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  1. Paul Begala and Michele Tafoya join Bill to discuss whether abortion rights will be a galvanizing issue for Democrats in the next election.

  2. yahoo also reported on maher’s new rule “the misinformation age” last night:

    Wrapping up with New Rules, Maher said that looking after you and keeping you safe is not Twitter’s job. “It’s your job,” he said, noting how some people feel that the social media audience is “All helpless dumb blondes ready to believe anything. Like Donald Trump.”
    He ran down a list of technological innovations that prompted fears in the past. “Lies can spread faster, but so can truth. This idea that we can clean up Twitter and protect you, it’s ridiculous. It’s like fact-checking graffiti on a dive bar bathroom wall.”
    Every age is the misinformation age, Maher asserted, and suggested, “Develop a better bullshit detector. That’s a better solution than me giving up what I’m allowed to read.”
    Sometimes, Maher said, misinformation is just history’s first draft. “This is America,” he said, laughing when an American flag waved to back him. “Where people have the right to express what they think, including the right to be wrong, to lie, and to be an asshole.”

    the video caption:

    When we talk about misinformation, we always focus on the producers, never the consumers. But keeping you safe and sorting out the lies from the truth – that’s your job.

  3. good straight forward speech by buttigieg on the abortion opinion worthy of a listen.  he has a very conversational and candid style.

    “did we just live to see the high water mark for liberty, freedom and rights in this country?”

  4. White Abarrio is a beautiful horse.  

    Last chance for entries:

    Craig Crawford – Happy Jack

    Blue Bronc – Epicenter

    Jamie – Zandon/White Abarrio/Epicenter

    RR – Epicenter/White Abarrio

    Patd – White Abarrio/Charge It/Barber Road

    Pogo – Tiz The Bomb

    KGC – Happy Jack

    Sturgeone – Charge It

    OldSeaHag – Mo Donegal


  5. Reading the reviews of SFB and Ozzie (snake eater?) in Pennsylvania I spotted one of the confusion things.  I am not sure about you, but I don’t give a (insert outhouse thought) about Alex Baldwin.  But, apparently rwnj do.  One was pestering me about him and how he leads the Dems.  For a while I did not know who he was talking about, at least until he said the actor.  I asked him for an explanation as to why anyone cares about Baldwin, he said because he was a person the Dems follow.  Again, nothing.  But, I started to think about it.  rwnj must consider being on television to be the ultimate political lead (I am not sure, and will not be wasting the time to look up Alex Baldwin’s videography career other than he was a lead on 30 Rock).  But it is the implied importance of being an actor that fills their brains with success in politics.  SFB being number one, Ozzie (snake eater?) another one. 
    So the biggest fear in rwnj brain is an actor could be leading the Dems somewhere.  Geez, how do you break through idiocy like that?

  6. Glad we are continuing this fine tradition! I am going with Messier in the Derby…

  7. So, Yahoo used to have commenting at the end of their re-published news-articles, and those comment sections were the most vile cesspool of hate and lies for years, until a couple of years, ago, when Verizon, the current owner of the site, disabled the feature while they claimed they were working to improve it.
    i was saddened, recently, to see the feature re-enabled, as just a glimpse at the kind of racist, misogynist hate-speech that used to occur there, after EVERY article, no matter the topic, was enough to poison my mind for the morning.  “Maybe they improved moderation”, i hoped.
    Well, they didn’t improve moderation, because less than two months later, the feature is disabled, again.  The point is, given the opportunity, certain people on the internet will contaminate a social space so thoroughly as to suppress genuine, rational thought.  Why people like Musk want to protect that is evidence of their sociopathy, rather than some bullshit faux-noble desire to defend “free speech”.
    Also, i told you Bill Maher was an asshole

  8. bb, might it be that the rwnj hates baldwin because their cult leader hated him for his spot-on portrayals of said cult leader on sat night live? 

    they (rwnj) are not known for their ability to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s only performance/fiction/scams.  otherwise they wouldn’t be in the cult shilling out money to loser guy.

