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  1. Phoenixwmn:
    I’ve posted about this several times….their endless harping on his Approval # are what’s driving his approval numbers down…ppl hear MSM lambasting him & then respond negatively to polling about POTUS. Obama got re-elected DESPITE polling in the 30th percentile, so……..
    Who else is annoyed how NEGATIVE the media is being about President biden after the four year NIGHTMARE we went through?

  2. last thread sturge so wisely opined “people gonna keep fuckin around and drive manchin or sinema to gop.  THAT is gonna be some shit, right there.”

    what have they to lose? mitch probably has been dangling campaign funding and 2023 committee chairmanship promises all year long.  if either one of them gets mad enough and jumps party ship early, there goes the ballgame even before midterms… and goodbye democracy, hello donald.

  3. warning: downer news

    Pennsylvania lab-monkey escape: All accounted for after crash, authorities say | Fox News

    Several monkeys had escaped following Friday’s collision, Pennsylvania State Police said. But only one had remained unaccounted for as of Saturday morning, prompting the Pennsylvania Game Commission and other agencies to launch a search for it amid frigid weather.
    Kristen Nordlund, a spokesperson with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an email Saturday evening that all 100 of the cynomolgus macaque monkeys had since been accounted for. Three were dead after being euthanized.
    The email did not elaborate on why the three were euthanized or how all came to be accounted for. But Nordlund said those euthanized were done so humanely according to American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines.
    The shipment of monkeys was en route to a CDC-approved quarantine facility after arriving Friday morning at New York’s Kennedy Airport from Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation, police said. The Atlanta-based CDC said the agency was providing “technical assistance” to state police in Pennsylvania.
    The location of the quarantine facility and the type of research for which the monkeys were apparently destined weren’t clear, but cynomolgus monkeys are often used in medical studies. A 2015 paper posted on the website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information referred to them as the most widely used primate in preclinical toxicology studies.

  4. craig, not a good day to take a stroll in D.C.; but if you and David do, be sure to wear your N95s.

    Anti-vaccine movement’s D.C. rally comes amid covid successes – The Washington Post

    As anti-vaccine activists from across the country prepare to gather on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, they are hoping their rally will mark a once-fringe movement’s arrival as a lasting force in American society.
    That hope, some public health experts fear, is justified.
    Almost two years into the coronavirus pandemic, the movement to challenge vaccines’ safety — and reject vaccine mandates — has never been stronger. An ideology whose most notable adherents were once religious fundamentalists and minor celebrities is now firmly entrenched among tens of millions of Americans.
    The 153 most influential anti-vaccine social media accounts and groups have accumulated 2.9 million net new followers since January 2020, according to the Center for Countering Digital Hate, an advocacy organization focused on fighting vaccine misinformation. Imran Ahmed, the center’s chief executive, said those gains are especially remarkable in light of social media platforms’ renewed efforts to crack down on vaccine misinformation.
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a longtime anti-vaccine activist who will speak at Sunday’s march, said the widening distrust of vaccines is an organic outgrowth of people’s firsthand experiences with negative side effects from the coronavirus vaccines. He pointed to the large number of reports of reactions to those vaccines now on file in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a database maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    More than 750,000 such reports have been filed from the United States and its territories. But claims of bad reactions in VAERS have not been independently verified, and anyone can make them. Controlled studies of the coronavirus vaccines offer a more accurate picture of how they work, and those studies have repeatedly shown that the medicines cause no serious side effects for the overwhelming majority of people who receive them.
    The mRNA coronavirus vaccines have proved to be some of the best ever added to physicians’ arsenal. As of October, according to the most recent estimates from the CDC, those who received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines and a booster were 40 times less likely to die of the virus than the unvaccinated. The CDC on Friday released studies showing that the vaccines continue to provide robust protection against hospitalization from the omicron variant, even if they no longer ward off infection as effectively.
    Nevertheless, national surveys show about 1 in 5 U.S. adults remain unvaccinated. Among children ages 5 to 11, who became eligible for the shots in November, fewer than 20 percent are vaccinated.
    The march is billed as a protest of vaccine mandates, such as those recently enacted in D.C. and other cities, rather than the medicines themselves. But similar rhetoric — emphasizing individual autonomy rather than untenable scientific ideas — has long characterized the broader anti-vaccine movement, and the march’s speakers include movement veterans such as Kennedy and Del Bigtree, founder of the anti-vaccine group Informed Consent Action Network.
    Other speakers include Malone and former CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, who in a November appearance on Fox News compared White House chief medical adviser Anthony S. Fauci to the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Public employee associations that have formed to protest their employers’ vaccine mandates, such as Feds for Medical Freedom and D.C. Firefighters Bodily Autonomy Affirmation Group, are also participating.
    About 12,000 people have joined a Facebook group for the rally, with many saying they will stay overnight and eat in Northern Virginia to avoid the District’s vaccine mandate. Some commenters on the group’s page have compared vaccine mandates to the Holocaust and urged people not to get tested for the virus. One commenter wrote: “This is an intentional permanent tyrannical dictatorship if they are not stopped by FORCE!!!!!!”
    Aaron Simpson, a spokesman for Meta, the new corporate name for Facebook, said the page does not violate the platform’s policies on covid-19 and vaccine misinformation, which prohibit “content calling to action, advocating, or promoting that others not get the COVID-19 vaccine.”
    “Voicing opposition to government mandates is not against Meta’s policies,” Simpson said. “What we don’t allow is content that promotes harmful false claims about the vaccines themselves and we remove those posts — including in this group.”

