It’s Earth Day Today!

American Museum of Natural History:

The first Earth Day was in 1970. What’s changed since? Our population has doubled. We’re emitting 2.6 times more CO2. Sea levels have risen 12 centimeters. But the world has also changed for the better. See how our actions since 1970 have added up.


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    “The male pill could democratize this field,” says Cleghorn. “We need to move away from these rigid, antiquated gender roles and from the idea that men’s sexuality and libido is something to be protected and for women it is a price to be paid.”

    “In the United States alone, 45 percent of pregnancies are unplanned. Globally, there are 121 million unintended pregnancies each year, according to the UN’s State of World Population 2022 report…”

    “Women’s fertility and sexuality is thought to be something controlled and managed. But when it comes to the side effects in men it’s seen as intolerable.”

    “In 2016, a 96 percent effective hormone-based, male contraception pill that blocked testosterone was found to have side effects, including weight gain, depression and lower sexual desire. But while those side effects closely correlate with female contraceptives that have long been on the market, that put an end to the product.”


    What Is the Future of America’s Greenest Town?

    “Greensburg decided to reinvent itself as America’s greenest town. Today, it is one of a handful of places powered entirely by renewable energy. Its grass is largely irrigated with rainwater, its structures warmed by geothermal heat. Energy-efficient buildings, drought-resistant landscaping and LED lamp posts line its streets. These features have made it a magnet for disaster-recovery experts and green-curious policymakers. At the same time, even as it thrives in comparison to other rural communities, Greensburg is grappling with how to move forward as a place best known for what it did 15 years ago. It is a case study in the pros and cons of embracing sustainability primarily as an economic and marketing strategy, rather than as an environmental ideal.”

  2. and raspberries to the cowards

    Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell privately attempted to oust former President Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection and then recanted, according to New York Times reporters. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on how the revelations fit with the party’s long-standing tension with Trump and how public criticism explains the issue.

  3. Yep. Zelensky makes Republicans look like sniveling, hateful, weak-minded, soulless twits.  They still can’t even stand up to Orange Adolf. (Feel free to ad more descriptors to the list.)

  4. CNN is reporting that 2 ex-Russian oligarchs have been murdered a couple of days apart. Vlad seems to be doubling down on his grip over the guys he let get very rich exploiting mother Russia. Sort of a let this be a warning to you – don’t think I will let you undermine me. 

  5. Someone needs to take out Vlad.   That ends the insanity and the horror.  It doesn’t fix things for Ukrainians, though. My god, what they’ve experienced this year at the hands of the monster, Putin.  He knows his time is short and he wants to be remembered, I guess. Most kids don’t know who Stalin was, though.

  6. patd, poobah?  I have tried 3 times to post a comment and it isn’t showing up.  I went and submitted it as a new post on the dashboard, but it was really meant to be a comment. Can you see if there’s a problem with it or am I on the banned list? (I did a workaround – it’s below, without functional links)

    Update on the oligarchs. It appears they died of murder/suicide (at least one of them). My guess is that a message was passed along to them that they and their families might be sent to a re-education camp for their retirement (at hard labor). The Insider.

    Two Russian oligarchs were found dead alongside their wives and children one day apart, according to multiple reports.

    Vladislav Avayev, the former vice president of Gazprombank, was found dead of a gunshot wound in his Moscow apartment on Monday, Russia’s state-run Tass news agency reported.

    The Moscow investigations department did not name the victims in its public statement about the case, but Tass said an unnamed source confirmed their identities.

    Investigators wrote in their statement that they are prioritizing a theory that Avayev shot his wife and daughter, and then himself.

    More than 2,000 miles away, in Spain, another oligarch — Sergei Protosenya — was found hanged, with his wife and daughter stabbed to death, Spanish TV channel Telecinco reported. His body was found Tuesday, Spanish outlet El Punta Vui reported.

    He was found with a bloodstained knife and an ax at his side, Telecinco reported.

    Protosenya was the former vice president and chief accountant of Novatek, a major gas company with close connections to Gazprombank.

    He and his wife and daughter were staying in a rented luxury villa in Lloret de Mar, a coastal Catalan town, for the Easter period, according to Telecinco.


    Protosenya may have had a bit of help with his “suicide”, but who knows?

  7. Note first item on “what has changed” in the 50 years of Earth Day is the fact population has doubled.  In my lifetime it has more than tripled.  People just aren’t a good thing for the environment.  

  8. Axe? Trotsky?  Stalin?   Reverse russian roulette……revolver fully loaded except for one empty chamber.
    (Ha-ha, just kidding about the one empty chamber, Comrade)

  9. pogo, just saw your 9:15 problem about comment.  no idea what happened.   maybe ask the boss. 

  10. OM – I suspect a portion of the rapid development included special GPS receivers as the blood drenched russians are scrambling or blocking the regular GPS.

