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Which one next and which one will the media talk the most about? Hands down it will most likely be about who/why the leaker and not about rights we’ve lost or about to lose.


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  1. “To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed,” Roberts said. “The work of the Court will not be affected in any way.”


    not so sure which betrayal leak he meant by that



  2. talking about images, the masterful rise of volodymyr’s and the massive fall of vladimir’s must now compete with the damaged one of the court

    “This is how the Russian state will now be perceived. This is your image. Your culture and human appearance perished together with the Ukrainian men and women to whom you came.”

  3. Sad times. Disgusted with those who just didn’t like that woman.  I can safely say Patsi is too. So sorry they chose hate and meanness over love and kindness, they turned the world upside down with their poor choices.  Just think alone how many lives would’ve been saved had Hillary been president. 
    i’ve been trying to get a hold of Tony. is anyone in touch with him? 
    I’m going with Mo Donegal. I go with Irish names or Irish jockeys  whenever possible. 
    Otherwise I hope you are all enjoying spring!

  4. editorial board

    Opinion | The Supreme Court might never recover from overturning Roe v. Wade – The Washington Post

    …. If the justices embrace the sweeping document, they will deal a grievous blow to freedom in the United States — and to the legitimacy of the court itself.
    Justice Alito’s draft claims that the court’s ruling would not imply that other constitutional rights, such as same-sex marriage or access to contraception, are in jeopardy. But given the brazen abandon with which he would discard abortion rights, his assurances ring hollow. He would inaugurate a terrifying new era in which Americans would lose faith in the court, distrust its members and suspect that what is the law today will not be tomorrow. They would justifiably fear that rights will be swept away because a heedless conservative fringe now controls the judiciary.
    “The republic endures and this is the symbol of its faith,” Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes said as the cornerstone was laid for the Supreme Court Building in 1932. The court’s conservative majority appears to be on the verge of abandoning justices’ sacred charge to stand firm for individual rights.

  5. OSH, b’gosh! welcome back!

    mo donegal would have been my choice too had there not been those 3 greylings to tempt me. 

  6. OLD SEA  Yaaaay 
    Tony is on twitter, but I can’t find him…..I’ll keep looking.  He also posts here from time to time…..

  7. For those who are interested, Aaron Blake has a good WaPo article on the Alito draft and annotations for the basis of key parts of the draft. 

  8. The rwnj mob is really hot to blame the messenger.  Oh they so want a lynching, in every horrible action that means. I don’t go with the idea it was a Dem type person.  This morning I have a list of possibles:
    1. Alito left a copy in a restroom where it was found by a reporter
    2. Russia FSB hacked in and found it.  Releasing it makes a new shiny object to divert media attention from KGB agent Puttie going room temperature, all the news of the invasion of Ukraine
    3.Bartlett aide left a copy in a restroom where it was found by a reporter

  9. BB, but aren’t the odds just as favorable that it might have been mrs. clarence?  hubby may have brought work home and made sure the draft met wifey approval.  he was the one who chose the author (could be the choice was at her suggestion to begin with).   the mrs is well known for her connections/pr skills.

  10. “Well, s***.” Stephen reacts to the leaked Supreme Court opinion that appears to strike down Roe v. Wade, destroying a half century of protections for reproductive rights, and takes Maine Senator Susan Collins to task over her role in confirming Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett to the court.

  11. Hello again , it’s cold up here  – definitely no cherry blossoms.  I can’t find Tony on Twitter either I spoke with him about two months ago and he said he had been laying low but it’s been too long now and wish speak with him. He works so hard and I am always trying to entice him into a Vacay on the Vineyard!

  12. patd – excellent.  Now there are four legitimate, and plausible, hypothesis for how Politico got a copy of the destruction plan of America.

  13. Maybe search under what username Tony uses when posting here…..he’s posted not too long ago

    Is there a search function on site?

  14. Craig Crawford – Happy Jack

    Blue Bronc – Epicenter

    Jamie – Zandon/White Abarrio

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    Patd – White Abarrio/Charge It/Barber Road

    Pogo – Tiz The Bomb

    KGC – Happy Jack

    Sturgeone – Charge It

    OldSeaHag – Mo Donegal


    Bink – Didn’t understand which horse you wanted


  15. Three quarters of the GOP voters in Ohio rejected J. D. Vance.  Among those were some large groups that he definitely insulted.  It may be tight, but I think Ryan can take the office.


  16. patd…  I agree with you… methinks the media will focus more on the leaker than what was leaked.
    OSH…  great to see you again in this space.  Haven’t heard from Tony since he posted here last.  He would love visiting Martha’s Vineyard.  Rick and I will be there shortly.

  17. scotus opinions sometimes have unintended consequences

     Satanic group asks to fly flag at Boston City Hall after supreme court ruling | Boston | The Guardian

    A Satanic temple is requesting to fly a flag over Boston City Hall after the US supreme court this week ruledthe city violated the free speech rights of a conservative activist seeking to fly a Christian flag outside the downtown complex.

    The Salem-based group on Tuesday tweeted a copy of its request to raise a flag to mark what it termed Satanic Appreciation Week, from 23 to 29 July.

    The application filed online with the city’s property management department does not provide any details about what the flag would look like or what the weeklong event entails.


    The group has lodged freedom of religion challenges nationwide, including a recent federal lawsuit arguing the Boston city council’s traditional opening prayer at its public meetings is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

    The office of Boston’s mayor, Michelle Wu, declined to comment on the group’s request other than to say it was reviewing the supreme court’s decision while also evaluating its flag-raising program.

    The supreme court ruled unanimously on Monday that Boston discriminated against activist Harold Shurtleff because of his “religious viewpoint”, even though it had routinely approved other flag raising requests.

    In 2017, Shurtleff and his Camp Constitution campaign group wanted to fly a white banner with a red cross on a blue background called the Christian flag to mark Constitution Day on 17 September.

    rwnj (as BB dubbed) heads are going to explode when zealots of religions other than their rwnj approved form of worship start praying in schools, at ball games and displaying symbols in public places.

  18. as to the unintended consequences of the expected abortion decision, it’s likely there are a number of entrepeneurs right now hording all the birth control and abortion pills they can get their hands on to resell in the upcoming black market for same.

  19. I could be wrong but I don’t see how a telemedicine ban or prohibition against filling a prescription through an online pharmacy could be enforced without the state violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).  BB, you are much more savvy about electronic communications than I am so you might have an idea on that.

  20. Pogo – There are several issues, but, and it is a big one, The Commerce Clause of the Constitution prohibits blocks to interstate movement of goods.  The U.S. government can prohibit movement of drugs, say from Canada, to the U.S., but, trying to prevent the movement of goods from one state to another is not allowed.  It should be an interesting case to get the rwnj Supremes to change the Constitution for that.


    “The push comes after the nation’s highest court unanimously ruled on Monday that Boston had violated the First Amendment rights of a group seeking to briefly raise a Christian flag atop a city flagpole outside of City Hall as a part of a city program celebrating Boston’s greater community.”

    “The Satanic Temple in Massachusetts is requesting that Boston fly its flag, after the Supreme Court ruled this week that the city had violated the First Amendment rights of a Christian group when it denied them flying their flag outside of City Hall.”

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