Who Next, Dems?

AP poll shows only 28% of Americans want Biden to run for reelection in 2024 (half question his mental fitness), including only 48% of Democrats.

Just in case, who can win in 2024?

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod on Biden: “There’s a sense of things are out of control and he’s not in command.” (CNN, 1/20)


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  1. “There’s a sense of things are out of control and he’s not in command.”

    axelrod, that’s rich coming from you. wasn’t the same thing hinted at about your guy?

  2. if the senate is secured in 2022 election with good margin, here’s my choice for kamala’s veep or primary challenger:

    Senate panel advances bill blocking tech giants from favoring own products

  3. and if she wins the primary, budha-judge should be her veep choice.  let’s see how flyover country Dems can run things for a while.

  4. meanwhile, we need to make sure all eligible voters are up to date registered, know how to vote so not to be challenged and vote early in person if at all possible. 


  5. so will trudy fess up, fall on the sword and free girlfriend donna from FBI clutches and further prosecution?  tune in to next week’s episode of “as the worm turns.”

    Rachel Maddow shares new reporting from multiple outlets that Rudy Giuliani was the Trump campaign official who ran the operation to get states that Donald Trump lost in 2020 to nonetheless deliver Trump electors to represent those states in the final count.

  6. before we even think about 2024, we need to ensure that 2022 is counted right and free from subversion. these guys are still out there.

    Michael Flynn allies allegedly plotted to lean on Republicans to back vote audits | Donald Trump | The Guardian

    FBI agents and the House panel investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol have both learned of an alleged plan by allies of retired army Lt Gen Michael Flynn to gather “intelligence” on top Republicans to “move” them to back election audits in key states Trump lost, said ex-whistleblower Everett Stern who talked to the panel and the FBI.
    Stern, who runs the intelligence firm Tactical Rabbit and is a Republican vying for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, in multiple interviews with the Guardian said two Flynn associates with the rightwing Patriot Caucus group enlisted his help in April in a scheme to seek potentially damaging information on two Republican members of Congress to prod them to back an audit of the 2020 vote that Joe Biden won.
    Stern told the Guardian he spent several hours in November telling House panel investigators about the alleged drive by Flynn associates who sought campaign finance and other dirt on Pennsylvania’s senator Pat Toomey and congressman Brian Fitzpatrick to win their support for an audit to bolster Trump’s debunked charges that Biden’s win was fraudulent.
    A long shot candidate to succeed the retiring Toomey, Stern said he alerted the FBI in June when he learned more details of the bizarre drive by Flynn allies to specifically target the two Republicans, both of whom backed impeaching Trump after the January 6 insurrection.
    The efforts by Flynn’s Patriot Caucus allies were launched after Trump failed to block Biden from taking office, and are part of a wider drive by Trump loyalists and Flynn to help boost Trump’s political fortunes via more state audits nationwide into false charges that Biden’s win was rigged, and elect like-minded candidates in key states to top electoral offices.
    Stern said Flynn’s Patriot Caucus associates first approached him in Pennsylvania for possible help after an April Republican party event, and soon after told Stern in phone calls they worked with Flynn and the Patriot Caucus, and planned to recruit “former domestic and foreign intelligence officials” to facilitate their scheme.
    The plan by Flynn’s allies alarmed Stern, but as a former whistleblower involved in exposing a large bank money laundering scandal by HSBC in 2012, he told the Guardian he decided to play along for a few months to glean information to expose the Trump allies’ scheme.
    Stern expressed dismay that Flynn’s Patriot Caucus associates “don’t understand that Biden is the president. They wanted to collect information through Tactical Rabbit and my campaign,” to turn up the heat on Toomey and Fitzpatrick to back an audit which Stern viewed as potentially “extortion”.
    [more details continue]
    Senior ex-prosecutors and intelligence officials say Stern’s allegations merit law enforcement attention.
    “Stern’s allegations suggest serious crimes,” said ex-prosecutor Paul Rosenzweig who worked on Ken Starr’s team during the impeachment of Bill Clinton. “If his allegations were corroborated by extrinsic evidence they clearly would warrant investigation.”
    Former CIA official Sipher, who has spoken with Stern before, said: “Everett is someone with a strong sense of right and wrong, and willing to suffer the consequences of doing the right thing. We would be better served to have more people like Everett in public life.”

