Sunday Serendipity

I had never heard this Bruce Springsteen cover of the famous Woody Guthrie song; This Land is Your Land. He does a great job. Most versions of this song are a bit wimpy, but Bruce brings his tough working-class attitude.

We are living in “interesting times”, hopefully we will get through them. But it is time we stood up, to those who believe they have the right to impose their version of America by force and say ” expletive, you don’t own America. It belongs to us all. We all have a right to be at the table.”

That is what Woody did in his many versions of this song, and with Bruce’s grittiness it is perfect for today

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. perfect, jack, wonderful selection.


    and sturge, your “Been-a-dick Donald” last night is even more than perfect considering the crime(s) committed.  the loser former guy’s treachery makes benedict’s look insignificant.

  2. david horsey ‘toon and op ed Don’t give up on the Fourth of July | The Seattle Times excerpt:

    Our current civic agonies make it difficult to know exactly what is being celebrated on Independence Day this year. Are we celebrating our constitutional system that is under attack? Our history that we cannot agree on? Our future that seems in peril? Our national identity that is becoming fragmented? Our flag that has been co-opted by white nationalists?
    In unsettling times, perhaps there are two ways to approach the annual celebration of being American that are not mutually exclusive. One, keep it simple. Gather with friends. Share some food and some laughs. Just make it a holiday. And, two, resolve not to give up on this grand experiment that began in 1776. Vote. Get active in a good cause. Reach across the divide when you can and, when you cannot, keep struggling against the anti-democratic, reactionary tide.
    Most of all, never give up.  


  3. and then there are some of us (like maybe ***half the populace***) who might be less celebratory about the holiday this year.


    Women are 51% of the population in the U.S. but make up only:
    27% of Congress at large 
    24% of the U.S. Senate 
    27% of the U.S. House of Representatives 
    0% of presidents of the United States 
    30% of statewide elected executives of any kind
    31% of state legislators
    31% of the largest cities’ mayors 
    25% of mayors in cities with populations over 30,000

    currently 44% of Supreme Court and less than that for judiciary in general


  4.  to our trail friend TONY, a special sunday serendipity from all of us to you 


    “…CERN, the international organization that runs the LHC — a vast hidden ring of tunnels and detector caverns built deep underground beneath fields, trees and towns on the border of France and Switzerland, over 5 miles across and more than 16 miles around.”

    “The LHC has been dormant for more than three years while it’s been upgraded with tens of millions of dollars worth of improvements — the upgraded facility will achieve energies of up to 13.6 trillion electron volts (TeV), compared to just 13 TeV in the previous run — and advanced detecting equipment to better examine the chaotic explosions inside the giant atom smasher. It’s now being tested at low-power, and the first experimental collisions of the third run will begin on July 5.”



    “A majority of the electricity produced by the plant is now used to run more than 15,000 computer servers for bitcoin mining, which guzzles massive amounts of electricity.”

    “New York officials denied required air permit renewals Thursday to a bitcoin-mining power plant on the grounds that it was a threat to the state’s climate goals.”

    “It also comes at a time when cryptocurrency prices have plunged, wiping out fortunes, fueling skepticism and sparking calls for tighter scrutiny.”

    Fake money. It’s digital Beanie Babies for the 21st century, and, with a higher environmental cost.


    “Women denied an abortion who carried their babies to term were “much more likely to experience physical health issues at the time of childbirth, as childbirth is much more risky than having an abortion,” Briggs said. Two of the women in the study died during childbirth.”

    “A 2012 study found the risk of death associated with childbirth is approximately 14 times higher than the risk from abortion.”

  8. Scientists Discover “Holy Grail of Catalysis” – Converting Methane Into Methanol Using Light

    Others have uncovered a wooly mammoth baby that’s been encased in ice for 30,000 years.

  9. Been a really long time since I lit a firecracker or made a cherry bomb cannon out of galvanized pipe, but I do kinda enjoy the big displays down on the beaches.   Once a goober, always a goober, I guess, lol.

  10. “A synagogue and Rabbi in FL is suing over the abortion ban bc it infringes on the religious liberty of Jews. Jewish groups in other states are following suit.”

  11. Sworn enemies of republicans so far. 
    Nevertrumper republicans
    There are more, but like George Jetson, my finger gets tired.

  12. Jack…  PERFECT!
    After seeing so many FB posts about women not celebrating this 4th… that was refreshing!
    I’m an American…  and I am a voter!

  13. Sturg- Unfortunately, the pews in TV church are packed with women who are listening to men tell them how they say their god told them to live.  

    Today, as I was switching channels, one of them was talking about the slippery slope of dressing a certain way and listening to music.  Full-on, Footloose talk. 

    It all depends on how many are part of the chicken-fried taliban.

