Sunday Serendipity


Song of a New Race, composer, William Grant Still

Performed by Detroit Philharmonic Orchestra

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. jack, thank you., good selection.


    What does it mean to celebrate Juneteenth? (

    Juneteenth may be the country’s newest federal holiday, but for many Black Americans, June 19 has long been associated with homegrown community celebrations, if not at least understood as a day to symbolize freedom. 
    “For Black folks, there has been a long tradition of commemorating Juneteenth,” said Amara Enyia, policy and research coordinator at Movement for Black Lives. 
    But now that Juneteenth is a federal holiday, complete with offices and schools closing in recognition of it, the inevitable has also taken shape: commercialism. 
    Box stores from coast to coast are lining shelves with Juneteenth products. Walmart caught the most flack recently for stocking a Juneteenth Great Value brand ice cream flavor, the label touting a trademark symbol. The move prompted questions about who can even own the idea of Juneteenth, and the appropriateness of corporations cashing in on what could be considered a bittersweet holiday, commemorating the end of enslavement and the beginning of a generations-long struggle for civil rights. 
    This year, some attempts to celebrate the day have gone sour, very publicly. Many were angry to see the trademarked Juneteenth ice cream on shelves, developed with the help of a corporation that creates artificial flavors, and a children’s museum apologized after its Juneteenth menu included a watermelon salad. A Juneteenth soul food celebration in Alabama was canceled after a leaked poster for the event revealed none of its featured hosts were Black. 
    “Companies that are having these picnics for their employees and feeding them fried chicken and watermelon — who made that call?” Torrina Harris of Galveston quipped.
    Ultimately, said Enyia, “it is a testament to this country and the way our systems are set up to where the automatic knee-jerk default or response is profit-making or profit-seeking.” 
    For Lee, who has spent much of her 95 years marching on roads across the country to advocate for Juneteenth as its own federal holiday, Juneteenth is a moment for work, but it’s also a moment for all Americans to celebrate their liberties. 
    “It’s important that people recognize it is not a Black thing, that it’s not just a Texas thing, but that it’s about freedom for everybody — and we’re not free yet.” 

  2. but back to thread topic

    from the editorial board

    Opinion | Juneteenth reminds us of an often forgotten side of the liberation struggle – The Washington Post

    Many people helped bring about the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, passed in 2021 by substantial margins in both houses of Congress. One of the most prominent advocates was Opal Lee, a retired schoolteacher who has spent her retirement doing good things, including advocating for the holiday. At age 94, she was present for the signing ceremony here in Washington. This initiative shows a side of the liberation struggle that is sometimes forgotten, as University of Maryland professor Ira Berlin wrote in an article in The Post 30 years ago
    “From the first guns at Sumter, the strongest advocates of emancipation were the slaves themselves. Lacking political standing or public voice, forbidden access to the weapons of war, slaves tossed aside the grand pronouncements of Lincoln and other Union leaders that the sectional conflict was only a war for national unity and moved directly to put their own freedom — and that of their posterity — atop the national agenda. Steadily, as opportunities arose, slaves risked all for freedom by abandoning their owners, coming uninvited into Union lines and offering their help as laborers, pioneers, guides and spies.”
    Juneteenth has been, and still is, a day for feasting, singing and dancing, if you feel like it (it’s a free country). But above all, it is a day for celebrating the ideals of freedom and equality — not only in the nation’s laws but in the hearts and minds of one another.

  3. It’s being bandied about that the schoolroom door in Uvalde wasn’t locked and the police never even tried to open it.  For an hour or so.

  4. So the locals said they were considering the situation at Uvalde to be a barricaded shooter with hostages scenario … after all the door to the classroom was closed and the shooter, kids and teachers were inside. They admitted they fucked up. And boy howdy did they – big time. Geez, what could happen if they opened the door – he might shoot the kids?  Oh wait, that’s what was happening with the door closed. Honest to god. 19 fathers aren’t having a great day. And what is Congress doing? Too fucking little. 

  5. There was a local news report that when the shooter was outside, shooting into the school, an officer hesitated to take his shot because he was afraid of stray fire hitting a child.  

