Is Biden’s Age Showing?

I love Uncle Joe but I fear these plummeting poll approvals have a lot to do with his age showing, undermining faith he’s in control. I cringe when he speaks, fearing every cough, stutter, and slurred pronunciation. He’s just beyond being an inspirational figure. Couldn’t be more sad saying this, but it’s real.

Meanwhile a rare snowy owl showed up at Union Station in DC!

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  1. so what are you suggesting should be done, craig? any of these things would get big backlash – ‘course that’s not saying much since no matter what he or his administration does, it’s never enough

    1. keep him away from sight & sound and only use surrogates to communicate?

    2. make him over to look & act like the former guy who’s not that far behind in age but decades behind in speaking ability?

    3. support constitutional amendment establishing maximum age limits for gov’t officials?

    4. send him off on an ice floe? have him step down and let kamala face the wrath of the disgruntled?

    is he really worse than the aging senate and scotus critters currently at their posts – dump them too? send the clowns back in again?


    admit it, what’s being done to joe is just a replay of what they (GOPers as well as Dems i.e. teddy and a bored/lazy media) did to jimmy.

  2. so soon we forget the way it was
    (and will be again if we Dems & non-drumpf-ers keep whining, knifing each other in the back and refusing to work together)

    See the source image

  3. I think it best to use whatever hammer we may have to hammer the gop instead of the guy who beat the orange socks off the asshole who preceded him. Maybe we can not focus so much on his age and concentrate on what he’s trying to do and WHY it is exactly he is being hampered in doing it.
    Hint:  It’s not his age. 

  4. The age attacks on President Biden began during the shotgun president field start.  The constant attacks are that he is senile, someone else does the talking, he is hand held directed to get around, there is someone telling him what to say . . .
    The one issue I hear and see is his hard work to overcome the stutter.  When you are trying to avoid a speech impediment you speak slowly and methodically. I know, I have a couple of them. 
    What is almost never mentioned, shame on you media, is the man is coherent, thoughtful, logical and speaks in full sentences.  The idiot who proceeded him speaks for hours and never makes sense, so a comparison would show Joe is great.

  5. Where does this urge to hammer our own people instead of the people responsible for about, oh, let’s estimate 100% of American problems? 

    I just don’t get it. “Backbiting” is no virtue. Backstabbing even less so.

  6. I guess my question is what purpose is served by advancing gop positions?   The gop is already praising and cheering for the Senema -manchin dynamic duo. 

  7. it’s not joe that should be knifed in the back like cassius instigated against caesar when he said

    “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

    but our own back biting, knifing whomever the leader de jour and not doing the hard work necessary to pull together.   we are spoiled.  the media has had 5 years of fun being thrown red meat tweets daily if not hourly by the dictator wannabe clown.  they (perhaps we too with our short attention spans) have become addicted to the lure of constant glam & glitter, no time and no country for old men. 

  8. no country for old men? except in critterville
    note this story from last january

    (CNN)When Patrick Leahy was briefly transported to the hospital Tuesday night— just hours after he had been sworn in to preside over the pending impeachment trial of ex-President Donald Trump — every story on the news noted that the Vermont Democratic senator was 80 years old.

    Which, surely you would think, makes him the senior statesman in the Senate. Right?
    Not by a long shot. There are actually four senators older than Leahy in the chamber, including Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dianne Feinstein (D-California) who are both 87 years old. (Feinstein was elected to a fifth full term in 2018 although she has, of late,faced questions about her mental fitness for the job. Grassley remains undecided as to whether he will run for an eighth term next November.)
    And it doesn’t stop there! There are 21 senators between 70 and 80 — including Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) who turns 80 this fall, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) who turns 79 next month.
    In fact, according to calculations made by CNN’s Janie BoschmaandChristopher Hickey,50%of the Senate is 65 years old or older, and more than half of Republican senators (54%) are 65 or older.

  9. I love POTUS Joe. What’s a cough or a stutter when what he’s saying makes sense and shows compassion? No need to bag on Joe; Repugz have that covered.

