Committee Finds Its John Dean?

Cassidy Hutchinson is today’s star witness at the 1pm ET surprise Jan 6 committee hearing, according to several media reports.

Among many other revelations the former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows aide expected to testify Trump approved “Hang Pence” chants at the Capitol Hill riot.


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  1. after all that mystery, she better have the goods for the committee to produce a good cliffhanger and gin up the populace for a “who shot JR” (donald filmed dancing with glee over noose for mike) episode when they come back from july 4th break.   real tune-in-next-month-climax dangler.

  2. Be interesting to see whether she can present anything compelling from the Capitol end of the phone calls to pin anything on the WH end. I hope so. 

  3. Yoo-Hoo…..GOPeeeee-eee

    When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers. 
    —Attributed to Oscar Wilde
    Hmmmmm or was it Levant…..

  4. i’ve been following coverage of her for a while. She was widely thought to have the goods (such as exactly what Trump was doing that afternoon), if she’d tell. Now it looks like she’s telling.

  5. Looks to me like she was well positioned to know exactly what was going on in the WH on Jan. 6 and the days leading up to it.  Back in April WSJ noted the blurb below.  Maybe Meadows is rethinking his refusal to testify to the Committee.  

    The House select committee investigating the events surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol said there was evidence that Mark Meadows, former President Donald Trump’s last chief of staff, had been told that there was a potential for violence that day.

    The Jan. 6 House committee disclosed the claim as part of a motion for summary judgment the panel filed late Friday in federal district court in Washington, the latest move in a months long legal fight between Mr. Meadows and the committee over the panel’s demands for him to testify and hand over records.

    [Continues, I think (I don’t have a subscription so this is all I can view)]

    Popcorn … where’s my popcorn?

  6. And from WaPo today:

    Hutchinson previously described talk of delaying Joint Session of Congress

    By Jacqueline Alemany and Josh Dawsey 9:35 a.m.

    In previous closed-door testimony, Cassidy Hutchinson has recalled for the committee various episodes in the chaotic scramble to sustain President Donald Trump’s election-fraud falsehood. A former mid-level aide, she kept detailed schedules of movements in the West Wing and had extensive conversations with her boss, Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

    Court filings show Hutchinson detailing a meeting in the lead-up to Jan. 6 between Meadows and House Republican lawmakers in which they discussed delaying the Joint Session of Congress set to confirm Joe Biden’s victory — or altogether preventing the counting of electoral votes — so that state legislatures could select different electors.

    Investigators have come to view Meadows as a key actor in the efforts to overturn the results of the election. He was in close touch with Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and his outside legal team, which was operating out of the Willard hotel in Washington.

    Can you say Twofer?  I knew you could.

  7. Hahaha…’s kind of quaint how the gop actually thought the scotus decisions would drown out the J6 hearings…..

    They’re throwing every brick they have at the wall to see if any of them will stick, but bricks just won’t stick to walls.

  8. He’s et up widdit now……It’s all he’s got. I wonder if he married that horrid woman just to own the libs.

  9. Speaking of   the court , they’re gonna hack up an important climate case as well. 
    Gotta save those “preborns” so they can all  get heat stroke after the fossil heads make a few more bucks. 

  10. Climate change: EPA authority to regulate emissions from power plants
    The justices will decide a case concerning the EPA’s authority to regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants, in a dispute that could harm the Biden administration’s attempts to slash emissions. It comes at a moment when scientists are sounding alarms about the accelerating pace of global warming.
    The court’s decision to step in and hear the case concerned environmentalists because there is no rule currently in place. A lower court wiped away a Trump-era rule in 2021 and the Biden administration’s EPA is currently working on a new rule

  11. My fave is he physically attacked his secret service agent who wouldn’t drive him to Capitol, and often threw dinner plates at the wall, yanked table cloth dumping dishes on the floor

    Can’t wait for the movie 

  12. US Taxpayers own the dishes and food he threw into the WH walls- in fact they own the walls, too: destruction of federal property 
    lock him up

  13. Assault
    Destruction of Federal Property
    Inciting a Riot
    …and that’s just from the 15 mins of the hearing i caught

  14. No he didn’t say he didn’t know her, he said he “barely knows” her, which means he knows her

  15. If anyone has found their balls and would like to talk to the committee… Ha!
    Loved the closing remarks. 

  16. I love the irony  at work here. 
    American history is full of it 
    The first man to die building Hoover Damn was the father of the last man to die building Hoover Damn.  ( My all time favorite )
    Last Friday  the “low court”  unleashed  the policing  women’s  bodies, 4 days later , a woman named Cassie cut the balls off the 45th president of the United States. 

