Putin Blinked

Russia’s pathetic dictator pretty much admitted defeat on his “Victory” day yesterday. Time for us to go in for the kill. We are at war against Russia. Let’s win it.


Regency Act has been invoked in UK, the law for replacing an incapacitated monarch.

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  1. meanwhile his war goes on

    Zelenskiy calls for end to blockade of Odesa port to prevent global food crisis | Ukraine | The Guardian

    After the Black Sea port of Odesa wasstruck by missiles on Monday, Zelenskiy said: “For the first time in decades there is no usual movement of the merchant fleet, no usual port functioning in Odesa. Probably this has never happened in Odesa since world war two.
    “Without our agricultural exports, dozens of countries in different parts of the world are already on the brink of food shortages. And over time, the situation can become downright terrible … This is a direct consequence of Russian aggression, which can be overcome only together – by all Europeans, by the whole free world.”

  2. yesterday, while vlad cowered in the stands under a thick blanket, volodymyr walked the bleak streets and spoke to the world.  here’s his speech on victory day

    Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky released a video statement on May 8, the UN’s designated “Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During the Second World War,” in which he reflected on the phrase “never again”.

  3. kudos to all who worked on that speech which gave ukraine the chance to remind all the other countries of WWII atrocities perpetrated against each of them how history is being repeated.  all that wrapped up in a victory speech by a brave president to his even braver people.

  4. https://time.com/6047987/peanuts-history-reagan-abortion/

    “On July 20, 1970, the day’s Peanuts strip featured Linus asking Lucy, “What would happen if there were a beautiful and highly intelligent child up in heaven waiting to be born, and his or her parents decided that the two children they already had were enough?” Lucy replies, “Your ignorance of theology and medicine is appalling.”

    “Schulz approached a hot-button political issue by “shining a flashlight on it,” as Ball puts it. “He’s not dictating a point of view, but he is shining a light on it in a way that is forcing readers to consider where they stand on controversial issues.”

    “As TIME put it in its special issue on the meaning of the 1980 election results, “A profound psychological shift occurred in American voters: they lost much of their desire or need to be part of a political majority, but instead formed themselves into single-issue constituencies, an oddly specialized and peculiarly destructive version of politics. In the era of single-issue politics, it is not a broad political agenda, a party’s view of the nation, that is important, but gun control or abortion or ERA or women’s rights or busing.”

    If Republicans were actually pro-life, they’d be focused on gun control, not uterus control.

  5. sorry, that zelenskyy speech above was for the day earlier ukrainian remembrance day (even tho’ apropos) not victory day. . here’s some of the v-day speech coverage

    Zelensky goads Putin before May 9 Russia Victory Day speech: Ukrainian president Zelensky vowed that Russia will have no Victory Days left after it loses the war in Ukraine. In a clip released minutes before Putin’s propaganda parade in Red Square this morning, Zelensky stated: ‘Very soon there will be TWO Victory Days in Ukraine. ‘And someone will have not even one left.’ Addressing ‘the great people of mighty Ukraine’, President Zelensky accused Putin of ‘repeating the horrific crimes of Hitler’s regime’. He also said Russia ‘treaded on a rake’ by invading Ukraine.


  6. about that street block on which zelenskyy was speechifying, one of the talking heads yesterday pointed out it had once been thoroughly bombed out in a previous war but since brought back to be bombed again.

  7. BiD, thanks for that link on HRH liz. an interesting tidbit within describing the other 2 times she was experiencing some “mobility” problems:

    The queen has missed the occasion only twice during her 70-year reign — in 1959, and 1963, when she was pregnant with sons Andrew and Edward.

  8. Office pool time – who will be around longer?  KGB agent Puttie or Her Majesty Queen Liz?
    Puttie really looks like he had a stroke and his left side is not the better for it.

  9. BiD

    Princess Diana always said that Charles would never ascend to the throne.  Not wishing anything bad on him, but given his age it wouldn’t be out of realm of speculation that he might just abdicate in favor of his son.


  10. jamie, charles stepping aside might also repair any problems/hesitations his sons may have with camilla being elevated. 