  5. Makes you wonder….if one of those two should flip party, is there a single or two gopers who would flip to keep it even ?  I doubt it cause there weren’t even one or two who would vote to save that voting bill.  Just voted against it cause they’re gopers; mealy-mouthing the words of Mlkjr as if they actually thought they meant something. No help there.

  6. We’re really up against it and every single tiny pebble which is not positive becomes a boulder of negativity.

  7. The end of a melody is not its goal: but nonetheless, had the melody not reached its end it would not have reached its goal either. A parable.


  8. If I were a kid today I would go into crime forensics science. That is some really deep stuff.   If you were to get even so much as an inkling of what those people in that field are capable of doing, there is no way in hell you’d ever even THINK about commiting any kind of crime—

  9. Right now they’re tracking down Criminal of the Week : Roy Moody—-mail bomber.   
    Walter Leroy Moody Jr. was an American convicted murderer who was sentenced to death and executed in Alabama for the 1989 letter bomb murder of Robert S. Vance, a U.S. federal judge serving on the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. Wikipedia

  10. RFK Jr. and his ilk show that good genes and smart forebears don’t necessarily result in advancement of the bloodline. Nothing like this explains Darwin better. 

  11. Strugeone

    Stealing that question since it is the one that I’ve been asking for a year.  

    Who else is annoyed how NEGATIVE the media is being about President Biden after the four year NIGHTMARE we went through?


  12. They searched for fingerprints by “sealing the house and pumping it full of superglue fumes”.

  13. sturge & jamie, others agree with that theory.  excerpts of an oped from last november at MSN:

    But there is another hypothesis, one widely posited among Democratic partisans: that Biden’s woes derive primarily from media distortions, not objective realities. If that analysis is accurate, then it’s less obvious how the party can overcome its present difficulties.

    The argument for thinking that Biden’s troubles owe less to political and economic developments than to media coverage is twofold: (1) By many reasonable metrics, the political and economic situation is fairly good, and (2) the media environment is structurally biased against the Democratic Party due to the right-wing media’s strength and the mainstream media’s tendency to drive down approval of the in-power party.

    Most analyses of Biden’s plight emphasize two factors: the stagnation of his legislative agenda and the deterioration of economic- and public-health conditions.

    Yet there is nothing aberrant about the Democrats’ protracted negotiations over the Build Back Better bill. Donald Trump did not sign his signature tax cut into law until days before Christmas 2017. Barack Obama did not secure the Affordable Care Act’s passage until his administration’s second year. By contrast, Biden already has a $1.9 trillion economic bill under his belt….


    In sum, Biden’s struggle to move his agenda through Congress is typical of modern presidents. The substance of that agenda is atypical in its popularity. And if we measure the economy’s performance by the abundance of jobs, the trend for real wage growth, the level of consumer spending, or strength of household balance sheets, the Biden economy is exceptionally strong. Factor in (historically modest) inflation, and it’s still hard to see why voters would consider the Biden economy anything worse than a mixed bag.

    Or, rather, this is hard to see until one considers that America’s media landscape is structurally biased against the Democratic Party.

    This bias has two dimensions. First, the American right has a much more potent propaganda apparatus than the Democrats do. In fact, conservative news outlets have become so dominant that the phrase “mainstream media” has become a misnomer. CNN is considered mainstream and Fox News right wing, but the latter is more prominent than the former: Throughout 2021, America’s most-watched cable-news channel has also been its most unabashedly anti-Biden.

    Meanwhile, a majority of the top-ten news posts on Facebook on any given day tend to be from right-wing outlets.

    [shows chart]

    One can argue that this reflects high consumer demand for conservative news rather than any conspiracy wrought by right-wing elites. Either way, though, the right’s dominance of the market for ideologically-oriented infotainment surely redounds to the Democrats’ disadvantage.

    Of course, conservative media did not become a cultural force in just the past three months. So it can’t be uniquely responsible for the turn in public opinion against Biden.

    What has (predictably) changed is the mainstream media’s posture toward the president. This was most overt in its coverage of the Afghanistan withdrawal, when the mainstream media subjected Biden to weeks of relentlessly (and, in my view, unjustifiably) negative coverage. But the media has also eroded Biden’s standing in a more insidious and less intentional way.