  17. The ” Antifa Myth”  …….
    If that was a left wing crowd packing that much “heat” they would have shot the SOB at the Mic. 

  18. Another  thought  that baby Trump Balloon.  And then that great Muddy Waters  ;ine …………….
    Manish Boy. 

  19. The thing that blew me away, was so-called “general” Mike Flynn pleading the 5th to the question… do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power?  Traitor!

  20. If DOJ is planning to use her as a witness in their case against you know who, they better put her in a witness protection program fast.  that young lady needs all the security help she can get.

  21. a prescient production by vanity fair back in 2016

    Toddler Trump eats a taco bowl, builds a lego wall with Mexico and trashes the Oval Office during a temper tantrum causing him to fire off some angry tweets brought on by his small hands.

  22. RR –
    The founders had a great fear  that Mr. Flynn  would come along .
    They did  not account for the fact  he is dumb as a fence  post.
    After today  there are plotters in this cabal that should be sucking on a pistol . 
    I mean even Gobbles  had the stones to murder his kids,  and his wife. 
    As history goes  this last week has been a real  corker. 

  23. i’m not trivializing the destruction of property, only someone who never worked with their hands would destroy something someone else labored to make

    “Champion of the Working Man” my ass

  24. So some folks use tomato juice (thin ketchup?) to clean away skunk juice – I wonder if they use skunk piss to clean the ketchup off the Mar-a-Lardo walls, assuming that all works in reverse…

  25. Vlad’s probably as mad as SFB at today’s developments. I wonder if he throws borscht against the wall when he’s pissed?

  26. These hearings  may just kill  him. 
    He’s in a box like never before.
    After today  the screws  just keep turning. 
    The entire theory  of the Mid terms is changing. 
    The price of gas is not going to sweep  the GOP into power.  They have  “woke-up”   sleeping dragons . 
    If the dems  can  see it. 

  27. Some MAGAts will probably be thrilled to hear that he tried to get his lard ass up the hill.  Grabbing at the steering wheel.

  28. How can the secret service agent NOT do what he’s ordered to do by the president?

  29. Here’s what  the “Flying Monkeys”  done  ……..
    They have welded  together  ………
    All women 
    Tree huggers
    Every  shade of Gay
    People  who  fear for   our future 
    Now if they all  work to get out the vote 

  30. Think  about this , every  man who “knocked – up ”  his lover  is now “Daddy” .
    Let’s see  how that plays  in Peoria.  In the age of DNA.

  31. How can the secret service agent NOT do what he’s ordered to do by the president?

    The agent is an employee of the Secret Service with the task of protecting the President, not a personal servant of the President.
    “Why” did the agent refuse trump’s demands?  Because there was a complete managerial breakdown and loss of confidence in the President by his lieutenants, leading to mixed-messaging and confusion among staffers 

  32. Some republicans and trump staffers did do the right thing that day (not necessarily on other days), and i’d imagine reticence on the parts of some unwilling to testify is a result of fear of becoming a target of MAGA terrorists.  i’d be afraid of those racist loons, too

    i found Thompson’s closing remarks petty and counterproductive

  33. A great patriot would save the country further trials and tribulations and commit suicide

  34. US Secret Service statement:

    “U.S. Secret Service has been cooperating with the Select Committee since its inception in spring 2021, and will continue to do so, including by responding on the record to the Committee regarding the new allegations surfaced in today’s testimony.”

  35. I’m sure that something like the pres fighting in a limosine with the Secret Service attracted the attention of more than Ms Hutchinson, eh?

  36. Pat Cipolloni is probably stiff-arming jan6 comm waiting for DOJ to give him immunity for his testimony at a grand jury

  37. I think there is a good reason President Biden moved a lot of the SS agents who were on SFB detail.  It might also explain why the bobble head did not want to go for a ride on January 6th.

  38. did he ever reimburse the gov for the damage done by his temper tantrums in the dining room?  those broken dishes weren’t your everyday stuff from wally world.


    “Abortions up to about six weeks in pregnancy can resume at some clinics in Texas for now after a Harris County District Court judge granted a temporary restraining order that blocks an abortion ban that was in place before Roe v. Wade.”

    “In the ruling issued Tuesday, Judge Christine Weems ruled that the pre-Roe abortion ban “is repealed and may not be enforced consistent with the due process guaranteed by the Texas constitution.”

    “Abortions can resume only at the clinics named in the lawsuit.”

    “However, Tuesday’s ruling is only a stopgap measure that, at most, will extend abortion access in the state for two months.”

    “Paul Linton, an attorney for the anti-abortion group Texas Alliance for Life, said he thought a higher court would soon vacate the temporary restraining order …”

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