If the UN can successfully see hundreds saved from that besieged steel plant, why can’t it UNblock the Black Sea blockade and save hundreds of millions from starvation in the rest of the world?


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  1. U.S. Pressures Chinese Head of FAO to Blame Russia for Worsening Global Food Crisis (foreignpolicy.com)

    The U.N. estimates that if the war in Ukraine continues some 47 million people in 81 countries will be added to the already swelling ranks of those enduring acute hunger, according to a recent report by the World Food Program. Even before the Russian invasion, the world was facing growing hunger, with some 276 million people facing acute hunger.
    The United States and its Western allies contend that blame for the latest surge rests squarely on Russia’s shoulders, because its military intervention has deprived the world of desperately needed wheat and grains. Its Black Sea blockade of one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat and other staples, combined with attacks on Ukrainian farms, is driving up the cost of global food prices at a time when supplies were already perilously tight.

  2. but we’ll think about all that another day and party on with the corps profiteers

    It’s been a rough week on Wall Street after the Fed raised interest rates, and our former president claims to have done more for all religions than anyone who has ever lived.

  3. For some reason the five liars on the Supreme Court have been so isolated they failed to understand anything about the day after SFB inauguration.  It was the largest single day protest in U.S. history.  That was nothing compared to what will happen if the five liars do overturn Roe.  Although greedy old perverts are writing laws to make loss of a fetus, even spontaneous abortion, criminal, even murder.  Once again the power mad go beyond anything understandable to be the most Nazi like they can go.  There will be a change, and the five liars will not like it.

  4. Only 21/2 of the 5 actually lied about Roe. Kav and Gory lied and the hotdog prevaricated. I can’t remember whether Alito was pressed on it, and Fat Clarence was busy fending off a different coke and pubic hair issue in his hearing. 

  5. The same court that would not block protestors at abortion clinics as the protests were “free speech” is now hiding behind non climbable fences and street barricades of cement blocks.

    Apparently, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.


  6. you’ll have to look really close to see the hats under rain hoods.  heavy rain in the ‘ville is expected at Oaks race time. but tomorrow’s derby looks to be just sprinkles if any. 

    nothing like a soggy droopy fascinator that probably cost a fortune trying to match the haute couture 

  7. Basically speaking, Television, Rock and Roll, Israel, and Me are the same age.
    I accept this fact as being a part of the Great Plan.

  8. The russian navy has a new fleet of submarines.  Ships that used to be on the surface. There are reports that the Admiral Marakov has been hit and is on fire. Unless the russian vessel is tied to a dock when it burns, see aircraft carrier, submarines and other boats, they flame out and sink, see good ship submarine Moscow.  The hit is “not verifed”, however a lot of intelligence aircraft are circling over a ship that is on fire.  Plus there is drone footage to view.  Since it is “not verified” I won’t pop any links – yet.

  9. Sturg, me too. Just another couple cogs in an immense machine. (Israel does have 3 years on me.)

  10. bb, more on your story

    Another Russian Warship Is Burning In The Black Sea (forbes.com)

    The ship is reportedly a frigate-sized vessel, possibly the Admiral Makarov, one of Russia’s newest and most advanced frigates. The 4,000-ton vessel is one of the largest warships in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which is a key part of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
    Ukrainian news site Dumskaya (English translation here) identified the ship as a “Russian frigate project 11356P of the Burevestnik type,” a description that does correspond to Admiral Grigorovich-class vessels (also known as Krivak IVs), which includes the Admiral Makarov.
    The stricken frigate is currently near Snake Island, which is about 75 miles south of Odessa. “Enemy aircraft are now circling over this area of ​​​​the Black Sea, and rescue ships have come out to help the ship from the temporarily occupied Crimea,” Dumskaya said.
    The frigate was hit by Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles, which also sank the Russian cruiser Moskva last month, said Dumskaya. The news site included commercial satellite infrared imagery that purportedly shows an object on fire in the Black Sea.
    Independent sources suggest that the Ukrainian reports are at least partly accurate. “It’s seeming more and more likely that the claims about the Russian frigate Admiral Makarov being stuck by Ukrainian anti-ship missiles off the coast of Odessa are true,” reports OSINTdefender, an open-source intelligence site on Twitter. “Multiple rescue ships and aircraft are reportedly in the area, with U.S. surveillance drones keeping eyes on it.”
    While the Admiral Makarov may be far smaller than the Moskva, it’s a powerful vessel armed with eight vertical launch cells for Kalibr and other cruise missiles, 24 Buk anti-aircraft missiles, plus short-range air defense cannon and anti-submarine rockets. The Russian Navy operates three – or perhaps now two – Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates, with 10 similar vessels either completed or under construction for India as Talwar-class vessels.
    For Ukraine, destroying Russian warships may deter the Russian Navy from operating too close to the Ukrainian coast, thus depriving Russia’s battered ground forces of amphibious support as well as close blockade of Ukrainian ports.
    Even sweeter, sinking the Admiral Makarov revenge against a ship that probably launched cruise missiles at Ukrainian cities. For the Russian Navy, it’s history repeated. The frigate’s namesake, Admiral Stepan Makarov, commanded a Russian fleet during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. He was killed when his flagship was sunk by a mine, and his fleet eventually wiped out by the Japanese.