    BB, my bet is on the queen outliving vlad (and maybe even outliving charles). she seems to be of sturdier stuff. she’s more than likely had a less stressful, hate-filled life.

  11. Putin as Drooling Marius
       Ah Hah!
    Now there’s a simple twist of fate for ya.

  12. Book of the Week, 1st week of June, 1996:
    by Colleen McCulloch. (sp)

  13. Jamie
    The man has been waiting for the bitch to die for 40 years he isn’t going to step aside. As he ages he starts to look more and more like his father rather than his mother. Remember his father had a reputation of being a stupid bigoted bastard.

  14. As to Putin:
    First there is no heir apparent. The failures in this war have disrupted everything too, so there is no obvious person to step up except an equally old man. 
    There is a good chance that Russia could become what we feared in the 90’s, a failed state with nuclear weapons. So there are worse things than Putin

  15. https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/russia-ukraine-war-news-05-10-22/index.html

    “The intelligence arm of the Ukrainian defense ministry said that grain stolen by Russian troops in occupied areas is already being sent abroad.”

    “The intelligence directorate claimed that a “significant part of the grain stolen from Ukraine is on dry cargo ships under the Russian flag in the Mediterranean.”

    “The most likely destination is Syria. Grain may be smuggled from there to other countries in the Middle East,” it said.”

  16. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/05/10/abbott-public-education-vouchers-school-choice/

    Underfunded, public schools in TX just took another hit from Greg Abbott.

    “Abbott said he supports giving parents the option to attend private school “with state funding following the student.”

    “The Association of Texas Professional Educators said Abbott was “again attempting to capitalize on trendy political rhetoric by mislabeling vouchers as a ‘parental right’ and again ignoring the facts: Texas voters support Texas public schools.”

    “Texas voters elect lawmakers who support Texas public schools,” ATPE executive director Shannon Holmes said in a statement. “And Texas voters know the truth about Texas public schools.”

  17. Jack…
    thanks for reminding us how dysfunctional the royal family really is!
    Queen Elizabeth made Charles marry someone he didn’t love, but who had royal blood because that was his duty.  The Queen also didn’t care that Diana was too young and naive to really know what was going on… because that was her duty.  Love be damned!  Of course… it all was a long way off from siblings killing each other or having a rivalry to the throne thrown into the Tower of London.  The whole sordid story is just one more story about royalty.  Just read a little history is you want some really sordid stuff!

  18. Renee, but her dress – now THAT was one helluva wedding dress.
    My money is on Vlad outliving Liz (damn it).

  19. So looking at the articles on Alito’s opinion citing two medieval legal giants and attempting to establish the meaning or lack thereof of abortion rights in jolly olde English common law, I assume that the next 2nd amendment case that comes before the court will be decided on the basis of the weapons in use in the same timeframe, which would be what – swords, spears, lances, bows/arrows, battering rams and catapults?

  20. Willie ain’t goin no where.
    No. Where.
    Boy be like  Sittin in the catbird seat.

  21. The Queen Mother lived to be 101.  QEII is 96.  Both are and were mentally functional.  We shall see if Liz equals her mother.


  22. Ok it’s Beach Music time.  This, for some damn reason unfathomable to me and to Pat Conroy is the International Beach Music Anthmn. And yes it is about what it seems to be about.

  23. Joseph Pope, leader of the Tams. One time I guess not too long before his passing I caught sight of The Tams mighty tour bus pulling into the Holiday Inn off I-10 near Eglin AFB.   So I wheeled about and went on in to see Joe again   He was ancient but spry and affable, being handled and taken care of by a great squad of younger folks, iassumed his kids and “nearbys “  They were nervous about me until Joe and I touched base about the Isle of Palms in the late sixties and Art’s New Seaside.  Then we had a nice little visit.

