FOX in Denial

Watched three hours of FOX News prime time last night (Tucker-Hannity-Laura). No coverage of Jan. 6 hearing. Instead, Tucker spent half an hour attacking Colbert, Hannity went after immigrants again and Laura Ingraham conjured up her hit parade of insults for Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. stephen on the hearing

    Today the Jan. 6th Committee laid out in shocking detail how the former president’s scheme to overturn the 2020 election brought harrowing consequences for the public servants who resisted the pressure to support his lies. Elsewhere, GOP primary voters in Missouri are seeing yet another violent campaign ad from a gun-toting candidate.

  2. and faux news on stephen

    Tucker Carlson: What’s the difference in crime between Colbert staffers and Jan 6 protesters? | Fox News

    Capitol Hill police arrested seven Colbert employees and brought them to jail. All seven of them were charged with unlawful entry.
    Now, that’s the identical charge that hundreds of January 6 defendants have been prosecuted for. But unlike the January 6 defendants, Colbert’s employees were not sent to the DC jail for a year and a half in solitary confinement. No, they were released after only a night behind bars, and then they fled back to New York. Why is that? What exactly is the difference in the crime?

    what’s the difference, tucker? maybe killing police, breaking down capitol doors, smashing windows and trying to hang the VP.

  3. dana milbank

    Opinion | Fox News ignoring the Jan. 6 hearings is a recipe for more violence – The Washington Post

    The ongoing threat of violence was at the core of Tuesday’s hearing of the select committee, which explored the campaign by President Donald Trump and his lawyers to pressure state legislators and election officials to overturn the election results — and the harassment, intimidation and threats they set off.
    Shaye Moss, a Georgia election worker who with her mother was falsely accused by Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani of wrongdoing, testified about how Trump supporters busted into her grandmother’s home to perform a “citizens arrest,” and about how their constant threats and vile, racist attacks have caused her to become a recluse and gain 60 pounds. Her mother had to abandon her home for two months at the FBI’s urging.
    Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Republican, testified about the man with a pistol who threatened his neighbor and the people who came to his house with “panel trucks with videos of me, proclaiming me to be a pedophile and a pervert and a corrupt politician,” upsetting his wife and terminally ill daughter.
    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, also a Republican, testified about the doxing of his email and cellphone, the “sexualized attacks” on his wife of 40 years and the break-in of the home of his late son’s widow.
    We didn’t arrive at this precarious moment solely because of Trump. Trump couldn’t have happened if Fox News and Republican elites hadn’t normalized his threats to democratic traditions. Now they continue to do so with their breezy dismissal of the breathtaking revelations of the Jan. 6 hearings.
    The conservative elites surely know we are moving toward instability and violence. Yet rather than grapple with the threat, they excuse Trump’s lawlessness once more by resorting to tribalism: There’s nothing new here. The needle isn’t moving.
    This has been the Fox News refrain from the start of its brownout coverage of the Jan. 6 hearings. 
    In doing so, they are effectively guaranteeing more violence. And no side is immune from the growing threat, as the arrest of a man planning to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh reveals.
    During Tuesday’s hearing, the committee also heard from Gabriel Sterling, the Georgia election official who, incensed by threats against elections workers, lashed out at Trump and other politicians in a December 2020 video: “Someone’s going to get shot. Someone’s going to get killed. … All of you who have not said a damn word are complicit in this.”
    And all who are silent now are complicit in assuring that the horrors of Jan. 6 will recur.

  4. Hmmm, I wonder if the committee will bring up the media arm of the tRUMPsky administration? It’s  not called Faux Noise for nuthin’.
    The rest of the MSM covers it on the evening news. Every late night show talks about it.  And, it’s probably on every social media platform except those run by/for the MAGAts.  
    The reality of what happened will get to all but the hardcore mobsters.
    Here’s the thing:  They like what Orange Adolf stands for, even if they no longer believe in their cult leader. 
    If the hearings manage to prevent him from running in 2024, or, send him and his entire family scurrying to a land free from a US extradition treaty, they will find someone else.
    THAT is what Ted Cruz and other boot-lickers are banking on; it’s what keeps them vocally supporting someone who tried to overthrow the government.

    If the MSM wants to remain free, it should do a better job of pointing out that the economy pain is global. It’s not Biden’s fault.

    And, they need to stop blaming inflation on stimulus money and higher wages.

    Inflation is primarily, this time, being caused by supply chain issues, lack of competition and greed/price gouging…oh, and Putin’s war.

    Even NPR was spewing that nonsense last week, blaming Americans for having too much money handed to them for their work. WTF?

