A Sobering Thought for the Morning After

Delivered by a fugitive slave on July 5th 1852

Provided to YouTube by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July” · Ossie Davis A Voice Ringing O’er the Gale! The Oratory of Frederick Douglass Read by Ossie Davis


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  1. Yes, sobering thoughts the day after. Person of interest in apprehended in Highland Park shooting

    HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — A gunman perched on a rooftop fired dozens of rounds at spectators at a Fourth of July parade in a Chicago suburb on Monday, killing at least six people and adding yet another name to the list of American towns caught up in a countrywide wave of mass-casualty shootings.

    More than 40 additional victims were treated at hospitals after the shooter, described by police as a young man armed with a high-powered rifle, blasted seemingly at random into a crowd gathered to cheer on local marching bands in Highland Park, Ill., a community of about 30,000 people on greater Chicago’s affluent North Shore.

    At least two long bursts of rapid gunfire left five people dead at the scene and sent hundreds of people fleeing in panic, leaving a wake of overturned lawn chairs, coolers and strollers. The wounded included young children as well as people in their 80s. One spectator, a father, put his young son in a dumpster for safety as he scrambled to find and shield other family members while bullets rained down.

    Eight hours after the shooting, at about 6:30 p.m. local time, police announced the arrest of a “person of interest” and presumed suspect. Police identified the man as 22-year-old Robert E. Crimo III of suburban Chicago. He was apprehended without incident after a police officer spotted his car, a 2010 Honda Fit, on a busy highway in North Chicago. Crimo briefly tried to flee but was caught and then handcuffed facedown on the pavement, according to police and photos by witnesses to the arrest.


    Supposedly was an openly online Trumper. Surprise.   /s
    Where to start?

  2. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/07/05/texas-energy-bills-natural-gas-export/

    “Texans are seeing skyrocketing home electric bills this spring and summer, with many customers paying at least 50% more than they did for electric bills at this time last year.”

    “The elevated utility bills have primarily been driven by the price of natural gas, which has shot up more than 200% since late February when Russia, a top gas-producing country, invaded Ukraine and upended the world’s energy market.”

    “Since then, Texas, the leading natural gas-producing state in the U.S., has not been able to keep offering its own residents cheap energy.”

    “…Texas has been exporting more natural gas than ever before, sending much of it to Europe as many countries try to wean themselves off Russian gas. Congress lifted a longtime ban on exporting U.S. oil and gas in 2015, which opened world markets to Texas oil and gas producers.”

    My guess is, they are making a lot of money from exporting fuel; this is just a good excuse to jack up the cost of energy here.

    Texas is looking at another ten days of 100+ temps. We had plenty of those in June, too.

  3. Mr Biden has accomp0lished quite a bit during his tenure, especially given the road lumps of Manchin and sinema. It’s my considered opinion that if there is an attempt to unseat him without his own (or Clyburn’s)  apppreoval it will be an unmitigated disaster.   But for those who advocate such a move, I would only recommend they wait until after 2022 to do so. 
    A. If democrats take the house and senate with larger margins, we’ll have more leeway for fucking up.
    B. Should the gop take either the house or the senate, america the idea is dead, and it won’t much matter who anyone wants for democratic nominee.

  4. high time also for them (and some of us) to stop pushing president biden out of office before his 2nd year even ends.


    Press: Time for media to stop promoting Donald Trump | The Hill

    Donald Trump is a political figure. But, more than anything else, Trump is a creation of the media. And it’s time for us in the media – whether print, TV, radio or online – to admit that, like Victor Frankenstein, we have created a monster.  
    Let’s face it: Trump wouldn’t be where he is today without the attention he’s always received from the media. It started long before he ran for president, when he was the daily favorite of the New York gossip columnists. Why? Not because he did anything worthwhile, but simply because he was rich and flamboyant.  
    And while any other candidate was lucky to get one minute’s coverage on the evening news, some cable news channels carried Trump’s rallies from start to finish.  
    Fellow journalists, admit it: We made Trump a serious candidate, and then we made him president.  
    Once Trump became president, we continued to coddle him, even though he complained about it, giving him breaks we’d never given any other president, Republican or Democrat.
    Trump got a free pass from the media as president and, for the last two years, for his shameful conduct as former president: still refusing to admit he lost the 2020 election, while doing everything he could to undermine our democratic process.   
    And the media’s response? A flood of articles reporting Trump’s plans to announce his 2024 campaign earlier than expected. Haven’t we learned anything? It’s time to stop treating him as a candidate and start ridiculing him as a clown. The headline should not read: “Donald Trump To Run Again,” but rather: “Con Man Trump Tries to Fool America Again.”  
    I implore my colleagues in the media: We made Trump. Shame on us.  
    Now it’s our patriotic duty to cover him as we should have from the very start: 

    as a dangerous threat to our democracy.  

