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  1. hot, humid and hellish this past week (AC overworked, iced up and finally gave up the ghost).

    and it’s not even july yet. what will the dog days of august be like?

    but thanks, jack, very appropriate. 

  2. warning: not for delicate ears

    After experiencing their third alien abduction, three people (Natasha Lyonne, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong) are questioned again by two agents (Aidy Bryant, Mikey Day) at the Pentagon.

    FYI about the above

    ‘SNL’ Finale Cold Open: Watch Kate McKinnon’s Final Encounter

    After 10 seasons on Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon bid farewell to her castmates — and Earth in general — during an emotional and hilarious Cold Open for the Season 47 finale.
    McKinnon reprised her role as Ms. Rafferty, the cigarette-puffing, amply-jeaned woman who has had numerous encounters with the Third Kind.


  3. Latest “uh, duh” moment (roughly three months ago) is I am tired of trying to find and watch television shows of the past on the various media companies paths so I am buying box sets of shows.  I had been trying to watch The Office, when I saw a box set for sale. ‘Hmm’ goes my brain, ‘this might work out’.  I had been buying movies for several years so the concept was not foreign to me.  Trying to find The Big Bang Theory drove me to buy the set for that series too.  Happiness is mine now that I can easily watch the episodes I missed, which is most of them. This has been fun.  Streaming is fun again.

  4. Thank you Jack

    Porgy and Bess is a beautiful work and the timing is great for the season.

    Here is the NW we are still celebrating February.  There are hints of rain stoppage and sun coming at some point in the future, but no one will believe it until it arrives.  

  5. The combination of climate change, pandemic and war in the Ukraine is exposing the problems of population and resources.  Recent short story on CNN about location in Greece famous for its local cheese.  Unfortunately, cost of grain and energy is forcing slaughter of cows so that supply can no longer meet demand.

    This is only a symptom of the future.  

  6. It’s 61 degrees; it won’t reach 70 today.  Giving the AC a rest.   

  7. It is May, and spring has returned.
    Last week we had hot humid air sent up from the gulf, which lead to a number of popup storms and tornado warnings. Typical May weather. Today I’m enjoying air from Canada, dry and cool.
    All the storms with their thunder and lightning, last week had Brewster dog on edge. But it is quiet today, so he is curled up on his chair catching up on his sleep. 
    Pat, I want to thankyou for covering for me last week. It was a combination of factors that caused the lapse. First is I’m back in cable hell, with the periodic outages and robo tech support. As I was putting together last weeks post my cable went out, then I hosted the monthly family get together after which I crawled into bed forgetting my obligation.

  8. jack, the only bad part was worrying about what might have happened to you given the weather, the pandemic, the domestic terrorists lurking behind every shopping cart etc.    glad to see you back.

  9. Yeah, our brush with weather too hot for mid May is done and we’re back to the upper 70s, lower 80s for the next week or so. Nice respite…but summer’s coming Yee haw.  

  10. van hollen okay after stroke and so is fetterman

    Fetterman discharged from hospital following stroke days before election | The Hill


    “I am feeling great, but per my doctor’s orders, and Gisele’s orders, I am going to continue to rest and recover,” Fetterman said. “Later this week I will have a follow-up visit with my doctors at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital.”
    Following his Tuesday victory, Fetterman now aims to flip a Senate seat in November.
    “I am going to take the time I need now to rest and get to 100% so I can go full speed soon and flip this seat blue,” he said.

  11. BB – I have been gifted DVD sets of TV series; I hope DVD players are still a thing (or that my tiny, travel player from 15  years ago is still in working order) when I have time to watch them all.  The only series  I’ve bought is “Welcome To Sweden,” which aired on NBC; I’ve yet to open it or any of the others given to me, but I loved the show. DVDs are too much work; sitting and watching it takes effort. Clicking on music or TV for background noise is easier.

  12. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/22/opinions/pete-davidson-snl-farewell-gop-obeidallah/index.html

    “Political self-interest also explains why we don’t hear GOP leaders denounce Carlson for his repeated peddling of the “great replacement theory” allegedly cited by the gunman accused of killing 10 people recently in Buffalo, New York. (Carlson now says he doesn’t know what the conspiracy theory is.) These Republicans don’t see a political upside to denouncing Carlson’s views. However, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, denounced the House GOP leadership last week for enabling white nationalism, white supremacy and antisemitism.”


    “In Morrison’s formulation, fear-driven devotion to racial status is more powerful to many White Americans than even self-interest, shame or any belief in humanity. And it is this reality, that White Americans’ anxieties in the face of a changing country have been and continue to be weaponized with disastrous and violent results, that has been instrumental in fueling the spread of so-called “replacement theory,” the false and bigoted claim that elites are conspiring to replace Whites with minorities.”