  11. Poobah,  prolly nothing.  Since I posted the comment by dropping a copy into the comment I made at 9:15 you could probably just ditch the one I submitted for review.  May have just been a posting glitch – 

  12. Biden and his team are really nailing it.  All the way, 100%, whole nine yards—nailing it.  


    MGT under oath. Will she tell the truth?

    “Greene is testifying as a witness during the marathon hearing – making her the first lawmaker to testify under oath about their involvement in the attack on the US Capitol. The congresswoman said that she “had no knowledge of any attempt” to illegally interfere with the counting of electoral votes on January 6.”

    “The challengers are trying to highlight how Greene posted messages and videos on social media, in the run-up to the Capitol Hill insurrection.”

    “Andrew Celli, lawyer for the challengers, asked her, “Did you like a post that said, ‘it’s quicker that a bullet to the head would be a quicker way to remove Nancy Pelosi from the role of Speaker?’

    “The case revolves around a Civil War-era provision of the Fourteenth Amendment, which says any American official who takes an oath to uphold the Constitution is disqualified from holding any future office if they “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

    “Greene filed a federal lawsuit to shut down the state process – which is how GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn fended off a similar candidacy challenge in North Carolina. But in a blistering 75-page ruling on Monday, a federal judge rejected many of Greene’s legal arguments and allowed the state case to move forward.”

    She looked like she’s ‘roided up, arms, horse face and all. Maybe that’s why she acts out the way she does but, like Vlad, she was already an arsehole.


    “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration on Friday to halt the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from lifting Title 42, a pandemic-era health order used by federal immigration officials to expel migrants, including asylum-seekers, at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

    But they fought against masks and vaccines. GQP dumbasses.

  15. a little over 3 months ago LP put this out — and it’s still relevant

    Even Kevin doesn’t believe Kevin.

  16.  Visibility down to 3 miles wind gusting to 50 mph.  Storms starting to go up West of me.
    If it rains , it will be the first , measurable  amount in months, and months.
    A long night on the High Plains. 

  17. PBS has been doing a bang up job of reporting on the deniers this week.
    Tonight they are running “The Trick” 
    This is the template of  much of how our politics is today.

    The Trick


    True story of Philip Jones telling the cautionary tale of the 2009 Climate gate scandal.MORE

  18. This conspiracy thriller and cautionary tale tells the story of the 2009 Climate gate scandal, when the media storm undermined confidence in the science of climate change. Professor Phil Jones and his team at the University of East Anglia find themselves in the middle of a major investigation with their 30 years of research work being questioned in the first ‘fake news’ attack

    This was a template for what was to come.  “hacked e-mails” .  Taking a few words from 10 years of a 1,000 emails and turning them into a cudgel. 3 weeks before an major climate conference. 
    It worked so well they used it in 2016  against Hillary Clinton.
     I was paying a lot of attention to this back then, but only to how the dump was used.
    First it was the  Rupert tabloids in Britain,  that began the chorus , then the denier blogs here picked it up, then to Fox News.  A feed back loop of lies all pointing to each other as a solid source. This  thing ran for years on every climate story that came along.
    The “Climate Wars”  during this time set the pattern see today on a much larger field of play. 
    I have no doubt the Russians did this hack.
    And ever since then it’s been like watching a single seal swim into a pod of orcas. 
    The full show is up  online here   a 90 min . tale .

  19. Happy Earth Day !
    Do not feed wild birds ! Do not put water in your bird bath!
    There is no “mask mandate’  for bald eagles. 

  20. Since  Disney  came the Florida  , guess who they gave the most PAC money to ?
    That number will be an eye. popper .
    Now the tiger has turned on them , and dumped a billion dollar bill on the people who live off them. 
    Nice move Ron .

  21. Orville Peck, the masked gay hipster cowboy, is growing on me

    i believe he might also be Canadian

  22. Hmm, can i do a whole album of him, though?  Let’s find out

    Slava Ukraine 😭🇺🇦

  23. NPR tonight –
    The Russian army is poorly trained  and poorly led.  That is why they have fallin back on just endless shelling.  Their ground troops are not up to the fight.
    The Kraines  are reporting 3,000 tanks killed, but  the ones that see this , abandon their tanks a run. 
    That is not an army that can win. 
    This is why Putin will lose. 
    Buy the way Russian tanks are not the ocean of T-34’s we saw at the battle of Kursk.  They are little toys with tiny guns. 
    The Russian Army is being bled white. 
    And the “Ghost” drones  are coming.
    Getting into the heads of a weak army is priceless. 
    And when the Russian troops cut and run they run back to headquarters. 
    I do not believe  this won’t be costly , but this is one of the poorest armies in the history of human warfare. 
    Hitler had boot lickers , Putin has boys that want to go home to Mama.  

  24. lol:

    I meet a girl who’s tryna shoot the breeze

    She tells me she don’t like Elvis

    I say, I want a little less conversation, please

    Great album 🍻 ✌️

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