Reagan’s Star Wars Still Alive?

Another clue we’ve got this, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan: “We are prepared to deter nuclear aggression against the United States”.

Could be a bluff but we seem to be telling Russians we can stop their nukes. 

Biden’s response yesterday to Russia’s nuke threat: “We are prepared for whatever they do”.

Check out our mysterious Space Development Agency at DOD, sounds a lot like Reagan’s infamous star wars alive and well.

Russia shells Kyiv during UN Secretary General’s visit. Do we really need any more proof we are dealing with a Hitler and get this done?


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  1. when nuclear sabers are rattling even meteors are suspect.  scary times.

    Loud boom and streaking fireball stirs panic in three US states | US news | The Guardian

    The object, which scientists called a bolide, moved south-west at a speed of 55,000 miles per hour, breaking into pieces as it descended deeper into Earth’s atmosphere. It disintegrated about 34 miles (55 km) above a swampy area north of the unincorporated Concordia Parish community of Minorca in Louisiana.
    The Claiborne County emergency management agency posted a statement on Facebook confirming the reports and noting that the nearby nuclear power plant was not involved

  2. the hill:

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky slammed Russia for striking Kyiv on the same day that the United Nations secretary-general was visiting, saying Thursday that the attack spoke to Russia’s efforts “to humiliate the U.N. and everything that the Organization represents.”
    “Moscow claimed they had allegedly ceased fire in Mariupol. But the bombing of the defenders of the city continues. This is a war crime committed by the Russian military literally in front of the whole world. Russia’s shelling of Mariupol did not stop even when the UN Secretary-General was holding negotiations in Moscow,” Zelensky said during an address. 
    “And today, immediately after the end of our talks in Kyiv, Russian missiles flew into the city. Five missiles,” he continued. “And this says a lot about Russia’s true attitude to global institutions. About the efforts of the Russian leadership to humiliate the UN and everything that the Organization represents. Therefore, it requires a strong response.”
    Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, in his own post, pointed out the irony that Russia, which is one of the U.N. Security Council’s permanent members, was attacking Kyiv while Guterres was visiting. 
    Reznikov wrote in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal last week arguing that several international security organizations in which Russia is a member were failing because “Russia has done everything that the international security institutions were created to prevent.”
    “How can the United Nations Security Council, on which Moscow has a permanent seat, live up to its mission to maintain peace? What kind of security and cooperation is possible on the Continent when one participating state of the Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe has attacked another and killed thousands of civilians? These organizations have failed,” he said.


    “GOP’s new plan: Raise taxes on working people, end Social Security and Medicare”

    Abbott and DeSantis are a great distraction for what the GQP really wants to do. Republicans want to kill democracy and Americans. No healthcare or money for food if you are beyond your working years. It’s off to the glue factory for you. Don’t pay attention to that, though; there’s a dangerous book in the school library.

  4. Changes in habits as Amazon has a loss because of online shopping slowing.  Although I can think of several reasons online shopping at Amazon is slowing down a big one is how much it changed selling by third party shops.  For me the major reason I am shopping less is because of the 2020 shipping failures.  When the two day turned out to be two months I started looking at other companies for the same product.  Many were the same price and did have less than seven day shipping.  Others were cheaper and had two day shipping, and it was two days. 
    The second reason is the promotion of cheap, and often crummy, Chinese products.  There are fewer and fewer products of the quality of the brand I am looking for.  There are a lot of counterfeit products too. 

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  5. another reason is the owner took a space flight…..even the dimwit gooberage got rubbed the wrong way on that one…..that’s a silent reason, it won’t show up anywhere but i believe it factors in.   basically, “F that guy.”

    Especially that picture in the cowboy hat.

  6. 3rd-party sellers on Amazon.  You’re basically buying a bag of oranges from a guy under the interstate.    We have so many selling the products we manufacture, but Amazon also buys directly from us, so…

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  8. LP latest

    There’s two Kevin McCarthys: Kevin on the phone, and Kevin in person. Neither will be Speaker of the House.

  9. Considering that respondents to the daily question tend to be left of center, the response to today’s is somewhat frightening if the percentages continue to pan out. 

    Do you agree with Elon Musk that the “Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists”?







  10. BB
    yeah, me too. Things are higher, shipping is slower and the quality is problematic. I think I have returned about half of what I’ve bought in the last year. Also their delivery date estimates are out of whack. I ordered somethin that they said would take a week to deliver and it showed up on my doorstep 3 days later, when I was out of town. 
    But I’m still an online purchaser, just found a site called the House of Antiques that sells reproduction hardwear for cabinets. I wanted an oldtime look to some cabinets I’m building. They delivered within a week and the stuff looks great. 
    I’ve also had good luck buying from merchants on ebay.

  11. The old argument applies to countering Russian nukes:  we have to be right every time, they only have to be right once.  From what  i understand, ICBMs are very difficult to intercept, hypersonic missiles even more so
    If the US did possess the capability to effectively counter every Russian nuke, we would have “closed the skies” months, ago, and maybe we should have, in retrospect, considering how thoroughly we are arming Ukraine, now
    i fully support a tactical nuclear suppository right up Putin’s fuckin’ ass, Slava Ukraine 

  12. As much as i want to see Russia and Putin get their asses kicked, current trends are the opposite of ‘de-escalation’, and wars are paid for with the lives, livelihoods, and homes of innocents, which is why i hoped the economic sanctions were a more effective deterrent. Fuck you, too, China and Modhi’s India

  13. That said, i value and appreciate the Indian-American community and their contributions to both my immediate community, and American society as a whole, but maybe cut some of those work visas until their government gets with the program, because their petrol purchases are subsidizing a woman-and-child-killing war-machine

    ok i’m done ✌️🇺🇦

  14. Jack, had a similar experience this week – ordered some Sodium Hypochlorite last Sunday to clean our patio and part of the roof – had an estimated delivery date of 4/29-5/4.  Showed up on 4/27 – which of course I ain’t complainin’ about. On the other hand I ordered some hinges to repair a desk – estimated to arrive 3 days later – got to me after a month.  good thing I didn’t need them urgently.  And finally … needed to repair the in-door Ice bin in the fridge – have a home warranty and the repair shop they use said there was a 3 month backorder on that part – would have had a $100 deductible.  Found one (OEM) online at my favorite – – got it in 5 days for $90.  Strange old world ain’t it?


