Sunday Serendipity

Concerto RV 407 for Cello in D minor by Antonio Vivaldi

Performed by Mozart Chamber Orchestra, Horst Sohm, conducting

Soloist, Ewa Witczak

Enjoy, Jack


23 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jack, thank you. your selection calls for a busy bustling type day.  musical motivation.

  2. BiD & OM, LP hears you.

    Jul 15, 2022 Greg Abbott has been the Texas governor since 2015. In that time he has failed to address an increasingly problematic power grid. Now, Texans are stuck with higher costs and a failing power grid that’s seeing blackouts.

  3. with this one by LP, bet they really riled up that magaT cult militia that marched in charlottesville with tiki torches chanting anti-semitic slogans 

    Jul 14, 2022 Joe Biden meets with Holocaust survivors in Yad Vashem, Israel, displaying the qualities necessary to lead a nation.


  4. and GOPer groups like these for instance

    Facebook post on Jewish junta from Kentucky county GOP criticized (

    A Facebook post by the Bracken County Republican Party attacking the new director of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as being part of the “Jewish junta” drew criticism Friday from Jewish leaders in Kentucky.
    The post about new ATF director Steve Dettlebach went up early Friday morning was deleted shortly after a Courier Journal reporter contacted Bracken County GOP chair Karin Kirkendol about it.

  5. where is another uncle walter to be found when the country really needs one right now?

    Broken and distrusting: why Americans are pulling away from the daily news | US news | The Guardian

    The Reuters Institute revealed last month that 42% of Americans actively avoid the news at least some of the time because it grinds them down or they just don’t believe it. Fifteen percent said they disconnected from news coverage altogether. In other countries, such as the UK and Brazil, the numbers selectively avoiding it were even higher.
    “In the United States, those who self-identify on the right are far more likely to avoid news because they think it is untrustworthy or biased, but those on the left are more likely to feel overwhelmed, carry feelings of powerlessness, or worry that the news might create arguments,” the institute said.
    The Reuters Institute said that alongside the rising number of people avoiding news is a drop in trust in reporting in the US to the lowest point yet recorded at just 26% of the population.

  6. I too avoid D.C. traffic.  I can say the interstates, which includes I-595 also known as U.S. 50, to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, are packed.

  7. Nothing like a sweet cello, nice one Jack

    Pat. love the Lincoln Project video, playing to Joe’s strengths. That moment was so nice. I have an idea for them, show all the Republican madness, attacking gays, dehumanizing women, burning books etc. — and edit in clips of the Taliban doing the same thing.

  8. So I’m watching Adam Kinzinger this morning , and ask myself, ” How did the Secret Service turn into the frickin’ praetorian guard  ” ? 

  9. Would you like to see Biden or Trump run for President again in 2024 via new Fox News poll:
    BIDEN: 27% yes, run 71% no, don’t run
    TRUMP: 37% yes, run 60% no, don’t run

  10. Bernie Sanders unloads on Manchin: “He didn’t abruptly do anything. He has sabotaged the president’s agenda…you have people like Manchin, Sinema to a lesser degree, who are intentionally sabotaging the president’s agenda, what the American people want…nothing new about this.” (ABC News)

  11. My weather app shows another ten days over 100 degrees.  Tomorrow, it’s showing a high of 110.  Tuesday, 109. Wednesday, 108.

  12. Cellos. What’s not to love?  And Vivaldi?  What a combination. Great selection Jack. 

    poobah, miss those Pundit days?
    Watching 1917. Recall that Poobah liked it. Great pic. Been tied up with this and that from work and honeydo. Hope to re-engage soon. 

    And from the who gives a shit category “Affleck and Lopez got married this weekend in Las Vegas”. Really, aside from A-Rod, …. ?

  13. Was wonder ring about DC traffic cause I might have been in it around 3pm, but my infallible instincts for the wrong move prevailed and I went I-77, I/81, I-78 instead.   Problem was around West Va/Pennsylvania line there were 2 different Frog Stranglers which had traffic slowed to a crawl so it took forever to get up here to Secarrrg—cus.   Best laid plans dept. 

  14. I-81 is a wrong choice whenever you choose it.  The 68-81-78 is a dreadful combination. I’d rather pay the PA Pike tolls between May 1 and October 1.  Like US 50 instead of I 79/68 in WvV. Looks better on the map. It’s not.

  15. I have used 26, 77, 81, 78 before several times and it only adds about 40 mins or so, overall.  But this time it was two Noah’s flood rainstorms which gummed the works.    I’d do most ANYTHING to avoid the tolls and traffic of DC, Baltimore, Wilmington.
    .  (I’ll use it again going back because I want to stay a night at Peaks of Otter)

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