Sunday Serendipity

Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel – String Quartet in E-Flat Major

Fanny Mendelssohn, the older sister of Felix, was a prolific composer, a
skilled pianist and a respected hostess of a flourishing Berlin salon (a
fashionable gathering of notables, such as artists or statemen, held at the
home of a prominent individual). Fanny and Felix shared a common music
education and developed an unusually close sibling relationship. When she
was a child the family encouraged Fanny’s involvement in music, not just as
a performer but as a composer, but as she matured into womanhood her
father let her know unequivocally that, while she had great musical talent,
she would do best to focus on being a wife and mother. In a letter to her in
1820 he stated, “Music will perhaps become his [Felix’s] profession, while
for you it can and must be only an ornament”

Fanny’s music reflects her deep reverence for both Bach and Beethoven as
well as a strong influence from her brother. It exhibits a fine craftsmanship
and lyricism typical of the post-Classical Mendelssohnian style, combined
with her own experimental and inventive approach to form and content.
The String Quartet in E flat major was composed in 1834. This imaginative
and elegantly lyrical work was Fanny’s only one in the genre and acknowledges her debt to the quartets of Beethoven.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. thank you, jack, wonderful selection. a small bouquet of musical beauty perfect for the 1st day of spring.

  2. Something about today … I feel a sense of balance coming on.
    Fanny?  How’d I miss her?  Nice stuff, and great stuff for ivory ticklers., too.

  3. From the font (wiki)

    Her compositions include a  piano trio, a piano quartet, an orchestral overture, four cantatas, more than 125 pieces for the piano, and over 250 lieder, most of which went unpublished in her lifetime. Although praised for her piano technique, she rarely gave public performances outside her family circle.
    She grew up in Berlin and received a thorough musical education from teachers including her mother, as well as the composers Ludwig Bergerand Carl Friedrich Zelter. Her younger brother Felix Mendelssohn, also a composer and pianist, shared the same education and the two developed a close relationship. Due to the reservations of her family, and to social conventions of the time about the roles of women, a number of her works were published under her brother’s name in his Opus 8 and 9 collections.…

    Amazing the things that somehow escape us.

  4. jack – Lovely.

    How much else has been lost because women were told their talent or mind had to be stuffed down into a tiny in place in order to make room for the the things that women were supposed to do?

  5. I think I’ve finally found my true calling

    TOKYO — Before moving out of Tokyo for her new job, Akari Shirai wanted to eat at the favorite restaurant she used to visit with her then husband. There was one issue: She didn’t want to be flooded with thoughts about her divorce by going alone. But she didn’t feel like inviting a friend and explaining the situation, either.

    So she rented Japan’s “do-nothing guy.”

    Their near-silent lunch lasted about 45 minutes. Shirai ordered her favorite dish and intermittently asked questions. She shared memories of her marriage and showed him a photo from the wedding. He nodded and gave curt answers, sometimes a dry laugh. He never initiated conversation.

    It was exactly what Shirai wanted.

    “I felt like I was with someone but at the same time felt like I wasn’t, since he existed in a way where I didn’t have to be attentive of his needs or think about him,” said Shirai, 27. “I felt no awkwardness or pressure to speak. It may have been the first time I’ve eaten in complete silence. 

    For years, there’s been a cottage industry in Japan and South Korea of renting strangers to impersonate friends, family members or other acquaintances, as a way to save face at social functions where plus-ones are expected.

    But over the past four years, Shoji Morimoto, 38, has built a cult following by offering himself as a warm body who can simply be there, liberating his clients from the social expectations of the spoken and unspoken norms of Japanese society. Morimoto — nicknamed “Rental-san,” incorporating an honorific — has inspired a television series and three books and has drawn international attention through his viral social media posts.

    At the end of the lunch the young lady went to a bookstore, bought a copy of his book and a pen and had Morimoto sign it  I don’t think he charged her extra.

    I can see this as a real possibility in my retirement if I ever get there.


  6. Vernal equinox – separates the last day of winter (65 degrees, sunny and breezy) from the first day of spring (35 degrees, mixed snow/rain and breezy). I thought somehow that might not be the natural order of things. Still an hour & 23 minutes away, but I don’t see a big shift on the horizon. Weather’s a mean old dog I suppose.

  7. today 

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tells CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that he’s ready for negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but says if negotations fail “that would mean that this is a third World War.”

  8. Zelensky Again Warns Of World War If Talks With Russia Fail (

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky again pleaded to negotiate directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a Sunday interview with CNN, warning a “third World War” may come if peace isn’t reached between the two countries soon.