    There is too much room for human error, which is why assault rifles should be banned.


    “The Friday before Juneteenth clocked in as the most popular air travel day of 2022, according to statistics from the Transportation Security Administration.”

    “Given that this long summer weekend also coincides with Father’s Day, that means there will be a lot of travel going on.”

    “The increase in delays and cancellations comes just one day after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met with airline CEOs to discuss ways to improve performance and operations ahead of another expected surge in travel over the 4th of July holiday.”

    I learned not to travel on/near bank holidays long ago. I figure I can stay home alone and be comfortable or chance being stuck in an airport and be alone with thousands of strangers.


    “The Texas Republican Party on Saturday voted on two new party platform planks aimed at barring the teaching of sex and sexuality in schools while simultaneously calling on Texas schools to teach the “dignity of the preborn human” and that life begins at fertilization.”

    But, teacher, how does fertilization happen? What do you mean you aren’t allowed to tell me?

    “The Texas GOP is out of step with the majority of Americans who believe in equality,” said Zeph Capo, president of the Texas chapter of American Federation of Teachers.”

    If Republicans were serious about preventing abortions, they would not only allow sex education, they would make birth control free and easily accessible.

    It’s not just about pregnancy, either. This is a public health issue.

    Ah, but just look how poorly Republicans responded to covid. Just look at DeSanity trying to block vaccinations for kids. I guess he doesn’t care if they get sick and die.

    “If it has a heartbeat, it’s a human, right?” ~So, I guess Republicans are all now becoming vegan, because the animals they BBQ have a heartbeat.~


    Greg Abbott’s attempt to crowdfund transportation costs for migrants DC isn’t really catching on.

    The local, NBC affiliate has been digging into costs. These charter buses are much more expensive than a regular bus ticket. And, their final destination is probably not DC. Catholic Charities bought one migrant a plane ticket from DC to Houston, because that is where he was headed.

  9. Booster 2 has been easier than any of the other shots.  Not zero side effects, but better. Still wearing a mask into the store. 


    “There were several missteps with this. When you collectively look at all these missteps — the branding, the marketing, the visual rhetoric — you understand that there weren’t Black creatives in the room that had a voice at the table,” Christina Ferraz, founder and head consultant of marketing agency Thirty6five, told NPR.”

    “Following its negative reaction on social media, Walmart pulled its special edition flavor of ice cream commemorating Juneteenth from shelves, with many critics calling out the retailer for capitalizing on the holiday for profit.”

    “The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis apologized and removed its Juneteenth-themed watermelon salad from its food court menu ahead of its Juneteenth Jamboree celebration.”

    What were the folks in Indy thinking?

  11. Thank you, Jack

    Because of his close association and collaboration with prominent African American and cultural figures, Still is considered to have been part of the Harlem Renaissance.



  12. What were the folks in Indy thinking? LOL
    They were serving traditional Juneteenth foods and thought even woke idiot liberal whites would be smart enough to use google. But they learned better. Nothing is more powerful than woke ignorance.

    When it comes to this cool summer treat, there is no Juneteenth without it. In an article by the National Geographic’s The Plate, Rev. Dr. Ronald Myers said it best:“Watermelon and red soda water are the oldest traditional foods on Juneteenth,” said Myers, head of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation. “And there’s always been soul food served. Fried chicken and barbecue and greens and black-eyed peas. I’m getting hungry! At any traditional Juneteenth dinner that’s what you’ll find.”
    link to the article

  13. BiD
    That NPR article is part of a problem that NPR is having with advocacy being confused with news. I don’t like it with Fox news and it looks no better when it is NPR. 
    Having been a long time supporter of NPR I’m seriously thinking about my monthly contribution give the change I have seen in the last few years.

  14. With NPR seems I remember noting that they had been slipping in conservatives the last few years in an attempt to wreck it from the inside.  
    NPR has been one of the bigger things which stick in their craw.

  15. Last few years?
    Yeah, if the last few years stretch back to the Reagan 80’s
    Maybe it is my local station, but their programing is trying to fill the Democracy Now niche rather than being centrist. It has always been left of center but as BiD link shows it has moved to strong left. 

