How To Stop Trump 2024

“Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States”.

— 18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection


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  1. “and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States”.


    hopefully courts find that “under the US” applicable to state and local offices as well

  2. note: altho’ filmed back when jen psaki was still at WH, this was only aired recently. hope you enjoy it as much as all the participants (including joe) seemed to.

    James Corden heads to Washington D.C. for a day helping out around the White House, serving as President Joe Biden’s assistant, getting busy in the kitchen and wreaking havoc in the Press Briefing Room.

  3. waiter, there’s a russki in my soup!

    Ukrainian borscht recognised by Unesco with entry on to safeguarding list | Unesco | The Guardian

    Ukrainian borscht-making “was today inscribed on Unesco’s list of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding”, Unesco said in a statement on Friday.
    “Whether as part of a wedding meal, the focus of food-related competitions or as a driver of tourism, borscht is considered part of the fabric of Ukrainian society, cultural heritage, identity and tradition,” it added.
    It was careful to describe Ukrainian borscht as a national take on a dish consumed in several countries of the region.
    The spat over borscht burst into public view in 2019 when the Ukrainian chef Ievgen Klopotenko – vexed by the many restaurants around the world that refer to borscht as Russian soup – launched a campaign to have Unesco recognise Ukraine’s deep links to the dish.
    “I don’t really like to call it a war for borscht, but in fact that’s what it is,” Klopotenko told AFP in 2020.
    The UN body said it had fast-tracked the application as it became apparent that the displacement being caused by the war was “threatening the viability” of the Ukrainian tradition.
    “People are unable not only to cook or grow local vegetables for borscht, but also to come together to practise the element, which undermines the social and cultural wellbeing of communities,” the committee noted in their decision.
    Unesco, however, did note that its decision to recognise the tradition as endangered could help mobilise attention and rally international cooperation to safeguard it – meaning Ukrainian borscht could now have a leg-up on other countries’ takes on the dish.
    News of the designation was hailed by the Ukrainian government. “Victory in the borscht war is ours,” Ukraine’s culture minister, Oleksandr Tkachenko, said on Telegram. “Be sure that in both the war for borscht and in this war, we will win.”

  4. So their main task is to make sure that J-6 is correctly classified as an insurrection.  Then the law must take its course.  

  5. Borscht Recipe – How to Make Traditional Ukrainian Borscht – Melissa K. Norris (

    This post and recipe is from Anna from The House and Homestead, “I come from good Ukrainian stock. I know this because my mother never lets me forget it. I’m reminded at every family gathering, at every communal meal and pretty much every other chance my mother gets to tell me (or anyone else).
    “We are Ukrainian. We come from good stock. We eat well, and we feed people. It’s what we do.”

  6. Diner:  Waiter, my soup’s cold. Waiter:  It’s Borscht.
    Diner:  OK. Borscht, my soup is cold.

  7. a recipe sung in song

    Sep 28, 2011 SLAU performs this tasty treat of a song, composed by Peter Ostroushko, about Borscht «Борщ» at the Ukrainian Heritage Festival in Yonkers, N.Y., Jun.19, 2010, with the boys from HRIM helping out. Everybody now: “B – O – R – S – C – H – T …it’s the sweetest thing this side of heaven my mama made for me…” Mmm yeah…!

  8. good old jokes from the Borscht Belt, sturge, and here’s another for those among us who hate beets:

    What do you call a portion of borscht?

    an aborschtion

  9. Yeah I never developed a taste for ‘em.  I like the borscht belt comedians though. 

  10. Raining like Hell around Sydney –
    25mm = 1 in.

    Century-long record tumbles
    Some NSW regions have already seen a month’s worth of rainfall in less than one day.
    The Illawarra copped torrential rain on Friday and Saturday morning.
    In the 24 hours to 9am Saturday, Foxground recorded 215mm, Albion Park 171mm and Kiama 163mm.
    According to Sky News Weather, for Albion Park it is the heaviest July rain since 1904.


  11. A Ukrainian journalism professor has fought Putin’s disinformation machine for 8 years—with surprising success. Here’s why he’s convinced fake news can be defeated

    Shortly after Russia invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014, a team of Ukrainian journalists and researchers launchedStopFake, a fact-checking service aimed at debunking the Kremlin’s well-funded disinformation machine. Operating on a shoestring budget, StopFake has grown into a vital force in Ukraine’s efforts to protect the country against a different kind of Russian invader—the parade of propagandists, deepfakes, trolls for hire, and bot armies that do their best to undermine truth, divide the population, and sow doubt in the country’s democratic institutions. Exposing those lies is nothing less than a daily battle, says StopFake’s cofounder and chief editor, Yevhen Fedchenko.
    “This war is created by disinformation,” he says. The best way to fight back, he adds, is to learn the dark art of disinformation yourself, to better understand and discredit your foe. StopFake’s work, mostly funded by grants, has been translated into 13 languages andheraldedby press-freedom advocates. Nonprofit Freedom House has called it a “gold standard” for hunting down fake-news perpetrators and exposing their lies. Its model of investigating dodgy claims, and publishing detailed reports on why the public should be suspicious, has become “a model in other Central and Eastern European countries,” Freedom House notes.

