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  1. jamie’s post on regulation of choices yesterday afternoon in case you missed it



  2. hmmm where have i heard that word “regulated” before?  oh yeah, the 2nd amendment. how come all those strict constitutionalists keep overlooking it?  

    according to merriam-webster:

    regulated; regulating
    transitive verb
    1. to govern or direct according to rule
    (1)a: to govern or direct according to rule
    b: to bring under the control of law or constituted authority
    (2) to make regulations for or concerning

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  4. I’m not sure when it became liberal to read into the constitution the words that are actually in it and conservative to read out of the constitution those same words that actually appear in it.

  5. pogo, another lawyer friend of mine suggested recently that another way to semi-regulate would be to establish for the purchase of ammo (particularly the AK tyoe) something like the opiate drug schedule registry and making it immediately possible to look into those who are trying and why to buy large amounts for assault/war weaponry.  what do you think about that idea?  

  6. Lee Greenwood turns out to be a decent human. That is very nice to hear.  

  7. Sure I don’t see anything wrong with basically registering ammo sales. Make them show a goddamn birth certificate.

  8. I am sure of it  There is going to be a great wave of common sense, it will sweep the nation between now and November. It’s already shaking our windows and rattling our walls. They went a bridge too far with the dipshit and his unctuous little toadies and have now woke a sleeping giant.  They think they’re gonna have a civil war.  lol  Careful what you wish for.

  9. If all of the newly-minted voters (you know, those who have had to go through lockdown/shooter drills since elementary school) show up to vote, along with women and people of color, I don’t think even the voter suppression laws of Republicans can stop the blue tsunami that’s coming. 

    The Republican Party is for racists, misogynists, qrazies, those who love authoritarianism and hate democracy, religious zealots who call themselves Christians while acting otherwise, and, corporations who don’t want to pay taxes. Not a very big tent but, oh, the stench coming from it…

  10. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/05/28/uvalde-shooting-school-doors/

    “U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans argue that gunmen can be stopped by locking all but one door and posting guards at schools. School officials and safety experts say that’s not realistic.”

    “Texas’ lieutenant governor has echoed the idea of locking all but one door of a school. And Cruz and former President Donald Trump repeated the call for single-entry schools at the National Rifle Association convention in Houston on Friday.”

    “The focus on the “physical engineering” of schools also will not address the more common gun violence that affects children outside of schools…”

    “Many schools have thousands of children, teachers and staff who could take hours to funnel in and out of a single entrance every day. Even more use portable buildings or have multiple buildings, with children and staff often moving among them. Not to mention that renovations to older schools, which officials say typically have more exterior entrances, put a heavy burden on local taxpayers.”

    Why should children have to go to school in a prison environment? What has changed? We didn’t worry about these things when I was in school, but my niece has always had shooter/lockdown drills.

  11. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/05/28/uvalde-shooting-gunmen-teen-girls/

    “Young people who met the alleged gunman online said he had threatened to kidnap, rape or kill. But they said their reports were ignored and that his kind of angry misogyny was just “how online is.”

    “One teen who reported Ramos on the social app Yubo said nothing happened as a result.”

    “He and his friends reported Ramos’s account to Yubo for bullying and other infractions dozens of times. He never heard back, he said, and the account remained active.”

    “Some also suspected this was just how teen boys talked on the Internet these days — a blend of rage and misogyny so predictable they could barely tell each one apart.”

    “The Center for Countering Digital Hate, an advocacy group, said last month it had analyzed more than 8,000 direct messages sent to five high-profile women and found that Instagram had failed to act on 90 percent of the abusive messages, despite the posts having been reported.”

    “Researchers have documented that a history of violence or threats toward women is a common trait among gunmen in mass shootings, as evident in the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting and the 2019 shooting in Dayton, Ohio.”

    “Whitney Phillips, a researcher joining the faculty of the University of Oregon this fall, said social networks could do more to push back on violent harassment toward women, but that the threats on their site are a reflection of a larger “boys will be boys” cultural attitude that normalizes men’s bad behavior online and offline.”

  12. I like the idea of linking woman’s rights and control of  their bodies to  the gun rights arguments.
    In Texas you can sue a doctor, but you can’t sue a gun maker. 

