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  1. or this one. whichever of the 2 cartoons cements the loser guy’s legacy and place in history as the spoiled brat in chief.


  2. Ok well , uh…guess this is a day rigger music, given the title.  Some things won’t
     never don’t change.  


  3. Jun 29, 2022 The former president publicly went after Cassidy Hutchinson after her testimony in front of the Jan. 6th Committee, and he may have attempted to intimidate her behind the scenes as well. Over at the Supreme Court, their recent rulings regarding religion further erode the idea that America’s government should operate independently of any church.

  4. huffpo via msn:

    Stephen Colbert said this week’s Jan. 6 committee testimony was so bad for former President Donald Trump that “even Fox News didn’t know how to spin it.” 
    Fox News anchor Bret Baier called it “really, really powerful,” which led to about five seconds of awkward silence as neither John Roberts nor Sandra Smith knew quite how to react. 
    “Sandra, are you still here?” Roberts finally asked:
    “That’s quite the pause,” Colbert said. “Explains Fox News’ slogan: ‘Fair and………….. Indeed yes, we are still here.’” 

  5. If Republicans will only vote for candidates who always opposed tRUMPsky, maybe.  There aren’t many of them.  Sure, now they are distancing themselves from him (Oz), but they were all in for a dictatorship until recently. 

    There are diehard tRUMPers. There are many still oblivious to the facts of J6, many doing so willfully.  But the racism still persists, as does the misogyny.   Good, old boys aren’t good for the country. The liars on SCOTUS made it easier for the good, old boys to continue to be bad. 


  6. craig, if liz loses her congressional seat, what’s the likelihood she’ll try her luck at a presidential run? 

    I have a hunch that she would if for no other reason than to continue to rescue the party from the cult and do as much damage to the cult leader as she can from that soapbox opportunity.

  7. @MPLSKerrBear
    “Some of y’all need to understand there is going to be a coordinated attack on Joe Biden from now until midterms. The goal will be to cause Dems to stay home in Nov. Some of y’all are doing the work for Republicans. Don’t like Biden? Cool. I doubt you will like Desantis more.”

    This, of course, isn’t aimed at anyone who posts here—just on Twitter as a warning for various twitterers.

  8. amen, sturge.

    too early for the Dembat circular firing squad to start shooting each other once more destroying the party or to weaken joe to lame duck status.

  9. Trump is no longer the problem here. They have their court, now they no longer need that orange Jackstick, and the base will just have to roll with it as they’re all in the basket now and there’s no crawling out. Rhonda Santis might be next up or it may be someone outa left field who might be better equipped to navigate the post dipstick waters.

  10. That’s two cents worth, though I might find another penny lying around somewhere later

  11. WOW!  Seems like this SC is doing everything in it’s power to bring about a blue tsunami!
    If this decision doesn’t piss off the younger generation…  they will deserve what they get cuz it ‘s their time now!

  12. uh oh

    Sen. Leahy, third in line to presidency, falls and breaks hip | The Hill

    Leahy’s emergency surgery means he may have to miss time in the Senate, which would limit what Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) could schedule in the 50-50 Senate.  

    Any nominee who doesn’t have Republican support will have to wait for Leahy’s return to work unless there’s also an absence on the GOP side of the aisle.  

    “This morning, Sen. Leahy will undergo surgery to repair a broken hip that he suffered as a result from a fall at his house in McLean, Virginia, Wednesday night,” Leahy’s office announced in a statement.  

  13. At Madrid press conference Biden says he favors doing away with the filibuster to codify privacy rights. Not just Roe’s protections for abortion, but the full range of privacy rights including contraception & same sex marriage.

  14. Talk of a labor strike by women and their allies.  A better idea, IMO, don’t buy anything except necessities.   Groceries, yes.  Restaurants, no.  Amazon, no.  Clothing, no.   Entertainment, no.  
    Until they fix this and everything else the lying, GQP on SCOTUS is doing, we buy nothing except necessities.
    Think the economy is in the tank now? Just wait. 

    If anyone is so inclined, they can donate money not spent to those seeking medical care which Republicans have made illegal.

  15. Women’s Healthcare and Cancer Act and the Newborns’ and Mothers Protection Act are probably in the Republican chopping block, too.  They are part of the ACA, deridingly referred to as Obamacare by MAGAts.  Republicans are NOT pro life.  

  16. Thrilled Biden brought up my beloved Ninth Amendment as a basis for protecting privacy rights, the theme of our wedding! 

    Ninth: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” 

  17. Talk of a labor strike by women and their allies.
    I think that’s a horrible idea… born of women who live in big cities where the impersonal abounds.  Most of the restaurants we frequent we know the owner…  we know the waitresses.  We can’t wait to go to our first live theatre play in 3 years this upcoming Sunday.  We know these people.  They are all hard working folks who I would never blame for what’s happening at the SC.
    So…  no… I won’t be joining that protest anytime soon.  I’ll encourage women to go vote instead.

