55 thoughts on “War On Women”

  1. Biden: “Republicans have chosen to stand in the way of Americans’ rights to make the most personal decisions about their own bodies, families and lives.”

  2. And let’s not delude ourselves, McConnell will abolish the filibuster to ban abortion if he gets back the Senate, and if McCarthy gets the House. Midterm matters! 

  3. Predictable outcome – GOP & Joe say no.  BTW, John Thune is an idiot.  Viability does not equal birth, John. And yes, if beyond viability the life of the mother is in the balance, an abortion should be the option the mom and doctors should consider to save the mother’s life. I guess he’d require the mom die to save the fetus. Idiot.
    And yes, Poobah, the filibuster is gone when the Republicans need it gone to advance whatever portion of their agenda they want passed.

  4. Everybody knows the gopers have NO scruples, NO principles, and NO honor…..just some kind of daddy relationship to some milky-white madman in the sky who relentlessly compels them to be ever bigger and bigger schmucks.
    Because of the milky-white sky-dude, you can’t reason with those people.   And just like McConnell did with Merrick Garland and Corny Barracks and Kav-enough he would scuttle the filibuster or take ANY other action, no matter how dastardly or craven which he might think would be politically expedient.   The man is a slug with no redeeming value.

  5. I’ve kinda got to where I don’t give a shit, I’m old.
    I’m tired of listening to all the useless screaming and yelling, jeez as if hanging around yelling at a Scotus judge’s house is going to change any vote. Gw Plunkitt in his essay ” How to be a Statesman” It is simple you get your people to the polls to vote. The religious right knows this, they do it and they are effective. Plunkitt style they can walk up to any politician and say I have this many votes to deliver, this is what I want.
    The abortion rights people can’t, they have relied on the court system, as their natural supporters have scattered following whatever bright shinny object that floats by. So until I see some serious action that doesn’t involve standing along the road with a sign yelling inane chants,
    color me bored and uninterested.
    oh and btw, would somebody please get rid of Chuck, he is an idiot.

  6. Got a load of compost that smells like it is half shit, I;m wondering how hot it maybe, will probably go easy with it So back to shoveling shit and planting tomatoes.


  7. John Adams: “Now posterity, you will never know how much it cost us to preserve your freedom. I hope that you will make a good use of it”

  8. Jack –
    Spot on about the the state of the parties  , the R’s have sergeants, the D’s have a herd of cats.
    What flavor of dung ?
    Add  saw dust or leaves. 
    We got more rain last night than the last 6 months combined. 

  9. Also, another word about compost .
    Tombstone makers,  they have rock powders  for free , lots of mineral goodies in their waste problem in a form that the soil can put to work. 
    A little goes a long way. 
    The key to composting  is to make your ingredients, as small as possible , ie grind them up.
    This increases  the surface area were the tiny compost workers can go to work. 
    The other key  to this is to get O2 into the pile. 
    As you build the pile lay 1′ pvc pipes  with lots of holes drilled  along one side , holes face down.  Lay them in layers every 8 ins of compost .
    This takes away the turning of the pile to get air into it. 
    If you see it “steaming” , that’s ammonia gas , ie nitrogen  you put too much  manure in the mix .  
    No  Fats , to no meats , no grease.
    Ground feathers ,  bone meal , blood meal ……….. all good .
    But blood meal is the hottest , and much harder to find since “Mad Cow”. 
    But it’s much  easier  than forking chick shit.  It comes in a box and a little dab will ya. 

  10. I have a machine  in my backyard  that was designed  to do this .
    Then life intervened , and dumped on my dreams. 
    It was designed to be wind powered ,  I think I’ll buy some batteries , and shoot a clip next week . 
    I was going to feed my greenhouse  with compost. 

  11. my problem is twentieth century developer When they put the street in and all the utilities they dug up a lot of red clay and rock. they cover everything up and any good dirt probably went in the bottom of the hole So I’m digging out the clay to about 6inches. Putting it round my foundation to seal water problems if any for the rest of my life. Then I’m going to add the compost till it in with the subsoil. put black dirt on top of it.
    It was advertised as coffee ground compost, it does have some wood chips as they all do. The way it stinks there is something else. The way Brewster was sniffing and tasting it I wonder if it has food waste including meat scraps, that would explain the smell. 

  12. I do like what it did to the one flowerbed I just worked it into. It seemed to improve the texture of the soil.

  13. The water you hear in that clip is my fish tank,  running off rain water , and a solar panel. 
    I watered the greenhouse with fish water. 
    It’s all  wreckage  in  my back yard now , 
    This clip  got zero  comments , and 2 likes. 
    After 16 or 15  years. 

