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  1. late night heat

    “It has been dispiriting to see so many Democrats this week utterly fail to meet the moment—a moment, by the way, they had nearly two months to plan for,” seethed Oliver. “Nancy Pelosi read a poem, one Rep. [Andy Levin, D-MI] tweeted a picture of himself doing yoga, and so many Democrats sent out requests for money, really fulfilling that old Democratic adage: when they go low, we ask you for 15 dollars.” (House Democrats also chose to sing “God Bless America” on the Capitol steps, for some reason.)

    He continued: “And I am not saying that all I want from leaders is shows of anger, but it has been depressing to see so many of them treat the end of Roe v. Wade with the solemnity of a funeral instead of the urgency of a fucking cardiac arrest. And they stand in stark contrast to the groups on the ground who have displayed that urgency for years now. They fought relentlessly as abortion rights have been chipped away all over the country, and they have worked tirelessly to find ways around each restriction and provide health care services for those that have been denied them, even when it was very hard.”

  2. but his main topic last night was

    John Oliver discusses the water shortage in the American west, how it’s already impacting the people who live there, and what God has to say about it.

  3. gonna be a long hot AND DRY summer in more ways than just riding around in convertibles and playing guitars at the beach

  4. War in Ukraine: Help us end war by year’s end, Zelensky urges world leaders – BBC News

    President Zelensky urged G7 leaders to “not lower the pressure” and keep heaping “heavy” punitive action on Russia, AFP reports.

    Zelensky earlier addressed the leaders by video-link, on the second day of the three-day G7 summit.

    He renewed his plea for more heavy weapons and air defence equipment to resist Russia’s continued missile attacks.

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says the G7 will “continue to increase pressure on Putin”.

  5. Sarah “clueless” Suckabee Handers:
    : “We will make sure that when a kid is in the womb, they’re as safe as they are in a classroom.”

  6. First polls show abortion ruling gets out the Ds…


    A CBS News/YouGov poll of 1,591 adults found 50% of Democrats were more likely to vote based on the Roe ruling, while only 20% of Republicans said the same.

    In an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll out this morning (941 adults), 78% of Democrats said the court’s decision makes them more likely to vote this fall — 24 points higher than Republicans.

  7. The bad news is……Murdoch and Fox are turning on the dipshit..  They figure they no longer need him, he’s served his purpose, now get the pork outa here.  

    So:  What’s Next, what rough beast slouches now toward us?

  8. Binks……haha I first thought your German phrase was a misspelling of “scheiss “ until I looked it up.  But yes.

  9. Do you know how many women have had an ectopic pregnancy?  Wait until a woman dies because she’s denied medical care.   Men, especially some men, have no idea how women’s bodies work.  IMPEACH THE LIARS ON SCOTUS!
    POTUS Joe needs to sign some preemptive EOs.  DO SOMETHING!


    “Period-tracking apps scramble to anonymize user data amid new abortion prosecution risks.”

  10. Are women going to be allowed to get their tubes tied?  Vasectomies are reversible, so that would make more sense, but women generally have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to these things.

  11. My favorite court packing plan. Congress could legally tie number of justices to number of appeals circuits, which is how we got to nine in the 1800s. There are now 13 circuits. This way a future Congress would have to expand circuits in order to add justices, not impossible but a bit more difficult.

  12. I hope the college admissions, housing and financial offices in states that don’t restrict abortion are ready for increased applications from out of state students.
    And sturge, bink, I at first also thought it was a misstatement of nein scheisse – but I don’t speak any German beyond words that include bier or wurst (and a few other foodie & beveragy words), phrases including scheisse as part of them and whatever few things I picked up from Hogan’s Heroes, Stalag 17 and a few of the Nazi documentaries on the History Channel and Military Channel.
    And yes, the heat is upon us – but thankfully not like last week.

  13. craig & pogo, as I cautioned jamie, please wait for after midterm elections before pushing the expansion as we don’t want 4 more RW nutballs on the court.  there are too many now and the prospect of 10-3 insane decisions is despair in the making.

    dangling the idea out there prior to elections may motivate the semi-placated magaTs to vote for more.  wait til the dems&indies have 60 sure votes in the new senate and continue a strong majority in the house. 

  14. Poobah, I just had that discussion with our summer law clerk.  Biden and Schumer could agree to drop the filibuster and expand the Court to accomplish the goal of having one justice per circuit – twice the Court went to 9 justices – 1837 and 1866 – when there were 8 judicial circuits plus DC.  Democrat Andrew Jackson and Republican U.S. Grant each expanded the Court to coincide with the number of circuits in 1837 and 1866. The history is a little convoluted since Lincoln added a tenth justice and the court was shrunk to 7 (pre 1837 size) after Lincoln was shot to deprive Andrew Johnson from being able to fill vacancies. What possible threat to the country and to Democratic interests occasioned by dropping the filibuster could possibly outweigh the threat of the Court as it is now comprised?

    patd, I held your position up until this weekend. I do believe the threat to the country is greater than the risk of putting RW nutballs on the court – particularly after the opinion released this morning. In the next 2 years Biden won’t send RW nominees – the only potential problem is if R’s take the Senate and deny the nominees hearings. but as I noodle this as far as I’m concerned waiting until November would be OK.

