Expel Him

Why can’t House Democrats just expel him from Congress for this?

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy refuses to cooperate with the Jan. 6 committee. “This committee is not conducting a legitimate investigation….It is not serving any legislative purpose”

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  1. they need to somehow propel (not expel) him to speak the truth as he did the days just after the insurrection. 

    maybe compel him by way of carrots and sticks – a lot of sticks, more sticks with one measly carrot

    or impel him on his own petard by replaying all past words of apostasy thru ads on fox (particularly so former guy sees/hears them) and well-placed billboards.

    and repel his big funders

  2. wanna bet on whether this will pass by bipartisan vote and how many GOPers will vote for it today?

    House to vote on consolidated election bill Thursday, Pelosi says | TheHill

    The House plans to take up and advance a consolidated election and voting rights bill on Thursday in order to allow the Senate to give it “urgent consideration,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced Wednesday evening.
    “Under the steady leadership of Chairman Jim McGovern, the House Rules Committee will meet tonight to prepare legislation for the Floor that combines key provisions of two crucial bills: the Senate’s Freedom to Vote Act and the House’s John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act,” Pelosi wrote in a “Dear Colleague” letter on Wednesday.
    “After the meeting concludes, the House will convene tonight to pass the Rule for this legislation. Tomorrow, the House will pass the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act and send it to the Senate for consideration,” she added.
    “President Biden made it crystal clear that the Senate must find a path forward to enshrine critical voting rights legislation into law. Tonight, to defend our democracy, House Democrats will take a step to send the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act to the Senate for urgent consideration,” Pelosi said.
    Schumer told Senate Democrats in a memo on Wednesday that he would use a loophole from a Senate procedure to at least start debate on a bill that would contain aspects of both pieces of voting rights legislation. 
    The legislation would still be subject to the 60-vote filibuster in order to pass, but the move would at least begin debate on the legislation.

  3. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/11/opinions/kevin-mccarthy-gop-threat-american-democracy-filipovic/index.html

    “…Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, has already vowed to remove three prominent Democrats — Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar — from important committee assignments, simply — it seems — as vengeance.“

    “In a saner democracy, comments like Gosar’s and Greene’s would make them personas non grata within their party. Instead, GOP leadership has, for the most part, made weak condemnations of their comments and then continued to embrace them.“

    “It’s not just McCarthy and his threats of retaliatory power-grabbing that signal the GOP’s demise into antidemocratic darkness. “

  4. It is the absolute brazen rejection of voting rights that I find dispiriting.  That there are currently 13 sitting Senators who voted for it that now vote against it, is disgusting. Leader McConnell and the other 12 are practicing racism for the sake of votes.


  5. hey kev, remember what you said about why the benghazi committee was so appropriate? see huffpo’s oct. 2015 piece that reported:

    House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) screwed up when he admitted the Benghazi committee was a weapon against Hillary Clinton, the likely future speaker of the House admitted Wednesday.

    and noted this ad in which you starred

  6. well, looky here:

    Jan. 6 committee rebuts challenges to its legitimacy, citing Katrina and Benghazi probes – POLITICO

    In a late-night court filing defending the Jan. 6 panel’s structure, House Counsel Douglas Letter noted that the 2005 committee — which consisted entirely of 11 Republicans appointed by then-Speaker Dennis Hastert — proved that there is precedent for a select committee operating without a contingent of members appointed by the minority party. That panel, appointed over Pelosi’s objection to investigate the failures of the government response to Hurricane Katrina, was nevertheless a valid exercise of the House’s power, Letter noted. Claims that the Jan. 6 committee is invalid because it lacks GOP-appointed members fail to reckon with this precedent, he said.
    Perhaps more significantly, Letter argues, Republicans lodged no formal objections when the House debated and voted on two key actions by the Jan. 6 select committee: resolutions holding Trump advisers Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress. Republicans could have raised formal “points of order” challenging the select committee’s validity at the time, Letter noted, but they did not and both resolutions passed — with a smattering of Republican support.
    Like the Katrina select committee — and a subsequent GOP-led panel to investigate the deadly attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi — the Jan. 6 select committee only required Pelosi to “consult” with McCarthy before making appointments. And the procedures don’t specify how extensive that consultation must be or whether Democrats must heed McCarthy’s input.
    “Here, there can be no serious contention that [the resolution] was not followed: the Minority Leader was consulted,” Letter wrote. “The Minority Leader made several suggestions to the Speaker regarding minority party Members to serve on the Select Committee, and the Speaker even announced her intention to appoint three of the five minority party Members that the Minority Leader recommended. That the Speaker … made different selections as to two of the Members, and that the Minority Leader subsequently withdrew his recommendations, does not make the Select Committee improperly constituted, nor does it invalidate any of its actions.”
    The House’s formal argument came just hours after McCarthy spurned the committee’s request for his own testimony about his interactions with Trump on and after Jan. 6. McCarthy lodged similar arguments about the validity of the committee in his own statement refusing to participate, calling it “illegitimate.”
    The ruling in Budowich’s suit is poised to be the first to reckon with challenges to the Jan. 6 committee’s authority and could have implications for similar suits filed by Trump allies like former national security adviser Michael Flynn, attorney John Eastman, pro-Trump broadcaster Alex Jones and others resisting the select committee’s subpoenas for their records.