    “Racism, anti-Semitism and a resentment of immigrants are nothing new,” emphasized Frida Ghitis. “What is new is that in America, a land of diversity and immigrants, what used to be a fringe theory has found sympathetic voices in one of the two main political parties.”

  13. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2022/03/do-i-need-second-covid-booster-shot/629440/

    “Here’s how that works: When you get a booster shot or become sick with COVID after being vaccinated, some of your B cells will enter a structure in the lymphoid tissue called a germinal center, a sort of training camp that produces other, more diverse B cells that can respond to all sorts of invaders. If you leave those training camps alone for long enough, they’ll also produce long-lived plasma cells, which hang out in your bone marrow and manufacture antibodies all the time. But an extra booster shot could interrupt that process, Pepper told me, leaving you without the full, long-term benefit of those plasma cells.”

    Trying to decide between a second booster next month, or, waiting for a modified booster in the fall. They are now saying seven months between boosters, not four, is optimal.

  14. Mom  was an anglophile  in British drama , I’m one in British history. 
    So they gave Lucy Worsley a new series last week . She is the chief curator  of all the royal houses.  She has a PHD in history , but does not use  the title.
    The series is called ” Lucy Worsley Investigates “, and it is wonderful. 
    Tonight she did the “Madness of King George” .
    As a story teller , she is at the top , as charming little woman with a warm sense of humor , she is a delight.
    As serious historian she is cracker jack. 
    Watch it  if you can on PBS.

  15. OM – Yes, it’s a great show.  It’s right up there with Finding Your Roots. 

  16. Something  Lucy  pointed out tonight  …….
    In 1783  George III  gave a relaxed  set of rules  for Catholics in England . This sparked off a series of riots , churches were burned  to the ground. 
    The Separation of Church and  State  was born  around this time.  
    Today it is painted  as a howling pack of  “Godless None Believers” driving good Christians  to the New  World. 
    Nothing is farther  from the truth.  It was “Believers”  killing other believers .
    This entire myth about the founding of this country  needs to be blown up. 
    My fore fathers  did not survive being shipwrecked  at Glenn Haven Bay , because atheists  were running Italy, they did it it because the Dukes of Milan  were killing Protestants North of Lake Como. 

  17. There is  a real can of worms being opened now. 
    There were over 400 schools run by our government that took 8 year old native kids by force, and tried to turn them into white people.
    Now , we are finding grave yards  at some of the bigger schools. 
    CRT , shall  we teach this ?
    Or will it make white kids feel bad ? 

  18. Jack, you said something like despite the faults of Baptists…. Well they have them. WAPO

    Leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention on Sunday released a major third-party investigation that found that sex abuse survivors were often ignored, minimized and “even vilified” by top clergy in the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

    The findings of nearly 300 pages include shocking new details about specific abuse cases and shine a light on how denominational leaders for decades actively resisted calls for abuse prevention and reform. Evidence in the report suggests leaders also lied to Southern Baptists over whether they could maintain a database of offenders to prevent more abuse when top leaders were secretly keeping a private list for years.

    The report — the first investigation of its kind in a massive Protestant denomination like the SBC — is expected to send shock waves throughout a conservative Christian community that has had intense internal battles over how to handle sex abuse. The 13 million-member denomination, along with other religious institutions in the United States, has struggled with declining membership for the past 15 years. Its leaders have long resisted comparisons between its sexual abuse crisis and that of the Catholic Church, saying the total number of abuse cases among Southern Baptists was small.…..

    Right, relatively small. 🙄 So the Catholics don’t have the sexual abuse by clergy market cornered.

  19. This  history  burr is under my saddle. 
    This is what they do , wash out the past , and spin out the lies. Hitler did this  in the 30’s. 
    No school in America  from K-12  is teaching  this.  In fact very little history is being taught  any where. 
    And what has the left done to combat this ? 
    Zip , crickets , NADDA.
    No counter , no nation wide message ,
    And here’s the real story .
    There is nothing beyond  saying “Woke” , or “CRT”.
    These are just  more herbs  being tossed into kettle of fear.
    The idea is to keep  the soup  boiling. 
    Why the left has never seen this  baffles me. 

  20. I think  white kids  should be told . That when you were sold off the block , you were naked . 
    Man, woman, and child .   They inspected  your teeth, like a horse. 
    That folks is  CRT . 

  21. This where much  of our pain began. 
    The white slave holders were stunned  by what they saw. 
    They were not the men  they taught they were .
    This is why  they murdered  Emmitt Till .
    Sex , the fear of it ,  the desire of it,  the control of it. 
    Apple Pie. 

  22. The entire  threat to America  has been  that Scarlett  would be nailed by a field  hand in her barn , and have three kids and live happily ever after. 

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