Fight The Anti-Vaxers, Joe

It’s time for Biden to directly go after anti-vaxers from FOX to SCOTUS for killing Americans. He’s unfairly getting blamed in polls for COVID spread among unvaccinated they caused. Kick ass and take names!

Meanwhile, we could be sliding to a civil war. Secession movements in some red states shouldn’t be ignored.

Also: Queen Elizabeth II strips her son Prince Andrew of all his military titles and royal patronages as he prepares to face a civil case over claims of sexual assault, saying he must defend himself as a private citizen.

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  1. quebec, a north star to guide the way?

    aside from what’s good for public health, a good cost-saving move for private insurers would be to put a surcharge on anti-vaxers (as some do to smokers)


  2. too bad we can’t tax misinformation, it sure has taxed us

    Old Video Resurfaces of Rand Paul Telling Students Misinformation Is a ‘Great Tactic’ (

    The clip, posted to Twitter by epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding, shows the Kentucky senator speaking to students during a lecture at the University of Louisville’s school of medicine in 2013. 
    The lecture was reported on at the time by The Atlantic, which detailed the context of the question. According to The Atlantic, Paul was asked by a student if he had “last-minute advice” for their exams the next day. 
    In response, Paul said that he “never, ever cheated” and did not condone the practice, but added: “But I would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important.” 
    Paul then described how he and some classmates would spread misinformation to students they viewed as competitors and send them down the wrong path during exam prep. 
    “We just started spreading the rumor that we knew what was on the test, and it was definitely going to be all about the liver, everything, a vast majority of the questions all about the liver,” he said. “We tried to trick all of our competing students into over-studying for the liver and not studying for the kidney and every other organ.” 
    “That’s my advice, misinformation works,” Paul said.


  3. fearless leader says in the thread intro that joe’s unfairly getting blamed in polls for COVID spread among unvaccinated they caused.” 

    he’s also getting blamed for manchinema and mitch’s anti-voting rights stance, for DOJ’s hesitancy to prosecute former guy, for the pandemic caused inflation, for stopping endless war in mideast, for not going to war with putin/xi, for being boring by the media, the malaise in general and most of all for being old.

    probably the reason beneath the bad polls lurks a backlash touch of racism due to his base in the 2020 election and more than a touch of ageism.

    in this era of maniacal multi-tasking and instant gratification and media lust for looniness, people like biden, fauci, et al are roadkill on the highway to hedonism.

  4. Higher health insurance premiums, no air, train or bus travel.  There are ways, when doing the thing that will help you and your immediate circle isn’t enough.

    Quebec is planning to fine those who refuse to get vaxxed, as they have prolonged the pandemic. Also, you have to show proof of vaxx to buy alcohol or weed in Quebec, so winter might be pretty grim.


    “This trend of worthless science has been exacerbated by the media spotlight, political pressure and, presumably, the strong human impulse in the face of an emergency to do something, anything, even if it is sheer lunacy. This way, zombie scientists get not only peer-review recognition but also the public’s impression that they are doing important work.“

    “Zombie science not only pollutes science and generates noise; it also contributes to the hype of miracle cures and false hopes that end up in the press.”

  6. gerson’s oped in wapo:

    When the future judges our political present, it will stand in appalled, slack-jawed amazement at the willingness of GOP leaders to endanger the lives of their constituents — not just the interests of their constituents, but their lungs and beating hearts — in pursuit of personal power and ideological fantasies.
    We are seeing at least three varieties of GOP political necromania.
    The first, practiced most vigorously by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, uses an ongoing pandemic as a stage for the display of ideological zeal….
    A second type of the Republican romance with death comes in the vilification of those most dedicated to preserving the lives of Americans. Public officials such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) invent a conspiratorial backstory to the covid crisis and depict the most visible representatives of the United States’ covid response as scheming, deceptive deep-state operatives. Any change in emphasis or strategy by scientists — an essential commitment of the scientific method — is viewed as rich opposition research.
    Paul talks of jailing Anthony S. Fauci in the midst of our public health crisis on the basis of imaginary claims. But the fundraising appeals to MAGA loyalists that immediately follow such attacks by Paul and others are real….
    A third category of Republican death wish is the practice of strategic ignorance. In a case such as Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) — America’s most reliable source of unreliable information about covid-19 — such ignorance might not be feigned….
    Johnson is not only making dangerous statements about the coronavirus. He is using his willingness to cite stupid things as the evidence of his independence from the rule of professionals and experts. He is defining democracy, in the words of Tom Nichols, author of “The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters,” as “unearned respect for unfounded opinions.” Johnson is practicing strategic ignorance.
    This would be bad for democracy at any time. It encourages the development of not merely alternative views but alternative realities. And this makes the pursuit of a common good nearly impossible.
    During a pandemic, however, the celebration of ignorance is an invitation to death. Public health depends on social cooperation. If a significant group of Americans regard the musing of a politician such as Johnson as equal in value to Fauci’s lifelong accumulation of expertise, the basis for rational action is lost. And the result is needless death.

