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  1. since they ignore the 1st clause of the 2nd (“a well- regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state”) what makes you think they even look at the 9th much less try to apply it?

    scotus in need of remedial reading class

  2. The last day of this year’s Supreme Court session brought us a potentially devastating ruling that limits the power of the EPA, and the historic swearing in of the country’s first Black woman justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson. In lighter news, Stephen introduced a new segment that tracks this summer’s hottest trends, The Late Show’s “Crotch Wotch.”

  3. There’s a reason SCOTUS is “enjoying” historically low public confidence levels. EPA doesn’t have the power to do what Congress empowered it to do? What an utter load of shit. 

  4. Rabbit, Rabbit.  Please Is anyone in touch with tony?  he hasn’t tweeted since march 30 ……  its always possible that someone could cull me from their life but i don’t believe this to be the case. I truly thought we were friends, he even planned to come here last fall but it fell through with covid considerations…

  5. Tony posted here a few times maybe around or before the last election, but haven’t seen him lately…..he also was a friend on the FB but is not there now, and search is to no avail. I can’t see Tony as someone who would cut off a friend. 

  6. I’m hoping Congress uses Ninth in codifying privacy rights, as Biden said yesterday. Should have been done in Roe in the first place.

  7. i finally heard from him- he has been in and out of hospital for months with long hauler symptoms.  i asked which hospital and will report back.  i feel so bad – he helps SO many people all the time and of course too humble to bother anyone with his problems.  

  8. sturge- i agree.  he’s a marvelous person.  someone my dad would say “you would want in your foxhole”. 

  9. Glad to hear Tony’s still kicking but so sorry to hear he’s suffering long hauler symptoms.  

  10. Wout Van Aert just hit the intermediate time check in 4th place, 1 second behind Van Der Poel.  Pogacar went through in 10th place, 6 seconds behind.  Interesting but nothing to get lathered about.  

  11. So the lead changes – Ganna put 3″ on Van der Poel to move into first, then Van Aert put 5″ on Ganna to move into 1st and Pogacar came through 2″ down behind Van Aert. so as of now its Van Aert, Pogacar and Ganna at 1, 2, 3. Of those on course only Adam Yates has a shot at the top 3 if he’s got fresh legs over the last half of the course – nope he dropped 11 seconds on the last half o f the course and is in 11th.

    LaPorte made a good run at it, going through the intermediate checkpoint in 1st but dropped 31 seconds on the last half.

  12. OSH… glad to hear you heard from Tony…  sorry to hear he’s been sick.  Not surprised that he got covid living in Florida.
    I haven’t called you… but Rick and I stayed in Yarmouth on our trip to the Cape last month.  We wanted to explore the middle Cape.  We’ll probably be back in Falmouth (and looking at the Island Queen) next June.  I need to call you soon to touch base.

  13. Civil War watch: 45% of Republicans agree “It may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.” 42% disagree. – – University of Chicago poll

  14. He actually told me that he is in physical therapy learning how to walk again.

  15. i’ve been cohabitating with covid for 6 days, haven’t tested positive, yet😰

  16. Filmmaker who gave footage to Jan. 6 committee: Trump is ‘dangerous,’ living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’

    giving him the opportunity to compile over 100 hours of footage of the former president, his two eldest sons and eldest daughter talking in interviews and among themselves. When the Jan. 6 select committee learned of the project — which will be aired by Discovery+ in the coming months —


  17. Civil War watch: 45% of Republicans agree “It may be necessary at some point 

    very poorly-worded poll question

  18. Probably 88% of that 45% are just full of shit. They like to run their fat idiot mouths, but when the time comes they’ll curl up and cry. I’ve seen their like in bars all around America over and over.

    Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.
    —Mike Tyson

  19. https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/01/politics/new-york-gun-law-concealed-carry/index.html

    “The new law lays out a strict licensing process to obtain a concealed-carry permit and a list of locations deemed “sensitive” — including Times Square — where firearm possession will be illegal, according to bill text obtained by CNN. Other areas defined as sensitive include government-owned buildings, schools, health care facilities, places of worship and public transportation. People who carry a gun in a prohibited location could be charged with a felony under the law.”

    Even in Texas, private businesses put up no carrying signs in their windows.

  20. The 45% also really should try to realize that many government agencies have them on their radar and are listening to their calls and reading their mail. 

  21. https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/01/politics/abortion-republicans-company-benefits/index.html

    “After Dobbs, the alliance between social conservatives and neoliberal corporatists in the GOP is over. Look no further than mega-corporations caving to the far-left and offering to cover all abortion-related expenses for their employees.”

    “The abortion-related travel benefits have quickly captured the attention of Republican critics of companies engaging in fraught political issues. They see it as another hostile move against social conservatism by boardrooms across America, saying it is part of a larger trend of companies becoming more amenable to progressive causes and political activism.”

    “Corporations will invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country from outside the constitutional order,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in April 2021 as efforts to pass new voting restrictions in several states drew condemnation from major companies.”

  22. I will bink!  haven’t heard back re hospital but will let you all know when and if i hear where exactly he is.  

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