  14. An old hippy I knew had a fish pond with a gate that he could open and let the nutrient rich water irrigate his garden. Would clean it out and put the fish back in. while these fish were for enjoyment, I guess you could farm raise fish and do the same thing. 
    One other thought, I will probably put a tree’s worth of carbon into long term storage when I get through  and will add more into short term storage when I create my topsoil. Not only that but amending the soil makes it more porous and increases it’s ability to retain moisture. So that you reduce runoff. Water that doesn’t run off doesn’t take your fertilizer with it. But takes it into the ground where it can be used.
    Every suburban house in America has a yard just like mine it is the way houses are built. So Americans spend a fortune over their lifetime fertilizing and watering to keep a good lawn and they do so because the soil underneath is crap. Because when they build a house the last thing the builder does is smooth out that clay subsoil, roll out the turf, water it fertilize it sell it to the next sucker then move on.
    One of the best and most productive places to store carbon is in our soil.

  15. A word about  tomatoes . If you see a long “leggy” plant . don’t worry. 
    If it is what you want m buy it. 
    Dig  a hole  for the root ball.  Then , dig a trench  for the stem.  Pick the seed leaves off as you do this .Bury  the stem. 
    The plant will root  off that  stem, no other plant  in your garden ca  do this 

  16. Another thing you can do is what my mother did, as you prune the plant take the cutting and put them in water to root them. This gives you a second harvest as the first one is slowing in production.
    My mother regularly canned 100 quarts of tomatoes. It took a lot to feed her family.

  17. i harvested my garlic yesterday- a little scrawny, curing for 3 weeks, will report back

  18. https://www.nbc.com/late-night-with-seth-meyers/video/beto-orourke-explains-the-issues-with-texas-abortion-bounty-law/732037554

    Republicans = Bounty hunters
    Republicans do NOT care about a woman’s health, nor about the right to privacy — see this clip/getting more difficult to even screen for cervical cancer now. Greg Abbott is the pro-cancer candidate. Actually, Greg Abbott is a cancer on democracy and freedom and privacy and education and freedom of expression.

  19. BTW, about last threads discussion of hackers/fishing. I got one today pretending to be Amazon about the time I got one from Amazon warning me. Then I just now got a text claiming to be from Amazon. Another fishing attempt.
    Watch out the criminals are busy.

  20. And, Republicans will go after birth control, if given the chance.   Oh, Canada? 

  21. Glad to see Beto getting some much-needed attention from a national, broadcast platform.  

  22. Bob, do you have a clip about the water harvester invention (I remember it was something along those lines) you made near Peggy Chapman’s garden? My brudder could use something of that nature for all his growing. 

  23. david horsey op ed in seattle times yesterday on the subject

    Justice Alito hearkens back to dark times
    In his draft Supreme Court ruling that would strike down Roe v. Wade, the 50-year-old decision that guarantees American women the right to abortion, Justice Samuel Alito aims to undermine Roe’s key assertion that such a right is inherent in the U.S. Constitution. Alito bolsters his argument by reaching far back into legal history — not just to the early days of the republic, but to England in the 17th and 13th centuries.
    With admiration, Alito cites the opinions of Sir Matthew Hale, an eminent English judge and lawyer who lived in the time of Oliver Cromwell and King Charles II. Hale believed that termination of a pregnancy after “quickening” — the first stirrings of a fetus in the womb — was tantamount to murder.
    Critics of Alito’s draft have been quick to point out that Hale held decidedly misogynistic views about women, regarding them as, essentially, the property of men. It is Hale who can be credited for two long-standing principles in rape cases that only in recent decades have been discredited; one, that juries should be suspicious of any woman’s claim of being raped and, two, that a husband cannot be charged with raping his wife. Hale also set the legal precedent for the Salem Witch Trials having, himself, sentenced two women to death for the crime of “witchcraft.”
    Henry de Bracton is the other jurist Alito calls upon to establish that abortion has been considered a crime far longer than it has been seen as a woman’s right. Bracton, who lived in the good old 1200s, set rules for determining if a woman was faking a pregnancy by locking her up in a castle and giving her intrusive daily exams. He was all for punishing rapists by poking out their eyes and cutting off their testicles, but only if the female victim were a virgin at the time of the incident.
    Bracton also equated abortion with homicide. The curious thing, though, is that for both Bracton and Hale, timing mattered. Abortion after the fetus showed movement was condemned, but earlier termination of pregnancy was considered, at worst, a misdemeanor. (Christians of the era did not believe the soul entered the developing body of the child until quickening.) That is not radically different from the guidelines of Roe, which allow abortion in all cases in the first trimester, limited abortions in the second and none in the third, except to save the life of the mother.
    So, abortion rights advocates may look at Alito’s legal experts from distant centuries with disdain, but, strangely enough, they are actually more liberal on the subject of abortion than the 21st century Republican politicians who are working to ban all interference with fetal growth from the moment of conception, thus criminalizing not just early-term abortions, but also in vitro fertilization, stem cell research and various forms of birth control.
    How long will it be before Republicans set their sights on witches?

