26 thoughts on “Pelosi Should Throw McCarthy Cabal Out Of Congress”

  1. it’s a fitting day for the fearlessly unfaithful five to be ousted.  it’s Triskaidekaphobia time (the fear of number 13). on top of that it’s friday the 13th and according to fearof.net:

    … Paraskevidekatriaphobia, which is an extension of Triskaidekaphobia. It originates from Paraskevi, (Greek for Friday). Other names for this phobia include Friggatriskaidekaphobia which originates from Norse mythology where Frigg is the Norse Goddess for Friday.
    Many people fear number 13. In Numerology, 13 is considered an evil or insignificant number that follows 12 (which is considered as “more complete”). (There are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the Zodiac, and so on). Hence, as 13 exceeds 12 by 1, it is considered a sign of ‘bad luck’. Many hotels refuse to have a 13th room or 13 floor. Ships are not launched on Friday the 13th since The HMS, (a famous 18th century ship) was never heard from again after having been launched on Friday the 13th.
    Shockingly, nearly 8% of people in the United Sates are Paraskevidekatriaphobes.
    The main reason behind the fear of Friday the 13 is due to the negative associations with Friday and the number 13 in many religions and cultures.
    Friday the 13th is associated with the crucifixion of Lord Jesus. Hence, many devout Christians believe that this date is unlucky. The Great Flood also occurred on a Friday.  The Bible also mentions that the Last Supper had 13 members (where the 13th member was the same one who ultimately betrayed Jesus).
    In Israel, the number 12 is considered lucky owing to 12 tribes of Israel. Conversely, 13 is considered very ‘unlucky’.
    In Roman culture, witches are believed to have gathered in groups of 12 where the 13th witch is the ‘Devil’ itself.
    Superstition and fear associated with Friday the 13th specifically grew during the middle ages. This was the time when the Knights Templars were tortured by King Philip IV of France. (The day of torture happened to be Friday the 13th).
    In British culture; Friday and 13 are associated with capital punishment. Friday was “the day of the hangman or the noose” as many public hangings took place on this day. (Also there were exactly 13 steps to the gallows.)

  2. Although I can imagine a gqp purging Dems, I cannot imagine Dems fighting without following the Queensbury rules to a T.  By time anything happens we will be without a country.

  3. A good move for any aspiring criminal is to just run for office on the Republican ticket, then you’ll never be prosecuted for anything.  Worst-case is having to sit for a deposition that you can just lie your way through 👍 🇺🇸 

  4. I’m really disgusted with this whole thing.  So far, every GOP operative that has be subpoenaed has refused to testify.  And what have the Dems done about it…   nothing.  What makes anyone think that the current GOP members of Congress won’t defy those subpoenas also.  They are very good at making the Democrats look feckless…  because apparently they are.
    not popping any popcorn over this mess….

  5. Video of the late SenatorJohn McCain(R-AZ) saying that SenatorRand Paul(R-KY) was working for Russian PresidentVladimir Putinhas garnered renewed attention online after Paul single-handedly blocked a vote on a new aid package to Ukraine on Thursday.
    A C-SPAN video of McCain’s remarks in 2017 was shared to Twitter on Thursday by patient advocate Peter Morley, Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko and other social media users.
    “So I repeat again – the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin,” the late senator said in the short video.


  6. We’re kicking ass. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke with his Russian counterpart Sergey Shoygu for first time since Feb 18th before Russia invaded Ukraine. “Secretary Austin urged an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and emphasized the importance of maintaining lines of communication

  7. One thing about  the  reptile brain  that the MAGA movement never thought about , the struggle for power, in their own camp.  Texas being a one party state has seen them cutting each other to pieces this primary season.
    And now we see this  –

    The movement spent 40 years at war with secular America. Now it’s at war with itself.


    It’s a killer , and  sad essay  on where we are.
    It’s a killer 



  8. Back to Fred  and that movie –
    This is the opening theme song , written by the Monkey that produced it. 
    Mom’s “White Out Money ” at work.


  9. This is my big week.  For every year for  52 winters.  The F5 hit Lubbock on the 11th , and I got to Grand Lake on the 15th. 
    This week is the divide of my life. 
    I really hated Lubbock  back then.
    Latter on in the 70’s  someone  here  asked  P.J. Belly where I was .
    He said , “You mean Colorado Bob” ?  He ran of to the woods. 

  10. In all those  years of seeing the “West” , and I got an eye full.
    I never worried about wild fire.  Because  I was up to my ass in snow. 
    The forests  were wet . 
    Now  they hold the water content of kiln dried 2×4’s  at Home Depot. 
    This big complex  fire in Mew Mexico  is going to burn North  burning up  my history , and love. 
    This idea  of  bad management  of forest  land is  dead as a  boot .
    No one ever did this in the  far North  , yet Siberia , and Canada burn , and they burn like Hell. 

  11. The thing about this spring is  wind,  heat , and dry. 
    And this is all over  Salt Lake  is dealing with it. 
    This ain’t  in the models. 
    Wind steals  water from everything. 
    All those  Red Sandstone  Towers  in those  Ford  films , came in on the wind. 
    And I’ve been to “Mexican Hat”.  Check that on a map. 
    Wind  in a hot dry world 

  12. Watch  AZ,   they will fold like a cheap suit. 
    And this is real time over this next 12 months. 
    They have to run water  to power  the state .  Not all of it, but  when it’s  120 F  in the Valley  of the Sun. 
    And we will see that  this summer ,  watch it .
    No water , and no power. 
    As I said many times , “Climate  Change”  is going to  ring your door bell , and punch you right in the face. 

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