  9. Yeah, I used to enjoy reading the thoughts of Anne Rice on facebook. She was open and interacted freely with commenters, and the subjects were always interesting and varied  in scope, not just limited to her own books.  She truly was a really nice person.  
    Until the head dipshit appeared on scene, against whom she firmly was.
    Her comment section became trash and try as she might, there was nothing she could do to mitigate the unbridled nastiness of the dipshit supporters.  She finally slipped out the back just to get away from it. She kept on with tweeter but it wasn’t the same.

  10. The rwnj’s hate as a matter of course, they are always on the lookout for places and people upon whom to cast their nastiness.   They hate Baldwin because he’s there.   And of course, the dipshit impressions.

  11. I need to correct two things.  It should be Alec, not Alex.  Second should be Ozzie (bat eater?) instead of Ozzie (snake eater?).  I don’t keep up on things the way rwnj apparently do. 
    That the low intake, faux snooze, people are so into actors is odd to me who is not a big follower of entertainment.  I am still trying to catch up to the Eighties and Nineties movies and television, but my obsession with YouTube no big name people who have otters, opossums, woodchucks, cats, dogs, birds, lobster, shrimp and assorted reptiles as pets, or something like that. People who pick through trash for treasure. People who use excavators to dig holes, bulldozers to fill holes. People who take pictures, movies and enjoy the outdoors.  People who dig holes and cover them with logs, just for some place to get away from it all, fill my time.  So many activities of people, and most of them people under thirty-five, to take my mind off of the evil that has taken over the former republican party.  Now I need to run to the store, but after this next video.

  12. Jamie
    Let me get in this if the 2 dollar window is still open.  Put me on Charge It

  13. Bink
    I think it is size, small groups interact better.  I think all these large comment sections are both toxic and to be honest boring. WaPo for me is a perfect example. For all the good it does commenting there, I might as well talk to my wall, I would get more honest feed back.

  14. Bink

    That is the reason I like it here.  It’s not exactly a conversation since we can’t nest answers, but I guess as close as possible without everything getting totally confused.


  15. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/05/opinions/texas-democrats-first-primary-state-rahman/index.html

    “After the Democratic National Committee voted to essentially strip Iowa of its status as the first state to vote in the primary season, it established a new set of criteria for the first caucus or primary state. It must be a state that is demographically diverse, has a proven history of filtering strong winners and will be competitive in the next election cycle.

    There is only one state in the entire country that fits those criteria — Texas.”

  16. Texas. I know I look to Texas for electoral guidance. Just like I look to WV. ~~~

  17. BiD, TX is too big geographically and too cumbersome travelwise (as is both FL and CA).  no chance for the initially underfunded. even the charismatic shining and promising starlet would have little chance starting out to get the requisite coverage if she can’t afford the gas to get to the audition.   can’t imagine a “walkin’ lawton” ever making it across TX.

    a small starter state with good diversity mix, mass transit and multi-media availability would be ideal. 

  18. 101 F here today  suggested sunscreen  for the next 4 days ……….. 90W motor oil. 
    Corn made 8 dollars a bushel , soybeans are @ 17 

  19. We are now up to Race 10.  The Derby is Race 12.  Here are our riders and horses 

    Craig Crawford – Happy Jack

    Blue Bronc –  Epicenter

    Jamie – Zandon/White Abarrio

    RR – Epicenter/White Abarrio

    Patd – White Abarrio/Charge It/Barber Road

    Pogo – Tiz The Bomb

    KGC – Happy Jack

    Sturgeone – Charge It

    OldSeaHag – Mo Donegal- 

    Bink & Dave B – Messier

    Jack – Charge It

    Old Man – Cuddling Goats


  20. Tromp wanted to shoot missiles  into Mexican drug labs , and told Espar that no one would know it was us. 
    Which brings up a real chicken and egg  thought experiment. 
    The lizard brained party  has never entertained the idea that our demand has fueled  their supply operations. 
    That people don’t walk 1,500 miles to Del Rio, just because they can buy a new Buick. 