  15. What possible threat to the country and to Democratic interests occasioned by dropping the filibuster could possibly outweigh the threat of the Court as it is now comprised?”

    the possibility of your senator switching to the dark side and mitch becoming king of the world again

  16. Jamie,  While we do need a house majority to expand the court we don’t need 60+ senators to expand the court if Schumer will do away with the filibuster.

  17. If Schumer was going to invoke the nuclear option Manchin would have to agree to the rules change.  But I take your point – it won’t surprise me to see Joe switch parties before his next election in ’24.

  18. Interesting opinion piece by Jennifer Rubin at WaPo about what Susan Collins can do (and Joe Manchin) after being lied to by Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. The bottom line …

    In sum, it is not politically or morally sufficient for Collins or Manchin to simply holler “I was tricked!” when the rights of millions of Americans are at stake. Whether she was deceived, when a public official make an error so egregious, it is incumbent on her to fix the damage. If Collins refuses to do so, voters will draw the conclusion that she wasn’t that surprised — orthat sorry — that she enabled the destruction of women’s fundamental right to reject forced birth. But voters eventually will render their verdict on Collins and the rest of the GOP.

    She discusses dropping the filibuster to get some of what she discussed in the piece accomplished.

  19. Something to remember about FDR’s court packing plan. It wasn’t such a failure. Justices got spooked and reversed their rejection of New Deal programs. FDR’s threat got what he wanted in the end. 

  20. Milan to Turn Off Fountain Spigots as Drought Bakes Italy

    Milan (AP) — The mayor of Milan signed an ordinance Saturday turning off the spigots of public decorative fountains and the city’s archbishop prayed for rain in a tour of churches as northern Italy endures one of its worst droughts in decades.
    The city ordinance follows the declaration Friday of a state of emergency in the surrounding Lombardy region, which has endured an unusually early heat wave and months without significant rainfall. Neighboring Emilia Romagna and Piedmont have undertaken similar crisis measures.

  21. The extent of the damage in the European Union is not yet known because harvest is just getting underway

    The durum crop in the European Union is in trouble, says an analyst from that region.
    The European Commission is forecasting 7.6 million tonnes of production, down two percent from last year and five percent below the five-year average.
    But industry groups think it could be a lot worse.
    Coldiretti, an Italian farm organization, is forecasting a 15 percent drop in total wheat production in that country.
    Italy accounts for about 50 to 60 percent of EU durum production, followed by France, Spain and Greece, according to Annachiara Saguatti, market intelligence analyst with Areté, an Italian agri-food intelligence company.


  22. Now that the court formerly known as the Supreme Court of the U.S. stated the state employee coach making a prayer at the fifty yard line is doing just fine.  I wonder when the first Muslim or Hindu fifty yard line huddle goes to the court formerly known as the Supreme Court of the U.S.complaining about the not xtion guy trying to spread socialism or some other pile of horse apples.
    Pastafarians to the rescue, or fifty yard line.

  23. That’s cool we live in a White Supremacist Christian theocracy, all of a sudden
    Scheming fucks

    i promise you that adults in authority at public schools will now force kids to pray to their god, worship Him or go to detention!

  24. …pretty sure all the Heinlein, Clarke, and Asimov i grew up on goes straight to the burn-pile

  25. Ok, invest in goats, we’ll all be required to sacrifice them, occasionally.  i forget all the rules, they’re in Leviticus, somewhere.  GET READING, HEATHENS, law of the land, no excuses!
    3 cheers for jeebus!  Hip hip ✌️🇺🇦👎🇺🇸

  26. One case is being filed in FL by a rabbi Asserting that Florida’s restrictive abortion laws infringe Jewish religious freedom.

  27. Man’s Hand Barely Survives Touching Rudy Giuliani’s Back – Wonkette

    He compared the slap to a gunshot, because he’s a drama queen. Fortunately, he’s in good shape for a 78-year-old bag of dung. Otherwise, he’s certain “I would have hit the ground and probably cracked my skull.” You know, New York City police have done far more than slap random people in the back.
    The video footage shows the employee lightly tapping Giuliani on the back, which the former New York mayor insists could’ve murdered him. He didn’t even come close to falling. The police told the Times that the employee said, “What’s up, scumbag” rather than “fucking scumbag!” However, we can all agree that Rudy Giuliani is a scumbag.
    Giuliani bravely had the employee arrested and charged with second-degree assault. He compared this to his reign of terror as mayor.