  16. …not all NPR affiliates are created equal- the ones near me are progressive without being pandering

  17. Anymore, whenever I say something like “the last few years”  if I ponder it a bit, yes, I’m actually talking about the 80’s and since…

  18. Shields was so good he was often plagiarized. I always emailed him when I caught someone, like David Axelrod, doing that. He thought it was funny. 

  19. Another Shields memory. We had breakfast once and he arrived with blood on his chin, had cut himself shaving. I always carried bandaids in my bag so we went to the bathroom and fixed him up. 

  20. Ohio did not mention Juneteenth in it’s public schools when I attended. Nor did I hear about it at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
    the first I heard about was from a friend who grew up in Austin Texas 

  21. This morning I had store brand cheerios, I usually eat shredded wheat, covid killed off my favorite which was the big biscuit type, now all I can get is the sugar frosted bite size. But the reason I’m eating the plain cheerios is that it was $! a box cheaper having no doubt been longer on the shelf from slow sales. 
    One of the advantages to being old.
    Another weird thing, I was at Sams club buying my big jug of whisky. I went over to look at the meat. The raw uncooked chickens cost $2 more that their cook chicken, Worked for me, I never was good at roast chicken anyway.

  22. Classic Shields, from CSPAN: “As for Chris Christie, I’m the last person in the world to tell him he should join a gym.  But watching him get out of an SUV was like watching the Russians get out of Afghanistan. It took that long.”

  23. KGC
    Yep, it came up out of Texas, Kansas City has a lot of Texan expats who settled there over the years so I was aware of it maybe more than others. But I don’t remember when.

  24. Whiskey Jack

    Remember when the big biscuit Shredded wheat weren’t wrapped but came with cardboard separators with all sorts of interesting reading material?


  25. Jamie
    The real question is do we really want to admit that.
    My folks must have bought the cheap kind. Our cardboard was white, no writing. It was some of my first drawing paper.

  26. Big box ………. With Niagara Falls  in living color on one side.
    Loved breaking up those big wheaty rolls.  Or some days just letting the milk do all the work, while I chased the sugar coated bananas.  

  27. Not all shredded wheat is equal, I can get the post style but it is just not the same. 
    I blame it on the bankruptcy of Sunshine bakers, the twinkie folks. They may have sold the name but even twinkies aren’t twinkies anymore.

  28. Building anger in rural New Mexico erupts in election crisis
    Behind the raw public frustration and anger over election security that has played out this week in New Mexico was a hint of something deeper — a growing divide between the state’s Democratic power structure and conservative rural residents who feel their way of life is under attack

  29. Juneteenth 
    I always saw it as yet another chicken shit thing the Texans  did to people of color.  I mean it took a Union General landing at Galveston , and reading General order # 3  every few blocks as he rode into town.
    2 months  after the war ended, and  two and a half years after Lincoln freed the slaves. 
    And it was not taught in 8th grade Texas history class. 

  30. Shoppers Are Facing Shortages of Beer to Popcorn This Summer

    A shortage of popular food items from popcorn to sriracha is hitting restaurants and grocery shelves this summer, a sign that the world’s immense supply chains are still under pressure. 
    Over the past few months, many seemingly random foods have become wildly expensive or unusually hard to find. These include lettuce in Australia, onions and salami in Japan and even bottled beer in Germany, sending businesses scrambling to find alternatives to feed their customers.


  31. We built this  this finely tuned  pyramid   we call world trade over the last 50 years.
    Only to discover we built it up-side down.  With the cap stone being “cheap oil” .

  32. The Southwest’s unchecked thirst for Colorado River water could prove devastating upstream

    A nice visit to Vernal , Utah and fishing on the Green River.
    Another part of the coming water war in the West.
    What this story does not tell is that the Green, and it’s biggest feeder the Yampa river are Wyoming, and Colorado waters.

