Sunday Serendipity

April In Paris by Sarah Vaughn accompanied by Leader/Arranger: Ernie Wilkins, Clifford Brown (trumpet), Herbie Mann (flute), Paul Quinichette (tenor), Jimmy Jones (piano), Joe Benjamin (bass), and Roy Haynes (drums). Recorded in New York, December 18, 1954.

Enjoy Jack


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  1. thanks, jack.

    if it’s april in paris, it’s raining

    Masterpieces - famous paintings that evoke the spring

    Gustave Caillebotte, Paris Street; Rainy Day

  2. Steve Doocy (Alex Moffat), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Mikey Day) interview Justice Clarence Thomas (Kenan Thompson), his wife Ginni Thomas (Aidy Bryant) and Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson).

  3. something different for a change

    Native American tribe reacquires hundreds of acres in Virginia | The Hill

    The Department of the Interior (DOI) announced on Friday the return of more than 400 acres of land to an indigenous tribe in Virginia.
    About 465 acres at Fones Cliffs on the eastern side of the Rappahannock River was returned to the Rappahannock Tribe, which regards the sacred site as its ancestral homeland, according to a press release from the DOI.
    The Rappahannock Tribe will own and maintain the land, but the site, within the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge, will be available to the public. The tribe plans to create trails and a replica 16th-century village at the site to educate visitors.
    The Rappahannock Tribe inhabited at least three villages at the Fones Cliffs site, which is where the tribe first came into contact with — and defended their land against — English explorer John Smith in 1608.
    The tribe was subsequently removed from the land by force during the colonization of America, according to the Chesapeake Conservancy.
    Rappahannock Tribe Chief Anne Richardson applauded the reacquisition of the sacred site on Friday.
    “We have worked for many years to restore this sacred place to the Tribe. With eagles being prayer messengers, this area where they gather has always been a place of natural, cultural and spiritual importance,” she said in a statement, according to Chesapeake Conservancy.

  4. Thank you Jack.  The Amazing Sarah Vaughn with a beautiful song is a lovely Sunday treat.  Seeing the name Clifford Brown always brings up the jazz piece dedicated to him. 

    Clifford Benjamin Brown (October 30, 1930 – June 26, 1956) was an American jazz trumpeter and composer. He died at the age of 25 in a car accident, leaving behind four years’ worth of recordings. His compositions “Sandu”, “Joy Spring”, and “Daahoud” have become jazz standards.  Brown won the DownBeat magazine Critics’ Poll for New Star of the Year in 1954; he was inducted into the DownBeat Hall of Fame in 1972.


  5. I seem to recall Sarah Vaughn being installed as a “Trailmix Diva” or something along those lines some time back.   
    Great lady, great players. 

  6. Watching horrific clips of genocide today, seems time for NATO to ramp up. Give up Russian oil and gas for starters, stop funding war crimes. Gonna hurt, but Europe it’s your gas or your lives.

  7. Best SNL cold open of the season.  The SFB impression was absolutely incredible.

    Sarah Vaughn – what a treasure.

  8. If Finland and Sweden wish to join the alliance, NATO “will find a way to make it happen relatively quickly,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. (CNN)

  9. Craig – Finns are in talks from what I can read of the local news.  My dislike (H8 actually) comes from my family having to fight them in the 1939-40 Winter War and then the rest of WWII.  My cousin died a couple years ago with a body full of shrapnel in his body from that time. For many decades Finland tried to live with the threat, and even went so far as to have Kremlin approved high officials.  That ended a few years ago and now Finland is preparing, along with the Sweden, to repel an invasion.  The talk of NATO has always been there, but now action is being taken, including approval by the people.

    Of interest to me, a couple days ago my physical therapist asked me what I thought of the Ukraine “situation”. I told her that if I was forty or fifty years younger I would have already been there fighting. Obviously it was not an answer she was expecting as she went quiet immediately. She knows what being in the military did to my body, she has seen almost all the scars. I suppose this also is the difference between being seen in the VA versus civilian, once again.

  10. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that Russian actions against Ukraine constitute genocide, and that Ukraine is being “destroyed and exterminated” by Russian forces.