  5. What happens after EVERY band and performer is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

    Once I was going to start the Unknown Bar Band Hall of Fame but I kept getting bogged down in the details.

  6. I love Joe, I truly do. But I don’t think it’s realistic trying to reelect someone who’d be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term.

  7. Sturg, no worries – there will always be Iron Maiden and the Monkees. Oh, and Warren Zevon and I can’t believe I’m saying this – John Coltrane (OK, Jazz mostly, but really?)

  8. Pretty sure “The Trane” played on a lot of rock and roll records—for very low wages.
    CC….would it hurt anything to reserve all such worries until after we win the next main battle, for the house and senate?  Just seems like we oughta rack up at least another win before every body goes all apeshit over “who it’s gonna be” battles which only serve to splinter all the democratic  voters into Tower of Babelish babbling allegiance groups?

  9. It all only goes to support my main theory—that the natural intrinsic state of Homo sapiens is Civil War.    Large groups, small groups, all the same, all the time.   A litany and history of needless senseless contention and withering debilitating conflict 

    The Foundling Fodderers wete all met in a valiant attempt to interrupt that then so far endless chain. But…..being humans was a great hamperment. What the Hell…..They did the best they could.

  10. …don’t understand the “let’s not think about the future” political mentality.  rethuglicans can think of plenty of slander without my help
    i’m also the guy defending President Joe to actual rethuglicans at July 4th barbeques, you can imagine how popular that makes me
    Try explaining local impacts of global economic trends to a guy drunk on White Claws, THEN chastise me

  11. And you know what?  How about you people DEMAND MORE from your elected reps?  They control both houses and the Presidency for Christ’s sake

  12. Renee, great catch on that tobacco smoke gizmo.  Mr. McBeavy on Andy Griffith could blow smoke out of his ears, which is not exactly the same thing, is it?  I’ll bet the post-treatment farts were a hit at parties.

  13. “How about you people DEMAND MORE from your elected reps? “

    bink, i try but mitch and rant just ignore me.   every time i got a chance i gave money/effort to their opponent and still they come back like a recurrent nightmare. 

    how would you feel

    and how would you handle it if they were yours to deal with?

  14. bye bye boris

    the guardian:

    Chancellor says government must be run ‘properly, competently and seriously’; health secretary adds ‘I can no longer continue in good conscience’

    It could all be over for Boris Johnson – although quite how long it will take his enemies to finish him off is not at all clear and his defenestration does not look immediate. The two byelection defeats almost two weeks ago prompted calls for cabinet ministers to mount a coup against Boris Johnson, and it finally it seems to be happening.
    Even if there are no more resignations, the mood in the Conservative party has already turned against Johnson – perhaps decisively.
    Under current rules Johnson is safe from another leadership challenge until next summer. But the executive of the 1922 Committee can change the rules whenever it wants. A new anti-Johnson executive is expected to be elected next week, but even the current executive – more evently split between loyalists and critics – could act now if it felt there was a consensus in the party.

  15. craig, what in hell was in that rib marinade you cooked yesterday or did you inhale too many fumes while it was grilling?  C T E perchance?

  16. To me it’s Biden’s choice, if he were to choose on his own to step aside, then fine.  If he doesn’t want to step down, I’ll throw him my feeble backing all the way……Mr Clyburn would have to be innvolved of course.    
    That’s my 2 cents.

  17.   every time i got a chance i gave money/effort to their opponent

    Commendable to contribute but how much did you donate to candidates for offices like State Senate?  Rhetorical, but the progs are getting killed in the ground-game.
    ok have a good day ✌️🇺🇦

  18. No.   I don’t think Dems will be energized by confusion and dis unity.

  19. As I slowly slip into retirement I find myself exploring more into the depths of YouTube.  Of interest this evening is how many non-US video creators use American C&W and R&B as their background music.  I guess that is the music of choice.  Also, few US creators use the same, probably because of copywrite issues.

  20. Sturg – Agreed.  Unless there is a plan in place, for Joe to decide not to run for a second term will cause every Tom, Dick and Harry to start jockeying for position.   

    I’m not sure who has the capacity and network, at home and abroad, to take his place.   POTUS Joe is the best person for the job right now.   

    My choice, of course, should he not want a second term, would be Elizabeth Warren.  I like Amy Klobuchar, as well.   
    I love POTUS Joe.

  21. patD – My “Kentucky New Deal” tee just arrived.  Why Booker’s name is nowhere on it…?

    “Sturg, hate to say but wonder if before midterms Biden announced he’s not running that might energize Dems.“

    This is absurd.  If this is what’s in store, that Democrats are going to start clawing at Joe Biden even before the mid-terms, then adios muchachos……I see enough stupid out in the streets without participating in and thereby encouraging it online. 

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