78 thoughts on “Roe Gone?”

  1. Gone when some chose not to vote for Hillary. They know who they are…the unforgiven.

  2. Will this finally be enough to drive women to the polls to eradicate all GOP from government until they finally regain sanity?

  3. imagine the average American man getting raped and forced to carry a parasite in their body for 9 months afterwards, there’d be an abortion clinic on every block

  4. Now pervy dudes can make a living prosecuting women that have stillbirths = Republican job creation

    As an aside, BBC World Service playing a program about the woman who pioneered research into communication between plants, fascinating stuff, plus she had to fight industrialist suppression (loggers of course)

  5. Yup. And now I have to endure commercials of Joe Manchin endorsing one repug congressman over another.  And he’s right, but really?

  6. pogo, as to manchin, is it that he publically stuck up for the truth about another senator (much like mcclain did refuting claims about obama not being a christian and biden praising certain GOPers for compromises) or is it more about his BBB slam that has Dems seething?

  7. so will their next proclamation be to negate the death with dignity (end of life options) laws in certain states?

    given this pro life projectory of scotus, may be they’ll also ban capitol punishment given the majority on the court are adherents of Catholicism.

    and what does this ruling mean for fertility clinics where excess/unneeded fertilized eggs are discarded?

  8. patd, re Manchin it is a mix of things that chap WV Dems’ asses. BBB is one of them, self interest is a big driver and nonsensical justifications for positions that are simply contrary to Democratic issues and the Democratic administration positions on those issues that top the list, at least for me. Wait and see where he falls on the Mississippi decision when it overturns Roe – and there is really no suspense regarding this. He will “follow his faith” and hail it – women’s rights be damned. 

  9. The Alito argument states “Abortion” isn’t in the Constitution. A great deal of current law is not in the Constitution … women and gays are just the beginning.  

    If SCOTUS is going to legislate from the bench and turn back the clock 50 years on Roe V Wade, then the Senate needs to pass my Women’s Health Protection Act, and if we need to eliminate the filibuster to get it done, we should do that too.

    Tammy Baldwin


  10. Filibuster?    OUT

    No more bullshit.  Republicans: A party of Gollums. 
    I think it was leaked in an effort to get Alito’s attention.

  11. from huffpo:

    “The Republican-appointed Justices’ reported votes to overturn Roe v. Wade would go down as an abomination, one of the worst and most damaging decisions in modern history,” Schumer and Pelosi said in the statement.
    “Several of these conservative Justices, who are in no way accountable to the American people, have lied to the U.S. Senate, ripped up the Constitution and defiled both precedent and the Supreme Court’s reputation,” the two Democrats added.
    “When I asked him whether it would be sufficient to overturn a long-established precedent if five current justices believed it was wrongly decided, he emphatically said no,” Collins said in 2018 before voting to confirm Kavanaugh.

  12. Hell yeah this is a gift to the Dems for the mid-terms!
    Most of us here have been posting about getting out and voting for Dems for no other reason than the Supreme Court.  OK all you left leaning people…  hope you get it now!

  13. what next?  for males no right to vasectomies, to masturbate (wasting the seed per KJV) or to purchase/use condoms?  for women no right to tubal ligations, to have hysterectomies or to purchase/be provided/use contraceptives?  regulations and laws prohibiting smoking, alcohol, bad dietary practice etc  by pregnant women in order to protect the rights of unborn person?

  14. The dipshit who believes that using zeros and O’s in captcha challenges needs to be shot.  Stupid prick.
    Collins is an gullible idiot.  Cavanaugh is a terrible liar.  Alito is a disingenuous idiot.  I got through about 10 pages of the 98 pages of the draft and the reasoning in it is about as shallow and goal oriented as any decision that comes out of the WV SCOA – and they are a group of 5 idiots making law from the bench in WV. All I can say to the Republicans who find themselves the parents of a pregnant teenager is that it is they who screwed their daughter, not her sleazy uncle.

  15. patd, if (when) Roe falls, beware of Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965) being on the block.  Roe was based on  the same right to privacy that was recognized for married folks with respect to sexual intimacy (contraceptives) in Griswold.  Get ready – they’re lining up the dominoes.

  16. CJ Roberts in statement says Politico document is real, but doesn’t represent final decision of the court. He’s opening a leak investigation

  17. Who gives a shit that it was leaked?  They’re public servants, why permit them to scheme in secret?

    They prefer to blindside the people with their minority opinion

  18. I always believed privacy right should have been rooted in Ninth Amendment as William Douglas wanted. 

    “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”
    Why I had it read at our wedding.

  19. Oh my.  Not a good day for lots of people.  It makes all the people who have left the US look smarter every day.

  20. Biden should start the process to add a few more Justices to the Supremes. 
    Going with the concept that a rwnj did the “leak” they may think that by dumping it out now instead of just before the elections will allow the shiny object to become boring.

  21. Hi KGC!
    I’m going with Epicenter… with White Abarrio as a second choice.

  22. from derby’s Tales from the Crib: White Abarrio | 2022 Kentucky Derby & Oaks | May 6 and May 7, 2022

    [1st part of article is background from foal to finish]
    Now White Abarrio returns to Churchill, the scene of his only career loss, with an enhanced resume. He has plenty of supporters on his bandwagon, a far cry from that January day as an undervalued sales yearling. You might say that this son of Catching Diamonds was a diamond in the rough for Herrera and his family, and Alisson is excited to see her bato loco run for the roses. 