    The Mormons are upset “their” water was released from Flaming Gorge Res. to feed Lake Powell this spring.
    Well water law in the West is based on this simple 19th century idea –

    Water rights like shit roll down hill.
    This is why having a water harvesting system on your house in Colorado is illegal.
    The rain coming off your roof belongs to the senior water rights holder in the drainage where you live.

    Those snow flakes , and rain drops belong to God in the air, when they land on your roof , they belong to the senior water rights holder in the drainage where you live.

  33. Will we all come together to  deal with this New World ?
    Hell No, we will fuss and fight , and piss and moan, about every bitter pill we have to swallow , and with a very short glass of water to wash them down.  


    “The Texas Tribune spoke to more than 25 attendees who described feeling besieged by a culture that is increasingly anti-family and anti-Christian.”

    “Above all, attendees said they were fed up. Fed up with elections they believe are rife with fraud. Fed up with their own politicians — including U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, whom they rebuked for taking part in bipartisan talks on gun legislation — for being open to compromise with Democrats. Fed up with the persecution of Christians with traditional values. Fed up with a credulous mainstream media that spouts liberal talking points and disdains anyone who disagrees as racists or bigots. Fed up with undocumented immigrants, even those fleeing war and poverty, for taking advantage of public benefits. Fed up with the education of their children, especially on matters of history and race. Fed up with experts, starting with Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who they said are “sexualizing” students before they’ve hit puberty.”

    In short, Texas Republicans are fed up that it’s no longer 1950.

    “…U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz stole the show, receiving standing ovations on Friday as he thundered against “radical leftists” driving a cultural assault.”

    “The battlefield used to be between Republicans and Democrats,” he told the convention on Saturday. “Then it was between conservatives and liberals. Now the battlefield has once again changed. We must improvise, adapt and overcome to defeat our enemy. This new battlefield, this new battlefield is between patriots and traitors.”

    Uh-oh. Patriots v traitors.

    “Fox News did not come up much; One America Network and NewsMax seemed far more influential.”

    There is just so much more crazy and awful and dangerous stuff in this article.

  35. Vernal , Utah  –
    US  40  out of Steamboat down the Yampa   and into dinosaur  country.
    I’m on my V twin  water cooled  drive shaft  Honda  500 with everything I own in the world. 
    At about 75 mph , one of the greatest days of my life. 

  36. But above all this trans gender fight was bridge  too far. 
    It fueled  the rage , and the fear , which was used as a club  to beat back  women’s  rights , and gay rights, sex ed., books ib schools.  
    I understand  their plight  and heart ache. 
    But the simple fact is the average GOP voter has never heard of the term  hermaphrodite.  A Greek word 
    And have no idea  what nature us up to. 
    There are  a lot of  gay  penguins . 


    “Rainbow-colored toys and clothing are seized in Saudi Arabia for indirectly ‘promoting homosexuality’”

    It looks like the GOP missed at least one, ridiculous way to be hateful.

    “…a young girl named Wisp is brought to a gray, desolate land with the mission to bring color to this fictional world by locating the Sphere of Light. Along the way, she befriends a furry creature (called a sprite) named Twink and a magnificent horse named Starlite and finds a mysterious baby who turns out to be the key to her mission. With the help of her new friends, Wisp locates the legendary Color Belt and rescues the seven Color Kids, who had been trapped by the King of Shadows. Using the Color Belt, Wisp and the Sphere of Light defeat the King of Shadows, liberate the sprites, and bring color and beauty to the land, henceforth called Rainbow Land. Wisp is renamed Rainbow Brite in honor of her new role as leader of the Color Kids, who are together in charge of all the colors in the universe.”

  38. American  mass-media has always been slanted and sensationalist, some “golden age” of unbiased media enlightenment is a fantasy that never existed.  There’s always good journalism, bad journalism, and most is mediocre journalism, as with most other things.
    Biden will run if he think he can win, and the Dems will nominate him again if they agree.  It’s only about winning

  39. …and if you have the perception that Biden is being treated “unfairly” by the media (which is nonsense, welcome to the shark tank), that’s a fault of the administration, it’s all about messaging, and we’ve seen the wires are crossed in the WH in that regard

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