At A Minimum

Trump fatigue is becoming a real thing in Republican world, even among some MAGA maniacs.

Ron DeSantis has already grabbed $10 million from a group of right wing donors who gave $20 million to Trump in 2020. And since 1/6 hearings started the Florida governor is tied with Trump in New Hampshire (who lost the Iowa caucuses in 2016).

One in five Republicans think Trump should be prosecuted. And the silence from Trump’s usual defenders in Congress as these hearings proceed is telling. FOX News, although trying to pretend the committee doesn’t exist, has not directly come to his aid. Not even his pal Sean Hannity.

There will always be diehards for Trump but Republicans who mostly just want to win in 2024 might well decide ‘we’re not doing this again’.

At a minimum if putting Trump in the rear view mirror and off the field for 2024 is all the committee accomplishes, I’ll take it.


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  1. will wonders never cease! behold a crack in NRA’s stonewall

    Senate passes gun safety bill, breaking years-long stalemate | The Hill

    The Senate voted 65 to 33 Thursday evening to pass a bill to strengthen background checks for gun buyers younger than 21, provide billions of dollars in money for mental health treatment and help states administer red flag laws, setting up a vote in the House as soon as Friday. 
    The strong bipartisan vote for the bill is expected to give it enough momentum to sail through the House and make it to President Biden’s desk, giving him one of the biggest domestic policy achievements of his first two years in office.  


    Pelosi says House will take up gun safety bill ‘first thing’ Friday morning | The Hill

    “First thing tomorrow morning, the Rules Committee will meet to advance this life-saving legislation to the Floor. When the Rules Committee finishes its business, we will head immediately to the Floor,” Pelosi wrote in a statement minutes after the Senate approved the measure.
    “And we will send the bill to President Biden for his signature, with gratitude for his leadership,” she added.
    The Senate approved the legislation, dubbed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, in a 65-33 vote late Thursday night. Fifteen Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), joined all Democrats in approving the measure.
    On Thursday night following the Senate vote, President Biden urged the House to “promptly vote” on the legislation “and send it to my desk.”

  2. To paraphrase someone at yesterdays  hearing, there is a distinct possibility that someone else will try this, again.  
    Any Republican who did not come out against Orange Adolf, and especially those who support(ed) him, can not be trusted.   

    All most of them want to talk about is the economy.  McCarthy’s logic is a perfect example; all he knows is that gas has gone up since Nancy put together the committee.  Top Gun 2 came out since then, too. And? 

    Big oil will benefit more under a Republican administration, so why wouldn’t they want to hurt Americans to get them to vote against Dems.  They don’t care that they are hurting folks. 

    Here’s the thing; the economy may not be great in 2024, but it might be better.  If economic pressure is reduced, it will feel better and that’s good for Dems.

    Plus, look at all of the info against many Republicans (and there’s more to come) presented at the hearings.  The campaign ads are ready to go.  Just add hot water.

  3. stephen naming names last night

    Thanks to today’s Jan. 6th Committee hearing, we now know the list of Republican members of Congress who begged the former president for pardons.

  4. for those who want to see his beto interview

    Texas Leadership Is Trying To Turn Back The Clock – Beto O’Rourke On The State GOP’s New Platform – YouTube

    The Democratic nominee for the governor of Texas, Beto O’Rourke, returns to The Late Show to discuss the effect of new voting restrictions in his state and the extreme positions staked out in the state GOP’s new political platform. Stick around for another segment with Beto O’Rourke!

    Beto O’Rourke On The Spike In Shootings After Gov. Abbot Loosened Gun Laws In Texas – YouTube

    In the second part of Stephen’s interview with Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic nominee for governor of Texas tells Stephen how the people of his state, including members of law enforcement, feel about Gov. Abbot’s relentless drive to loosen restrictions on gun ownership and the devastating spike in violence that ensued as a result.

  5. Eric Holder weighed in and said the smoking gun from the hearing was Dumbass telling DOJ to just say the election was corrupt then leave the rest to him and the Republican congressmen. Mediaite

    Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who served in the Obama administration, weighed in on Twitter regarding Donoghue’s note:
    “This is the smoking gun,” Holder said. “Coupled with other testimony demonstrates both Trump’s substantive involvement and corrupt intent, requisite state of mind.”

    “substantive involvement and corrupt inter, requisite state of mind.”  Sounds all illegal and such. 

  6. Listening to the lyrics of Everybody Knows

    1.  SCOTUS favors guns

    2.  GOP trying to cut benefits

    3.  MAGA crawling out from under the rocks

    This all may be a plan to fix overpopulation


  7. England made it tough on the Puritans so they decided to come here and infest America.
    Fast forward — 6 of those bastards on the Supreme Court.