    A doctor was attempting to school an unmasked stock person at the grocery store this morning. The doc and I then had a nice conversation with each other about folks who had gotten sick or died. He’s a 20-something unbeliever. There’s no hope for some.

    By the way, there was (and has been) a must wear mask sign at the entrance, but almost none of the staff wore a mask except the cashier. Few customers at 6am, but the doctor and I were the only ones in masks.

  10. Joe’s low poll numbers are because of this continuing pandemic and the havoc it is playing on our economy and our psyches, IMO.  That the gop can say… see we told you he was old… is just the little piece of cherry on the top.  I say fuck the gop!
    ps…  no more symptoms.

  11. Bidens poll numbers are to be expected for a centrist in a nonelection year. given the polarization of our world. A good third of those who disapprove have no choice except to support him or risk losses that would even further marginalize them.
    So, what are Bidens numbers in the suburbs?
    Where it counts.
    We know his rural numbers suck and we know the urban/college liberals are pissed off.
    As to his age problems?
    He is old we knew that already.
    Outside of looking his age he shows no loss of mental ability.
    Unlike his predecessor who constantly failed the basic test that a friend and nursing home admin told me he used.
    Engage in conversation, change the subject 3 times and see if the person can follow you. If they are stuck on the original starting subject then they have problems.
    Trump is constantly stuck on one subject. The recent interview with NPR demonstrated that.
    BTW, the Republican “Big Lie”  machine doesn’t care about the truth.

  12. PatD, up top you asked the right question, what to do about it. For starters I’d like to see fewer stiff podium speeches, his weakest format, and more town halls with regular folks, his strongest format, where his empathy, wit and smarts shine through. I know staff worries about gaffes off prompter but I say it’s worth the risk..

  13. Jack I didn’t expect the 33% approval in latest Quinnipiac. Not normal, more like Nixon/Carter country, a frightening number for a midterm election. 

    538 poll of polls puts avg at 43, not great but survivable. Quinnipiac, however, is most recent. Hopefully an outlier, as WH claims.

  14. another picture of craig’s snowy owl from The Hill:

    A snowy owl looks for food at Union Station in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 13. Greg Nash

  15. Weird times are the reason for the weird poll numbers, IMO.

    Republicans have shown that they do not want a free and fair democracy. They are fascists. Voting them out will be more difficult, given their voter suppression laws.

    RR – Glad you are feeling better.

  16. speaking of jan 6 insurrectionists and seditionists, today in wonkette:

    In yet another unbelievable yet extremely believable and on brand development, re: the January 6 Capital Riots, it turns out that after the dust had settled, many of the rioters went back to their respective hotel rooms and called Nancy Pelosi’s office, demanding to speak to the manager about where the “Lost and Found” was. Because they left their stuff there while they were illegally invading the Capitol building, and they wanted it back.
    Naturally, the police were more than happy to take down their info and “get back to them later.”
    “The officers quickly got on the phone and said, yeah, just give us your name, your address, your social, you know, and we’ll tie up those loose ends,” Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin said in an interview with Insider. “But what’s so fascinating to me about that there really were people who felt as if they had been summoned to Washington by the president.”
    Of course they did — he’s the one who told them to march down there in the first place. And more than that, these people have been told, for decades, by those they trust the most, that it is not just their right but their obligation to overthrow the government when the government doesn’t do what they say, as well as Nancy Pelosi’s office’s obligation to hang on to their missing scrunchie until they can swing back around to get it tomorrow afternoon.
    They are, after all “We the People.”
    They didn’t act like people who thought they were going to get in trouble because they didn’t think they would get in trouble, because they really, really thought they were going to win. Many of them also believed that even if things didn’t work out the way they wanted them to on that day, that “something” would happen and Trump would be reinstated as President in the near future anyway. Their leaders told them this. None of it worked out the way they hoped or believed it would, but it doesn’t make them any less culpable than anyone else who thought they were going to get away with a crime of some kind.
    Calling Nancy Pelosi’s office for the Lost and Found, however, does make them a little more inept.

  17. tRUMPsky seems to have “sundowners’ syndrome,” meaning he becomes less coherent as the day progresses.   