    Speaking to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Zelensky said he’s “ready” to meet with Putin, saying negotiations between the two leaders are crucial to ending the war that began when Russia invaded Ukraine February 24.
    “If there’s just 1% chance for us to stop this war, I think that we need to take this chance,” said Zelensky.
    A spokesperson for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose country has emerged as a key mediator in the conflict, said Saturday Putin is not ready to meet with Zelensky, though Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told a Turkish newspaper Sunday he is “hopeful” a ceasefire agreement will come soon, according to a Reuters translation.
    Zelensky has repeatedly called for a direct meeting with Putin over the last month, most recently saying “it’s time” for the two to meet in a Saturday video address. Sunday isn’t the first time Zelensky has invoked a warning about World War III, either, as he told NBC News on Wednesday a world war “may have already started.” Russian and Ukrainian delegations have held multiple rounds of peace talks without any major progress thus far. On Tuesday, Zelensky indicated a willingness to concede on a key Russian demand Tuesday, saying Ukraine must “accept” it will not be able to join NATO, though Ukraine has maintained it won’t agree to Russia’s demand of Ukraine becoming a neutral country like Austria and Sweden.
    Kurt Volker, the former U.S. ambassador to NATO and special envoy to Ukraine, told CBS earlier this month he doesn’t expect Putin to end the war through negotiations, explaining: “We have to understand that Putin is bent on a military victory. He wants to destroy Ukraine, decapitate the leadership.”

  9. jamie,

    where?  at an extra long table straddling the borders with each man attired in double Kevlar vests with helmet hoodies and gas masks to ward off the novichok ?


    no doubt vlad will be decked out in that big blue puffy coat hiding what knows within it. 

  10. where?

    My guess is Ankara, since the only thing Putin wants more than Ukraine is to deny Macron a diplomatic victory

  11. No doubt about it ……if the dipshit could sling a bunch of bombs around, he would absolutely love it.
    Such a toxic little monkey.   


    “While Biden has been successful in rallying European and Asian allies behind a punishing set of sanctions and unparalleled levels of military assistance, he and his NATO counterparts have drawn lines at where their support will end.”

    “What happens if, or when, Ukraine can no longer withstand Russia’s assault? “They’re going to have to look at what happens if Ukraine is lost,” said retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, a former NATO supreme allied commander. “After they have weighed the problem of what happens if Ukraine falls, they have to consider what more can be done to sustain Ukraine in the fight. Yes, there’s a risk. There’s always a risk in dealing with Mr. Putin.”

    “But aside from a dramatic wartime show of resolve, few observers believe anything the leaders can agree upon will be enough to end the bloodshed in Ukraine or dissuade Russian President Vladimir Putin from continuing his attacks that are increasingly harming civilians.”

    “I think it’s very important that NATO also send a signal about Ukraine, that Ukraine’s survival as an independent and sovereign state in Europe is a NATO interest,” Volker said.”

    “We don’t want to say what we don’t do. We don’t want to be too specific about what we will do. But we need to send a signal to Putin that we’re not going to sit by while he destroys and eliminates a sovereign European country.”

    So far, that’s exactly what the West has done.

  13. Russia-Ukraine war news: Live updates – The Washington Post

    TEL AVIV — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky equated Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with the Nazi campaign to subjugate Europe in an address Sunday to Israel’s Knesset, urging leaders to do more to prevent the carnage in his country.
    “We know that you know how to protect your interests, to protect Ukrainians, and the Jews of Ukraine,” Zelensky said in the 15-minute speech, broadcast from his bunker in Kyiv. “But we ask why we’re not receiving weapons from you, why you haven’t applied sanctions on Russia and on Russian businesses. You will need to give answers, and to be able live with those answers.”
    He said Feb. 24, the start of the Ukraine war, would be “remembered twice in world history, as a tragedy for Ukrainians, Jews, Europeans and the whole world. On February 24, 1920, the Nazi Party was founded, killing millions, destroying entire countries, trying to commit genocide.”
    More than 100 Knesset members signed on to the videoconference. The live video feed was also projected against the facade of Tel Aviv’s Habima Theater, in coordination with the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel, and was met with cheers of Slava Ukraini, or “glory to Ukraine!” from hundreds of demonstrators hoisting blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flags.

  14. These charts show how much it costs to charge an EV vs. refueling a gas vehicle

    Using February data, Jeffries analyst David Kelley recently calculated that the total lifetime cost of ownership of an EV is about $4,700 less than that of an internal-combustion vehicle. He said that cost difference is likely to increase as more EVs come to market — and as battery prices continue to fall — over the next couple of years.

  15. The war in Ukraine has delivered a shock to global energy markets. Now the planet is facing a deeper crisis: a shortage of food.
    A crucial portion of the world’s wheat, corn and barley is trapped in Russia and Ukraine because of the war, while an even larger portion of the world’s fertilizers is stuck in Russia and Belarus. The result is that global food and fertilizer prices are soaring. Since the invasion last month, wheat prices have increased by 21 percent, barley by 33 percent and some fertilizers by 40 percent.
    The upheaval is compounded by major challenges that were already increasing prices and squeezing supplies, including the pandemic, shipping constraints, high energy costs and recent droughts, floods and fires.