  7. Rand Paul takes a page out the Goebbels handbook.  Just keep repeating a lie and folks will start to believe it. 

  8. I love the theme of this thread. Call out the toxic stupidity of the largely RW anti vaxxers and continue ad nauseum pointing out the deadly consequences of their dogged refusal to help avoid the spread of a deadly virus in the midst of a pandemic that is closing in on a million dead Americans. And absolutely call out the actions of politicians, business people and trade organizations and lying judges at all levels of government who fight tooth and nail all efforts of the Biden administration to fight the spread of death from Covid. Joe is stuck with a very slim majority in Congress but his agenda is being stymied by two members of his own party in the Senate, who he might as well call out for what they are – obstructionists destined to destroy the Biden agenda in the very short term and Democratic control of government in the near term over the next two election cycles. 

  9. Djokovich is out of the Australian Open for now. Good on the Aussies. We could learn a thing or two from them. 

  10. And finally, cudos to the DOJ for the charges against Stewart Rhodes* and his “Oath keeping” co-conspirators for their seditious conspiracy leading up to 1/6/21. Now let the threads spread out to ensnare those who encouraged them (called misprision in my world). Don’t stop until they ensnare the disgraced twice impeached Former. 

    *btw that shit kicker is a Yale educated lawyer. Another Yale lawyer, George Conway, says the seditious conspiracy charge fits the shit kicker’s actions like a glove.

  11. The saddest thing I have learned about the anti-vaccination cult is they do not believe COVID is a disease.  Even when the have it.  Even when they die of it.  They convince themselves it is nothing more than the flu.  Someone with COVID actually asked a very stupid question, in between coughing jags. “It is the same bug as the flu bug isn’t it?”  I did respond that it is not and was met with I don’t know what I am talking about, this from someone who told me to watch faux snooze.

  12. celebrating DOJ’s the sedition charge against rhodes

    Stephen’s faith in the Justice Department was restored today when ten so-called Oath Keepers were charged with sedition for their participation in the Jan. 6th attack. In covid news, experts think Omicron has hit its peak in the United States, with case numbers on the East Coast already starting to fall.

  13. I am wondering about something.  I think the white supremacists proud boys were charged with very minor things, spitting on the sidewalk stuff, and given no jail time to a few weeks of jail.  Now the next white supremacist group oatkeepers are being charged with sedition and high jail time crimes.  The terrorists were both at the insurrection scene what is the difference in terrorists?

  14. BB, the difference is huge.  I have a client who was at the Capitol on 1/6 and but for a tummy ache and fever he could have been charged for going into  the capitol and disrupting the proceedings – and he’s a mountain of a man and would have stood literally head and shoulders above the crowd.  He went there because some RW website he reads and believes was pushing their readers to go to DC on 1/6.  He was not engaged in a conspiracy to induce people to go there. but was just another dupe who followed the rantings of those like the Oath Keepers who were engaged in planning and inducing people like my idiot client to go and get caught up in what the sedition conspiracists were planning.  The Oath Keepers’ planners on the other hand were engaged in planning an attack that involved transporting weapons to DC and they were employing the training Ol’ Stewart learned as a paratrooper back in the day. In short they were engaged in planning a military style assault on the Congress to prevent Congress’ ability to exercise its responsibilities under the Constitution.  A bit more than attending a rally, walking up Constitution Ave. to the Capitol at the urging of the President and ultimately  walking over police positions and then (for some) walking into the Capitol after other, more aggressive types, broke outt windows and opened doors into the building.  As I understand the charges, they are based more on the interactions electronically between the top guys – just shy of a dozen of them – planning the attack.
    Here’s the statute they were charged under:
    18 USC § 2384 – Seditious Conspiracy
    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

  15. BB, plus if new evidence is discovered and warrants it, charges can be added to the lesser charges.

  16. BB, wiki reminds us in their discussion of domestic terrorism

    ” the U.S. government cannot charge someone with domestic terrorism because no such criminal law exists..