  18. The 4th amendment implies a right to
    privacy, also
    Especially if one is an “originalist” 

  19. if one fucking comma affords unlimited legal gun ownership, then the 4th affords privacy rights in any context 

  20. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/30/politics/abortion-second-amendment-supreme-court/index.html

    “The lower courts will look at Justice Clarence Thomas’ majority opinion that changed the way judges should analyze gun laws, to reconsider the disputes they had previously decided.”

    “The Supreme Court on Thursday sent three abortion-related cases back down to lower courts to be reconsidered now that the court has overturned Roe v. Wade, ending constitutional protections to obtain an abortion.”


  21. https://www.ohchr.org/en/press-releases/2022/06/usa-un-experts-denounce-supreme-court-decision-strike-down-roe-v-wade-urge

    “Describing the decision as a shocking and dangerous rollback of human rights that will jeopardize women’s health and lives, the experts said: “What has happened in the United States today is a monumental setback for the rule of law and for gender equality. With the stroke of a pen and without sound legal reasoning, the US Supreme Court has stripped women and girls in the United States of legal protections necessary to ensure their ability to live with dignity.” -UN

  22. That EPA ruling     ………………… 
    If we don’t get our arms around this carbon problem , ain’t nobody gonna have  any need for rights , private or otherwise. 

  23. Japan has just set a new record for it’s longest most intense heatwave ever,  and salt water is flowing inland on the Po River due to low stream flows of fresh water. 
    And in Sudan  they  have just cut food rations in half to seven million people.
    “We’re cutting food to the hungry , to feed the starving.”

  24. If we don’t get our arms around this carbon problem 

    lol, good one, only things Americans like more than guns is plastic

    their favorite thing to do with it is throw it out

  25. MORTARA, Italy (AP) — The worst drought Italy has faced in 70 years is thirsting paddy fields in the river Po valley and jeopardizing the harvest of the premium rice used for risotto.
    Italy’s largest river is turning into a long stretch of sand due to the lack of rain, leaving the Lomellina rice flats — nestled between the river Po and the Alps — without the necessary water to flood the paddies.
    The region’s main water sources, the rivers Po and Dora Baltea, are eight times lower than the average seasonal levels, according to the West Sesia irrigation association, which regulates water distribution through the maze of channels which snake through the rice fields.
    Tensions are starting to arise between upstream and downstream regions along the river basin and between hydroelectric plants and farmers who are all vying for the same dwindling resource. It’s feared larger conflicts could be next if rainfall doesn’t relieve empty Italian reservoirs soon.

  26. A letter to the editor  from Utah –
    As stupid ideas go this one is a real corker, but one that is the first of many .
    We could fill Lake Powell in less than a year with an aqueduct from Mississippi River
    Lake Powell  is 3539.52 ft. 
    above sea level , the place this wingnut plans to divert the river is  28 ft. 

  27. I forget  who made the point  up thread  , but they hit the nail squarely on the head.
    The mid terms are not going to be run on wingnut turf . 
    There are too many pissed off factions  on the left. 
    This feels  different , Ukraine, the court , and the hearings have reset the old pattern.   

  28. Ever since  the early  70’s  the right built this  huge network  of power  thinking  / 
    The Federalist  , Cato , American Enterprise , API , the list is endless .
    After all that time and money , we now taste the bitter fruit of their efforts. 
    Are you Happier ?  Are better off ?  Will your kids have a better future ? 
    No because  we all flew into the future , and all these great ideas  are centered on living in the past.

  29. And the left  just   partied  like the Eloie , while the Morlocks were prepping  the next  batch of Eloie stew. 

  30. We know how the illegitimate, liars on SCOTUS will decide on the voting law.  Is there anything Dems in Congress and/or POTUS Joe can do to undermine their decision and prevent Republicans from stealing future elections?  They’ve shown us just how monstrous they are, so there’s no reason to believe they’ll show up as transformed human beings for the fall session.

  31. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/06/30/texas-slavery-involuntary-relocation/

    “A group of Texas educators have proposed to the Texas State Board of Education that slavery should be taught as “involuntary relocation” during second grade social studies instruction…”

    “…the state’s public education system has become heavily politicized, from lawmakers passing legislation on how race and slavery should be taught in schools to conservative political action committees pouring large amounts of money to put more conservatives on school boards who promise to get rid of curriculum and programs they consider divisive and make white children feel bad.”

  32. You ain’t goin’ nowhere

     Is there anything Dems… can do …?

    Yeah, take back the statehouses and get middle-class Dems voting reliably in local/county elections

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