  21. Jamie there is an old PBS  episode  about animals bonding across species.
    The story about an old blind horse , and an old goat in an Oklahoma rescue farm is a real tear jerker. 
    Every day the goat took his blind friend  out to graze.  The horse was an ungodly number in age like 24 years . 
    Finally the horse  died out in the woods , his friend lay down next to him and waited for the lady who ran the farm to show up.
    The goat lasted a little longer , she buried them together. 
    I think it was a NOVA program. 
    NBC did a story about the goats at the race today, a baby, and an old vet. 

  22. I milked  goats years ago on the commune .  Goat milk is good.  And they are a lot smarter than sheep.  But when you look into their eyes , you have no idea want they are thinking.

  23. There are no depressed goats , they all seem to be really happy to be a goat
    Think the horse sees  that , there are depressed horses. 

  24. I was wrong the horse was 40 , the goat was 16 , and it was on Nature –
    6. Charlie and Jack
    Jack, a 16-year-old goat, formed an touching relationship with Charlie, a blind 40-year-old horse. Jack essentially became Charlie’s eyes, and would lead him around the ranch property where they both lived.

    Meet the Odd Couples

  25. Craig –
     Where in Kentucky  are your roots ?  My blood came through there on the way to Texas .
    Mom did a lot of work  on that root of the tree. 

  26. Old Man

    I’ve enjoyed the company of every goat I’ve ever met.  They are just truly sociable.  It’s almost impossible not to smile when one is around.


  27. Back in the day when I was a not a teatotaler, I would be making Mint Juleps for the party, by time the race went off the drink was a piece of ice and a fill of bourbon.
    Now it is maybe a Manhattan or Martini even though I have mint growing by the back fence.  Or like tonight a nice room temperature beer (I spent the last five hours defrosting/deicing the mini fridge I keep the beer in.  So you enjoy what you have.

  28. Craig –
    Mom always had a warm place for one of my kin and his connection to the “Battle of Blue Licks”.  I mean Daniel Boone was in this scrap.  And it was fought –


    The Battle of Blue Licks, fought on August 19, 1782, wasone of the last battles of theAmerican Revolutionary War. The battle occurred ten months afterLord Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown, which had effectively ended the war in the east.

    So that  guy was a big deal for me. 
    One late night in my 18 wheeler , I crossed the Ohio into the Blue Grass state.
     And there on that two lane road  , the sign  “The Battle of Blue Licks”.  With an arrow.  I slammed on the brakes , backed up . and took that tiny little road to the marker.  There I lay down for the night. 
    But I did not sleep  I emailed Mom , guess where I am ?
    Turns out our guy did not fight the battle,  he married a window with 9 kids who lost her husband there.
    Mom always loved that guy in a 20th Century way.
    In the 18th  he married a wife , and 9 field hands. 

  29. My people  came a little later  , your people  were early  too bad I-75 runs up it now.  That kills a lot of biscuits. 

  30. Horses  are like  humans  it’s a pissing contest  all the time. 
    Every one  here who has ever managed  horses , raise your  hand.

  31. Talk about a derby of firsts. It was Sonny Leon’s first Derby, the trainer’s 1st horse in the Derby and the owner’s 1st horse in the Derby. Rich Strike was the 2nd longest shot to win the Derby – just behind Donerail who won in 1913 at 91-1. 

  32. Craig

    He’s baby.  It was only his seventh lifetime race and he only got in because horse 20 scratched so he was added at last minute.  In front of that huge crowd, he was probably scared witless.  

    Hope they can get him settled enough to consider the Preakness.


  33. Roe has energized Beto’s campaign.  He’s finally stopped talking about the ice storm.  Crowds are getting  bigger. 

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