  28. I get dings on the WaPo Daily 202 .  This is from it:

    Meanwhile, Germany’s parliament just “voted to strike down a Nazi-era law saying that doctors who advertise abortions, or provide information on them, could face up to two years in prison or a fine.”

    Get that?  

  29. I got 4 months sober one time……piece o’ cake.

    I also been 4 months drunk before too, but those are different stories…….

  30. How I came by my real name…..65…..we were playing at the “”Ole Heidelberg”  out on the Savannah Highway.  We were turned on to the gig by older friends who had moved up a notch……So, it s being pretty phenomenal money for a high school student we dug it for a while. 3 nights a week.    Holy mackerel…….So when we first got to the joint I wrote my nickname on the bathroom wall……Stein…….Douglas Bazzle had started calling me that years before after Stymie on the Little Rascals  Ok….long story short, I wrote Stein……somebody at some point added “berg”
    So…….now it’s Steinberg.    Then:  Some wag with what I call a sense of humor added…..”, the Irishman”.
    And then….it happened…….A blossom.   “Steinberg the Irishman from Palestine.”

    It’s got such a nice ring to it.

  31. The main story about the Ole Heidelberg though was the night in 65 when Douglas Bazzle returned from Nam and came to see us play  and then of course, Dennis Jones and Bruce Humbert got into a fight  which enveloped the whole bar.  Dougleas ……well…..more later…….Did you ever see in “Little Big Man” where the old blind chief walks thru the massacre at the Washita River like he’s invisible?

  32. The good guys are going to win this one.    Don’t believe me just wait and see.

  33. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/27/politics/football-coach-prayer-high-school-supreme-court-kennedy/index.html

    “Supreme Court further erodes separation between church and state in case of praying football coach.”

    “The Constitution and the best of our traditions counsel mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and suppression, for religious and nonreligious views alike,” Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in the majority opinion.”

    “The decision lowers the bar between church and state in an opinion that will allow more religious expression in public spaces.”

    I wonder if they would’ve decided the same thing had the prayers been to Allah? SCOTUS is filled with lying, cherry pickers.

    “Last week, the court said that Maine could not exclude religious schools from tuition assistance programs in a 6-3 decision divided along ideological lines.”

    They’re trying to further undermine public education. The Republicans on SCOTUS are following the original Adolf’s trick of getting to them while they’re young.

  34. It’s like Napoleon…….the little bastard was a fucking whiz kid the strokes of which had not been seem since Alex Magnus…..Nappy kicked their butts…….Once he lost, (invasion 0f russia) all the pissed off sons of bitchea from everywhere made a big army and schmooshed him.   Hubris.

  35. Good thing Hitler didn’t pay close attention to that Russian campaign Napoleon undertook. 

  36. You know, if the world got together and said I had to live on a little island with food, water etc….I think I could hang wiith it. I mean I might ask for a piano, but shit, that ain’t much to ask……

  37. So in congressional generic ballot polls from last week to this there’s been a swing from R’s being up by 8 & 10 last week to D’s being up by 7 & 3 in the 4 polls that have something better than slug ratings at 538. Rasmussen and Trafalgar last week (both Likely voter pools) and Marist and Morning Consult this week (both Registered voter pools). Now that may not be a direct comparison, but that’s a reflection of one hell of a lot of pissed off voters.

  38. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/06/27/wnba-brittney-griner-russia-detention/

    “The detention of Brittney Griner, the WNBA professional basketball player from Houston who was arrested in Russia more than four months ago, has been extended by six months pending the outcome of her trial, her lawyer told CNN on Monday.”

    “The Russian news agency TASS has hinted that the U.S. and Russia could reach a deal to exchange Griner for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence in the U.S. for agreeing to sell arms to a Colombian terrorist group.”

  39. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/05/religious-right-real-origins-107133

    “They’ll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record’s clear: It was segregation.”

    “…it wasn’t until 1979—a full six years after Roe—that evangelical leaders, at the behest of conservative activist Paul Weyrich, seized on abortion not for moral reasons, but as a rallying-cry to deny President Jimmy Carter a second term. Why? Because the anti-abortion crusade was more palatable than the religious right’s real motive: protecting segregated schools.”

    “Both before and for several years after Roe, evangelicals were overwhelmingly indifferent to the subject, which they considered a “Catholic issue.” In 1968, for instance, a symposium sponsored by the Christian Medical Society and Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of evangelicalism, refused to characterize abortion as sinful, citing “individual health, family welfare, and social responsibility” as justifications for ending a pregnancy.”

    “The new political philosophy must be defined by us [conservatives] in moral terms, packaged in non-religious language, and propagated throughout the country by our new coalition,” Weyrich wrote in the mid-1970s. “When political power is achieved, the moral majority will have the opportunity to re-create this great nation.”

    “great” (wink-wink) Barf.

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