54 thoughts on “It’s Ten O’clock. Do You Know Where Your Countrymen Are?”

  1. hearing no. 2 too early in morning for popcorn.

    more coffee and krispy kremes, please

  2. daily beast:

    On Sunday night, John Oliver kicked off the latest edition of Last Week Tonight by joking about how Fox News and the right-wing media have decided to pretend like the ongoing Jan. 6 congressional hearings aren’t happening.
    “The House committee investigating Jan. 6 held its first primetime hearing, prompting a crisis for conservative media. Fox News opted not to air it at all, and OAN went one step better: airing a tribute to Trump instead featuring this exquisite transition to commercials,” explained Oliver.
    He then threw to a clip of OAN anchor Pearson Sharp during the network’s “Trump: Legacy of a Patriot” special saying, “You have inspired countless millions and shown our nation what it truly means to Make America Great Again. From One America News, I’m Pearson Sharp.” OAN then segued to a commercial for RexMD.com touting “generic Viagra delivered within 48 hours in discreet packaging” to your mailbox.
    [article continues about john castigating a “racist” az candidate for senate] 

    but john’s main rant was at big tech:

    John Oliver discusses tech monopolies, and how to address the hidden harm they can do.

  3. or maybe a bagel, shmear and lox (but preferably nova if you have it on an everything bagel slightly toasted)

    Image result for lox and bagel with shmear of

  4. Saw a compilation of asshat Hannity riffing on Adam Schiff’s last name in his repeated references to bullshit, etc. re: the 1/6 investigation – substituting Schiff for shit, e.g. bullschiff, bunch of schiff, etc. What is he, a 6th grader?

  5. back to the blockbuster matinee today


    The second public hearing by the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection will focus on then-President Donald Trump’s baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen — dubbed the “big lie” — and how those false claims were connected to the pro-Trump mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol that day in a bid to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college win, lawmakers on the bipartisan panel said Sunday.
    In a background briefing with reporters on Sunday night, a select committee aide said the hearing on Monday, led by Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) with an assist from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), will also dissect the fundraising apparatus that was built around the “big lie” to drive up the post-election cash haul.
    “We will reveal information about how the former president’s political apparatus used these lies about fraud, about a stolen election, to drive fundraising, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars between Election Day 2020 and January 6,” a committee aide said.
    “And we’ll show that some of those individuals responsible for the violence on the 6th echoed back to those very same lies that the president peddled in the run-up to the insurrection,” the aide added.
    The Post has previously reported that investigators have sought to trace every dollar raised and spent on Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen, interviewing low-level Trump campaign officials who penned fundraising pitches and grilling advisers about who personally profited from raising large sums of cash in the wake of Trump’s defeat.
    Testifying on Monday before the committee will be former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien; Chris Stirewalt, a former political editor for Fox News; Benjamin Ginsberg, a Republican election lawyer; former U.S. attorney B.J. “BJay” Pak; and Al Schmidt, a former city commissioner of Philadelphia.
    The witnesses are likely to bolster the committee’s assertion that Trump had a “seven-part plan” to overturn the results of the 2020 election, as Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the committee’s vice chair, said Thursday.

  6. The committee has a big job.   Let everyone who will listen know how this happened and who was involved SO THAT it doesn’t happen, again.  

    It’s not just tRUMPsky who would try to overthrow our government.   I can see a list of GQPers who would gladly take their turn to be a serial dictator of a fascist state.

  7. I’ll say I could really go for an everything with CC, lox, tomato and scallions about now and a cup of strong coffee.
    Hired a guy to remove the tree debris from the last 2 weeks. It’s a guy – late 60s I’d say, working alone – and in 3 hours he’s cut up and chipped the two main branches of the tree that  fell to earth and has a line rigged on the third, ready to fell the main trunk and remaining branch.  I really didn’t appreciate how lazy I actually am.

  8. PENUELAS, Chile, June 13 (Reuters) – The Penuelas reservoir in central Chile was until twenty years ago the main source of water for the city of Valparaiso, holding enough water for 38,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. Water for only two pools now remains.
    A huge expanse of dried and cracked earth that was once the lake bed is littered with fish skeletons and desperate animals searching for water.
    Amid an historic 13-year drought, rainfall levels have slumped in this South American nation that hugs the continent’s Pacific coast. Higher air temperatures have meant snow in the Andes, once a key store of meltwater for spring and summer, is not compacting, melts faster, or turns straight to vapor.
    The drought has hit mine output in the world’s largest copper producer, stoked tensions over water use for lithium and farming, and led capital Santiago to make unprecedented plans for potential water rationing.
    “We have to beg God to send us water,” said Amanda Carrasco, a 54-year-old who lives near the Penuelas reservoir and recalls line fishing in the waters for local pejerrey fish. “I’ve never seen it like this. There’s been less water before, but not like now.”


  9. WTF is this?

    Former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, citing a family emergency, canceled planned in-person testimony Monday before the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, the panel said shortly before it was scheduled to begin the second in a series of June hearings. A lawyer for Stepien is scheduled to appear instead.

    Oh, Bennie, oh, oh Liz – SUBPOENA HIM.

