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  1. am still curious about whether the loser former guy ever reimbursed the gov’t coffers for the damage his temper tantrums in the dining room cost.  inquiring minds also want to know whether the breakage was extensive and had anything to do with this end-of-term story

    There will be no Trump china collection due to cost and time, source says | CNN Politics

    The Trump administration will not have its own signature collection to display in the White House China Room – another departure from protocol for the outgoing first family.

    Timing and exorbitant cost prevented outgoing first lady Melania Trump from following through on the collection, the patterns and colors for which she had selected, according to a source familiar with the events. Ultimately, the china took too long to make and cost too much, the source said.


    “The White House Historical Association was not involved in an acquisition project related to the Trump china,” an official with the association told CNN. The official would not comment on the reason for the lack of involvement. The last administration not to use funds from the association for official china was the Reagan administration.

    A full official administration china service is expensive and an endeavor that takes significant time.


    Trump pulled the plug on the project at some point during the last six weeks, the source said.

  2. They should be able to inventory the china and records would show any replacements. Seems like. 

  3. Not sure I like Dana Milbank or the WaPo employee who titles his pieces better. His latest:

    Cassidy Hutchinson Could Read the Ketchup on the Wall.

    Now that’s funny.

  4. Following on from Milbank’s article, the final 2 paragraphs are these. 

    Then-White House counsel Pat Cipollone had warnedMeadows that “we’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable” and that “people are going to die and the blood’s going to be on your f-ing hands,”Hutchinson testified. But Meadows, still on his couch, said Trump “doesn’t want to do anything” to stop the violence.

    If Meadows, more than twice Hutchinson’s age, had even half of her courage, the country would be in a much better place.


  5. as quiet as it’s been about the progress of DOJ’s investigation, wouldn’t surprise me that Cipollone thru counsel hasn’t already been in negotiations re subpoena/immunity/gag order etc. with merrick and thus has to stay clear of jan6 comm & public pronouncements.     

  6. I don’t know a lot about criminal law, but I do know something about evidence. DOJ would likely not try to place a gag agreement (an order would have to issue from a court) on Cipollone.  It would be very unusual and likely illegal, for the nation’s top law enforcement organization to encourage a witness to defy a lawful subpoena issued by Congress.  Cipollione on the other hand would have to be concerned about testimony under oath to the committee that could be used against him if he testified inconsistently with any statements he made to the FBI or to DOJ investigators or testified inconsistently in a subsequent criminal or civil trial. He would face the prospect in either instance of charges for lying to federal investigators or for perjury if his under-oath testimony was not consistent from one venue to the other.

  7. Prolly – they wouldn’t stick to the wall – unless the ketchup would hold them.

  8. pogo, didn’t mean a gag for him but part of the negotiation for DOJ to promise not to let it be known he talked to  and made a deal with them.

  9. aha.  But I’d think Cipillone’s become a dead bang plum target for a deposition by the committee, and I’m betting the committee staff expects that he’s being interviewed by DOJ.  I don’t think that would be of any concern to the committee that DOJ is or is not acting as if he hasn’t or isn’t involved in their investigation. Be interesting to see how it plays out.

  10. Ms. Bronc – TDF starts this week.  time trial Friday – looking forward to the 3 weeks of July.  I may be part of Team Pogacar this year.  I liked what I saw last year. Stages 11 & 12 are going to separate the men from the boys – 5 HCs in 2 days, going over Col du Galibier twice ending Stage 11 on the monster Col du Granon Serre Chevalier (9.2%) and ending the 2 day gruel with Alpe D’Huez (8.1%). Yow.

  11. Pogo – Is that time of the year.  I have been watching the teams preen on Twitter, and July 1 I pay the tab to get TDF on Peacok streaming. (bah humbug).  Nordvpn might be useful though.

  12. the official French tour site usually has a pretty good free fantasy site, was just going to use that, does all the calculations, you can sub out underperformers a few times

  13. Patd, et voila. We discuss, subpoena emerges. CNN:

    The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, US Capitol attack has issued a subpoena to compel testimony from Pat Cipollone former President Donald Trump’s White House counsel.

    I guess they heard my “Listen when I’m talking to you, boy” thoughts.

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