  8. jamie, mother nature works in wonderous ways. who’d a thunk that the so-called pro-lifer GunsOverPeople party may be doing her a favor.

    BTW, you forgot to add the pro-covid anti-vaxer de santis et al to that list

  9. patd, I am not sure I’d call the evidence that the committee has laid out an airtight conspiracy case for DOJ, but it’s got to be about as close as one could get without the resources of something like the FBI at its disposal to investigate.

  10. in re the committee’s time changes.  It’s my prediction that they have come across something monumentally huge, a smoking cannon, as it were. 

    I’m hoping it involves those crazy kids, the Thomases.

  11. I’m with you, Craig….  at least get trump out of the way.
    Hope I can watch the next hearing…  it sounds like we are all gonna need a UHaul full of popcorn!

  12. Sturg, I hope you’re righty right on both counts. I’d love to see something akin to charges being brought against Ginny and for Roberts to find his balls and scream at Clarence to GTFO of the oral argument if he tries to sit in on any election-related case.

  13. Scotus jus declared a gun has more rights than a woman.  There needs to immediately be a move to expand the court to 13 (one for each appellate court) to counteract the packing done by McConnell


  14. 4 of the 5 SCOTUS justices ending #RoevWade were appointed by presidents the majority of US voters voted against. The 5th was appointed by a POTUS who opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. There are more of us.

    John Fugelsang

  15. All I can say is lying assholes. I seldom wish death or disability on anyone, but a couple of deaths or disablements as a result of illness or the like to allow Biden to fill stolen SCOTUS seats would be a good thing IMHO. I am not making any kind of threat or encouraging any kind of action against the justices, just hoping for circumstance to provide an opening to level the balance on the court.

  16. Pogo

    There are 13 Appellate courts.  I think a Supreme Justice to equal that number would more accurately reflect the population in the law.  Given that I think dumping the filibuster and urging Biden to appoint four more justices is an excellent idea.  

    Right now Sotomayor was correct.  The Stench of this court smells to high heaven.  

  17. Jamie, I think that is an excellent idea – that’s one option I’ve heard in the past and thought it had merit. As far as the filibuster goes, sure. The only reason not to do it is the potential (fairly good likelihood in fact) that MM will be SML on Jan.1, 2023.

    Poobah, my bet would be either Texas or Florida – whichever one the Dumbass mini-me running those states can push through their legislature first.

  18. thanks berners.   i like your way of thinking pogo.  tried calling tony , still no answer .  is he still about recently?

  19. It’s funny in a tragic way that the conservative wing of SCOTUS, a public institution, was so offended by the leak of this decision, which has now been proven accurate, implying they prefer to plan dramatic revisions to society in secret and then drop a bombshell on it with an exclusive official announcement.
    …’cuz that’s good government!👍🇺🇸

  20. Expanding the SC… that’s been bandied about… but so far, Joe hasn’t had the balls to pull that trigger.

  21. How often does a SCOTUS judge telegraph what laws they want an opportunity to overturn??
    Seems rather “unprecedented”, but we know they don’t respect that 🥁 

  22. Pogo, Florida voters put privacy rights in state constitution, so abortion and gay marriage should be safe from Governor and Legislature if courts follow the law.

    Other states have their own constitutional privacy rights, a fine turnout tool for Dems if they get it on the ballot. 

  23. Of course… thinking about this for a few minutes…  by Biden not expanding the SC he will be putting the ball squarely in the voters’ court.  If that is his strategy… hopefully, it will not fail.

  24. OK has banned abortion, too.
    Why is it OK for states to decide about a woman’s rights today, when two days ago it was not OK for a state to make decisions about guns? 

    Mexico is going to have a huge medical tourism increase; it’s cheaper, too.

  25. Next on the chopping block, contraception. 

    Love BETO, and I understand why he was being so generous about folks in this state during that interview, what with getting more flies with honey than vinegar, but yeah…he was being really generous. Hateful folks calling themselves Christians, as they hug their guns, and shun their neighbors who don’t look or sound like them.

  26. Biden for the win unless Biden says otherwise. Don’t fuck it up now, huh?  Win this or it’s curtains.  

  27. How about this…..if you feel a spate of Criticism coming on…..

    Criticize A REPUBLICAN.  
    And have the back of the people who need you to have their back.

  28. As the old saying goes, I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on Alito (etc.) if he was on fire.
    No, Poobah, Thomas didn’t invite an attack on Loving, but then again Loving was based explicitly on the application of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.  That’s one powerful sumbitch when it comes to race, and gender for tat matter, or should be. It’s a shame it didn’t really serve more directly as the basis for Roe, coming in the back door under a right to privacy inherent (although not expressed) in the equal protection clause. Blackmun could have drafted a more bullet proof opinion if he’d had the benefit of foresight.