  11. POLITICO Playbook: A night of laughter and cringe at the Gridiron- POLITICO

    INSIDE THE RETURN OF THE GRIDIRON — New Hampshire Republican Gov. CHRIS SUNUNU stole the show Saturday night at the annual Gridiron Club dinner by saying out loud what most Republicans in Washington *privately* whisper about DONALD TRUMP.

    “You know, he’s probably going to be the next president,” Sununu said of Trump, musing about his “experience,” “passion,” “sense of integrity” and the “rationale” he brought to his tweets. As the room quieted to see where he was going with this, he paused, then yelled: “Nah, I’m just kidding! He’s FUCKING CRAZY!” The ballroom roared with laughter. “ARE YOU KIDDING?! Come on. You guys are buying that? I love it … He just stresses me out so much! … I’m going to deny I ever said it.”

    It didn’t stop there: “The press often will ask me if I think Donald Trump is crazy. And I’ll say it this way: I don’t think he’s so crazy that you could put him in a mental institution. But I think if he were in one, he ain’t getting out!”

    It was just the beginning of an evening full of laughs — and, at times, cringes — that had the more than 600 journalists and VIPs in attendance reaching for more wine. For several hours, it was like the pandemic never happened, as D.C.’s high society descended on the Renaissance Hotel downtown for the first Gridiron gathering in three years.


    President JOE BIDEN didn’t attend the event, but did send a video, which was played at the top of the night, in which he jokingly thanked Sununu for “helping Democrats keep the Senate.”

    — Explaining why he couldn’t make it: “I really wanted to be with you tonight, but the truth is I just couldn’t find a 7-hour-and-37-minutes gap in my schedule.”



  12. george packer’s

    The Animals of Ukraine Tell Their Own Story – The Atlantic

    It’s striking how many stories and pictures from the war in Ukraine involve animals. One of the first Ukrainian civilian victims was a woman killed by Russian shelling as she tried to bring shelter dogs to safety near Kyiv. During the evacuation of the city, railway platforms and trains were crowded with pets of all kinds. A woman carried her infirm German shepherd a dozen miles on foot to cross the Polish border. A Ukrainian soldier took time to bandage the head injuries of a stray dog wounded by shelling. Every Ukrainian platoon seems to have a pet dog, some of them actually serving in the military. A man risked his life to rescue a vanload of kangaroos from the Kharkiv zoo; then he returned for the tapirs. A girl in the back seat of a passenger car was shot by Russian troops because the pet carrier in her lap, with her wounded cat inside, kept her from bending over when her mother yelled “Get down!” (The girl, her mother, and their cat survived; the fate of the volunteer driver is unknown.) An old woman remained in a war-torn town to care for the cats left behind by neighbors who had escaped.
    Some Ukrainians seem to grieve their lost pets almost as deeply as their lost parents, children, husbands, wives. “Rest in peace, my beautiful angel,” a Ukrainian journalist tweeted when she learned that the shar-pei she’d had to leave behind when she fled her home subsequently died. “They will pay for making your last few weeks hell.”
    Animals die in large numbers in every war. Think of draft horses drowning in mud in the battlefields of France, or water buffalo machine-gunned from the air in Vietnamese rice paddies, or the tormented farm animals in Picasso’s Guernica. Their deaths are never counted in official casualty figures; almost all of them go unrecorded and unremembered. Animals are also targets in war, usually as a means to deprive an enemy of food and income. But in this war, animals have become Russian targets for no purpose other than sheer cruelty. Ukraine’s government has accused the Russian military of intentionally striking dog shelters and horse stables. Russian soldiers in retreat from the Kyiv region left behind the bullet-riddled corpses of not just cattle, horses, and goats, but even pet dogs. By killing animals, the invaders seem to be responding to all the pictures of Ukrainians with pets in bomb shelters and evacuation convoys. The Russians have identified yet another way to inflict pain on the Ukrainian people—not by starving them but by breaking their heart.
    Something is uniquely unfair about the suffering that war inflicts on animals. They are the ultimate noncombatants. War has nothing to do with the world they inhabit. In their consciousness it has no meaning, not even the meaning of evil. A deer scorched by artillery fire has no understanding of the cause of its pain, and yet it gazes at the camera with immense stoicism. In Ukraine, this unfairness seems all the greater because, more than in most wars, animals in this war are not anonymous. Because of the intense bonds they share with human beings, and because their fate is seen widely on social media, they’ve become individuals to the outside world—unwitting protagonists in the drama.
    Perhaps Ukrainians are no more animal-loving than other people. I imagine Russians back home take good care of their huskies and borzois. But the stories of animals in this war tell you something about the two sides. An invasion launched for the purpose of erasing an entire nation has dehumanized Russian soldiers so quickly and thoroughly that killing has become an end in itself; so, in retreat, they shoot kenneled dogs. And the country they came to destroy, in fighting for its life, has become one that extends solidarity and love beyond its human citizens.