  24. and kimmel his

    The Senate failed to pass an abortion rights bill on a shocking and unfathomable day in our nation’s history, Jimmy uses some visual aids to explain how dumb some of the arguments were, Republican candidates want to make sure everyone knows they are pro-life with a few notable exceptions, Trump reportedly asked his national security team if China was creating hurricanes and shooting them at us, newly-leaked audio of Lindsey Graham recorded just after the attack on the Capitol reveals that he was looking forward to the calming presence of Joe Biden, Mike Pence is on the road complaining about the high price of gas, Bill Gates announced that he tested positive for COVID, Mattel is rolling out a Barbie that comes with hearing aids, and our in-house movie critic Yehya reviews Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

  25. I generally watch Colbert at the 11:30 hour, but last night I decided to watch Kimmel and caught the segment patd posted above.  I’m going to have to start watching him some.  I really like his slant on things.

  26. I guess the problem with this whole abortion debate is I’m having a lot of problems believing the left wingers even give a damn about the issue. After all, if Al Gore had been President there wouldn’t be a Justice Alito, the man would be an instructor at some directional U torturing undergrads with his brilliance. 
    And of course, then there was 2016 and yes, I remember who you are.

  27. Surely there’s good people still there who can spot rubio as being a creep.   I mean, because he’s such a blatant creep. Preachin’ on the street corners and all that crap.   

  28. From what I’ve been reading, the GOP is banking on the right and independents caring more about their wallets than the left and independents caring about the abortion issue for the upcoming midterms.
    I fear they may be correct…

  29. if this doesn’t get young liberal women to the polls, this November, nothing will, and if old liberal women don’t help them get there, you won’t have to wonder why we have the society we do

  30. Well – I am finally online,  at least for this moment.  The marina manager killed the intertubes and left town. I kludge a little access but not enough to handle social media. 
    OM – those Soviet planes, they are flying the Soviet flag so they must be,  with some crummy GPS thing in them must have been trying to make the pilots calm. Russians have jammed GPS for a long time.  That is why the NATO and Skylink has given the Ukraine military an edge, they know where they are,  and where the Soviet forces are.

  31. Subpoenas…….now that’s worth heating up some pop-corn.    

    Every0ne involved has their 3rd eye on the CLOCK.

  32. Anyone here think Liz Cheney is capable of um, like, MERCY?
    LOL   This is gonna be good.   It’s been simmering away since Comey and now it’s getting ready to blow.  

    Fire in the hole.

  33. Patd

    A recent episode of Call the Midwife featured a still born infant.  It couldn’t be buried in consecrated ground unless placed in the coffin of a recently deceased, baptized woman.  The whole concept of “quickening” (mother feeling the ticking on the inside) puts the date of the soul entering the body at roughly 22 – 24 weeks which just happens to be about when modern medicine places “viability”.  

    Of course, the guys Alito references would have burned me at the stake.  The Puritans used to strip women down to look for a witches teat.  Since I have one, it’s immediate consignment to the pyre.  


  34. Ya gotta love Keith – and hate Rand.  What a despicable fucker. someone call his neighbor and let him know it’s time for another ass whuppin’.

  35. what caused him to tweet that nugget of delight

    Today we are all Rand Paul’s neighbor

  36. don’t forget aqua buddha boy also said this (in re Ukraine v. Russia) just last month

    CNN — 
    Secretary of State Antony Blinken forcefully pushed back Tuesday when Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky pointed out that Ukraine and Georgia were once part of the Soviet Union as Paul appeared to raise Moscow’s alleged rationale about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    “I firmly disagree with that proposition,” Blinken said during a congressional hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in responding to Paul’s assertion that “you could argue” that the countries Russia has attacked were part of the Soviet Union. Paul seemed to indicate Russia’s anger about Ukraine possibly joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – especially given it used to be in the Soviet Union – could have triggered the invasion.
    The back and forth was prompted by Paul questioning why the US had been “agitating” for Ukraine to join NATO last fall, which was something Russia ardently opposed as a “red line.”
    The GOP senator said, “There is no justification for the invasion,” but “there are reasons for the invasion.”

  37. Agitated and advocated sound so much alike… moron. And to think Kentucky could have voted for Jack Conway. Thanks Tea Party. This assholian is your doing. 

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