  11. the guardian:

    Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has urged the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, to make a powerful political statement by visiting Kyiv on 9 May, the day German leaders have often travelled to Moscow to mark Russia’s Victory Day, a memorial to the 27 million Russians killed in the second world war.
    The invitation to Scholz and the German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, follows weeks of intense Ukrainian criticism of Germany over its reluctance to supply weapons or support an EU-wide embargo on Russian energy imports. Germany is especially dependent on Russia for gas and says it would suffer more from an embargo than Russia.
    Scholz is due to make a nationwide television address on 8 May, and to speak to fellow G7 leaders by video. He previously angered Ukraine when he said he would not visit while Steinmeier – a longtime advocate of closer relations with Russia – was banned from visiting Kyiv. Zelenskiy spoke to Steinmeier on Thursday to offer him a visit.
    Western officials are confident that Vladimir Putin will not use his 9 May address – to which no foreign leader has been invited – to announce a general mobilisation since it would be likely to provoke a political backlash.

  12. The Hill

    President Biden will participate in a virtual meeting with Group of Seven (G-7) leaders on Sunday morning that will also include Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.  
    The virtual meeting will take place one day before Russia’s Victory Day, timing that Psaki emphasized on Friday when disclosing plans for the engagement in a gaggle with reporters on Air Force One. 
    The G-7 includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.  
    The leaders are expected to discuss the response to Russia’s war in Ukraine and potential additional sanctions on Moscow in response to the invasion.  
    The international community is closely watching Russia’s actions on Victory Day, the May 9 holiday marking the country’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Some have speculated that Russian President Vladimir Putin could use the day to formally declare war on Ukraine; Putin has previously referred to the war only as a “special military operation.”

  13. I’m tired of “firsts”.    I want to see a bunch of sixths or tenths.   

    I know, I know………republicans.

  14. Sturgeone,

    I came in before Israel in 1944.  We got our first television when I was five.  It required a round magnifying screen over the round face.

    My uncle was the definition of “early adopter” about darn near everything.



  15. Something is listening to me.  Maybe the damned GRU is doing it.  Last week I was talking to a friend and bemoaned I needed to go bra shopping, but I hated it.  Guess?  Yup. FB, Twitter, ads on websites, and just about everything online is filled with bra ads.  Now I hate shopping even worse.  I have to find what is listening and make it not listen.

  16. I agree about karine JP….my point is I’m ready for diversity to be the norm so that it will no longer be a novelty.  

  17. BB

    I just bought “Forever Plaid” as I was in a mood for 50s four-part harmony.  Can’t imagine what Google will make of that. 


  18. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/06/politics/marjorie-taylor-greene-ballot/index.html

    “The recommendation was submitted to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, who accepted the decision later on Friday night and formally ruled that Greene will stay on the ballot. The anti-Greene challengers said in a statement that they’ll appeal Raffensperger’s decision in state courts.”

    “This decision betrays the fundamental purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause and gives a pass to political violence as a tool for disrupting and overturning free and fair elections,” Free Speech For People, a constitutional advocacy group that backed the challenge, said in a statement.”

    “…under oath about January 6. She denied knowing about plans for violence and repeatedly said she couldn’t remember key facts — like what she discussed with White House officials about the transfer of power, and with whom she spoke as January 6 approached. One piece of evidence that stood out to the judge was an interview Greene gave to Newsmax the day before the attack, where she was asked what the plan was for the joint session of Congress where Biden’s victory would be certified. She said, “This is our 1776 moment,”

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