  13. OM – so that is why I saw Mr. Burns on some television talk show the other day.  The volume was low and I was talking on the cellular telephone so I did not pay any attention.  As usual it should be quite entertaining.

  14. They’re executing civilians and planting bombs on their bodies as they retreat. Don’t think Nazis even thought of that. We are dealing with pure evil, denial no longer an option.

  15. CC –
    The Japanese  boobie trapped their dead. 
    WW III ? If not there yet, we’re very close.
    WW 2 1/2  ?
    Patd –
    I saw a clip of a lady  fleeing with her gerbil.  These are real human beings. They are giving the world a lesson on just what that means. 
    As for Russia , human life has always been very very cheap. Their own people are seen as meat. 

  16. At the siege of Stalingrad, the Red Army sent men into battle with  no weapons . You had to strip the dead for a rifle.
    The one thing that has really puzzled me  where are the cyber attacks ?
    That is really a dog that has not barked.  I would hope we and others hit them first , that is their hackers.  

  17. Old dogs and children and watermelon wine.  And I love little baby ducks.   

  18. God Dam ! 
    They finished with Laurie Anderson  with Anderson Cooper. !
    At 74 , she looks like a retired nun , only she lived with Lou Reed for 21 years.
    And still a stone cold genius .
    I had a big crush on her.
    One of the great artists  America has ever produced. 
    Do your self a favor and watch this interview. 

  19. Here’s how bright she is –
    Quoting someone else.  And she has know tech for 40 years. 
    “If you think technology is going to solve your problems, ………………….. You don’t know anything about technology, or your problems.”

  20. The Snow Crab  are 200 miles North of their home range.  And the quota  has been slashed by 90 % over last year.

    Special report: Ocean warming has put at risk the historic Alaska crab fishery. After a dismal summer survey, state biologists slashed this year’s harvest of snow crab by nearly 90% from 2021 levels.


  21. What does  the  dying of the  Great Salt Lake, thousands at the Southern border,  Snow Crabs racing to the North Pole, the price of flood insurance in Louisiana, fires burning near “Dollywood” , the death of the Great Barrier Reef , and on and on and on  have in common ?
    Too much Co2  out of the Earth and into the Air. 
    I have tangled  with how to frame this for years.  So that anyone can get their head around it. 

  22. Powerful work by John Legend and 3 Ukrainian artists on th Grammys, preceded by an address by Volodymir Zelenskyy on the Grammys. 

  23. Fossil Fuels –
    Oil, Gas, and  Coal are not  ” rocks ” , they are very old plants storing the  sunlight of hundreds of millions of years.  When those plants died  over all that crazy time, they took with them the sun and the Co2  that day of their death.  And they got buried.  Over very long timescales .
    The  gas that has been “Fracked”  in Penn. is over  320 Million year old. 
    The gas in your car could be 80 Million years old. 
    The coal in your power plant could be 240 Million. 
    We are now taking all that stored power of that sunlight on very simple plants to fuel our world.  All at once. 
    That is why we are here.  it’s also  why it must stop and right now. 
    What we have done ain’t in the record.  That is dig up all that stored Co2 , and burn it all at once onto the air. 
    We are the volcano .  Our lives are little volcanos .
    The more we burn the hotter it will be.  And no one knows where this goes. 
    Wally  said  this abut  our climate –
    “The Earth’s climate is an angry beast , and we keep poking at it with a stick.”  

  24. If congress  takes up a New Energy bill , ole’ Coal Brain Joe will load it with his feathers. 
    One man in the name of greed will kill  untold millions . 
    We are no different  than Russia,  the very rich think their world will last. 
    That they can  flee to safety with their money  .  Well  money , as I told the strippers is just dirty green paper. 
    Watch the price of silver 

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