  14. for those still interested in helping ukraine, they’re passing the plate so to speak tonight at 7 

    NBC Sets ‘Ukraine: Answering The Call’ Fundraising Special – Deadline

    [long list of luminaries showing up named here]
    Zelensky will address Americans during the special and audiences will also hear remarks from Andriy Yermak, the Ukrainian Head of the Presidential Administration. NBC News will share reports on the stories of those who are impacted by the crisis.
    During the broadcast, viewers will be able to call in to donate to the International Rescue Committee, an organization that helps people affected by humanitarian crises. Additionally, viewers will have the opportunity to contribute to relief efforts via fan engagement platform Buzznog.
    Ukraine: Answering the Call is produced by Done+Dusted. David Jammy, Elizabeth Kelly, Ian Stewart, Nicolle Wallace and David Wild serve as executive producers.

  15. I am wandering to places where there are no children and  therefor few fireworks. We did it last year and Brewster dog had a more pleasant 4th.
    I’ve got nothing against fire works and as a youth did my share of blowing things up. Also experimenting to see how high I could make an empty beer can fly. One firecracker was good 2 did better but after three we got diminishing returns but maybe if I could have had one of those illegal crackers, I could have launched that sucker into orbit.
    I found this one on youtube, from the “good ol days”

  16. Eureka Springs too far?
    Yo is “the Lake” a complete cluster, these days?  Was pretty chill when i went there but that was long ago

  17. 4 months into the war of Russian aggression, Zelenskyy looks like a completely different person
    Eff putin, Slava Ukraine


    “Newsom now is going on the air against DeSantis in Florida — with what he says is not the first ad of the 2024, or even the 2028, presidential race — with the goal of trying to get Democrats to reclaim a sense of collective identity that could enable them to beat Trumpism in the long term.”

    “It’s Independence Day — so let’s talk about what’s going on in America,” Newsom says in the ad, standing in the California sun, tieless, as “America the Beautiful” fingerpicks in the background. “Freedom is under attack in your state.”

    Newsome v Junior’s gargoyle/Newsome’s ex — Nope. I do not want that tRUMPy drama sucking the political oxygen out of the room. She will throw so much marital crap.

    ps -All of my pseudo-churchy relatives in CA like him only slightly more than they like Kamala, which is not at all.

  19. Maybe in 2028, but Newsome is just, hopefully, trying to herd any Faux Noise viewers toward Dems.  If he expects more than that in 2024, he’s barking up the wrong tree.   
    The relatives also hate him because of his shirttail tie to Pelosi.  If Kamala is shown zero love by them, Nancy is in negative numbers.  


    “One example discussed was what to do if someone’s water breaks very early into the pregnancy. This could cause an infection, and the fetus is unlikely to survive, Phillips said.”

    “Before Roe was repealed, doctors would typically perform an abortion and other treatments to keep the patient healthy. But under the Texas trigger law, physicians would be faced with a conundrum, she said. When is the patient sick enough to warrant lifesaving care? Is it right away, since doctors know that the patient will get an infection that could complicate other care or put her safety at risk? Or does the doctor first have to let the patient reach that point to avoid legal liability?”

    “When is it considered grave enough to her health? Is it immediately because you know the outcome or do you have to wait for her to get sicker and sicker? Because you also have to consider that, if you wait for her to get sicker, delivering her is more complicated because sometimes they end up hemorrhaging or they’re already in organ failure or all sorts of things,” Phillips said.”

    “To hear physicians who’ve been doing this forever even consider having to let someone get sick blows my mind,” she added. “It’s not something I’ve in my 17-year career ever heard of.”

    “Webb knows from experience the tough decisions parents sometimes must make: His wife was once diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, in which an embryo implants outside the uterus. Proceeding with the pregnancy would have been fatal to his wife.”

    ps – About 1 in 50 pregnancies are ectopic.

  21. The relatives also hate him because of his shirttail tie to Pelosi.

    Fuck your relatives, Newsom 2024🇺🇸

  22. …snowball’s chance in hell he gets the nomination over Biden or Harris, so not worth arguing about, i think he’s a good candidate, though

  23. Bring your snowballs here if ya wanna see how they’d hold up in hell. 

  24. Decided to go out for lunch at a lakeside restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating. Colorful crowd- one bookend was a mid 40s RW asshat with his Let’s Go Brandon muscle shirt standing next to the other bookend of a table of of 7 openly gay guys decked out in Elton John-esque 4th of July garb. Interesting dynamic that was. I was just waiting to see who made the first comment offensive to the other but the just drank their beers and cruised along. 

  25. Sturgeone – the last time I played with fire crackers was before I was in the military.  Now I shove sound protection in my ears, cover my head with a pillow and hope for the best.

  26. It’s so hot, I saw two dogs chasing a rabbit and they were all walking.

  27. one of the best things was lighting a whole pack of firecrackers……but so wasteful…..and expensive…

    And then maybe when you weren’t looking some jerkoff would throw a whole pack into the fire.

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