  23. Poobah, neither is there any mention of substantive v. procedural due process, or the establishment of national banks, but there they are, or the right to vote (under attack as we speak), marriage, right to travel.  Like I said, not much of an opinion as it’s written.  

  24. BBal ter

    Not sure there is a chance in the flaming place we could get court expansion now, but if we do go for it at some point the easiest get might be the same number of Justices as there are Appellate courts which would mean three more.  That would be 12 so might have to go for either two or four to have an odd number and split between two Presidential terms.  

  25. Here are the current horses & Trailmix jockeys

    Craig Crawford – Happy Jack

    Blue Bronc – Epicenter

    Jamie – Zandon/White Abarrio

    RR – Epicenter/White Abarrio

    Patd – White Abarrio/Charge It/Barber Road

    Pogo – Tiz The Bomb

  26. Pity thread,  you all made the same points I would. 
    Same sex marriage is next , bet the farm on it. 
    Funny , no Russian hack in 2016 , no Trump win . In a way Putin’s finger prints are on this news.
    If Tucker could be impregnated , there’d be a pill you could buy over the counter at 7-11 . 

  27. The last three living  victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race  Massacre  get their day in court 
    All in wheel chairs , all over 100 years old. 
    I wonder if Court TV will cover it ?  Like Amber taking a dump in Johnny’s bed. 

  28. Frontline tonight  Part 3 of the “Power of Big Oil”,  their asses are about to be hauled into court like Big Tobacco . 
    And this Frontline series  makes a hell of a case for it. 

  29. Don’t go near Twitter today unless you have a solid grounding in Civics and even then they will argue that that isn’t fair.

    If I have to explain the three powers and checks and balances to one more irrational idea that has to be done immediately, I may just put my head in a toilet to end it all (Our stove is electric).


  30. The new  Vegas straw at Lake Meade is in the original  stream bed of the river before the dam, it is 20 feet below “dead pool”. 
    Their only problem  is Lake Powell  they are down to nut cuttin’, as we say in Texas. 
    Water or power ?
    Layer on this Ole’ West  set of water rights. 
    For example  
    In Colorado  you cannot  install  a water harvester system on your house. 
    That water belongs to the senior holder of the water  rights in your stream drainage. 
    All of this  mess is coming to a head this fall , and it is going to be messy.


  31. Arizona  does not have  a right to water or power.  Given it’s government this will be a problem for them. Because Nature bats last.  And she’s throwing curve balls.

  32. BBB –
    Fossil Brain Joe is the leader in oliy money. 
    It’s Bribery , not “freedom” , it’s rot, not “Voice”.
    The high court has done more to wound  our country with flimsy ideas. than any institution , or voice. 
    And all of it has been bent to money. 

  33. Every piece of campaign lit in big bold letters – Republicans see every woman and her doctors as Criminals! Vote Dem to stay out of jail
    From local to state to federal, every piece.

  34. Susan  Collins –
    Watching  that woman talk over the years ,   every word was fingers nails on the black board .
    She has the spine of a pop sickle. 

  35. I think Susan Collins should change parties as penance for all the gooper lies she has supported 

  36. Like Amber taking a dump in Johnny’s bed. 

    Now there’s an image.
    Bob, the legal legerdemaine that would be involved in going after same-sex marriage would make Otgo Waller look like a stove up stiff.

  37. KGC & Sturgeone – I have your picks.  Will do an updated list tomorrow for anyone else who wants in.

    Lurkers in the rafters, everyone is welcome to join in on this annual tradition.  Bragging rights are the only reward.


  38. One last thought –
    The Russian  Army  is in deep shit.  They  are relying  on their last pillar. shelling and rockets .
    This is because  their Army can’t take , and hold ground. 
    Nut mainly  the Kraines  are in their heads , They are  reading their mail. 
    The Russians have  lost 10 generals in  69 days. 
     No  Army  has ever sone that .
    I think  this  is due to us , giving GPS  to the Kraines. 
    I think we  know where every Russian  is , and we can  put a round in their forehead at will. 

  39. i’ll take the horse with the astronomy-inspired name but only for that reason

  40. jamie, just to be clear i’m going out on a very flimsy limb that’s white abarrio to win, charge it to place and barber road to show.  what’s the fem. for “bato loco” (crazy dude) –  bata loca, crazy dudette?

  41. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/04/29/greg-abbott-texas-border-mission-funding/

    “… Abbott said Friday he is moving another $500 million to fund Operation Lone Star, his border security initiative at the Texas-Mexico border.”

    “Abbott said the money would be taken from the budgets of other Texas agencies, including nearly $210 million from the state’s Health and Human Services Commission over two years and about $160 million from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Department of State Health Services and Juvenile Justice Department will each see tens of millions of dollars taken from their budgets to fund the border mission, Abbott said.”

  42. Culture wars are the specialty of the GOP.  Great diversionary tactics. 

  43. OM – estimated more than twenty thousand Russian military killed, that is huge, WWI type numbers.  Wounded should be about forty thousand up.  One problem is the Russians kill their own wounded which will distort the counts.  It is hard to hide these types of numbers from the population.  Even if they never return the bodies or even tell families where their young sons are (for eternity) people will wonder.  KGB agent Puttie is going out with a bang.

  44. “To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed,” Roberts said. “The work of the Court will not be affected in any way.”

    IOW – lifetime appointments; we don’t give a shit what anyone sez. 

  45. Ohio, May 3, 2022…Tim Ryan won on the Blue side, of course.  Trump lackey Vance, the former “never-Trumper” won easily in this now-backwards state in which I reside.


    J.D. Vance 



    Josh Mandel



    Matt Dolan
    Total reported

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