  17. But by roughly Day 120 of the mission, which is about April 24, engineers expect that the telescope will be seeing far more precisely, with the alignment procedure complete.
    “I like to think of it as, it’s like we have 18 mirrors that are, right now, little prima donnas, all doing their own thing, singing their own tune in whatever key they’re in,” Rigby said. “We have to make them work like a chorus, and that is a methodical, laborious process.”
    The next major question is what Webb will first focus its eyes on. The observatory, billed as a successor to the groundbreaking Hubble Space Telescope that launched in 1990, has received many requests for “telescope time” among astronomers, and the vast majority of those had to be turned down. A few“early science” programs are listed on NASA’s website, but where Webb will look first has not yet been disclosed.

    Stewart Rhodes’ Estranged Wife Calls Him a ‘Complete Sociopath’ a Day After Jan. 6 Arrest

    One day after his arrest on charges of seditious conspiracy in the Jan. 6 riots, the estranged wife of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes went on CNN and called him a “complete sociopath.” Tasha Adams announced joy over his arrest and discussed fears for her family’s safety: “I knew I lived in fear he might show up here. But the… just setting that weight down and knowing we were safe and my kids were safe and my kids’ school doesn’t have to worry, that was a relief I didn’t know existed.” When asked by CNN’s John Berman of what threat she feels Rhodes poses to the country at large, Adams responded “He’s a dangerous man.” She added, “He sees himself as a great leader, he almost has his own mythology of himself and I think he almost made it come true as seeing himself as some sort of figure in history and it sort of happened. He’s a complete sociopath, he does not feel empathy for anyone around him at all.”

  19. When Hitler picked his fight with Poland, he used a radio station near the border as his pretext .  I forget the exact series of events , but as I remember it he blew the thing up , and began to howl about the Commies in Poland that did it. 
    Boom WW II was on.
    Mr. Putin has updated that playbook today. By attacking the Ukraine government web sites. 
    Poor Mr. Biden ,  he’s up to his armpits in weasels .
    I’m not a praying man but I’ve said a few here lately .
    The news today makes the Sixties seem like a Blake Edwards movie. 

  20. “De” this and “De” that .
    We don’t dry things out anymore , we “dewater” them.
    We don’t stop paying , we “defund”.
    But  no one saw a “deroyaling”  coming. 

  21. Patd –
    PBS began rerunning Burn’s “Country Music” last night , it was better than ever.  Furlin Husky is just the tonic I was looking for. 

  22. glad you liked it.

    as far as country lonesome music goes, not much ever topped hank’s “i’m so lonesome i could cry”

     Hear that lonesome whippoorwill

    He sounds too blue to fly
    The midnight train is whining low
    I’m so lonesome I could cry

    I’ve never seen a night so long
    When time goes crawling by
    The moon just went behind the clouds
    To hide its face and cry

    Did you ever see a robin weep
    When leaves began to die?
    Like me, he’s lost the will to live
    I’m so lonesome I could cry

    The silence of a falling star
    Lights up a purple sky
    And as I wonder where you are
    I’m so lonesome I could cry


    azlyrics had this little blurb about it:

    Elvis Presley covered this song during his “Aloha from Hawaii” TV special on the 14th of January 1973. He said before singing, “I’d like to sing a song that’s… probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard.”

  23. My favorite part is about how the station that made “Wolf Man Jack”  was born .
    XERF  250,000 watts,  created by a quack doctor from Iowa, who had started a 50,000 watt station there using country music to promote his practice , of implanting “goat glands” into men to make them youth again. 
    Well the state of Iowa pulled his license, so he crossed the border at Del Rio , and when right back to blasting out ads . 
    This was where the Carter Family died on the Radio .
    The thing was so powerful that ranchers in South Texas could hear it on their barbed wire fences , the braces on children’s teeth ,  Waylon’s house in Texas, Johnny’s house in Arkansas,  and Chet’s house in Bama. 

  24. Pappy Ole’  Daniel  was a real man he was  a governor of Texas . 
    And Bob Wills got him to back, “The Light Crust Dough Boys”. 
    It don’t matter who’s in Texas Bob Wills is still the King.

  25. New study sheds light on origins of life on Earth

    The researchers explored how primitive life may have originated on our planet from simple, non-living materials. They asked what properties define life as we know it and concluded that anything alive would have needed to collect and use energy, from sources such as the Sun or hydrothermal vents.
    In molecular terms, this would mean that the ability to shuffle electrons was paramount to life. Since the best elements for electron transfer are metals (think standard electrical wires) and most biological activities are carried out by proteins, the researchers decided to explore the combination of the two—that is, proteins that bind metals.
    We and the butterflies run on electricity , no juice no moose. 

  26. Things are starting to shut down around here.  Closures and shortened hours. 

    OM – Hooo! and howl!

