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  1. wakie! wakie! everyone

    as the old songs say “times they are a-changin” and “it’s later than you think”

    so it’s back to dark mornings and bright light nights for the next 7 months

  2. jack, good selection; but my “perfect spring day” started off at 18 degrees with snow still on the ground.  altho’ the narcissi are a-blooming for all their worth scattered about here and there.

  3. your weekly dose of SNL

    click here for the cold open [warning: not up to their best] President Biden (James Austin Johnson) holds a meeting with TikTok’s top creators for advice on how to solve the Ukraine crisis.


    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Russia banning the export of all cars.

  4. from the front

    March 12 (UPI) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the country’s allies to increase their support for Ukraine in a video address Sunday, calling Russia’s military invasion an “evil” presence.
    “Because it is not only for Ukraine. This is for everyone in Europe. Evil that purposefully bombs peaceful cities, evil that fires even at ambulances and blows up hospitals, it will not be able to stop at one country if it has the strength to go further,” Zelensky said in the address, posted to Facebook around 3 a.m. Sunday morning.
    In his statement, Zelensky said that the invading Russians lack “spirit” and are instead relying “only on weapons — which they have a lot.”
    “I will not underestimate the threat, and I will not exaggerate the achievements. We are honest people, not Russia’s Ministry of Defense, which lies to everyone,” Zelensky said. “So I say frankly: We still need to hold on. We still have to fight. Every day and every night, we must look for ways to cause maximum damage to the enemy.”

  5. One of me fave Beethoven pieces….I especially like the part where the sun comes out after the storm. 
    They also gave it some nice play in Columbo episode “Etude in Black” about a murdering moo-Jician.
    Also a nice little segment in that episode of Columbo playing at “Chopsticks” on a concert grand piano at the Hollywood Bowl.

  6. Pat, your perfect spring day is 7 degrees warmer than ours. The rest – sun, snow – are the same. BUT 60 by Tuesday and 70 by Friday.

    Loves my Beethoven. Thanks Jack.

  7. I’ve finally decided. I like the “spring forward” version of time better than the “fall back” version.
    weld all the clocks. 

  8. CNN: Kyiv region police said that an American journalist was killed by Russian forces in Irpin, Ukraine, according to social media posts on Sunday. Kyiv police said another American journalist was wounded by Russian troops.

  9. So my lazy butt got up ne hour later than usual.
    Hey, I’m retired and living by myself, so I get up when I want and go to bed when I want.
    Good morning , afternoon what ever it is where you are at.
    I’m working on my kitchen, rearranging cabinets and counters. I’m a fair carpenter but as to my cabinet building skills, all I can say is thank God for caulk and paint. But when done I will at least have a kitchen I can use. With my current kitchen, making a baloney sandwich is a chore.
    After I get these cabinets hung, I will tear out my old ones and rewire the kitchen. right now it has one 15 amp circuit for every outlet in the kitchen and the back porch laundry.  So I don’t use the microwave and the countertop convection oven at the same time. Because if the refrigerator kicks in we trip a breaker. Our kitchen uses have changed since 1950.

  10. POTUS Joe, I love you but…we are already in this mess. Close the effing sky over Ukraine. If nobody close enough to take out Pootin has the guts to do it, we have to have the guts to stop the slaughter of innocents. Close. The. Sky.

  11. Hey, Pat warm weather is headed your way.
    I just stepped outside it is a great day in Springfield MO.
    It is time to garden and I’ve got a lot of it to do.
    I basically bought a blank slate of a yard. The front yard is completely covered with zoysia grass except where the crab grass grows. Some days roundup is your friend.
    Now does anybody need a cane pole to go fishing with. Tomorrow I tackle the bamboo thicket that I think came over from the house next door.
    My house has been a rental for a while. the bamboo covers about a 1/4 of the back yard. I may have to find someone who can buy the good weed killer I’m not sure roundup will work on bamboo. I need the stuff that is really dangerous, guaranteed to give me cancer. Nice thing about being old, my cancer risk is 20 years down the road, odds are something else will get me first.
    Any way the sun is shining and it is warm!!!!
    So I’m outside for the rest of the day,
    Ha, my computer with an accuweather popup just told me we are going to be invaded by spiders. Spider eat bugs and flys, sounds good to me.

  12. Jack, me old uncles loved to say it every chance they got: “Putty and paint, make a carpenter what he ain’t”.

  13. jack, be careful about cutting ALL the bamboo down.  there must have been a reason for some of it – like ugly view and/neighbors.  if there’s a zoo in town, they might be interested in it fresh cut to feed or entertain some of their animals, that is if it hasn’t been drenched with pesticides.  bamboo also can be used to make fences, garden gutters, arbors and trellis like this

  14. oh yes, another old fashioned use


    Bamboo torture is a form of torture and execution where a bamboo shoot grows through the body of a victim, and is reported to have been used in East and South Asian countries such as ChinaIndia, and especially Japan, but without reliable evidence.
    A “Madras civilian”, in his travel description from 1820s India, referred to this use of bamboo as a well-known punishment in Ceylon. The use of live trees impaling persons as they grow was recorded in the 19th century, when the Siamese used nipah palm sprouts in the same way as bamboo torture on the Malays during the 1821 Siamese invasion of Kedah, among other punishments.

    After World War II, stories circulated of Japanese soldiers inflicting “bamboo torture” upon Allied prisoners of war, securely tying the victim in place above a young bamboo shoot. Over several days, the sharp, fast-growing shoot would first puncture, then completely penetrate the victim’s body, eventually emerging through the other side. In her Hakka Soul memoir, Chinese poet and author Woon-Ping Chin mentions the “bamboo torture” as one of the tortures that locals believed the Japanese performed on prisoners.

