Autocrats Unite

Hungary leader Orban at CPAC very carefully monitors the distribution of Fenbendazole Liquid for Dogs. And recommends a great dog clinic. You can get acquainted with it on this website

Tucker Carlson at CPAC Budapest convention praised Hungary’s “ethno-nationalist regime as a better way for Americans”. Hungary leader Orban at CPAC: “Shows like Tucker Carlson’s should be broadcast 24/7”. More Orbán: “The path to power is to have your own media”.


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  1. not like everyone hadn’t seen him do this before

    here’s a cartoon from 2019

    See the source image

  2. Bill reacts to the top stories of the week, including Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s defeat and America’s obsession with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

  3. Tucker is just an idiot leading morons by spouting contrarian nonsense that the morons don’t understand is just blah blah that he just about to get them to buy pillows and supplements. 

  4. the other night stephen colbert had this to say about tucker:

    “So where does anyone get an idea that monstrous? It used to be only from the farthest right-wing fringe organizations – your Stormfronts, your neo-Nazis.
    “But these days, you can see it every night on TV, thanks to Fox News host and deer caught masturbating in the headlights Tucker Carlson.”

  5. cartoonist david horsey concluded his oped The pack has the ‘lone wolf’s’ back | The Seattle Times yesterday with:

    Few people will make the very rapid descent into racist evil and murder that the Buffalo assailant did, but millions of American are still being lured far into this jungle of mendacity. Richly-paid pundits like Tucker Carlson and GOP candidates for Congress have been repeating a slightly cleaned-up version of the “great replacement” theory that was the Buffalo shooter’s central justification for his crime. That crackpot theory asserts that white Americans are being purposely usurped and overrun by dark-skinned people and a flood of illegal immigrants whom Democrats, Jews and cosmopolitan elites are utilizing to gain electoral power.
    Not only do lone wolves believe that is true, but so do as many as a third of our fellow citizens, according to polls. Add that to the many other untruths and distortions that right-wing media and politicians have seeded in the minds of too many misled Americans — like the powerful and pernicious Big Lie about the 2020 election being stolen from Donald Trump — and you have another crime in progress: the sundering of our democracy.
    And that cannot be blamed on a lone wolf.


  6. So the Archbishop of San Francisco tells Nancy she can’t take communion in his diocese. Pricking fick. I wonder how many young boys he’s raped. 

  7. George P. Bush ad: Ken Paxton may get life in prison if convicted of the charges against him.

    Ken Paxton ad: George P. Bush is a liberal who supports “rogue schools” who want to teach “woke” critical race theory. 

    I’ll have none of the above, please.


    “For 2019 – the latest year for which data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is available – a total of 629,898 abortions were reported for 47 states and the District of Columbia…”

    Who will pay for housing, food, medical care, and, education for the additional 600,000? Do the mostly-white, right wingnuts realize most of the 600,000 will not be white? I thought they were afraid of being replaced.

  9. BiD, some are counting on the high maternal death rate for the non-white probably. anyhow when has that gang ever “realized” anything where facts are concerned?

  10. Pogo
    for all their faults, the one advantage of being a Baptist is when some idiot in charge tells you, you are not Christian enough, you can walk away and start your own church.

  11. Renee
    As I remember, he didn’t do so willingly. Somebody had to pull away the curtain. 

  12. free speech for them but not for you, they’ll send bounty hunters after you if you cross them

  13. Have you been banned by russia?  John McCain has been.  FSB/GRU/KGB is really on the job, just like analyzing the Ukraine resistance to being invaded, a bit off.  I am not putting the link up as it is russian and might not be the easiest thing to read, it is in Russian.  A few senators and represenatatives, including the idiot Greene, one of KGB agent putties best friends.  Oh well, time to stare outside at the tall grasses and weeds.  Too hot to mow now.


    “The Baylor University Board of Regents voted Friday to rename a campus quadrangle and relocate a statue of a slave-owning former university president…”

    “Burleson not only owned slaves and served in the Confederate army as a chaplain, but he promoted an idea known as the “Lost Cause” theory that said slavery was justified and moral and honored antebellum whiteness.”

    “Our goal at the outset of this process was not to erase Baylor’s history, but rather to tell the University’s complete story by taking an additive approach as we shine light on the past,” board President Mark Rountree said in a statement. “Some of the facts uncovered about the University’s history have indeed been painful, but it is important that we move forward together as the Baylor Family through an intentional process of reckoning, repentance, reconciliation and redemption.”

