Time To Shame

Some of Earth’s biggest so-called democracies are not helping Ukraine: India, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Iraq. WTF???

Not sure about the math but I think this means a majority of people in democracies are not supporting Ukraine’s fight for democracy.


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  1. things like that and maybe a dictator or two as presidents might be why they’re called “so-called democracies”

  2. the bird truther movement is a light in the tunnel out of the lunacy pitched by the big liar (the original birther – not birder) & co

    a must see from last night

    The origins of “Birds Aren’t Real” – 60 Minutes – CBS News

    It’s spread to billboards, bumper stickers and popped up at halftime during the NCAA men’s basketball national championship game. More than a million people have become followers of Birds Aren’t Real, a movement that claims the birds you think you see flying in the sky are actually government surveillance drones.

    Thankfully, it’s all pure satire.

    The “conspiracy theory” is intended to mirror some of the absurdity that’s taken flight across the country.

    Peter McIndoe, the 24-year-old college dropout behind Birds Aren’t Real, is, fortunately, nothing like the megaphone-carrying, cowboy hat-wearing character he portrays.

    He told 60 Minutes this week about the parody.

    “So it’s taking this concept of misinformation and almost building a little safe space to come together within it and laugh at it, rather than be scared by it,” McIndoe said. “And accept the lunacy of it all and be a bird truther for a moment in time when everything’s so crazy.

    “The vision was creating something that reflected the absurdity through the eyes of the most confused archetype,” McIndoe said.


  3. The leaders of India and Brazil are tRUMPian.   India is benefiting from the war, by getting Russian gas.  Brazil is benefiting from the war by being able to sell their herbicide-soiled grain to EU countries, where it is normally banned because they can’t get Ukrainian grain.  Some countries, like Iran, may simply not want to be in the same side with the US, although calling Iran a “democracy” is being pretty generous.

    What needs to happen is all democracies need to do more than send Ukraine weapons. It’s time to shut down Russia until someone shuts down Putin and his backers.

  4. Craig – I have been wondering about that – at least until I remembered how much effort USSR spent “helping” those countries during the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.  Although the U.S. sent some aid it was usually not like the big projects which the USSR did. The parsimonious nature of the U.S. has let the Russians and Chinese become ingrained in many countries.  I am sure that a few of the contracts involved bribes to many and requirements to stay attached to Russia otherwise expect to be bombed.

  5. vice did same story in january.  talk about “time to shame”, the bird truthers are shaming the Q shamans

    Bird’s Aren’t Real is a viral conspiracy theory that has captured the minds of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans. Believers insist that the American government systematically replaced the millions of birds in the sky with government surveillance drones to spy on civilians. But are they serious?

  6. The birds in my yard are real. I’m not so sure about the ones in your yard.

  7. The big question being asked by my yard full of phony birds is simple.  The richest white males, the three of them, act as the owner operators and are the sole decision makers.  I am sure there are others involved in decisions but the press makes it seem as if they are the only ones. What happens to the empires when the richest white males go room temperature?  Sure they have succession plans, but as any sole proprietorship knows the kids may not want to take over, or are capable of doing so. 

  8. what??!!  Countries are made up of people…  and people are acting in their own self interest??!!
    or at least they think they are…
    geez…  like maybe that’s human nature or something…
    BTW…. shaming rarely works when one is talking about megalomaniac leaders…

  9. If you find yourself having to explain your satire, then the world is crazier than you think.
    I gave up try to do satire years ago. I just don’t have the imagination it takes to navigate the modern world. Or maybe I’m just moving into my geezerhood.
    Whatever, just keep the F**k off the grass.

  10. Speaking of Geezerhood, I have come to the conclusion that most folks older than me shouldn’t make any decisions more complicated than “oatmeal or eggs for breakfast” It is kinda scary to realize that people 10 years older than I am, are in charge of things like nuclear weapons.

  11. As to the topic of the day.
    It is a European thing, not of interest to third world “democracies”. It is what happens when you engage in “change the world” wars for over 20 years. Just another chicken wanting to roost.

  12. There’s a racial component no one wants to discuss, me included.
    That said, if any state or individual can’t speak out against the rape, torture, murder, and destruction of Ukraine and its people, they can’t be on the right side of anything

  13. The problem is you have to believe being connected, including mutual trade, with other democracies has a benefit. Neither the people controlling the Republican party nor those controlling the Democratic party believe this. Biden is kind of out there on his own on this one. In some ways he is trying to have it both ways. Actions express priorities and so far Biden has not removed any of the trade restrictions that Trump imposed, that I know of. 
    So why should a group of countries that are struggling from day to day be expected to buy in more than the 2 major parties in this country. Or even this country as a whole.

  14. So why are we so shocked at what Russia is doing in Ukraine, Obama tolerated much worse stuff in Syria, Chechnya, this isn’t the first time the Russian military did these things?
    Is Bink right, there is a racial difference or maybe they feel closer culturally to us. We can see the little girl dead in the hospital emergency, in her pink coat being the little girl next door. Even if the little girl next door is Hispanic or black. Little girls in pink coats don’t lay there bloody and dead in our world. 

  15. BTW, I , also think a major difference between Ukraine and other places that Russian military has raped and murdered is that Ukraine is much more sophisticated when it come to communication with first world democracies. 

  16. Good points, all (as usual), Mr. J 🎩 
    …can also surmise that one doesn’t have to follow international media too long to realize much of the world has their own shit to deal with.  Once again, an easy issue to be on the right side of, all those considerations aside
    Of course, the most accurate explanation for passivity among nation-states not supporting Ukraine is complex economic interdependencies, but here’s the thing: summer is coming and Europe won’t need Russian heating oil for half a year.  This was supposed to be over by now, if Putin had his way

  17. Putin to undergo cancer surgery? ~thoughts & prayers~   Hope those flaming tildes of sarcasm are just a preview of the flames of his own, personal hell. 

  18. https://www.businessinsider.com/putin-health-cancer-fears-and-baths-in-deer-antler-blood-says-report-2022-4

    “Putin has also taken up bathing in blood extract from severed deer antlers as a form of alternative medicine, the report said.”

    “The deer blood is believed to improve the cardiovascular system and rejuvenate the skin.”

    “The antlers are cut from the deer while they are alive, and animal rights activists have compared it to pulling out a person’s fingernails.”

    Just in case y’all needed another reason to hate the bastard.

  19. Just checked the survival rate for thyroid cancer.  Vlad will probably be with us for quite awhile…unless someone with guts does the world a solid. 

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