  13. Marry up  the whole “Pro-Life” ,  Pro Assault Rifle thing. 
    As a moral argument it falls apart pretty fast.

  14. The astronomical price of diesel is making everything more expensive

    You know the commercial that says America runs on a certain brand’s coffee and donuts?
    In truth, America runs on diesel. Just ask a trucker, a farmer or a factory owner.
    And right now, they are all hurting. That’s because the machines that power their businesses need diesel, which is commanding nosebleed level prices right now. At around $5.50 a gallon, diesel prices are up a whopping 75% more than last year and blew past all-time record recently.
    “I can pretty much count on setting on fire $5-$700 a day…minimum,” says Eric Jammer, whose truck has 22 wheels,



  15. I bought  toilet paper this morning , I nearly fainted  over the sticker prices.  Lubbock is a long way from where we make toilet paper. 
    And there’s no more Sears catalog  in the outhouse. 

  16. California Public Utilities Commission propose tax for solar users
    And add to this EV’s. 
    We have to maintain the roads , and we have to support the grid.  Both were funded in the old paradim,  the poor will still be on the grid. and the roads will have potholes. 
    How we cross this transition  is going to be a hell of fight. 

  17. David Brooks last night on the News Hour said this –
    “Proud to be Bitter”. 
    The man is truly broken  about where we are .  And he knows it’s his team that lost it’s mind. 

  18. “Where are their solutions ?” 
    One door per school ?  Let’s run that idea by every Fire Marshall  in America. 
    That’s the ticket  this fall.  Whining and bitching never solved anything. 
    The right hasn’t  had a plan for America since McCain  ran. 
    Paint them as not up to a world that has changed , tie them to the past. 

  19. So Don McClean  dropped out of the NRA gun fest. 
    I still hate that little One Hit Wonder . 
    This little song still bigfoots  every Buddy Holly event.  His birth his death, they still play  that  fucking pie song. 
    Buddy changed the course of world music,  Don wrote one Top 40 Hit. 

  20. This idea just popped into  my head –
    The future  does not come with a set  brakes.
    Bummer sticker  thinking. 

  21. They wing nuts  believe  that that the AR-15 will save them from  a “commie take over of America” .
    Go after  body armor.  scopes , etc.  That ain’t in the  2nd. 
    There is right to body armor.  

  22. Bob, you’re talking sense. Only people who want to hear someone talking sense are likely to be listening. BTW, great no brakes bumper sticker. I think it would sell. 

  23. One last thing –
    The AR-15  shoots a 22.3 round , a 22 .
    But , it has so much charge in the round.  It will go threw  concrete block walls metal lockers thru  cops vests , and kill the cop behind him wearing the same vest.  
    America  has no clue  about this . 

  24. Pogo as  victim  of head of  trama  , and more  acid  that anyone.
    Your right , I still make sense. 
    Life is still a funny ole’ dog. 

  25. The “one door” theory is for intake only.  Fire doors only open out.   That does not solve the problem of kids needing to go to school in a prison-like environment, nor does it address other soft targets like grocery stores, parks, churches, etc.

    I hear that Orange Adolf said the names of the victims in Uvalde, but mispronounced their names, and danced his way off the stage because, clearly, ~he was still all torn up about the massacre.~


    “But Trump also nodded to the political reality that gun rights advocates represent a core constituency for Republicans, and for the former President in particular. “You are the backbone of our movement,” he said Friday.”

    Backbone? Spineless, soulless asshats.

    Movement? Fascism! Un-Democratic, misogynistic, and, since many of them hide behind religion, un-Christian monsters.

  26. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/27/sport/gabe-kapler-uvalde-national-anthem/index.html

    “San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler told reporters ahead of his team’s Friday game against the Cincinnati Reds that he intends to forgo the pregame US national anthem moving forward.”

    “The 2021 National League Manager of the Year’s comments were accompanied by a written statement on his website sharing his thoughts after 19 children and two adults were killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, by a lone, 18-year-old gunman.”

    “In a blog post, Kapler questioned whether the country’s leadership is committed to representing its people’s best interests and whether the United States is truly “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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