  7. Image result for what's good for the goose is good for gander

    apologies to the hon. speaker if i seem to be implying she’s a goose. calling him a gander though would be an understatement and my apologies go to all the male geese out there.

  8. My father always said that the first duty of any politician was to make sure they got re-elected.  I used to scoff at him….   guess he was right all along.
    BTW… I think I have a breakthrough case of Covid.  I got exposed from one of Rick’s brothers… the one that lives in Maryland.  He’s up here this week staying with his daughter who lives in the next town over.  We went to Rick’s youngest brother’s house to watch the Patriots game last Sunday.  After being there for half and hour, Mike tells us his daughter (our niece) isn’t feeling well… but has taken a home covid test and it showed negative.  A few minutes later… she calls to tell him she took another test that is now showing positive.  He immediately left…  but too late.
    My symptoms are mild… Rick has none.  We ordered home test that won’t arrive until next week.  Until then… we are isolating.
    ps…  she thinks she got it from someone where she works that was sick and came in anyways…

  9. that senate dem lunch biden’s going to today could use this up-lifting ad that 1st ran in november for inspiration

    In this RepresentUs video titled “Electile Dysfunction: How to Fix Our Government | Mark Ruffalo & Jonathan Scott,” we are presenting a humorous look at the Freedom to Vote Act, explained by many as the key to saving our democracy. Mark Ruffalo spoils none of the fun here, as he helps spread the message alongside Jonathan Scott and Jake Johnson.

  10. Thanks for sharing, RR, i have some questions, because i’m still trying to figure out how one contracts this stuff, practically:
    How long were you exposed to this person?  How close were you to them physically and for how long?  Did you share a meal?  Was there any ventilation? Were people yelling? Were hugs exchanged?  Was the infector triple-vaxxed?  Was he symptomatic at all?

  11. A “Karen” coughed at me maliciously, yesterday, because i was double-masked.  i just kept walking, white Americans are the fuckin’ worst

    i was essentially assaulted for trying to protect my community

  12. Bink…  there were 5 of us…  all family members.  All of us have been fully vaccinated and had the booster.  Mike’s daughter was vaccinated but has not had the booster yet.  We were all in the living room.. and yes… hugs were exchanged as I hadn’t seen Mike since July.  I was sitting on the opposite side of the room. Yes we were yelling…  we were watching a football game.  We were sharing snacks.  Mike was there for about a half hour before he got the call that made him immediately leave.  He didn’t have any symptoms.  As soon as Mike left… Dan (whose house we were at) opened some windows to change the air in the house.  So far… I’m the only one with symptoms.. but that’s probably because I have a compromised immune system.
    The symptoms have been mild…  a few muscle aches… a slight headache… my upper chest is sore…  and I’m a bit fatigued.  I’ve had these for a few days… I feel a lot better today.
    hope this helps…

  13. rr, please take care and not over do.  pamper yourself so that you heal faster.  my home remedy beyond a stiff hot toddy with honey is to take 2 pets (a cat in the lap and dog at the foot) and relax.  does wonders. 

  14. hmmm, a Faux throws down the gauntlet.  what next?    

    EXCLUSIVE: Trump is demanding to know Ron DeSantis’s booster status, and I can now reveal it. He was a loyal booster when Trump ran in 2016, but then he learned our president was a liar and con man whose grift was permanent. I hope that clears things up.

    — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) January 12, 2022

  15. A temp came to the office yesterday to tell us her roommate is sick and getting tested, and, she has a sore throat so she’s going to get tested. You couldn’t have phone? You had to come to the office to tell us? Oh, well, we were all together the day before.

  16. The Supreme Court blocked Biden admin vaccine or testing requirement aimed at large businesses, but it allowed a vaccine mandate for certain health care workers to go into effect nationwide.

    WH should simply say the Supreme Court just prolonged the pandemic.

  17. Interesting. Jan. 6 committee member Zoe Lofgren just said on MSNBC they could charge McCarthy with “disorderly conduct” for refusing to testify. HUH? 

  18. So SCROTUS removed all doubt and blocked Biden’s vaccination rule for large employers. I’ll have to look at that decision for legal legerdemain. 

  19. Can employers require hair a certain way, tattoos covered? They require TB tests for healthcare and food service workers. I held both jobs in college. What about smokers? Can employers choose to not have smokers work for them?

    Then there’s the old, stick it to them with higher health insurance premiums if they aren’t vaxxed.

    Kudos to Quebec for find ways to get folks to find a jab less painful than going without booze or weed, or, getting fined.

    The unvaccinated are driving up healthcare costs, so they should foot the bill.

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