  7. Not sure he’s ripe yet, but Jon Ossoff will eventually be POTUS…unless Republicans destroy our democracy.


    “Ossoff’s Twitter account has shared a video of the full speech he made on the Senate floor Wednesday evening.“

    Michelle Obama? Amy Klobuchar? Elizabeth Warren?

    Of course, I love POTUS Joe and think he’s doing an amazing job of mucking out the stall. The orange elephant left quite a mess. I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with him, but who could blame him if he’s had enough. He needs to do more interviews or town halls; he’s a people person. And, late night TV needs to stop making fun of his age and his speech impediment. Who’s effing side are they on?

  8. As I remember, no sooner had Democrats won the 2020 election, that you were one of the first to attempt to crank up the old “let’s dump Nancy for some new blood” train. What an unmitigated disaster that would have been.  

    I guess this is the kind of column a DC pundit has to write. 

    Polls, schmolls. Support our president; maybe find a republican to undermine.

    That’s my two cents, don’t spend ‘em both in one place.

  9. sturge, hey, a little compassion there for our resident pundits who suffer from a disease known as SSht  (a highly virulent syndrome which has spread to the general populace) Shiny-object Short-attention-span hazardous  thinking.

  10. NEXT? We’re one freakin’ year in and we’re doing Nexties?

    Ok……….three cents.

  11. george covering the case against the criminal in chief.   1st things 1st. let’s get bozo & co in orange suits before sending joe out to pasture. 

    George Conway: “This is gravest crime you could imagine that a president could commit. If you don’t at least look at this with the closet possible microscope, you are basically saying that a president is completely above the law.”

  12. I just found Ms Crackers email addy and emailed her as I’ve not seen her here for some time. She is fine and in the process of moving.I know several of you have expressed concerns.

  13. I guess I just never paid much attention to Mr Meatloaf…..first saw of him connected with some kind of burn the disco records event with some DJ at a baseball field, maybe in chicago….I think I saw it on Tom Snyder show……I pretty much just missed him after that.
    Hate to see people dying who are my age though……bummer.

    Talk about for whom the bell tolls…..

  14. Sturgeone

    He had major hits at the beginning of his career with three songs:  Paradise by the Dashboard Light, I would do anything for love, and two out of three ain’t bad. For the past few decades, he has concentrated quite successfully on character acting roles in various series so has been pretty much under the radar.



  15. None of those 3 songs were what you’d call “bar songs”, you know: like the epitomes “Proud Mary” or Brown Eyed Girl” or, (wait for it) “MUSTANG SALLY”
    Anyway, hope he had a good life and wasn’t a creep…….and hope he didn’t let his meat loaf…….hahahahaha

  16. TWITTER:
    “Anti-vaxxer Meatloaf dies from Covid.”  So that was what he WOULDN’T do for love.

  17. The best quote for the voting season:

    “Well the concern is misplaced, because if you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans,” McConnell

  18. Craig… I just don’t see him actually running for re-election.  Of course… he can’t say that right now… that would make him dead in the water for the rest of his term.  As for who will run… I’m fine with waiting to see how things shake out.
    Methinks Americans became adrenaline junkies with the former guy…  they say they want to do normal… but it’s a lie.
    ps…  I really love Uncle Joe… but as CBob would remind us… getting rid of the old and bringing in the new is a messy job.

  19. i agree with renee on both counts: he’ll voluntarily step away and won’t announce it until last second to avoid being a lame duck, probably the minute he hands kamala the reins prior to term’s end.

    Dems are shooting themselves in the foot and masochistically playing circular firing squad demeaning joe this early in the game.  remember what happened to jimmy and the party thereafter for quite a few years.

  20. Names be dying everyday.  Now that we are into the down slope of the life curve for Boomers we are going to see a lot of names we know.  Our generation not only had stars of the big screen, we also have stars of the little screen.  We have lots of singers, actors, ner do wells, astronauts, internet, and many more names.  National and international, we were connected world wide better than any generation before us.  Lots and lots of names and those are showing up at room temperature everyday.  At some point the “media” will stop putting up “breaking” in front of the names and just have a box that is updated hourly.

  21. One of Louie’s jokes was he had to quit going to the beach….people kept trying to roll him back into the water.

  22. Meat and Louis – so close together?  Always liked Louis’ stand-up.  Funny guy.  Saw Meatloaf around ’82 I’d say in Edison, NJ.  Went with a buddy and an employee of his who had won a contest and went to meet him at a show in Dallas years before.  He seemed to be a pretty decent sort based on what she said.  Kinda struck me as a typical self-important “star” from what I saw of him backstage.  I will say it was a very entertaining show, and I always liked his Eddie in Rocky Horror and enjoyed Bat Out of Hell. 

