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  1. craig, and that’s from prof tribe yet!

    BTW, i agree with your PTSD flashback to law school in re hearing yesterday. I was about to refute sturge praising the judge for being “meticulous” when “sententious” seemed more like it but then saw jamie’s reference to possible stutter problem. I took all criticism back (except for the law school flashback) later when  sturge wrote: 

     It appears Luttig is recovering from a stroke.   

    At least that’s the buzz on tweeter.

  2. kimmel on the hearing:

    “This story gets crazier with each time. It really should be called “They Did What-ergate?” because we learned today that Trump knew what he was trying to do was illegal and ― you’re not going to believe this ― he went ahead and did it anyway.” 

    We had another unbelievable day in Washington as the January 6th hearings are getting so crazy it’s hard to believe they aren’t scripted, we’ve been hearing a lot about the lawyer who was pushing Trump and Pence to short-circuit the certification of the votes, we are learning more about the heated phone call between Trump and Pence on the morning of the 6th, Donny was on Truth Social screaming about “equal time,” Georgia Representative Barry Loudermilk is under scrutiny for giving Trump Supporters a tour of the Capitol right before the insurrection, Garbagy Taylor Greene was outside during the hearings complaining that the criminals who broke into the Capitol are being treated like criminals, Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker is having a difficult week after being caught in a number of lies, Beyoncé is releasing a new album, and Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo is lending his voice to a new project with the folks at Disney+.

  3. and stephen’s recap of testimony at hearing described the plot as “trying to murder mike pence”:

    Mike Pence Was 40 Feet From The Jan. 6 Mob | T****’s Lawyers Knew Overturning Election Was A Crime – YouTube

    John Eastman and the rest of the lawyers advising the former president knew that his plan to overturn the election was a crime, and today’s Jan. 6th Committee hearing revealed that the insurrectionist mob got alarmingly close to getting their hands on VP Mike Pence that day.

    he also saw the judge’s strong resemblance to wm shatner as i did 1st take and kept waiting for “beam us up, scotty” to come out of his mouth.


    “How can this force of nature, who has defied accountability all his life by creating bigger and bigger infringements of accepted behavior and the rule of law, ever be made to pay a price for his actions?”

    Yeah. I thought karma was supposed to be a bitch. Mmm, maybe tRUMPsky is everyone else’s karma?

    Telling fledgling seditionists at the rally that he’d be disappointed if Pence didn’t highjack the election isn’t attempted murder. Maybe it’s yelling “fire” in a theatre, causing a stampede. But those domestic terrorists were angry about the outcome. They heard that Pence wasn’t going to do what he had no authority to do and all of that anger, fomented by tRUMPsky’s many lies, made them turn on Pence. However, they made the choice to do what they did. The guy on camera saying he’d drag Pence through the streets, for instance, will have to account for his words; that was a threat. “Disappointed” is not a threat.

    I hope the committee can roll up him, his family, and, all of those who backed him on that day (and maybe some in office who still support him), but tRUMPsky will probably escape. This may only make him stronger in the eyes of his followers.

  5. The committee has been setting a very large trap for a very large group of people who will all be going down in a very large way. It’s been a long time coming. 

  6. Luttig:  And now the tweeter is buzzing that there was no stroke so whatever it was is what it was.  He talks slowly and deliberately; I think he was speaking for the written word.

  7. The hearings are a cautions tale for any who will listen:   How not to lose your democracy.   I fear that some who listen will only learn how to do it more successfully the next time.   As many have warned, January 6th was a practice run; it was a rehearsal for 2024.

    Actually, it’s already happening at the state level.

    “New Mexico county official convicted of January 6 trespassing refuses to certify 2022 primary results based on debunked conspiracy.”

    “Griffin, a founder for Cowboys for Trump, was found guilty in a March bench trial of trespassing on US Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021, while then-Vice President Mike Pence was there. He is scheduled to be sentenced Friday in Washington.”

    “On Thursday, Griffin told CNN that he’s “not trying to overturn an election. We want transparency.”
    “The more they try to fight us and shut us down,” he said, “the more of a skeptic I will become.”

    I’m other words, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is lying?

    “I have huge concerns with these voting machines,” Marquardt said at the time. “I really do. I just don’t think in my heart that they can’t be manipulated.”

    Yeah, maybe don’t “think” with your heart.

  8. Luttig did a service to our country yesterday. We owe him our gratitude rather than our criticism of his speaking manner. 

  9. in ages past decades before the multi-task era, the deliberative way the judge spoke was common.  it has become difficult to concentrate in depth taking time necessary to let the meanings sink in because we are so use to the audio squirrels catching our attention every other second.

    my apologies to the judge.

  10. Sometimes listening is hard work.  

    So, the orange dip is kind of a real life Ming the Merciless.

