Things are heating up

and that’s not just for Team Coup. It’s too damn hot everywhere.

According to ABC News:
A third of the U.S. population will experience heat advisories on Tuesday and Wednesday as a week of record-breaking temperatures continues, according to the National Weather Service.

A “heat dome” is expected to bring triple-digit temperatures to portions of the Midwest, adding to the early onset temperatures already baking the Southwest.

From California to Virginia, approximately 100 million Americans are under heat advisories, heat warnings or heat watches.


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    “The European Central Bank is holding an unscheduled meeting Wednesday to discuss a sharp bond market sell-off that has revived memories of the region’s debt crisis more than a decade ago.”

    “The ECB left interest rates unchanged at its regular meeting last week but confirmed plans to raise the cost of borrowing by 25 basis points next month — its first rate hike in 11 years — and said a bigger hike could follow in September “if the medium-term inflation outlook persists or deteriorates.” It also said it would stop buying European government bonds.”

    “The US Federal Reserve is also currently meeting to discuss interest rates, and is widely expected to raise US rates by three quarters of a percentage point, something it hasn’t done since 1994.”


    “Republicans flip U.S. House seat in South Texas, historically a Democratic stronghold.”

    “Flores and her allies spent over $1 million on TV ads in the special election, while national Democrats largely stayed away, arguing it was not worth it to save a seat that will be up again in November — and under new, more favorable boundaries.”

    “Flores campaigned hard on her story as the wife of a U.S. Border Patrol agent and as a Mexican immigrant whose parents brought her to the United States as a young child. She mostly ignored Sanchez but took a sharp tone against Washington, D.C., Democrats in general. In one of her TV ads, she said the Rio Grande Valley is “under attack” at the border and promised not to let the “compadrismo” — cronyism — “in Washington ruin our communities.”

  3. hope he puts more heat on big oil and more emphasis on the fewer profits part from now on


    Biden tells oil refiners: Produce more gas, fewer profits – ABC News (

    The draft letter notes that gas prices were averaging $4.25 a gallon when oil was last near the current price of $120 a barrel in March. That 75-cent difference in average gas prices in a matter of just a few months reflects both a shortage of refinery capacity and profits that “are currently at their highest levels ever recorded,” the letter states.
    “There is no question that (Russian President) Vladimir Putin is principally responsible for the intense financial pain the American people and their families are bearing,” Biden’s draft letter says. “But amid a war that has raised gasoline prices more than $1.70 per gallon, historically high refinery profit margins are worsening that pain.”
    Biden is asking each company to explain to Granholm any drop in refining capacity since 2020, when the pandemic began. He also wants the companies to provide “any concrete ideas that would address the immediate inventory, price, and refining capacity issues in the coming months — including transportation measures to get refined product to market.”

  4. good time for a boycott

    walk instead of drive whenever possible

    or don’t go at all if not necessary


  5. Walk.  The dr told me I need to walk. I said I work like a young guy 6-7 days a week.   He said “Walking’s different”.  Ok, so I haven’t walked yet, but I’m working on it.   But about the only walking I could do where I live and doing what I do is go to the mailbox.  
    I am a slave to the god of petroleum until I can afford an electric.

  6. Being a kid of the fifties, driving is just a natural thing, no matter what it costs.  

    ok, Boomer.   lol

    Now, not going anywhere at all is awfully appealing. Would suit the double dog shit outa me.

  7. I mean, take a look at a red and white ‘56 Chevrolet convertible with a 265, 4 bbl and dual exhaust, and tell me you wouldn’t wanna just jump into that sucker and drive it till the wheels fall off.

  8. Yeah…when you live rurally…  you have to have a car.  But I probably buy gas about once every 3 weeks.  Filled my tank up this morning.  Instead of bitching… I was thankful I had the money to buy.
    The heat isn’t getting here until Friday… gonna enjoy until then.

  9. President Biden will warn CEOs of the nation’s largest oil companies on Wednesday that he’s considering invoking emergency powers to boost U.S. refinery output, according to a letter obtained by Axios.

  10. Heat’s not getting her until today – 90 degrees now, forecast high of 95.  Could be a record.  Tomorrow, more of the same.
    SCOTUS told the GOP states to F-off in their attempt to appeal and intervene in a case  to defend the Dumbass’ “public charge” immigration policy which was abandoned by the Biden admin.  Prolly based it on standing or preemption or something like it.
    And while I like Scotch, am fine with vodka, it’s Bourbon Day.  May have to honor it later.