  29. I haven’t read the opinion.  I’ll have to do that this weekend.  Of course Thomas’ is a concurring opinion that was not joined by any other of the justices, so that musing about substantive due process is not particularly worrisome, but who knows with that bunch of nuts?  Neal Katyal, who has forgotten more about this stuff than I ever knew mentioned Loving in one of his tweets today.  The 2 that stand out are:

    Justice Thomas concurs, saying overruling Roe isn’t enough. “For that reason, in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.” That’s right to privacy, contraception, marriage equality,etc
    Wonder if Loving v Virginia is next on the list of cases for Justice Thomas to overrule

    I think someone needs to introduce Neal to the flying tildes of sarcasm.

    And then there’s Roberts…

    But Roberts criticized his conservative colleagues’ haste, and worried for the court’s credibility.

    “Surely we should adhere closely to principles of judicial restraint here, where the broader path the Court chooses entails repudiating a constitutional right we have not only previously recognized, but also expressly reaffirmed applying the doctrine of stare decisis,” he wrote. “The Court’s opinion is thoughtful and thorough, but those virtues cannot compensate for the fact that its dramatic and consequential ruling is unnecessary to decide the case before us.”

    From WaPo.

  30. The right wing if SCOTUS is trying to qualm any fears about reaching into other areas in future cases, based on today’s outcome.   Don’t trust them.
    This will create a windfall of campaign donations for Dems.  The requests are already in my email and I’m responding as best I can.  Others will do the same.  Blue tsunami 🌊 

  31. BiD, I just hope the women of ‘murca who aren’t in the third or so of the country who are RW nuts make sure that 2022 and 2024 do not tilt the country further right than it is already tilting.

  32. The scotus’ role in the next insurrection is to sow outrage and grow chaos.  That people are free to stroll around with weapons is like icing on their cake.  The Supreme Court is pulling extra duty in insurrection ‘22.    The rulings need not have merit, the rulings need but to create discord and strife.

  33. Well, sturg, if that’s SCROTUS’ goal they are off to one hell of a booming start. MFers.

  34. Did tRUMPsky’s SCOTUS appointees lie about Roe under oath to Congress?  

    The GQP needs to know that we are taking back our rights. Our rights are our rights.

    I hope all of the male Justices’ left nuts fall off tonight, if they want lean so far to right. I hope Amy gets never-ending cramps.

  35. The Constitution doesn’t say you have right to carry a gun for self-defense.  It says that you have the right to arms for a well-regulated militia.   SCOTUS is tainted. tRUMPsky has killed that branch of the government.    

    Today, SCOTUS made Pootin very happy, sowing discord.

  36. jamie, best to wait to see how the midterms work out before expanding the court.  just imagine the nightmare of 4 more RWs there which will be the case if GunsOverPeople party take back the senate and mitch rules the world again.

  37. BETO holding a rally in Austin on Sunday. I’ve donated to candidates in three states today.    SCOTUS has inadvertently helped Dem fundraising.   Expect huge voter turnout against any/all Republicans.

  38. BiD, yes, 3 liars on the Court in Dumbass’ administration. So much for your niece’s rights. Mrs. P is so mad she could spit nails. 

  39. thanks surge and pink, its been some time, i m a bit worried but know im good at that.


    “Jews overwhelmingly support abortion rights. Overturning Roe violates my religious freedom.”

    “According to Jewish law, life doesn’t begin at conception. This is, of course, in direct contrast with the beliefs of the Catholic Church as well as numerous other Christian denominations — religious beliefs that are not mine but which undoubtedly played a critical role in the decision to strip me of my abortion rights.”

    Read more at:

    I smell a way to dump today’s SC decision.

    “An array of Jewish groups across the country are kickstarting into action to protest and potentially challenge the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade…”

    “Remember that when Roe v Wade came out, the right wing refused to accept their loss. They spent 50 years laser focused on un-losing. We must do the same in order to protect lives and bodily autonomy. The road will be long, but we cannot give up or turn away.”


    “Writing in the conservative journal National Review eight years later, David French spelled out the argument in detail while defending the right of Americans to collect arsenals of high powered weaponry: “Citizens must be able to possess the kinds and categories of weapons that can at least deter state overreach, that would make true authoritarianism too costly to attempt.”

    “What if this is backwards? Well-armed partisans emerge as the paramilitary wing of authoritarian parties, using violence and the threat of violence to vault the movement to power.”

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