  11. I’ve followed this lady since I first saw her on Smothers show.  A true gem and world’s greatest backup vocalist, but here out in front 

  12. I was just told that lawyer Eastman’s sister was Linda McCartney.   That’s twilight-zone-level weird if true.

  13. sturge, different john eastman.  the mccartney connection guy john L is an entertainment lawyer. john C. is far from entertaining IMO

  14. meanwhile, across the pond

    the guardian:

    The European Commission has said Ukraine should be given candidate status to join the EU, in a show of confidence in the wartime government of Volodymyr Zelenskiy and a diplomatic blow to Vladimir Putin.
    The EU executive also recommended candidate status for Moldova, another former Soviet state that launched an EU membership bid soon after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But it gave a more guarded response to Georgia, saying the country needed to carry out further anti-corruption and judicial reforms.
    EU leaders will decide next week whether to grant the three states EU candidate status, although full membership would be likely to take years. The decision would be a historic step for Ukraine, where reformers have been seeking democratic change since the Maidan protests of 2014, events that were the prelude to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and war on its neighbour.



    wonder how Vlad the neo-Impaler responds to that?

  15. by george

    Opinion | George Conway: Jan. 6 hearings point up role of the 25th Amendment – The Washington Post

    The hearings of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection have prompted a great deal of discussion about whether Donald Trump should be criminally charged for his attempted self-coup. You can count me as being on Team Prosecution, but there’s another important issue raised by the hearings: the effective operation of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to future presidencies.
    Fortunately, the committee has been focused on that critical point from the outset of its work. Its earliest requests for materials asked for “all documents and communications related to the mental stability of Donald Trump or his fitness for office” and those related “to the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”
    We already know from published reports that Trump’s Cabinet considered invoking this provision in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 attack. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed it. Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia called an aide to Pence to say that the Cabinet had to do something to keep the president in check. Just last week, Trump’s education secretary, Betsy DeVos, said she raised with Pence the possibility of triggering the 25th Amendment — but Pence said he’d have nothing of it. She then resigned.
    Rep. Liz Cheneyin her opening statement last Thursday that the public “will hear about members of the Trump Cabinet discussing the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment and replacing the president of the United States.” As well we should: In January 2021, the 25th Amendment, not impeachment, was the most effective way to deal with Trump and the danger he embodied.
    They all knew. Yet they stood by and said and did nothing. Even at the very end, when the country was most in peril. Indeed, to my mind, the biggest falsehood of the Trump era wasn’t any of the 30,000-plus lieshe told in office; it was the pretense maintained by GOP executive officials and lawmakers for four long years that he was in any way fit for the job.
    As Cheney said last week, long after Trump is gone, Republicans’ “dishonor will remain.” We should add the refusal to invoke the 25th Amendment to the list of reasons why.

  16. Democrats and their high ideals🙄
    These fascists are out for blood and Dems cry “honor”

  17. bId – I think one possible outcome is SFB getting his blood pressure so high he blows a gasket and becomes a statistic to eating fast food and getting angry.


    “From Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the path to eternal rest is a 1-mile drive down Fort Clark Road to Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery.”

    “On Thursday, Layla Salazar became the final victim of the Robb Elementary School massacre to make that trip. She was 11 years old.”

    “Since the May 24 school shooting, 20 families have taken turns burying their dead. An unremitting pattern of overlapping visitations and services has laid bare the currents of grief coursing through this small town. Nine of the dead children and two of their teachers passed through Sacred Heart on their way to the cemetery now dappled with fresh mounds of dirt.”

    “One last victim, Uziyah Garcia, remains to be buried in his hometown of San Angelo, where the 10-year-old spent his last spring break learning football pass patterns from his grandfather.”

  19. BiD, it’s the other way around that’s worrisome.  by announcing candidacy for president and campaigning become an obstacle for DOJ to initiate prosecution.  i’m hoping they act on that before he insulates himself.

    or just to distract his media, keep up the funding grift or as vanity fair said it earlier this month “to terrorize the nation.”  they also wrote:

    Two sources told NBC News that they had been told a possible announcement could come on July 4, though Miller claimed no date has been decided on. Last month, the The New York Times reported that Trump has “spoken to aides recently about declaring his candidacy this summer as a way to box out other candidates,” which definitely sounds like something he‘d do. Puck News’ Tara Palmeri reported last week that she’d been told that if most of the candidates the ex-president has endorsed win their general elections, he’ll announce in November; if they don’t, he’d push it back to January or February 2023.
    […] As others have noted, one big reason Trump might want to delay an announcement, even if he’s made up is mind, is because his campaign committee would be subject to more rules and banned from coordinating with his super PAC.