  10. CC –
    Yep , these people are not screwing around. 
    I loved they dug up Ginsberg ,  wonder what crypt they found him in ? 

  11. The Quarter of a Billion raised  by Trump  after the election  gives a lot of layers a lot of ammo for fraud cases  going forward . 
    And Dominion ‘s lawyers are burning up the the wifi right now. 
    61 loses in court
    840 indicted with 1/3 pleading guilty
    And a  $250,000,000  grift  With more arrests to come. 
    All done to his own supporters.
    Nice piece of work. 

  12. All the people on Twitter who regularly inundate me with “proof” of a stolen election are suddenly silent and invisible.


  13. pogo, 

  14. The pile of cash  they grifted –
    Five Million to the  folks that  produced the  show.  Sue those bastards  for damages . 

  15. Caught a bit of the hearings while running around at lunch – Ginsberg doesn’t like TFG or Rudy.  Glad they found his crypt and a shovel. Stirewalt was a young puke political reporter (with a STRONG RW tilt) for WSAZ in  Charleston WV before he found out that I-79 led to DC and NYC, depending on whether you chose I-70 or I-81 in Hagerstown.

  16. Pogo –
    This was a trial lawyers feast  The “Big Lie”  begat “The Big Grift” . 
    Watch the whole thing .  You’ll love it , they swindled  their own believers  while knowing they were lying .  And that is Fraud .
    Watch this snowball roll down hill. 

  17. Did Georgie Russell go with Crockett to the Alamo, or did he find a way to bail?   I can’t remember.

  18. I drank my self to homelessness  once .  This was all the while we were  dismantling the American metal health care system.  Because it was so badly  run.  Then Reagan came , and killed all the funding.  
    This is when we  turned our prisons into mental hospitals as well. 
    In 85′ I attempted  suicide , the county  judge  sent me to the Big Springs  Sate Hospital.  I did 54 days.  I thought I was crazy .  Then  I saw what crazy  really is. 
    This Metal Health  talk about guns is a fucking fiction. 
    There’s No There There . 
    They closed  Big Springs  a long time ago. 
    America has No mental health care system  , full stop period. 

  19. Kimberley Gargoyle received $60,000 for introducing Jr. at the Jan 6 rally. Two and one-half minutes.

  20. I tried to watch some of the hearing and lasted all of 5 minutes.  Today it was in the mid 70s, low humidity and full sunshine.  We only get a few of these days in June.  I didn’t want to waste one sitting on my couch watching television.  I enjoyed sitting on our patio with a good book while listening to the birds and all the sounds of nature.
    Looks like it’s gonna be a repeat performance for tomorrow….   thank you Universe!

  21. Here’s the  beauty  of these hearings , they did the trail lawyers work. 
    Trust me , this is bombshell  today for those  guys. 

  22. And the  vote machine  trials   all of that  bam  your dead. 
    These materials  are part of the public record  . 
    This hearing didn’t seem too big to the layman . 
    But it was a very bad day for the My Pillow Guy. 

  23. They gambled it all trying to shoot the moon.   And they’re not thru yet……but they’re getting there.
    It’s getting to where the only thing left is Invade the liberals with weapons of war.
    Dan Rather told a joke.   What do you do with a truck full of Nazis?   U-Haul ’em to jail.

  24. Dan’s a man, no doubt about it – got that wry grin when he knows he’s laid down a funny.
    Red flag laws intuitively seem like a good idea.  In practice though they will be VERY hard to implement without making substantial changes to the privacy provisions of HIPAA, and WRT those 18-21 year olds who the laws are supposedly going to protect us from, how many of them have a mental health history that any kind of background search will find?  And making racist (etc.) threats – that lead to criminal action that a background search would find…ain’ gon’ be many of those.  As to closing the boyfriend loophole, it’s hard to say how that’s going to work. WV law includes dating relationships in the DV law, but excludes “casual acquaintance or ordinary fraternization between persons in a business or social context as establishing a dating relationship.  And people get their guns back after the expiration of the DV order. I’m not discounting the significance of the Senate bipartisan compromise – I don’t know enough about it to criticize it – but I think we’re in that take whatever we can get territory at this point rather than doing what it will take to make a significant impact on irresponsible gun ownership.

  25. “milk in a dust storm” -OM   That’s a perfect description of the sky over on this side of the state, too.

  26. It’s not just the US dealing with inflation, etc.    Solutions?  One of them is for Pootin to succumb to whatever disease is ailing him.  Another is to put a stop to the price gouging from companies who handle shipping containers.   Corporate greed is rampant.  Landlords are taking their cut of mildly increased wages which are now needed for food and gasoline.   Insurance companies are raising rates due to costs said to associated to covid (my health insurance goes up 18% starting next month), although that doesn’t explain previous years which have also seen two-digit increases.    Greed.   That’s an I’ll of the human condition and I’m not sure what the solution is if we can’t manage to legislate it away.   Solution?   Do whatever Elizabeth Warren suggests.  

  27. Is ABC pinch-hitting for Faux News?  I find the timing of the interview with Hunter’s ex to be highly suspicious.    The GQP doesn’t want their flock of naught-see sheep paying attention to the hearings.  This certainly fits the bill.

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