  23. Andy Beshear, Roy Cooper…
    GQP’s were wrong about everything concerning covid, and everybody knows it, them included, just wrong wrong wrong over and over and over, and still wrong, the pedestrian conservatives know they were and continue to be lied to, should be an easy win for any Dem POTUS candidate

  24. Sturg – I’m definitely to the left of Pelosi, and, I questioned her ways, but she has proven herself to be a magnificent chess player. 

    Mr. Loaf was on the orange guy’s TV show. He was fired.

    Bink – My relatives in California all hate Gavin. Not sure how he’d do in the rest of the country. Wasn’t he married to junior’s gargoyle? How much nastiness could she throw at him?

  25. My vote is for  John Fetterman

    Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania


    He’s running for the senate –
    His donate page  starts at $4.20  and goes up , pretty frickin’ clever. 

  26. A. He’s smart as a whip.
    B. He doesn’t look like a Democrat .
    C. He was mayor of some hard scrabble town in Pa., after the steel bust. 
    D. He’s not competing with redwood trees when it comes to his age. 

  27. that goatee has to go tho’

    beard maybe, but i think his chin whiskers takes away from an otherwise presidential look.

  28. omg the person i just had a meeting with obviously has covid, no mask of course, i just set a record for holding one’s breath i think 😭

  29. I once said I here that I wouldn’t follow Nancy into a 7-11 . 
    I was wrong , but yep  she’s a talking redwood tree. 

  30. One last item about Fetterman he has the Braddock, Pa. Zip code tatooed on his arm , and his house is the old Chevy dealership. 
    To stick it out there for 16 years as mayor,  takes Grit . 
    True Grit. 

  31. Jamie –
    You go girl.  Fetterman said it was like drinking a shake made of dog turds , and motor oil in the morning . 
    I never joined it.  Left Face Plant years ago when the Mac. died. 

  32. Western Europe sends 45% of Russia’s income for it’s energy .
    That cuts both ways , Mac Cain once said Russia isn’t a country , it’s a gas station . 
    Freeze them out of the world banking system , and they go broke really fast.  Trust me Putin’s cash ain’t in Russian banks. 
    One other item , all those Russians sitting outside in winter around  Ukraine with Covid raging around them ? 
    Packed in like sardines . 
    This virus get’s to vote on this as well ,  I gotta think the Russians have a pretty shitty shot in their arms.

  33. I’ll tell ya who’s got true grit where the putin is concerned and that’s Joe Biden. 
    And a brain trust behind him all the way.   And yes I trust THIS brain trust. These ain’t the schmucks who got us into vietnam and Iraqistan…..What’s awful are the ungrateful albatrosses around their necks like democrat senators who vote with republicans.

  34. BBC covers covid in Russia, low vaccine acceptance among the public but the Sputnik shot is probably about as good as J&J

  35. How Nancy and POTUS and any of the rest of the good ones who are doing good things look when they get up and talk on tv is simply not a problem to me.   Not when they are also back there doing all the heavy lifting.

  36. Age….You got mitch and grassley old and you got Joe and Nancy and Fauci old.    There’s an obvious difference.  Might have something to do with heart.   You gotta have heart.

  37. We’ve got 10,000 anti-vaxers rallying here Sunday, led by RFK Jr. They have to stay in VA hotels because DC requires proof of vaccine. DC police should barricade bridges and send their busses back to VA

  38. RFK Jr. is essentially sending a biological weapon into our nation’s capitol, lock him up in Kennebunkport 

  39. It’s  11 PM in Kiev  , light snow , winds a 20 mph , temp 30 F . 
    That’s what the Russian army is sitting in with Omicron. 
    Knowing a little about these folks , they do not pull you out of line , and whisk you off to a warm place .
    These are the sons of Stalingrad , life has always been cheap in the Russian army. 
    When it comes to this stinkin’ virus , Putin may have blundered like Napoleon and Hitler . They invaded Russian with out their winter coats , he forgot to get his army vaxxed. 
    This may be a sliver lining , the Russians are not very bright .
    Cunning, cruel , and mean , but not very bright. 
    That was a very bad branch of Vikings that took that country low those many years ago. 