  15. Bamboo also makes a wonderful yarn… it takes a dye beautifully…  and has a great soft drape.  I use it as my weft in my scarves.
    5/2 bamboo

  16. wales online:

    Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has once again addressed his country, giving an update on the nation’s defence against the Russian invasion.
    In a speech broadcast late on Saturday night, Mr Zelensky said: “Wise people of a strong country!
    “The 17th day of the war is over. War for the right to be free. For the right to live on our land the way we, Ukrainians, want it. Not the way someone came up with for us. And against us. Against our nature. Against our character.
    “The Russian invaders cannot conquer us. They do not have such strength. They do not have such spirit. They are holding only on violence. Only on terror. Only on weapons, which they have a lot. But the invaders have no natural basis for normal life. So that people can feel happy and dream. They are organically incapable of making life normal! Wherever Russia has come to a foreign land, dreams are impossible. Only a very hard struggle for survival.
    “As a result of the attack on our land, on Ukraine, the Russian leadership is actually turning its state into an analogue of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”. Into a large area isolated from the rest of the world. Where poverty will reign. Where everything will be determined only by violence. And where people will flee. In any manner they can and whoever can.
    “Look who is leaving Russia now. Who withdraws business. These are professionals who can be competitive at the global market. These are IT specialists who do not want to live in an area where there is no freedom. These are businessmen who feel that everything will be taken away from them at any moment. These are artists who know that creativity in a territory where human life is worthless is also worthless.
    “Russia loses its brains. Loses talent. Loses money. But if this is happening to Russia, then what awaits the so-called ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’? Their analogues? Solely complete degradation.
    “The invaders in the Kherson region are trying to repeat the notorious experience of the formation of pseudo-republics. Blackmail local leaders, put pressure on deputies. Look for someone to bribe. They’re trying to organize the so-called “KPR”. Stillborn as “DPR” and “LPR”. To organize some “committees” against the legitimate government on our land. And against the will of the people who go out to protest every day. And who want Ukraine. I am grateful to them.
    “I want to tell some figures who lacked the disgust to refuse to talk to the invaders… I want to say – if some of them were suddenly tempted by proposals from the invaders… You sign your sentence. The sentence is to follow more than 12,000 invaders who failed to understand in time why Ukraine should not be encroached upon.
    “An emergency meeting of the Kherson Regional Council took place. 44 deputies decided that the Kherson region is Ukraine, and no pseudo-republics have a place there. Ukraine will stand the test. We need time and strength to break the military machine that came to our land.
    “I will not underestimate the threat. And I will not exaggerate the achievements. We are honest people, not Russia’s Ministry of Defense. Which lies to everyone – millions of its citizens and even the head of the Russian Federation. So I say frankly: we still need to hold on. We still have to fight. Every day and every night we must look for ways to cause maximum damage to the enemy. In all areas of defense. Near Zhytomyr and Kyiv, near Chernihiv and Sumy, near Kharkiv and Luhansk, near Donetsk and Mariupol, in the south of the country and on the diplomatic frontline. Having such tactics and having self-confidence, we will regain what’s ours.
    “We will come to Melitopol and Henichesk. We will come wherever our land is. And let the invaders know. Let all the collaborators they find know. That Ukraine will not forgive them. Nobody. Nothing.
    “Ukraine will not forget. Ukraine will find and prosecute. Every single one. In any possible way.
    “By the way, all humanitarian corridors, which were agreed upon, worked. 12,729 people were evacuated. The humanitarian cargo for Mariupol is to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Due to the complexity of the route they had to spend the night in Berdyansk.
    “On every occasion, I constantly repeat to our friends and partners abroad that they should do more for Ukraine, for Ukrainians. Because it is not only for Ukraine. This is for everyone in Europe.
    “Evil that purposefully bombs peaceful cities… Evil that fires even at ambulances and blows up hospitals will not be able to stop at one country. If it has the strength to go further.
    “I said this at a very important rally in support of our people, which was organized in Europe. More than a hundred thousand people in the squares of Italy and other countries of the continent gathered for a rally in support of Ukraine and against Russian aggression.
    “Millions of people heard my appeal later thanks to broadcasts and recordings. We now enjoy the greatest support in the history of Ukraine for our aspirations and our independence.
    “You can take a public opinion poll in any country and you will see that Ukraine is among the leaders of those who are sympathized with and supported. And Russia is not just among enemies. It is even a bigger enemy, bigger evil than North Korea. That’s what Americans think, for example. Ordinary people in all states. As well as ordinary people in all European countries.
    “And I am grateful to them for this extraordinary support. Grateful for understanding our struggle. Because we are united by one dream – to live freely on our land. And we have the right to what everyone has in the free world. To a safe sky, as well as to our own land.
    “Dear Ukrainians! Our heroes! The world has always loved those who fight against evil.
    “It was our resistance, the courage of all our people that inspired the world. Millions of people in different countries. Who 17 days ago might not have felt what they all have in common. We all have. And now it’s obvious. Peace. Freedom. And love for our children. The children we are fighting for. For them to have a future.
    [… continues here announcing awards to certain heroes]
    “Glory to all heroes! Glory to Ukraine!”

  17. Life in places like Poland might become a bit nasty if KGB agent Putin decides to leave Ukraine, skip the country and let it starve, to move into Poland.  People in intelligence are saying the guy has no reserves left, almost all his army are in Ukraine.  It would be a bad move as NATO would finish off what the Ukraine military has not destroyed.  No reasoning with a mad man; as Craig noted that giving the dictator bad news is not conducive to a long life.

  18. RIP to William Hurt, BUT, I do not like it one bit when someone one year older than I am is said to have died of natural causes. I do not like that one little bit.

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