TNL – Thursday Night Live

Stock up on the popcorn, folks. Only one more day to clear your calendar and prepare for Part I of “That Other Day that Will Live in Infamy.”


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  1. also going live

    Stephen gives an update on the five Proud Boys members who face 20 years in prison if convicted of sedition for their role in the Jan 6 insurrection, and announces that The Late Show will broadcast LIVE following the primetime Jan 6 Committee hearing this Thursday, June 9th.

  2. a teaser from the hill:

    “We want to figure out exactly what happened. And Vice President Pence was obviously the object of this political onslaught on Jan. 6, so we need to fill in the details as much as possible about what happened there.” 
    Asked if Pence’s life was in danger on Jan. 6, Raskin urged the public to tune in on Thursday night. 
    “Watch the hearings,” Raskin said. “The hearings will tell a story about what took place on that day.”

  3. Maybe the 1/6 committee should consult Bill Barr. He has a history of telling stories rather than prosecuting crimes.

  4. Old Man, speaking of Dana Wynter, she was the female lead in the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 

  5. From WaPo 

    Ken Graham, who guided the National Hurricane Center through two record-breaking Atlantic hurricane seasons and the political storm known as Sharpiegate, will become the next director of the National Weather Service.

    Graham, whose selection was announced Tuesday, takes the helm of the agency charged with forecasting the nation’s weather and how it can threaten Americans’ lives and property at a critical point. Climate change is intensifying heat waves, fires, droughts and storms, escalating the costs stemming from these extreme weather disasters. Last year, 20 separate billion-dollar weather disasters struck the Lower 48, the second most on record.

    Rick Spinrad, who oversees the Weather Service as head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, introduced Graham as director at a news briefing in Washington.


    Graham thanked Spinrad and in response to questions from a Fox News reporter Peter Doocy declared that his first act would be to ban Sharpies from the National Weather Service. 

    Ok, I made that last paragraph up.

  6. “They Were Expendable”
    That would be a nice one to see again. And maybe “Run Silent, Run Deep”.

  7. Sturg, two great ones from the b&w film days (at least I remember them as B&W since that was the “color” of the tv I saw them on). I watched Silent Service faithfully and liked the original Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (the TV series in the mid 60s).

  8. Hi… I’m on Cape Cod… but in a different town than usual.  Rick and I wanted a different experience and to explore new areas.  We will not be going to Martha’s Vineyard this time.  We only have 4 full days… and the last 2 … today and tomorrow will be rainy.  I won’t be available to make you all popcorn tomorrow… but we will probably watch some of the first night of hearings.
    and oh yeah… there’s a basketball game tonight…. Go Celtics!


    “Upon inspection, the first thing I noticed was how much bigger the exit wound was, compared to the entrance. And after opening the watermelon, the purpose of the demonstration became clear: Instead of a predictable linear track, the watermelon looked like it had been cored out and what was left was shredded. He explained this was a phenomenon known as cavitation, which is just what it sounds like — the bullet doesn’t simply travel through the body, it creates a big cavity inside it.”

    My aunt asked why they needed to do DNA tests to ID the children that were murdered at school. She thought bullets made clean, little holes.

    No. Not when it’s a rifle. Not when there are multiple rounds.

  10. Smarmy liberal comedians aren’t going to win over any conservatives
    That’s coming from a smarmy liberal comedian. Lifetime record of converting conservatives to the cause?  -2

  11. There’s enough momentum and conservative concession to get an age-restriction increased to 21, needs to be put to a vote ASAP

  12. it’s probably that foot injury he got courtesy of major, the dog gone dog.  ever since they repaired it (metal pins?) joe’s not walked the same.

  13. Pride month again, the days when corporations pretend they care and donate a few dollars to pro-LGBTQ candidates along with the large donations to anti-LGBTQ candidates.  When the rainbow flag is shown all over the world, except for special places where hate grows well. 
    Cynicism aside, I still meet people who learn and understand a little of our lives and want to join as an ally.  I have even met people who changed one hundred eighty degrees and became supporters.
    So happy Pride Month.

  14. Yes Pat he still limps slightly from the foot fracture. Also his last medical report found some spinal degeneration consistent with his age that stiffens his gait. So he has no business trying to sprint up stairs. I have noticed he’s more careful when Jill is there. Guessing and hoping she nags him about it. 

  15. You know what happened to Rome?   The simple cut-to is the laws got more and more convoluted, intricate,  and complicated; vague and open to interpretation; and then the courts failed.  Once the courts failed, the generals chimed in, “We’ll take it from here, Guys…..”

  16. Craig

    I like CNN but the programming is awful.  It is basically 30 minutes of stories repeated incessantly 24/7 with an occasional “breaking” that simply gets juggled in with the original 30 minutes.  Even the anchors say exactly the same thing word for word.  The old CNN under Ted Turner brought you news stories from all around the world.  That’s expensive.


  17. I don’t know about others, but Fox viewers for the most part seem to only have Fox & right wing Twitter.  CNN & MSNBC viewers also have BBC, NPR plus WaPo, Reuters, NYT, The Economist and many others as news sources.


  18. After 21 are murdered in Texas:
    “Laws are pointless”
    Oh, but let someone threaten a Court Justice and see how pointless laws are.  “Oh hot damn, need to pass this law like Yesterday !”

  19. Craig – Those are TV numbers, right?  How many of us check the web for news?   Probably more checking the internet for CNN than Faux News. It probably evens out a bit. I wonder how Dan Abrams is doing with his attempt at an unbiased newscast?

  20. Bad storms here. Heavy, driving rain. Power’s out. BUT Celtics up by 13 with 8 in the 3rd. 

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