Abigail Adams Got It, John Did Not

“In the new code of laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make, I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands. Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.” – – Abigail Adams, letter to husband John (March 31, 1776)

John’s response: “As to your extraordinary Code of Laws, I cannot but laugh.” (April 14, 1776)

Painting by Gilbert Stuart

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53 thoughts on “Abigail Adams Got It, John Did Not”

  1.  if it’s monday, it’s john oliver and here is his 2016 take on the 4th to remind us of what we gave up when we ran off the brits.

  2. I can feel it……the dems are gonna turn over the apple cart again. Let’s get this guy, let’s get that guy, we need someone else—you know, someone else besides the old guy WHO WON THE LAST ELECTION BY MILLIONS OF VOTES. 


  3. Why criticize the WINNERS?   You SUPPORT your winners, and criticize the assholes who are ruining the country.  Damn, how hard is that?

  4. Hope you all have a happy 4th, and keep cool.
    Here is something I posted elsewhere on the internet tubes and thought I might share it here too.
    One thing about surviving so long, it changes ones perspective. For humans, life is fairly easy, if it wasn’t there wouldn’t be 7 billion of us scattered across this globe. Sometimes I think we may err on the side of pessimism. For me personally, to have started in the poverty of my childhood to where as an old fart who has enough money to do most anything he wants it has been a remarkable journey. To get here I did nothing special, made more than my share of stupid mistakes, but by putting one foot in front of the other, here I am.
    We as a nation are in a somewhat similar position. Looking at it from both a historical and international perspective we are in good shape, in fact we are kind of fat and lazy. We have got here because in the end we had a few responsible leaders in both parties, who put one foot in front of the other. True , to get elected they fed us a line of bullshit but in the end, they did what needed to be done. To me that is what makes this nation remarkable, It is not the grand ideas or highbrow thinking, it is the number of people out there who are doing the simple things, putting one foot in front of the out, taking personal responsibility, leaving this world a bit better than they found it. On that ground we build our foundations from which we construct our lofty ideals.

  5. Sturg, right. We Dems, well some of us, haven’t figured out that the perfect is the enemy of the good is good. 
    Jack,  there’s been a shift imho in that “in the end” stuff. I don’t see that in the leadership of the Trumpski party. 

    Happy fort’o’July – Independence Day or whatever you prefer to call today. Today at Pogo’s it will be ribs, coleslaw, beans and  fresh corn – as it should be. Cleaned up the boat and will take a ride with the queen and the prince. Trying to help the prince become a captain but he’s way the fuck better playing jazz on a 335 than he is at the helm of the boat approaching the dock.

  6. Poobah, this morning was watching a show on one of the history channels about the growth and development of the Coca Cola company  up to the 1933 World’s Fair and the Coke-Pepsi rivalry that developed after that.  Drink one for me.

  7. More than half a meter of rain (1.6 feet) has drenched parts of eastern New South Wales during the last 48 hours, with spills from numerous dams causing flood warnings across the region…………..
    In western Sydney, the Warragamba Dam – Australia’s largest urban reservoir – started overflowing at 2 a.m. Sunday, and at its peak 515 gigalitres was flooding over its walls – the same amount of water held in Sydney Harbour.

  8. i’m not sure which comes first, the dissolution of the United States or the planet becoming uninhabitable  due to human destruction of it, but they’re both coming sooner than you might think- this consumer politics shit is just something to distract us from those impeding realities, like football or Masterpiece Theater

    We’re deforesting this country like King Phillip did to Spain 500 years ago and that country is still a desert

  9. craig, the coke of 1906 more than likely did live up to the hype in that old ad.  according to snopes:

    The original 19th century Coca-Cola formula had some residual amount of cocaine precursor in it, but that amount was drastically reduced to mere traces by the early 1900s and entirely eliminated by 1930.

  10. Well, shit.  
    But I must say, I don’t see it as blind, (which doesn’t preclude its actually being that.) I just see it as allegiance.
    But also, I might be right. Either way it’s basically que sera, sera, for all the influence I got.

  11. 4th of July in a tourist destination, the new Naval Academy plebes were shaved (head) and uniforms issued, so many families here for that, and just a town laid out in the 1600’s.  Yesterday, 03JUL22, I needed to restock the beer supply so I stopped in at the Exchange and Commissary. Shopping was easy, a light customer load.  I picked up a smoked turkey, almost the national bird, for today. 