  27. Solar power –
    Storing heat  from the sun , ie the battery .
    Of all the things to choose there are 3 things.
    They all have what is called “specific heat” , that is the ability to store the most heat per given mass. 
    The  cheapest is water , nothing in nature comes close . 
    The second are certain salts, they go through a phase change from solid to liquid .
    Third is paraffin  it does that same phase change. 
     Now water can do that same phase change , but from liquid to gas . But that takes a lot more heat .  See a steam engine.
    It is this change in state that lets these materials to store more heat per given mass.
    On the “specific heat”  scale,  water is valued as one.  It is the base line. 
    Everything around you is a fraction of that one , except for the paraffin candles in your house.  When water at one can’t take on anymore heat , your candles are still a hot melted solid, when they change to a liquid  , they race at head of water by a mile. 
    And paraffin  is much denser than water.  And paraffin is the curse of millions of oil wells.  It fouls the the entire bore hole of poorer grade oil wells. 
    So, 47 years ago I came to the conclusion  that a paraffin heat battery was the way to store heat for a house . Both water , and space.  The real plus , was that it would be really small .  A lot of thermal mass in a small space. 
    That is what I learned reading books at the Whole Earth Access Company at 940 Pearl Street , Boulder , Colorado. 
    Then I ended up on a “Pullin” Unit” doing workover on oil wells .
    Pulling 5,000 feet of connecting  rods out of the hole, all of it was covered with paraffin. 

  28. My friend Marvin Lanier on the right playing guitar for Don. He played for him for years, they toured the world together just the two of them. 

  29. Paraffin –
    Our commune at Mineral Hot Springs  had a candle works .
    A small electric hot water heater with no top , five coffee cans , two  welded to together .  It made a huge candle.  Five colors. 
    We made them in pairs.  We bought Gulf Oil paraffin by the 20 pound block.  It was so cheap. 

  30. Craig –
    It’s Friday night, and I just want to think about other things besides our pending T- Shirt War.
    Which is the only way we will choose sides . 
    As for myself I’m broke down South of Dallas. 

  31. It truly is an age of flawed folks.  This has happened  before a crazy monk took over Florence, they burnt books paintings etc. 
    The bond fire of the vanities .
    The good folks of Florence  woke up , and burnt his ass to a crisp. 

  32. I keep wondering where these boobs got money to travel DC.  Maybe a Tucker Goebbels and fiends fund? 

    The numbers of extremists may have dwindled. Covid deaths. Seeing others get in trouble for Jan 6th.

    The Republican politicians are doing their worst to stop the majority of voters from voting against them.


    “In the first Travis County court hearing of a challenge to Abbott’s new “arrest and jail” approach under Operation Lone Star, state district Judge Jan Soifer agreed to throw out an Ecuadorian migrant’s trespassing arrest and criminal prosecution.“

    “His lawyers argued that the governor’s directive to arrest migrants on state charges unconstitutionally usurps federal immigration law.”

    “Everybody who has a pending misdemeanor trespassing arrest under OLS will have the exact same challenge,” said Kristin Etter, an attorney with the Texas RioGrande Legal Aid who represents hundreds of migrants. “This sets a clear precedent in all of those cases both pending and future.”

  34. George Conway Makes Case for Trump Being Tried for Sedition (

    In the opening minutes of the show, Conway opined on the charges and read the seditious conspiracy statute verbatim: “‘If two or more persons conspire to overthrow, put down, or destroy by force or events the government of the United States, or by force to prevent, hinder or delay the execution of any law of the United States or by a force to seize or take any property’ like the capitol…It fits like a glove.”


     Joe Scarborough pivoted to Trump’s refusal to engage his supporters attacking the Capitol Police while he sat in his personal Oval Office dining room watching it unfold on television.

    “And George, you can hear it on closing arguments against the president,” Scarborough said. “You almost hear a closing argument of the president being a part of this sedition sitting there watching gleefully and wanting the riot to go on and the prosecution tells the jury and they finally dragged him out hours later to give a recorded message to stop the rioters and stop the seditionists and the first take you would not say it.

    Conway reiterated numerous reports that the then-president ignored multiple pleas for his engagement, and revealed that White House staffers didn’t trust Trump to address the situation live on television, and instead recorded a video message, the first two of which had to be trashed because they did not do the thing needed — encourage the rioters to stop.

    “They didn’t trust him to do it live because they were afraid of what he would say,” Conway replied. “So they threw out two takes and they got semi right. Those were preserved documents and produced by the committee by national archives. When those videos come out, I bet you that’s going to be something.”

    The first two takes of Trump NOT exhorting his supporters to stop attacking Capitol police and threatening members of Congress to stop the certification of the Electoral College, which of course delayed it? Again, Conway didn’t come out directly and say that looks like sedition but watching his appearance on Morning Joe, it sure feels seditious.

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