    Back in March, the political scientist Matt Grossmann predicted that Biden would see his legislative agenda grow more unpopular in the coming months as the media lavished it with greater attention. Drawing on the research of fellow political scientist Mary Layton Atkinson, Grossmann noted that “major laws that pass by slim majorities get five times more media coverage than those that pass with large bipartisan majorities,” while “media coverage largely focuses on why the legislation was controversial or the legislative debate was acrimonious; only one-third of congressional coverage focuses on policy details.” As a result, “the public’s takeaway from a big piece of legislation is often that political interests dominate all else, which in turn can reduce support for legislation and raise public perceptions of partisanship and extremism.”


    Coverage of contemporary economic conditions has been excessively negative, and the threat of sustained inflation strikes me as overblown. More fundamentally, I think the mainstream media routinely misleads the public about the causes of inflation and what a responsible policy solution to the problem would look like.


    Even if all goes well, the rightward tilt of America’s media landscape will remain a problem. And Democrats would be well advised to put more time and money into answering conservative media’s extraordinary success. But that’s a long-term project. The immediate challenge is to avoid a red-wave election in 2022. ….. [continues]

  14. bet this and the guardian story he refers to don’t get heard by the average voter to say nothing about those in maga cultland.

    msn reported on the above:

    Speaking to MSNBC on Saturday, Cohen said Trump gave him the instruction when his children were on the verge of being indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in 2012.

    “You may recall that there was the district attorney’s case here for Trump Soho where it was either Don or Ivanka was in very big trouble as a result of lying about the number of units that had been sold,” Cohen told MSNBC’s Alex Witt .

    “And Donald said it to me – I mean I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t said directly to me – he goes ‘if one or the other has to go to prison, make sure that it’s Don because Don would be able to handle it.'”

    cohen prefaced the above with how much the daughter is more like her father than the son is vid.a.vis self-survival (i don’t think he meant it was about enduring the hardship of imprisonment but that she would readily flip on her dad).

  15. Hey everyone. Just stopping by. I was at the grocery store last night. I saw a guy wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” baseball cap. The side of it had the letters “FJB” on it. Awhile ago, while checking out Twitter, I stumbled across a post from Meatloaf. I believe that in it he was going after Greta Thunberg. I checked his Twitter account on Saturday. All of his tweets and replies from about mid-2019 until now had been deleted. I hope everyone is doing well.

  16. I am weary of the vague unpersuasive answers experts and officials give on why Americans should care if Putin invades Ukraine. It’s simple: Because he wants to take over Europe, he’s Hitler with nuclear weapons.

  17. Craig
    Putin will take what we give him, we meaning NATO. It has to be a joint effort and we are still trying to repair the damage done by Trump. 
    I think that is what is missing in all reporting on Biden. There is an expectation that everything returns to normal and it ignores the tremendous damage done by the Republicans and Trump to this nation. So it doesn’t matter if we are talking about the border and immigration, the covid pandemic, foreign relations, you name it, the first thing that has to happen is repairing the damage of the last 4 years.

    More good news for Democrats
    I was listening to CBS and they said a study that looked for fertility problems  with the Covid vac. found no problems with those vaccinated but men who caught covid were less likely to conceive. 

  19. Should we send Manchin and Synema a gift basket for holding the entire Democratic agenda hostage to their vanity? 

  20. That’s right of course but damn I hope their changing parties ain’t on the play bill 
    Mainly I’d think th best course for those two is ignore them. Let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t feed the trolls etc 

  21. Joe wants to be President and Kirsten is LGBT, they ain’t going anywhere

    They can’t keep those seats running to the left of the GQP in republican primaries

  22. Exactly, they would go from the two most powerful Senators to just another couple of loons in a party full of them if they flipped

  23. I don’t trust Germany. Putin well on his way to calling the shots there by controlling their energy supply. Blinken doing more to stop him than they are. 

  24. Just saw a spooky stat. Western Europe gets from Russia over 46% of their natural gas, which most Europeans use for heating. Soon to be more once pipeline turned on. 

  25. Craig… I’m rooting for Tampa too.  But… yup… the talk around sports talk radio this week was that the Rams are a better team.

  26. 4 score margin is a lot to overcome. But Brady engineered a 25 point comeback in 2017 and 2013 so… we’ll see.

  27. Sturge
    You bet, I’m disgusted with the media and their constant Joe bashing. After 4 years of Trump, Joe walks on water with me. I guess the media wants Trump and his daily shitshow back. CNN is so sour I can’t!

  28. Tony, Renee, good idea. WaPo isn’t much better. Not sure how to get news without Biden bashing. 

    And Brady … 1 minute to go 9 yards to tie. 