    The straight way to my house takes me from the BX through parts of the Academy and in downtown, by City Dock, Annapolis.  The place was packed, at least Annapolis had a crossing guard at the main intersection.  People on foot have the right-of-way so traffic gets mucked up fast if they cross single file, so the crossing guard was essential to life.  As I drove past the main gate to the Academy I noticed people shifting themselves as I drove up and by.  The streets are narrow and the sidewalks even more so. I thought it was my mirror.  This went on as I drove past the former slave market, around the round-about and towards the drawbridge to Eastport.  It was when a woman picked up her bags that it dawned on me what was going on.

    I drive a large Ford Transit 350 15 passenger van.  A “church bus”, so I named it Church Bus.  The people thought I was a city bus or something like that.  It could have been interesting if traffic was stopped and someone tried to board. 

    Okay, my life is boring and I get a kick out of little things now.  And, the retirment count down continues. Sevenish weeks to go.

  12. Now that the Supremes have done away with Roe V Wade, I’m concerned about Griswold.  In the things you didn’t know until yesterday column, P T Barnum got an anti-contraception law passed in Connecticut.  Talk about a sucker born every minute.

    He was the legislative sponsor of a law enacted by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1879 which prohibited the use of “any drug, medicinal article or instrument for the purpose of preventing conception”, and also made it a crime to act as an accessory to the use of contraception; this law remained in effect in Connecticut until it was overturned in 1965 by the U.S. Supreme Court in Grisold v Connecticut.


    Even Griswold only made it legal of married couples. The rest for unmarried was states rights.

  13. the guardian:

    Boris Johnson said on Monday that alternative routes to retrieve grain stuck in Ukraine would need to be looked at, including through Europe’s Danube River, if it cannot be moved via the Bosphorus strait in Turkey.
    “The Turks are absolutely indispensable to solving this. They’re doing their very best … It does depend on the Russians agreeing to allow that grain to get out,” the British prime minister told parliament.
    “We will increasingly have to look at alternative means of moving that grain from Ukraine if we cannot use the sea route, if you can’t use the Bosphorus.”
    Turkey said it had halted a Russian-flagged cargo ship off its Black Sea coast and was investigating a Ukrainian claim that it was carrying stolen grain.

  14. King Phillip II didn’t have diesel-powered industrial land-graders and bulldozers to completely destroy the water-table, either.  The microbiomes eradicated to make space for homes, business, and industry ain’t never coming back
    …and no one is doing shit about it

    Well, California is
    making efforts to mitigate human impact to the environment, 50 fucking years, too late. Credit where due, though 👍

  15. from current issue Nation’s Fetuses Puzzled Why Supreme Court Wants Them Exposed to Air Pollution | The New Yorker

    WASHINGTON The Borowitz Report)—The United States Supreme Court’s decision to curtail the E.P.A.’s ability to regulate carbon dioxide has drawn a puzzled reaction from the nation’s fetuses.
    A statement from the Association of American Fetuses expressed “bafflement” that the Court would issue a ruling that increased the amount of atmospheric carbon monoxide, which has been shown to have a damaging effect on fetal health.
    “It’s impossible for us to see today’s ruling as anything but flagrantly anti-fetus,” the statement read. “To say that we fetuses are disappointed would be putting it mildly.”
    The fetuses asked John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch to reconsider their ruling in the E.P.A. case. “It just doesn’t seem very pro-life to us,” the fetuses said.

  16. https://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-moore-v-harper-supreme-court-case-voting-rights-2022-7

    “The Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear the case of Moore v. Harper, a North Carolina case that concerns gerrymandering, voting districts, and a little-known theory called the independent state legislature doctrine, this coming October.”

    “Should the Court rule in North Carolina’s favor, the ruling would reduce voter oversight on state legislatures and likely impact the outcome of various statewide political races — as well as the 2024 presidential election.”

    “Today, we answer this question: does our state constitution recognize that the people of this state have the power to choose those who govern us, by giving each of us an equally powerful voice through our vote? Or does our constitution give to members of the General Assembly, as they argue here, unlimited power to draw electoral maps that keep themselves and our members of Congress in office as long as they want, regardless of the will of the people, by making some votes more powerful than others?”

    Thanks to the illegitimate justices on the SC, there will be no need for another armed insurrection. If they decide the way I think they will, states will be allowed to send whomever they want to the EC, actual votes/voters be damned.