  16. The World Food Program’s costs have already increased by $71 million a month, enough to cut daily rations for 3.8 million people. “We’ll be taking food from the hungry to give to the starving,” Mr. Beasley said. ………………………. And all of them will be bidding on an even smaller supply because China, the world’s biggest producer and consumer of wheat, is expected to buy much more than usual on world markets this year. On March 5, China revealed that severe flooding last year had delayed the planting of a third of the country’s wheat crop, and now the upcoming harvest looks bleak.


  17. The Moment of Nature  this morning had the sandhill cranes  resting up on the Platte River,  North bound into Canada. 
    I’ve had two wonderful moments with them just by chance.
    Nearly 25 years ago  I was lucky enough to watch the start of that journey near the Muleshoe Wild Life Refuge .
    I noticed them  flying low  in flocks of 2 or 3 dozen.  All singing  to one another, and flying in the same direction.  So I pulled over to watch , and got out of the van.
      There was a low cloud deck off to the East , but to the West it was higher.  It was a warm March morning with the promise of rain in the air. 
    The first thing I noticed  was the pure joy in their song, then I started to scan the horizon more closely , and from every point of the compass  the same thing that had made me stop.  Thousands  of them all flying to this one spot  just West of me , in groups of  20 or 30 birds. Beating their wings , and singing their song.
    It was then I looked up , and there was this huge double helix  of birds  spiraling up thousands of feet , just riding the thermal. 
    Layer upon layer of them  all bound for the Platte River, North into Canada .
    About seven years before that  in the fall, I was driving near the Great Sand Dunes  in Colorado.  This time the cloud deck was very low . I stopped to to take a leak, and I heard them singing for the first time.  There was no joy in that song , they were looking for Mosca Pass in the clouds.  The feature in the wall of the Sande de Cristo mountains  that makes the Sand Dunes. 
    I never saw a bird that day , but I remember that  song they sang looking for that hole in that wall. 
    Cranes are the most gabby  birds you’ll ever see.  They love to gossip. 

  18. Yep. North Texas is on fire.  Rains tomorrow, but some H2O will arrive in the form of hail.  I hate ice on the road or falling from the sky.

    “As crude prices surge, oil companies are raking in money — enormous profits gained from practically no extra investment.”

    “Both the United States and United Kingdom have imposed windfall profit taxes in the past in with broad political support. But this time around, support has been mostly limited to liberal parties in both nations.”

    “Trade groups for both the American and British oil industries argue the windfall profit tax proposals would work against calls to increase domestic production in those countries as a way of making up for the loss of Russian crude oil.”

    “Dubbed “Putin’s Palace,” the 190,000 square-foot mega-mansion was purportedly built for his personal use with funds from billionaire oligarchs, whom he allegedly allowed to flourish in Russia’s notoriously corrupt economy so long as they shared the wealth — with him.”

    “There is a no-fly zone in the skies above and a no-boating zone in the surrounding waters.”

    “…I would be very surprised if Putin ever sets foot in there again,” Nate Sibley, an expert on Russian corruption…”

    “While Putin is believed to have amassed a hidden fortune by such means earlier in his career, Sibley said, he has since become less reliant on his wealthy benefactors over the years and has surrounded himself instead with government and military loyalists who share his hardline nationalist views.”

    “That shift, some Russia experts told CNN, may make it more difficult to make Putin personally feel the sting of economic sanctions the US and its European allies have imposed to punish him for invading Ukraine.
    Putin has positioned himself, as Sibley put it, “above the fray.”

  19. Putin’s days are numbered.  This toady world he built around him is cracking apart.  
    The Kraines have killed 5 Russian Generals in less than a month. 
    In the entire history of warfare this has to be a record. 
    The longer this drags on , the more Russia  looks like an old Hollywood  back lot with with nuclear weapons. 

    Three Times Russians Botched a War and Had a Revolution
    History shows conflicts that begin far from Moscow can quickly blow back at home


  20. Old Man

    I was on a party boat in the middle of Bass Lake just enjoying the sunshine.  We made the mistake of throwing some popcorn to nearby ducks.  This was very shortly followed by this

    WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP as a phalanx of Canadian geese beat their wings while just skimming the surface of the lake on their way to claim their share.

    Dang!  Those birds are big!! 