  20. I found Eastman’s comment about his “plan” causing  riots in the streets, very telling.
    “That violence has always been around. ” 
    These jaybirds never  dream a brick is going to hit them in the head.  They never see past the end of their toes.

  21. It’s working  ………

    Former President Donald TrTump is asking all major networks airing the hearings from the January 6 commission to give him hours of “equal time” for him to bolster his debunked claims about election fraud.
    “The Fake News Networks are perpetuating lies, falsehoods, and Russia, Russia, Russia type disinformation (same sick people, here we go again!) by allowing the low rated but nevertheless one sided and slanderous Unselect Committee hearings to go endlessly and aimlessly on (and on and on!),” Trump wrote in a post on his social media platform Truth Social on Thursday.

    Note “the equal time”  demand . The one that the SCOTUS  threw out , and unleashed Rush on AM Radio. 

  22. One thing about the wingnuts  it’s “Grift” , “Grift” ,  “Grift” .
    Roadshows, gun shows, meetings, conferences rallies.  All peddling dogma, flags t-shirts, buttons, ammo, and grievances.

    But above all it’s being part of a movement. Of belonging to something greater than yourself.

      We humans crave that feeling. It’s why we spill so much blood.

  23. The DOJ  can’t  arrest Trump.  That is a spark  we can not test .
    But it can arrest  that old cotton ball  Eastman , and throw his ass in jail. 
    It can squeeze every grape  around him. 
    And hopefully  that fat fuck will drop dead at the mic in a rally. 

  24. If God is going to save America , let’s hope he does it in the middle of a rant about low flow toilets, and wind mills. 

  25. Herschel Walker, Critic of Absentee Dads, Has Yet ANOTHER Secret Son—and a Daughter
    Herschel Walker, Critic of Absentee Dads, Has Yet ANOTHER Secret Son—and a Daughter

    Herschel Walker, Critic of Absentee Dads, Has Yet ANOTHER Secret Son—and a Daughter

    Family Values ?

  26. I think he needs to be arrested.
    Pogo…..2 dead at episcopal church shooting in Vestavia Hills…….

  27. If so-called militias get restive and want to start a fight it will be considered open rebellion and will most certainly get hammered.

  28. Mike Lindell says Walmart, MyPillow’s biggest distributor, is ‘canceling’ him and pulling his pillows from its stores: ‘Shame on you, Walmart!’

  29. Srurg –
    I do too , but that act  may be  a bright too far.  His people  are bat shit crazy with lots of ammo.  And their spoiling for a fight. 

  30. Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society to head Utah’s new $40M Great Salt Lake program
    The Mormons  have turned over this  problem  to the “Greenies”. 
    To say this is a big deal.  Well  just read that  headline one more time,  that 40 Million is just one man peeing in the lake. 
    But it shows  what the legislature  has done , they all flew over the lake, this spring.  Then they were told  what a dry lake bed  would blow up their nose. 
    Then they came to Jesus .

  31. Sturg,  I know that church.  It’s pretty close to my sister’s house – about 15 minutes – she’s west of 33, it’s east of 280.  Apparently the death count is at 3 now.

  32. Yep, very familiar area…….uncle 1 in Vestavia, uncle 2 Shades Mountain……

    Ha….familiar area, but I havent seen it in 50 years…….time flies

  33. From Channel 13 in B’ham.

    Police said an 84-year-old Irondale man, Walter Rainey, died at the scene. A 75-year-old Pelham woman, Sarah Yeager, died at UAB Hospital. An 84-year-old Hoover woman was injured in the shooting but died at the hospital on Friday.
    Vestavia Hills police said the suspect, a 71-year-old man, was an occasional attendee of the church. Police said he is being held in the city jail and is facing capital murder charges. Police said the man’s identity will be released once warrants are signed. Authorities believe he acted alone and there is no threat to the community.

    Not your typical mass shooting.

  34. The more of the domestic terrorists get sent up the river, the more those who got caught up in the group mania will stand down.    Yeah, it’s what they believe, but many wouldn’t have acted alone.   
    I’m still looking forward to finding out about the logistics and funding that got them to DC in January.  


    “You cannot simply remove major wheat production, major food oil production, major fertilizer production, major oil production, major natural gas production, major production of [semiconductor] chips used in automobiles and think you’re not going to get inflation,” he said.

    “When it gets presented in the American news, you get this idea that if our stimulus checks had been lower, and if our wages had gone lower, that we wouldn’t have this inflation. Nobody in the world accepts that as the viewpoint.”

    Nope. It’s not the fault of the American worker. Its not just the global supply chain and Putin’s war, either. It’s corporate greed. It’s landlord greed. It’s plain, old, ordinary greed, straight across the board.

  36. Sturg, turns out the hero who subdued the guy is an old friend of mine. We were kayaking buddies and taught canoeing together at UAB. Small world. 

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