    Report: Record corporate profits are driving inflation, not labor costs

    Oh, yeah, and housing speculators buying up houses to turn a profit are gaming the housing market against home buyers. That shit needs to stop. They are adding to the economic suffering. Congress needs to do something about that.

    ps – The TX GOP voted to block minimum wage increases, as part of the party platform. Republicans are the worst.

    “Texas GOP goes full MAGA at 2022 convention.”

  5. Good testimony from Speaker Bowers. I wonder if Bowers will go back to Arizona now and try to undo any of the voter suppression laws he helped to pass.  He helped raise the face-eating tigers and was ok with it until they tried to eat HIS face.   
    Rafflesburger too.
    Also have read that Shaye and Lady Ruby have settled a defamation lawsuit against OAN and Rudy.

  6. Republicans lack empathy.  Wether they are high income earners or living paycheck to paycheck, they are disconnected from other human beings who do not look like them, sound like them or share their mob mentality.  
    Despite most of them calling themselves Christians, they exhibit no Christian ideals, especially the first one: Love one another.  

  7. Ummm, Tucker, the differences are that Colbert’s staff did not break into the Capitol and the reason they were in the Capitol was not to prevent the operation of government. The ONLY thing they had in common is that the elements of the most insignificant crime they could be charged with – the equivalent of trespassing – were present when they were in the building unaccompanied. 

  8. wonder how long she’ll have that anchor job.

    the hill:

    Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum on Tuesday said that witnesses testifying before the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol are laying out a “huge, stunning and clear moment” showing a lack of evidence to support former President Trump’s claims of an unfair election in 2020.
    “It will be extremely useful in coming campaigns, especially the presidential, when you look back at what we have in terms of the Mike Pence part of all of this,” MacCallum said. “So it is a political discussion. It is very compelling and the lack of evidence is the huge stunning clear moment here where these people are saying look I supported you, please give me something to work with, and it simply doesn’t materialize.”
    MacCallum’s comments came during Fox’s live continuous coverage of the committee’s fourth public hearing on Tuesday.

  9. Time for the countdown to Roe ruling. Decisions usually released on Mondays but at the end of term could be any day. 

    SCOTUS blog tweeted that SCOTUS has added another opinion day this week. The court will issue opinions on both Thursday and Friday at 10 a.m. EDT. There are 13 cases that still remain to be decided.


    “Warren asked Powell if Fed rate increases will lower gas prices, which have hit record highs this month. “I would not think so,” Powell said.

    Warren asked if grocery prices will go down because of the Fed’s war on inflation. “I wouldn’t say so, no,” Powell said.

    “Warren expressed concern about the impact of the Fed’s rate hikes on families and the risk of a recession.”

    “Rate hikes won’t make Vladimir Putin turn his tanks around and leave Ukraine,” Warren said, adding that they won’t break up corporate monopolies or stop Covid-19.“

    “corporate monopolies”

  11. Yep. Consumers boycotting anything that seems priced too high would bring more relief.  I don’t just mean folks not being able to afford as much, I mean refuse to buy anything except rice and beans, carpool, ride a bike or walk, no fast food, no sodas, no new clothes.  
    That will get corporate America’s attention.   A group with a large social media audience needs to spearhead something like that. 

  12. Maybe, Poobah. Gasoline demand is down 6% as compared to 2019. I doubt knocking 3% off the cost per gallon will spur an uptick in demand. It’s summer. People gonna drive on vacation. 

    BiD, Forbes doesn’t see what you’re proposing. They see consumer spending remaining strong into 2024.

  13. We can end the embargo on Russian oil, it’s just creating a discount for cheaters like France, China and India while raising prices for us. Russia is generating almost as much income from sales of it as they did before Russia invaded Ukraine

  14. Life’s way too short to spend 3 hours of it absorbing hate from FoxNews, Mr. C, gonna throw that out there

  15. Just listened to the entire chump/rafflesburger phone call.  It is amazing.   

  16. Ah, I missed it.  I’ve been trying to prepare to work from home for a few months.  It’s consuming time I could be watching TV hearings or doom scrolling. 

    A gas tax holiday won’t help. Cut 18 cents off if a gallon of gas and oil companies will raise their prices, eating away at any savings to consumers.

    Weening ourselves off of fossil fuels will take time that we don’t have, but it’s time to try.

    Corporate greed is the problem, and it’s not the exclusive real estate of oil companies.

    Hmm, an Amazon boycott until Bezos pays corporate tax? That would save a lot of gas, ferrying all of those boxes around. Plus, with stuff not moving, the supply chain will get some relief.

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