    “Fueled by Covid-19 relief measures and renewed federal investment, enrollment in Obamacare plans, Medicaid expansion and Basic Health Plan policies has soared to an estimated 35.8 million as of early 2022, up from 27.1 million in 2020, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.”

    “However, these gains could start melting away as early as this summer if the nation’s public health emergency is not renewed again. That will allow states to resume disenrolling Medicaid beneficiaries who no longer qualify for coverage, a practice that was halted during the pandemic.”

  16. this sounds like a worthwhile project.  getting out the vote is important, but making sure the votes that actually do get cast are counted, reported and certified correctly without jan6 style hanky-panky blocking the peaceful transfer of power is even more important.  atta girl, amy, for heading this effort up.

    Our democracy is on the line this November. In 27 states, voters will elect their next Secretary of State, and Donald Trump is handpicking Big Lie-believing candidates who will be in his pocket when it comes time to certify the next presidential election. The American SOS Project is fighting back — but we can’t do it alone. We’re relying on people who believe in this critical mission to power it forward.

  17. uh oh, too close to home.  the magaT cult leader would probably meet them with open arms (especially if they greased his palms with more money)

    Putin’s Rasputin Urges Russia to Arm Cuba in Echo of Kennedy Missile Crisis (

    A Russian political philosopher and propagandist believed to have influenced Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has said Moscow should send arms to its allies to retaliate against Western countries giving weapons to Kyiv’s forces.

    Aleksandr Dugin is a 60-year-old intellectual and former Moscow State University professor, who has been described variously as “Putin’s Rasputin”, “Putin’s philosopher” and even “Putin’s brain.”
    He is believed to have the ear of the Russian president and his theories are thought to have shaped Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 as well as the full-scale invasion of Ukraine that started on February 24.
    In January and with tensions high between the West and Moscow over its military buildup by Ukraine, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov refused to rule out the possibility the Kremlin would order military deployments to Cuba and Venezuela.
    “What Dugin is talking about here is basically a broader mobilization of Russian support for anti-western powers,” said Samuel Ramani, associate fellow at the London think tank, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).
    “It is part of a broader call for distracting NATO and the West. The argument that the Russians are making is that the West is trying to distract Russia by trying to open up new fronts,” he told Newsweek, “so we should distract them back.”
    “I think it’s bluster and bluff from Dugin, but it’s certainly something to watch out for,” Ramani said. Newsweek has reached out to the U.S. State Department for comment.

  18. Pat
    Just words, putin can’t arm his own troops right now and this ain’t the cold war where Russia looked like our equal. A lot of these countries like Venezuela and Cuba are looking at their hold cards. 
    Russia has really hurt its image with this war.
    One other thing Newsweek is now a click bait site not a reputable news source
    Which is saying a lot given how CNN, Fox, MSNBC use click bait to drive numbers.

  19. Poobah, whatever we have now is nothing like Reagan’s Star Wars program, at least not technologically.  He was laughed out of DC re the Star Wars (Strategic Defense Initiative) idea because among other problems politically the state of electronics back in the 80s wasn’t up to the task of ICBM interception and destruction – I seem to recall the first tests of a component of that system failed pretty miserably, in fact didn’t even get close enough to 3 of the 4 “incoming” warheads to trigger the explosives that were rigged to make it look like the intercepting missiles hit the  incoming delivery platforms.  But now the technology has advanced to the point that it might work – and if not there are always those Jewish Space Lasers.

  20. Way back when Ol’ what’s his face had delusions (not as nutty as the former guy) and wanted Star Wars stuff.  At the time I was in the deep, very deep, black world so he could not hear us rolling on the floor laughing.  I asked some person who would know, if they ever told him about our group.  The answer was a very solid ‘no’. We were not talked about then and not today.  Sigh, fame and fortune eludes us.

  21. BB I bet you folks WERE RFLYAO.  That was back when I was just getting my 1st computer – a PC clone with 256kb RAM and if I remember correctly, a 1 Gig hard drive.  No Windows back then – DOS was the game.

  22. jack, oh how far they’ve fallen.  news purveyors ain’t what they use to be.

    hope you’re safely tucked away in a storm room tonight with all the expectant tornadoes coming your way — or have they already blown thru and are on their way here?

  23. Yeah. We should’ve done more to help Ukraine two months ago.   Putin won’t stop…until he’s completely stopped and rotting in hell.


    An opportunity to arrest Putin for war crimes.

    “President Joe Biden and his advisers are still in conversations about how to approach November’s Group of 20 summit, whose hosts received confirmation Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to attend.”

    “Psaki said the White House’s understanding was that Indonesia invited Putin to attend prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

  25. Send a low level representative
    Oh and insist they be treated as Putin’s equal.


  26. He’s never leaving Russia, again, maybe China to kiss Xi’s ring, at most

    No way he goes to G20

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