  40. Your pet-peeve is the use of “should”, mine is “history will not judge Republicans kindly” as if they give a shit

  41. As all this wingnut sewage spills out , and it is. 
    I got to think that government by AR-15’s is not going to win the independent  suburban moms . 

  42. History called and told me that if I wanted to get judged, I’d better get the fuck busy.   History don’t bother to look at a bunch of stupid cabinets….. unless you’re Duncan freakin’ Phyfe or somethin

    I told history to go jump in the lake.

  43. So I’m the last guy to ask how to conduct military operations, having never been a part of either the military or any of its operations, but if, and i do mean IF, the government of Ukraine wants to try and chill things with the Russian army, they might consider asking the US to patrol Ukrainan airspace, staying far enough from the Russian border to keep from inadvertently straying into Russian airspace to avoid a monumental fuckup but close enough to be seen and heard. F-18s and F-35s might suggest that we aren’t gonna sit back and watch while Russia crosses into Ukraine.  Oh, and get tank busting armaments and our best SAMs into the Ukrainian force’s hands – and do so with great aplomb. Just thinking that there ought to be some sort of show of support.
    And about NATO, what’s it gonna take to get them to let Ukraine in, if only provisionally? I’m just thinking there needs to be a message sent to Putin that he ain’t the boss of NATO. Of course I’m no diplomat so I could be naïve and way off base here.

  44. CC –
    Refresh your shipping address to me .  I have one last payment to send you , I think you can trade it for beads , and corn.  It’s never been worn , but it stinks of Camels. It’s 30 years old.  Mule deer , trade blankets, and dimes. 
    It’s still pretty fuckin’ cool.  And I think it will fit. 

  45. Alexander Vindman on MSNBC just now: “It’s all but certain in my mind there is going to be a large European war on the order of magnitude of World War II with air power, sea power and massive ground forces”

  46. Amy Klobuchar, back from the Ukraine, says there’s bilateral agreement to quickly impose sanctions on Russia.  At least she thinks the GOP is on board with Dems.   

  47. And speaking of bullshit….

    Federal judge in Texas blocks Biden’s vaccine requirement for government workers

    A federal judge in Texas has blocked another of the Biden administration’s vaccine requirements as the political war over coronavirus prevention measures shows no sign of abating.

    U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown, nominated in 2019 to the federal bench by President Donald Trump, said that the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal workers and contractors constituted an overreach of executive authority.

    “What is that limit? As the court has already noted, Congress appears … to have limited the President’s authority in this field to workplace conduct,” Brown wrote in his opinion, adding, “For its part, this court will say only this: however extensive that power is, the federal-worker mandate exceeds it.”

    “… however extensive that power is, the federal-worker mandate exceeds it.”  WTF?  The Federalists don’t seem to have tapped into the best of the best for this judgeship.

  48.  get tank busting armaments and our best SAMs into the Ukrainian force’s hands

    tantamount to an act of war, itself, which is why Obama avoided it

  49. a democrat waged war one time and won it in a few years.   FDR of course. Truman fought em to a standstill and didn’t lose.  Republicans like wars which just kind of drag along and cost kazillions.   (If Lincoln were around now he’d be a damn democrat.)
    Yeah, I know, LBJ, but he inherited it from Ike. It was Ike who took it on even after DeGaulle warned him to steer freakin’ clear.   1954, right?  Dien Bien Phooie.  ok, cutting a few corners here, but it’s late, cold, and the beer is paid for.
    And rumor has it that wanting to end the war was one of jfk’s thoughts. And Lyndon didn’t want any of that getting shot business.
    And Woodrow Wilson……another democrat war winner.

  50. That was one train of thought.  The other was to avoid Javelin missile tech from falling into Russian hands. 100,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s border weren’t there when Obama decided not to arm Ukraine. I’d call that tantamount to an act of war, and suspect Ukraine might think so as well. And we just increased military aid to Ukraine Wednesday by $200,000,000.  If we’re giving them defensive weapons, which is what that $200M aid is, better to give them the good stuff than the old stuff IMHO.