  12. Are we witnessing a military revolution on Ukraine battlefields?

    the Ukraine Defense Ministryrecently reported they have inflicted 34,430 casualties and destroyed 1,504 tanks, 3,632 armored personnel carriers, 756 artillery pieces, 240 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, 216 aircraft and 183 helicopters………………………….. 
    In Ukrainian hands, $175,000 Raytheon FGM-148 Javelins and their “fire and forget” technology are acting as long-range snipers, while the $40,000 UK Thales NLAW are serving as close-in brass knuckles. Both have easily destroyed Russian armor, including Russia’s $2.8 million T-72 tanks, by homing in on their manned turrets from the topside — structurally their weakest defensive armor link. Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, pricier at $5 million each, provide 24-hour air cover and have been highly effective at destroying a variety of Russian armor, command posts, surface-to-air missile (SAM) batteries and multiple rocket launchers. Perhaps the most revolutionary are the U.S. AeroVironment Switchblade 300s and 600s. These $6,000 loitering drones, capable of staying airborne for 30 minutes and ranging seven miles, are carried in a backpack and provide infantrymen over-the-horizon intelligence. They also are kinetic and can destroy Russian armor and artillery.
    But are we witnessing an RMA? Yes, but it’s a culmination of bad Russian strategy, the Kremlin’s overreliance on antiquated tactics, poor training, abysmal execution and Ukraine’s adaptation to asymmetric armor tactics. Poor operations security contributed as well. The modern-day tank has lost its “fear factor”; its presence makes everything around it vulnerable.


    Are we witnessing a military revolution on Ukraine battlefields?


  13. It just dawned on me that  reading about Australian Floods , and the war in Ukraine , is a cheerier topic than reading about  the US Supreme Court  .
    Their Fall Docket  is all about votes and who counts them. 
    Hammer and thongs .
    This is like time travel , the court before 1860 .
    Every man sitting on the bench  from that time to it’s founding either owned slaves , or cane from a slave state .
    They are taking a meat clever to the Union .

  14. In addition to all the bad man made news ,  The Mormon Locusts  are eating their way across Oregon , and the biggest Comet  we’ve  ever seen is approaching the Sun. 
    Clearly we did not toss enough Virgins into the volcano last month. Or we tossed them in the wrong volcano. 
    I’ll have to find a racoon , crack him open and see where the problem is. 

  15. How To Stop Trump 2024
    I’m betting  on a blown gasket  in his rotunda.  His blood pressure  readings  must read like the temperature chart in Tokyo .
    He’s a cornered  rabid dog now , these hearings are like nothing he has ever faced. 
    And what is more important , his pack of feral dogs smell this  as well. 

  16. A Yellow meat  water melon is 7 bucks here.
    It’s a 2 dollar melon with a  4 dollar  diesel bill. 
    Watch the oil companies  report their 2nd quarter earnings. 

  17. You know  one of the worst  rulings ever  was the one where corporations  are “People”. 
    That ain’t in the parchment.  Not one word , let’s revisit that .
    They are folders of paper in a cabinet , somewhere in Delaware . 
    How did they gain all these rights?  Through  a “fiction”  of the  court.

  18. The paperwork  sez 3 equal branches  of government .
    The Executive  has little power over the  court. the congress is a frozen pile  of old dog turds . 
    They are going to run as hard and as fast as they can .
    But remember  the Court  ruled  against  Jackson . and he ignored them.
    This court  is the powder magazine of our  Republic  now .
    And everyone needs to get their head around it. 

  19. This  election  is one of the greatest  we will ever  see. 
    Everyone needs to understand that .
    This is the most important in my life time.  The future  is on the ballot 
    The talking heads  don’t see this.  They are blinded  by the past , well the past  is as dead as Henry  the VIII .
    Women are Not  going to lay down  for  this , their are going to turn out the vote. 
    One thing  the court did is put the bit in millions of teeth. 
    This like  a
    burning river in Ohio 

  20. Stacy Anbranas was the  valedictorian at her  high school .
    The  Gov. of Ga.  held a dinner for all the valedictorians.
    She was turned away  at the door. 
    I wonder if  Fox News will ever understand the pain past their pissing  and moaning.

  21. “assists” – There should be many open seats in Congress.  
    I wonder if Duh’Santus or or anyone else planning their 2024 run can be rolled up in this and denied a chance at a run?  Is that how the next Jeff Davis appears to tear this country apart? 

  22. For anyone who saw the Beatle shows a while back……did they happen to explain how when they decided to do what I had thought was an “impromptu”  rooftop concert there just happened to be a sound stage up there ready and waiting?

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