Puppeteer Putin’s Puppeteer

Russian man spent years as puppeteer behind US political groups, officials say | US politics | The Guardian

A Russian man orchestrated a yearslong effort to puppeteer political groups in Florida, Georgia and California to sow discord in the US, spread pro-Russia propaganda and meddle in American elections, justice department officials alleged on Friday.

Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov of Moscow was charged with conspiring to have US citizens act as illegal agents of the Russian government, according to a justice department statement. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.

The indictment against Ionov was linked to a raid by federal agents of the Uhuru Movement’s headquarters in St Petersburg, Florida, on Friday, the Tampa Bay Times reported, citing US officials.


According to the justice department, Ionov was acting on behalf of the FSB Russian intelligence agency when he financially supported the groups at the center of the case, none of which are explicitly named in the indictment. He allegedly ordered them to publish pro-Russian lies and coordinated actions by them intended to further Russian interests.

The department also claimed Ionov influenced a US political group in Florida under his control to interfere in local elections, supporting the St Petersburg, Florida, political campaigns of two people in 2017 and 2019. It listed the group and individuals as “unindicted co-conspirators” but did not name them. [story continues]


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  1. jamie, bill was also on a fav rant of yours and mine

    Instead of worrying about population decline, we should be celebrating it.

  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uhuru_Movement

    “The Uhuru Movement (Pronounced /ʊhʊrʊ/ is the Swahili word for “freedom”)[1] is an American based socialist and African internationalist movement founded in 1972 and led by the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP)…”

    “On The 29th of July, 2022 the Uhuru House in St. Petersburg, Florida was raided by the FBI due to an indictedment by a grand jury detailing a conspiracy between a Russian National and the Black international socialist group to spread [Russian Disinformation ] under the guise of domestic political movements.”

  3. However, it has been pointed out that much water waste does not come from domestic homes but leaks from old water infrastructure. Almost 3bn litres of water is leaked every day in England and Wales.

    That’s a pretty big hole in the bucket. 

  4. California needs to evict everyone who moved there after 1960 along with all their descendants.  California needs the water they are slurping.  


  5. The other day Jack posted a story for me about this Upscale development in Az, that is running out of water.
    Good catch  whiskey man. 
    The irony is , their monsoon this year has delivered enough water to supply those homes for a year , if the houses had been engineered the harvest the monsoon.
    Here is  a 2008 story about the leader of this idea .
    I’ve read his books , and built systems that do the very thing he’s preaching about.
    I  hope  all those home owners  discover Brad Lancaster.

    Tucson Man Harvests Rainwater


    September 17, 2008 6:00 AM ET


  6. Jamie  you have no idea of what  the myth of California meant me.  It’ is like Austin, it is an idea not a place

  7. In the category of “what do I know?”, this time about FaceBook or Zuckedbook as I have heard.  I was watching YouTube videoes and in one someone stated they bought the item, a jetski, on FB marketplace.  Something triggered that memory and off to FB I go.  There is a folder labeled “Marketplace”.  People sell stuff on FB, ain’t that the wildest thing. 
    But, it also telling about my use of FB.  I have a few groups, my communities and Dead People Server, along with family and friends, that I bother with.  Tik Tok is even less interesting to my aged eyeballs. 
    Water laws in the West can be complicated.  Colorado says the water falling from the sky is not yours, you cannot trap it and use it in your garden.  This was recently modified, but the basic is still there.  I am not sure of Nevada or Arizona concerning rain.

  8. Moving on ………… 
    ” This is the New Normal ” 
    Not true , this is the escalator  to that place . 
    If science failed us , it’s with the speed  of change.  
    It’s the Velocity it’s the rate .
    I do not fault them . what we are doing to our only home  is not buried in the rocks.

  9. One more  ………….
    The folly  of the idea  of ” Adapting ” . 
    This is one of the lies of our times. 
    Too bad Rand Paul  wasn’t  swimming with the propane tanks.
    5 bucks they barely  visit  the zone of pain. 

  10. https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/29/us/crt-tulsa-school-accreditation-status-downgrade-reaj/index.html

    “…the State Board of Education voted to downgrade the district’s accreditation status for violating a law that restricts teachings on race and gender.”

    “A teacher filed the complaint with the state after she claimed training videos she was required to watch “…specifically shame white people for past offenses in history, and state that all are implicitly racially biased by nature.”

    OK, then.

    White fragility is toxic.

  11. There are no  get out of a  climate  cards for  free .
    It’s coming  to your  porch , ringing  your bell and punching your world  right in the face.
    Then it won’t let you get up . 

  12. The Morons in the WV legislature are working feverishly on an abortion ban bill. Stupid fuckers don’t want to have exceptions for rape & incest so we can have more uncle daddies (ironic in WV btw). A very good friend of mine is a past Speaker of the WV House. He did not run for re-election the second year after the batshitcrazy Republicans took over in the House. Good friend who was chair of the WV Senate judiciary committee followed suit one year later. Pitiful state of affairs. They couldn’t care less about raped women and girls. I would not walk across the street to piss on one of these legislators if they were on fire.

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