    Sturge, hell yes – take it out and drive the wheels off it.

  11. Bourbon is my drink of choice but i’m four months sober, so i guess i’ll have a delicious  glass of water for Bourbon Day 😭

  12. The American automobile market is obscene, the cars and trucks available are all so enormous and inefficient because Americans demand excess

  13. Well, yes, it’s hot today.  At 93 (feels like 108 – it ain’t a dry heat) we’re 12 degrees above average (81) for the day and still have 2-3 more degrees to go. Clouds around – and building.  Likely to see thunder bumpers this afternoon at this rate.  Maybe it’ll cool it off a bit. I can only hope.

  14. Drought-hit Colorado River water supplies near “moment of reckoning”

    “Immediate action” is needed to avoid a water supply crisis next year because of the Colorado River’s depleted reservoirs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s chief, Camille Calimlim Touton.
    Driving the news: The West’s climate-change driven megadrought has plunged the nation’s two largest reservoirs, Lake Mead and Lake Powell, to historic lows. “Between 2 million acre-feet and 4 million acre-feet of additional conservation is needed just to protect critical levels in 2023,” Touton said Tuesday.
    Here comes the pain. 

  15. Wind and solar power are ‘bailing out’ Texas amid record heat and energy demand

    Texans are cranking on the air conditioning this week amid an unusually early heat wave, setting new records for electricity demand in the state, which surpassed 75 gigawatts on Sunday and smashed the 2019 record. Texas grid operator ERCOT projects it could approach that peak again on Tuesday.
    But unlike previous extreme weather events in Texas which led to deadly blackouts, the grid is holding up remarkably well this week. Several experts told CNN that it’s owed in large part to strong performances from wind and solar, which generated 27 gigawatts of electricity during Sunday’s peak demand – close to 40% of the total needed


  16. Friday  is the 50th annv.  of the  Watergate break-in. 
    Let us all remember that a black man , doing his job calling the cops when he found tape  holding back the  bolts on the doors.
    His name is lost in the cyclone that followed.
    But if he wasn’t doing his job  that night. 
    This is why history is so great .  One little thing over turns the world. 

  17. Airplane  disasters  work the same way.
    It’s always a chain of events. 
    The guys that do this work call it “Coffin Engineering”. 

  18. Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) holds a 9-point lead over his Republican rival, celebrity physician Mehmet Oz, in the Pennsylvania Senate race, according to a new USA Today Network-Suffolk University poll
    The poll shows Fetterman with 46 percent support among likely voters in Pennsylvania, while Oz, whom former President Trump endorsed in April, comes in at 37 percent. Another 13 percent remain undecided in the race, with independents

    Fetterman leads Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race; governor’s race tight: poll

    Oh to see Oz shake hands at the debate. 

  19. In hottest city on Earth, mothers bear brunt of climate change
    JACOBABAD, Pakistan, June 14 (Reuters) – Heavily pregnant Sonari toils under the burning sun in fields dotted with bright yellow melons in Jacobabad, which last month became the hottest city on Earth.
    Her 17-year-old neighbour Waderi, who gave birth a few weeks ago, is back working in temperatures that can exceed 50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit), with her newborn lying on a blanket in the shade nearby so she can feed him when he cries.


  20. I used to quote  Lone Waiti here  a lot.
    Well , hell is now burning up Breakfast .
    No need to feed it at the table anymore.  

  21. So last night  American Masters  did Brian Wilson ,   That poor soul.
    I loved him then , and I love him more. 
    I was in a tire shop with my Uncle  Monk on Dallas , when I heard this over the cheap shop radio –

    This  was  America , even today. 

  22. Oz is a real doc it’s true but he also peddles  various patent medicines.   He is a creepy creepy guy.  He comes from a wealthy family and is an entitled asshole.  Think of this marooon in charge of a pandemic

  23. For want of a nail the shoe was lost.For want of a shoe the horse was lost.For want of a horse the rider was lost.For want of a rider the message was lost.For want of a message the battle was lost.For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

  24. So Loudermilk has given, what, 4 answers to the questions about tours of the Capitol on 1/5? Nothing suspicious there ~~~

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