  24. Got to meet Maurice Williams in his last years when he played the coastal Carolina fair.  At first it was like he thought I was a bill collector or something but then the magic of Art Ruth and his New Seaside, and again a nice visit. It was Art’s “New” seaside because his wife threw him out of the club they owned on the beach called The Seaside, so he went down the beach a block or two and built his concrete block monstrosity to show his wife how it was done.  For some reason they owned a long portion of raw beach in the isle of Palms, SC. 

  25. Fun fact: Maurice Williams’ greatest crowd pleaser the nights we backed him wasn’t “Stay” but “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in very high falsetto.    The first time we didn’t really know it and there were portions which went acapella and it was seamless and beautiful.  After that, we learned it. 
    That Hawaiian dude had nothin on Maurice.

  26. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/10/us/rare-pest-customs-fruit-trnd/index.html

    “The pest, a species of leaf beetle, was inside a shipment of mangosteen from Mexico. Usually found in central and south America, the beetles can “cause agricultural and economic damage as their larvae skeletonize the leaf surface and adults eat plant and tree leaves and cause damage to foliage,”

    Remember when you couldn’t even take fruit/veg from another state into California?

  27. Yeah, let the pros handle the boom boom this time……these guys are doing pretty damn good.   

  28. Ha ha, 
    It’s saturday afternoon, Columbo is holding up the murder investigation by sitting in his Peugeot listening to the football game.

    Columbo can go ANY where……be shows that Lt Columbo LAPD, Homicide……and the doors fly open. lol

  29. columbo was kind of like a homicide detective 3 stooges…….always traipsing his muddy feet on the persian rugs, dumping his cigar ashes and eggshells in often inconvenient places…..he was a trip, showing up the swells and proving their guilt….The common guy kicks aristocrat ass.

  30. TV and rock and roll……mother’s milk.    Presbyterians never had a chance.    lol

  31. The metal wheels on our roller skates would squeeeeeee across the smooth concrete floor as the Wurlitzer Juke Box belted out Little Richard.   

  32. BB, I assume you know about this BULLSHIT


    A new report shows that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are spying on the majority of Americans, in many cases circumventing privacy laws including those in California.

    it’s from the LA Times, and it fucking sucks. I’d love to provide a link but the link wasn’t available. Sorry.

  33. Whoa, there Mr. Sturgeon. This (lapsed) Presbyterian misspent his youth watching TV and listening to Rock & Roll. I reckon I never had a chance. BTW, saw the Tams and the Swinging Medallions more than once at the Oporto Armory in Irondale – same venue I became acquainted musically with the Allman boys. I’m surprised I survived- but the Presbyterian part, not so much. 

  34. Oh yeah, the Tams were kind of a thing……I was glad to know Joe…..he gave me a lot of good tips.

  35. Just wondering how many of you have listened to short wave radio in say the last twenty years?  Sometime in the last month I read/heard/? someone mention it on a report, but forgot about it until now.  I have not played with one in the last twenty years, but have in the past. 

  36. Hendrix cut his teefs on what they used to call “the chitlin circuit”.

  37.  I have a very nice short wave receiver, but have given it no attention.   

  38. When i got off the boat in Papeete in 63 I bought a multiband receiver……it didnt survive
    But it was nice while it lasted

  39. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/10/us/maternal-mortality-roe-wade-abortion-access/index.html

    “Dr. Judette Louis recalls a time when she treated a patient who was hemorrhaging from her pregnancy — and how she had to wait to obtain permission before she was allowed to terminate the pregnancy for the health of the mother.”

    “I was standing there watching her hemorrhage out, waiting for permission to do the termination. It is a disgusting feeling. It is a sad feeling. And you’re sitting there literally watching her blood pressure going down while you’re waiting for permission,” the Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of South Florida told CNN. “It’s just sad to now know if [Roe] really is overturned, that that will be happening all over across the country where [terminating a pregnancy] won’t even be a possibility for a lot of states.”

    “Rates of pregnancy-related deaths in the US are the highest in the developed world and have risen steadily over time, with Black women three times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than White women.”

    ~We’re number one. Yay ~

  40. Trump’s lickspittal, Alex Mooney, beat David McKinley (decent guy for a Republican). WVian’s ARE as stupid as I contend they are. 

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