  51. Russian troops on Ukraine’s border weren’t there when Obama decided not to arm Ukraine.

    They are already in Ukraine: Crimea which they annexed without consequence using unbadged troops

  52. Pogo –
    Putin has screwed his pooch , and he knows it , give him a way to slide away . 
    In the entire history of war NO ONE I mean NO ONE has ever invaded another country in January .
    This is a very costly form of blackmail.  For him. 
    A few weeks ago we heard the Russians were waiting for the ground to freeze so their tanks could  operate .
    Guess what it’s 30 F degrees in Ukraine in the dark.  That don’t freeze ground.
    He blundered into this , and as long as we can string him out he gets weaker . 
    If your a Russian Billionaire gangster buddy of Putin  where is your money ?
    It ain’t in a Russian Bank. 
    That boys and girls is what we used to call the ……….. “Short, and Curlies”.
    I am certain we know where much of those repels are. 
    And that’s the point  scare the crap out of his buddies.
    That’s his base , a small group of gangsters. with a huge pile of money.   

  53. It’s fun to mock Putin but he has the West stymied, as usual.  We’ll see if Western Europe prefers petrol to principle, my bet is on gas, baby

  54. China would love a proxy war against the U.S., destabilizing all the markets it wants access to
    Where’s Richard Holbrook when you need him😭

  55. Contrary to popular possibilities Biden and team are not asleep
    They may have a full-blowed passel and a half of republicans biting at their heels and trying to stab them in the ass, but their eyes are on the ball. The blundering traiterous fools lost the last election.

  56. We were behind the curve in 2014.  It wasn’t a threat to be stopped in Crimea – it was a fait accompli. Our non-lethal aid didn’t go to Ukraine until Putin had annexed Crimea.  We’ve seen it once – Ukraine doesn’t have another Crimea to give away.  If we plan to support Ukraine against the prospect of a Russian invasion, support them.  Threatening economic sanctions isn’t going to deter Putin IMHO unless there’s a complete buy-in from NATO, and I don’t see Germany getting on board with that considering their and other European NATO member countries’ reliance on Russian energy.  But like I said, I’m neither a military strategist nor a diplomat, so what I have is an opinion. If you don’t agree, fine. And from a political perspective, Obama came off as a bit weak in that one.  Joe don’t need no perception of weakness at this point.

  57. so what I have is an opinion. If you don’t agree, fine

    We’re just bullshitting, dude, no need to qualify everything🤝

  58. And remember this, “voting” in Russia has a long history  of killing the other guy. 
    I got to think Putin’s  buddies are plotting they don’t give a rat’s fuzzy bottom about  the old USSR. They are thinking about their MONEY.  


  59. Tight as Dick’s hatband.

    (I trust that everyone hereabouts knows that refers to Richard Cromwell, but just in case…..)

  60. Kazakhstan almost had a revolution over gas prices, two weeks, ago, two can play the “little fires” game 😉

  61. Bink, qualifying opinion vs. statement of fact is an occupational hazard. 
    Moving warships toward Ukraine? That’s upping the ante significantly. 

  62. Beavers are marching North , the trees are right behind them .  All of this melts the tundra faster.  That’s more methane , 25 times  the effect of CO2 .  After 20 years it oxidizes in to CO2 .
    The climate folks were right about what is coming , but they missed it’s speed by a factor of a thousand. 
    Nature bats last .  

  63. We ground up butterflies , cod , bison , whales, elephants, wolves, sharks , red ants ,  bees, birds ,  into money. 
    And when that web collapses  all that money won’t buy a thing. 

  64. My  bible nephew  came for Christmas  with 3 young kids . 
    He has no idea what they will face .  And I could not tell him. 
    Seeing his kids broke my heart . 
    They will not be wearing T-shirts cutoffs , and riding Hondas in the hills. 

  65. Grit –
    We all are given our own gift of grit
    For most of us it is hard to find it
    We wonder in fear just what is it
    We search  our lives just to see it
    We test our tongues  to taste it
    We feel with fingers to touch it
    We are never sure what is it 
    But when we bite down on the bit we find it

  66. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2022/01/18/sen-klobuchar-vows-consequences-if-putin-attacks-ukraine/

    “One of the reasons we went was to send a clear message that if he does this there’s going to be consequences, and if he’s betting on the fact that Washington’s divided, that’s not gonna work,” Klobuchar said.

    Vlad’s a uniter.

    “She is the co-author of legislation that would impose sanctions on President Putin, senior military officials and the Russian banking sector if Russia acts against Ukraine.”

  67. Another magical nocturne, but not for Meatloaf, because he was a dumb anti-vaxxer😭
    ”Paradise” is still a masterpiece.  To Meat🤙

  68. …could use some Old Forge pizza to go with that Meatloaf.  Thanks for the ‘tube, Jamie 🍕 

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