  21. This war has sent energy/climate  fight into hyper drive .
    The carbon brains have gone back to their old playbook , release the beast, drill babies futures , etc.  Full bore , but they have added Mexico, and Canada into the chant. 
    It would be nice to see the greens say this –
    ” I’m sorry you have a terrible heroin addiction , we recommend fentanyl as a cure. ”
    This really happened after the Civil War , thousands of addicts came home from the war strung out on morphine , heroin was introduced  as a cure for morphine  addiction. 
    This time is different  there is a Target store in SoCal that is all solar.  There is a warehouse in New Jersey  growing strawberries. 
    Read this one they finally did what I wanted  ………. 

    Target looks to massive solar panels in a California parking lot as a green model to power its stores

    They put up carports in the parking lot covered by solar panels. As well as the roof of the store.  If you have an EV , they will let you plug in while you shop.  For free .
    I have long wondered when this would happen . 
    This store is real , not an idea , and if there is one thing we have in spades is parking lots , and big box stores. 
    But wait there’s more , a team at MIT has brought back a cheap 140 year old battery tech . And it is perfect for this big box idea. 

    A 140-Years-Old Battery Technology Might Change Everything We Know About Energy Storage
    And while they were at it another team at MIT has figured out how to keep solar panels clean without using water. 
    This time is different , the world has rolled over. 
    All of this is a way forward from riding with Putin, Iran, and the Kings of the sand. 
    I just wish the Left had a PR department that could see it, and sell it. 

  22. Jamie –
    If birds are living dinosaurs , and they are. 
    Can you imagine  a herd of Hadrosaurs all singing at each other ?
    Craig –
    Gee that’s too bad. 

  23. Here’s another layer on that idea , if they design “water harvesting ” into that design , they save in storm water runoff  fees, and flush a lot of toilets.  One does not need treated water to flush a toilet.

  24. Think about all the kids out of high school  needed to rework  all this ,  all over the country.  Right at our finger tips. Think about Target on a sunny Sunday  feeding it’s neighborhood. 
    And ole’ Coal Brain Joe telling them the future is lopping off the tops of their mountains. And then what Joe ?  Back to stealing copper wire  from the mines ?
    Coal Brain Joe  is the leader in our government taking fossil money.  To call him a “moderate” is a fiction of the world as we know it.

  25. Has anyone else noticed  the leader of the free world is wearing the same t-shirt  that a weaselly  billionaire here wears ? 
    But he makes it look good ?



    “That’s 11 years of conversations about my returning to @msnbc,” he said on Twitter. “Won’t happen. Should’ve.”

    “MSNBC and NBCUniversal may cast aspersions on Olbermann’s accounts, but there’s one thing executives there can’t deny: They do need to find a big primetime draw to replace Maddow, and they will have to do so relatively soon.”

  27. As I am not a Christian , but a Scientific Pagan , I will not be praying for Clarence . 
    I hope the source of his infection comes from a pubic hair on the lip of a Coke can.  
    This entire case of the right wing being grieved  has this huge tap root  from that fuzzy pig Bork ,  then Hill  before the senate. 
    I do not wish him ill , but I do not wish him a speedy recovery. 
    He was what they wanted  a black face in an empty robe. 

  28. Blue –
    Back in the ole’  free Blogger days.  I set up a “God Bless Keith Olbermann” site.  Around the same time I created the “Free Floating Fat Head File” .  That was really cool , wings nuts tend to have really “blocky square heads” . 
    They all just floated around the page.  I was deep into learning code. 
    If we only had Zappa, Molly,  and Carlin now.  

  29. One last music note –
    After seeing lots of ole Westerns  on Grit TV.  All of the ones that involved a lot first peoples in the plot, there was the tune –
    Daaaaaaaaaaaa  Tot  Da Da A Da   Dot Tota a Daaaaaaaaaaa. 
    That tune is every film about murdering Redskins ,
    They used it in their scores for decades  in all the movies  about the puny white men  trying to get to California. 
    We all know it. 
    So who wrote that ? 
     Where did that come from ?
    Sing it in your head  from the Diggers to the Mohawks  if it’s  an  old film that line is there.
    Daaaaaaaaaaaa  Tot  Da Da A Da   Dot Tota a Daaaaaaaaaaa. 
    I’m still thinking about “she

  30. A long with that score was the idea that they were murdering thieves .  For forty years in our movies. 
    And they were mainly really shitty movies. 

  31. That all changed  when the corset  salesman gave Chris ,and Vin a drink  in 60′ . And Bernstein  wrote a new score . and those six horses pulled that stage out of the scene .
    There was nothing like it before , it changed the way we saw the West. 

    It was not well received when it was released.


  32. There is no “Myth of the Mid Atlantic”  only the “Myth of the West”. 
    That is why these films mattered , and once we got there the Beach Boys picked us up in a Little Deuce Coup. 
    And Frankie and Anette showed us how to navigate puberty  on the beach and 29 cent gas .

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