    And. Fournette runs it in to set up a tie and overtime.

  29. Is this happening now because Angela Merkel is gone? There was an interesting show on PBS this afternoon, regarding Vlad’s co-opting of the Russian Orthodox church and the idea of Imperial Russia to BS Russians into backing him. Keh, geh, beh

  30. State Dept just now: “Given that the President has said military action by Russia could come at any time. The US government will not be in a position to evacuate US citizens. So US citizens, currently present in Ukraine should plan accordingly.”

  31. https://www.thestreet.com/investing/mark-cuban-cost-plus-drug-challenges-online-rivals-walgreens-cvs-amazon

    “Mark Cuban Cost Plus can bypass middlemen and large markups as a registered pharmaceutical wholesaler, the company said. The pharmacy’s prices reflect actual manufacturer prices plus a flat 15% margin and pharmacist fee.“

    First, Mark Cuban started an operation manufacturing generics.
    Now, he’s taking on filling prescriptions and cutting prices.


    “One example of how significant the difference Cuban is making with this new pharmacy can be found in the price of the drug imatinib, which is used to treat leukemia. The retail price is over $9,000 per month. The voucher price is $120. And the MCCPDC price — $47 a month. While not all of the markdowns will come at a rate quite this staggering — for instance, a common cholesterol medication that goes for $55 will be sold on Cuban’s site for under $4 — it’s still undoubtedly making a difference for American customers.“

    “It’s quite a country when Mark Cuban, not Congress, will give Americans cheaper prescription drugs.”

    “The MCCPDC does not process insurance claims and requires its customers to pay out of pocket, but the complete prices that they’re offering are lower than many copays that insurance companies currently require.“

    MCCPDC is a very clunky name, but he’s branding himself as a good guy and a problem solver.

  32. Wow!  Great game! Congrats to the Chiefs…. But kudos to the Bills.  Josh Allen played the game of his life.

  33. No way,Craig… he’d have to win 6 more Super Bowls before he can claim that moniker.

  34. So, the last time Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine via the Crimean Peninsula, ‘USAToday’ had a front-page photo of a Ukrainian resistance fighter, his hands swollen with psoriasis from existing in meager conditions on the front-line. I showed my not-particularly worldly friend the photo as an example of “a real hard-ass”.  He laughed and we made plans to hang out.  My friend was murdered, the next day.  
    BiD’s article reminded me of it

  35. Aw man, Netflix no longer has current Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelinsky’s show “Servant of the People”.  It featured Zelinsky as a history teacher that launched an unlikely bid against entrenched oligarchic powers to win the presidency of Ukraine.  Later, Zelinsky ran for president of Ukraine based on his popularity from the show about him making an unlikely popular bid for president as an outsider, AND WON.

    As i said, he is the current president of Ukraine- ya know, the one our former president tried to strong-arm to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden, which led to his impeachment. Decent show, if you can find it, now

  36. If you have to compare, Tonights game reminded me of the Jim Kelly/ Dan Marino shoot outs. Some of Allens throws tonight reminded me of Kelly.

  37. Yahoo shows the games so i clicked on it since you people were talking about it: Mahomes has ice-water in his veins, was less stressed than you all

  38. oh i saw the field said “Advance Social Justice”, lol NFL has an exploitative business model, compare it to the NBA where players can actually become owners

  39. i also saw some Neanderthal football player for KC yelling “let’s fucking go, let’s fucking go” on live national tv, so i’m using “fuck” more casually, henceforth, thank you, congrats winners, goodnight America

  40. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/23/asia/china-taiwan-warplane-incursion-intl-hnk-ml/index.html

    “China sent 39 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said, the largest such incursion this year.”

    “The flights by the People’s Liberation Army aircraft came a day after the United States and Japanese navies put on a massive show of force in the Philippine Sea, putting together a flotilla that included two US Navy aircraft carriers, two US amphibious assault ships and a Japanese helicopter destroyer, essentially a small aircraft carrier.“

    Effing commies. Is it too late to boycott the Olympics? Why are they in China, again, already?

  41. Why are they in China, again, already?

    No joke- because no one else wants them and the blight they bring at exorbitant expense, except the CCP who is happy to exploit their people for geopolitical gain. 
    There’s another topic that’s an easy win FOR Dems AMONG conservatives, why does some doofus blogger like me have to point that out?

    Why Cities No Longer Clamor to Host the Olympic Games

  42. How’d Paul Hornung and Sonny jurgenson do today?

    And I certainly hope Joe Bellino lived up to the hype.

  43. Im curious as to what is the criteria for admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Also why are so many obvious ones excluded….just for one, Warren Zevon.  Seems like it’s a weird organization. Maybe a nice idea, but pretty clumsy in execution. I mean, if it’s a rock and roll organization and does not include the likes of Huey “Piano” Smith and the Clowns, then what the hell is it for, exactly.

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