  17. It’s funny…..people like MTG and Bobo always be all loudmouth out in front hollering all kind of horseshit cause they just naturally assume that EVERYBODY is right behind them as they just get weirder and weirder.  Then finally they wake up and they’re waaaaay out there on a limb all by their own little lonesome holding a bunch of little bags and wondering where the hell everybody went to.   It’s nice when that happens to those people.

  18. by the way, Mr. S, i’m not really privy to whatever the criticisms the liberal twitterati are making- i support President Joe, and recognize it’s near impossible to achieve progress while being perpetually undermined by an obstructionist anti-progress backwards-thinking republican party
    Still would like a different nominee in 2024, Joe can be a modern-day Cincinnatus, i’ll pitch in for the statue🫡🇺🇸

  19. Over 30 years ago  Rupert  made a pack with the Fossil Brains in Australia.
    He gobbled up  90% of the media, and they funded their pro- coal  hand puppets to run the country . It worked so well , he moved to London , not to run the same con , but to set up a perch  to run it on his real prize , and that would be US. 
    Well , Australia  only woke up this last May , and ended that 30 year con game. 
    But only after  they boiled the Great Barrier Reef , roasted most of the koala bears , and 5 Bible scale floods . 
    We should deport Rupert  back to  “Out Back”. 

  20. I can dig it…….it’ll all come out in the wash…….I’m pretty much gonna follow Jim Clyburn’s lead on the 24 thing, which might actually be kind of moot if dems don’t win big in 22.

  21. Today is my ex-wife’s birthday . 
    She divorced me , and  immediately married  her pain doctors brother , so he wouldn’t be sent back to Lebanon. 
    They all moved  to Bradenton, Fl, and I took “stumpy” the lucky  black cat to Ore.
    My enthusiasm for the date  has never recovered. So, I’m with the dogs and First Peoples they’re not big fans either.    

  22. Newsom used to be married to someone and is no longer, who gives a shit

    Like i said, snowball’s chance in hell, we’ll be genuflecting before King DeSantis, anyway

  23. …or maybe Emperor Clarence, who knows what that psychopath has been plotting the last 20 years 
    Ok ✌️🇺🇦 😰🇺🇸

  24. Here’s  Joe’s problem , one does not ride one’s bicycle around  Delaware , to show  youthfulness , and fall over in front of the world press. 
    That M-80 blows 3 fingers off your right hand. 

  25. Gargoyle has dirt, or will make up dirt, and the drama will suck the oxygen out of the room.   It DOES matter that his ex is on the opposing team.

    Also, POTUS Joe has a wealth of experience and networks in DC and around the world.  Newsome is a newbie by comparison.
    Who cares if he fell off of his bike; so did W.   Orange Adolf couldn’t walk down a ramp or hold a glass of water, and more importantly, was/is a megalomaniac.  POTUS Joe’s experience and demeanor count for a lot.  You don’t get experience without extra trips around the sun.

  26. All my old rants  are obsolete , 
    Hell isn’t coming to breakfast any more, breakfast is off the menu .  Along  with  brunch, lunch, high tea, happy hour, supper, and  midnight snacks. 
    And climate change is not going  to walk on your porch,  and knock on your door. 
    It’s going to  burn  the  thing down , kick you in the crotch , and punch you in the face every time you try to stand up.
    Too much ? 
    There are 8.7 Million  people in Sydney  dealing with this right now.

  27. The best  meat prep  ……… Take a T-bone stick it in a bag over night, with Wishbone  Italian Dressing, baste as you grill.

  28. But he’s white, so they’ll probably try to take him in alive…or at least not unload on him like they did Jayland Walker. 

  29. happy fourth?  well, at least we can always celebrate getting rid of the brits.  anyways, i have the hospital where tony is- thinking its best to contact me instead of posting it so text me and will gladly share.

  30. It’s a really  big world , full of lonely little boys swimming on a sea of AR – 15’s. 
    And your gun, your truck. and your  pecker are all bound up in  your manhood, 
    See dogs  pissing on fire plugs,  or male birds in  New Gennie, or the musk ox  beating each others  brains  out. 
    The thing is an A-15  gives a really big pecker, to   men with little wennies.
    It’s a pissing contest, as old as .  time 

  31. lol i’m at one of those neighborhood fireworks shows where someone blows their head off
    so far so good

    lol so much pollution 🇺🇸

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