    “The university will hire a design firm this summer to create a monument for unknown enslaved people who built the original campus and redesign the area around the statue of Robert Emmett Bledsoe Baylor known more commonly as the R.E.B. Baylor statue on Founders Mall.”

    “Students have also asked the university to remove the statue of R.E.B. Baylor since he was also a slave owner, but the commission report did not recommend that change.”


    “Two Texas Republicans were among a small number of House members on Wednesday to vote against a bill that would help women and children on federal assistance have access to more formula brand options.”

    “Two Texas Republicans were among a small number of House members on Wednesday to vote against a bill that would help women and children on federal assistance have access to more formula brand options.”

    Let’s be clear, their no votes actually had nothing to do with a push for increasing manufacturing/competition of baby formulas. This is about their disdain for poor, mostly non-white women and their children.

  16. I think antebellum whiteness got a lot to answer for.   

    Might be time for antebellum whiteness to shut its effin pie-hole.

  17. Is that in reference to Rudy Giuliani’s teeth?        Makes one wonder who financed those???

  18. I hate to point the old finger at the Italians yet again, but—Giuliani??

  19. why is it joe can receive communion (per pope) but not nancy (per a mere bishop}?

    back last fall Francis had this to say according to NYT:

    Pope Francis weighed in on Wednesday on a debate roiling the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, where conservative bishops are pushing for guidelines that would deny communion to politicians, like President Biden, who support abortion rights.
    “I have never refused the eucharist to anyone,” Francis said, though he added that he did not know of any instance when such a politician had come to him for communion.
    Bishops, the pope said, should be pastors, not politicians.
    Francis told reporters traveling with him that “communion is not a prize for the perfect,” echoing statements he has made in the past, if not specifically in the context of politics or the United States. At a Mass in June, arguing that the church must be as open as possible, he said, “The eucharist is not the reward of saints but the bread of sinners.”

  20. “Hey guys!  Remember when the Catholic Church was in charge and they had an inquisition?”

  21. Let’s face it, every President has relatives.  Hunter may have used his daddy’s name to get better jobs, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Joe personally weighed in on his behalf.  Jimmy Carter had Billy and Billy Beer.  The Clintons had her brother.  Some of the grifters have been the biggest of them all with the Trump offspring.  He certainly has used all of them to pad his own pockets.



  22. The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: the Rudy Giuliani’s Teeth Story, foreword by Viktor Yanukovytch”
    Buy it on Amazon

  23. Well..I do hope everyone has a supply of cash on hand.  Here in the Mid-Atlantic region the grocery chain Giant is on a cash only basis.  One store has a problem, the entire chain is a big problem for a lot of people.  I have not seen any stories online yet.

  24. Never fails.  Build ’em an office next they want a library.   All I can think is “Clue”….
    Mr Muggin Fustard in the library with a “dillo stiletto” 

  25. “When life looks like Easy Street, there is danger at your door.”

    –Garcia and them.

  26. Oh…….cash……….um……

    “I think I left my wallet in my other pants….”
    –WC Feilds

  27. Aural Recording of the 20th Century (Still in contention and litigation) 
    Lenny Bruce in the Berkeley concerts.  Released by Frank Zappa’s Bizarre Records.  
    But ya gotta know the territory!

  28. Riders Up 


    BB & RR – Epicenter

    Pogo, KGC & Jamie – Early Voting

    Patd – Secret Oath

    Sturgeone – Fenwick

  29. “The Legend of Fenwick Hall”, by noted Catholic Composer Robert Blanchard.

  30. Let’s face it, every President has relatives.  Hunter may have used his daddy’s name…

    Yeah, but did you see that Hunter sought lodging AND owned and drove a car???  i bet he used some of that cash to eat at restaurants! 
    These liberal elitists, with their need for food, shelter and transportation, so out of touch

  31. We’ll I’ll be dipped. Actually won one for a change. Cool. If only I’d bet money…
    Went grocery shopping today and there was of course no Jif, but oddly enough there was no chunky PB at all of any brand. How weird. 


    “To help patrol incoming edits and predict misconduct or errors, Wikipedia – like Twitter – uses artificial intelligence bots that can escalate suspicious content to human reviewers who monitor content. However, the volunteer editors of the Wikipedia community make decisions on what to remove or edit. The platform also uses admins, known as “trusted users,” who can apply or are nominated for the role, to help monitor content.”

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