    I love POTUS Joe, but if he doesn’t want a second term, I understand .   Sadly, I don’t see Harris as able to make a strong showing unless she’s able to shine at some aspect of her job.


    “Americans can go to a new website,, to order the tests, starting January 19. Tests are expected to ship within seven to 12 days of being ordered.”

    “Most Americans with private insurance can buy home tests online or in stores and have them paid for at the time of purchase or get reimbursed by submitting a claim to their insurer. So make sure you save your receipts. The tests won’t be subject to copays or deductibles.“

    “Insurers may set up a network of preferred stores, pharmacies and online retailers where consumers can receive tests at no cost up front. People could still buy tests outside that network, but insurers would only have to reimburse up to $12 for each one.“

  19. Might be best LBJ quote ever, and sadly still relevant:

    “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

    — Lyndon B. Johnson

  20. Republicans got some of the younger, Cuban-Americans in Florida; they believed the Repug messaging that Dems are commies when, in fact, it’s the Republicans they should fear if they value democracy.

  21. Craig
    take out the 40% solid Republicans, then the 25% idiot left and you get those numbers. I’m surprised it is not worse. 
    I guess after our reaction to the covid pandemics (and yes, I use the plural, we have had 3 so far in the last 2 years.)  I’m more than a little cynical about this nations ability to do most anything.
    I’m reminded of a theory that the crime wave of the 80’s and 90’s was cause by lead. Well those kids in the 80’s and 90’s are now in charge of everything. Until we get through these cohorts of lead damage brains nothing will improve. 

  22. jack, along the same lines as lead affecting the brain


    One of the most powerful tools our society has created is also the biggest distraction. Social media has become a fundamental part of our lives but is it being used correctly? In his talk, Connor discusses how our cellphones can help us either positively impact millions of people, or act as a detriment to our social development…..

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

  23. The “idiot left”, as you call them, is actually on the right side of most issues (education, environment, income/opportunity inequality), Jack, they’re just unable to tailor their message to a populace that’s largely right-of-center (and that worships man-in-the-sky, or the modern cult of “oneself”)

  24. Quite frankly, the “idiot left” is on the right side of race-relations, too, it’s just that contemplation the topic gives self-perceived “innocent” white Americans heart palpitations and brain aneurisms  

    (…contemplation of any topic, really)

  25. Ergo, i would deem them the “naive left” for disregarding the realities of human nature (and contemporary American politics)

    i don’t disagree with you, though, just a semantic quibble

  26. If you meant the “everything should be free” crowd, yeah they’re pretty dumb, but they overlap with the mainstream-left on healthcare

  27. Bink
    They aren’t on the right side of any of those. They are clueless about the problem and even worse with a solution. They are so clueless that they basically shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly. That is why Bernie is their God.
    Race relations is a good one. The supporters of voting rights advocates boycotting Biden in Atlanta is a prime example of the idiot left’s solution to problems. But we could go down your whole list and find other examples.
    They can’t even message well enough to convince Democrats they have a clue let alone the rest of the country. 

  28. They are often closely tied to what I call the do gooder syndrome.”How can you critisize me when I’m just doing good works. Even when what they are doing is totally destroying a neighborhood. ex. feeding the homeless in a neighborhood park. Oh well.

  29. btw, the college kids, they are probably naive. But the ones that have been around for ages……..
    made the same mistakes over and over……

  30. By “right side of issue” i didn’t mean “has the best solutions”, more-like “understands unsustainable societal modes”
    American race-relations: unsustainable 
    American consumption: unsustainable 
    American wealth inequality: unsustainable 
    American education inequality: unsustainable 
    By contrast, the moronic right whistles past the flaming dumpster fire- everything’s going great for them!

  31. …and to use “they” when trying to amalgamate the various left-of-center(and beyond) factions is to cast too wide a net.  There is no cohesive “them”, which is why Dems struggle with messaging, they need all of those idiots’ votes

  32. Contemporary American political progressivism is too much “with us or against us” and not enough “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but “oh, well” is right, this American empire collapses within 20 years, regardless.  Cause of death?  Internet.

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