some of the vets supporting the gop are finally going to wake up.  The gop only care about their rich donors…  and their own benefits.

  9. Carville – he really needs to have a “The Wit and Wisdom of a Cajun Bard” book written about his observations. I freaking love the guy.

  10. Someone I knew at the top of 92 campaign once told me Carville has dozens of ideas a day, “most are ridiculous, but at least half a dozen are brilliant”

  11. craig, back in the day someone else said the opposite but may have inspired carville. he was Hal Moore, someone you and james may have come across in DC in the ’90s.

    Image result for love the war but hate the warrior

    We Were Soldiers – Lt. Gen. Hal Moore (

    “Hate war, love the American soldier,” was a mantra that legendary Lieutenant General Hal Moore not only believed, but also lived by.
    Moore’s story began on February 13, 1922, when he was born in Bardstown, Kentucky into a modest household. He left Bardstown at the age of seventeen without having graduated from high school, and moved to Washington D.C., where he got a job working in the US Senate book warehouse.
    He worked days and studied at night, and in this way managed to complete his high school education. After this he continued to work at the warehouse while studying university courses at night. After a long wait and much effort, he managed to get a West Point appointment in 1942. He graduated with a commission as a second lieutenant in June 1945, as World War II was starting to come to a close.
    He qualified as an airborne jumpmaster after WWII, and in the Korean War he commanded a heavy mortar company as a captain. After the war he returned to the US to work as an infantry tactics instructor, and also had a stint as a NATO Plans Officer in Norway. By 1964 he had earned a master’s degree and been promoted to lieutenant colonel, and in 1965 the battalion he commanded was redesignated as the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry.
    He was deployed to Vietnam in August 1965. On November 14, the 1st Battalion would land via helicopter at Landing Zone X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley of South Vietnam, near the Cambodian border. What the American troops quickly discovered was that they had walked into a trap, and were soon almost completely surrounded by a vastly numerically superior NVA force, with no way out.
    Moore was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his valor at Ia Drang, and was later promoted to colonel. He retired from the military as a lieutenant general in 1977.
    He visited the battlefield at Ia Drang many years later in the 1990s, where, in the spirit of reconciliation, he took the surprising step of meeting the North Vietnamese generals who had fought against him and his men.
    He ended up writing a number of books, the most famous of which, We Were Soldiers Once…And Young, was adapted into the film We Were Soldiers. Moore also wrote We Are Still Soldiers. He lived to the ripe old age of 94, and passed away in his home in Alabama in 2017.

  12. Pelosi says to China – “You’re not the boss of me.”  Lands in Taiwan as scheduled. Brass ones, I’m telling you.

  13. So nasty. Hellfire missile used to kill Zawahiri has no warhead, but deploys six blades which fly in at high speed, crush and slice the targeted person.

  14. Kinda like being hanged, drawn, pre-frontal labotomied, and quartered all at the same time.     Probably don’t even have time to soil your undies. 
    Imagine having a mess like that out on your balcony.

  15. CNN: “The Defense Department wiped the phones of top departing DOD and Army officials at the end of the Trump administration, deleting any texts from key witnesses to events surrounding the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol”

  16. I have posted much of what I think of the Congress over the years. Not nuch more to add – except that remember sfb had his little mob at the Florida crime house who were there to dismantle the Veterans Administration.
    Feeling old(er).  I just scrolled through one of the clickbait things about long married Hollywood couples.  The crummy part is realizing that 1998 is twenty-four years ago.

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