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  1. words of the day, the year, the millennium

    ‘Insurrection’ named the American Dialect Society’s word of 2021 | Reference and languages books | The Guardian

    “Fauci ouchie”, the rhyming phrase for a Covid-19 vaccine dreamed up in honour of Dr Anthony Fauci, has been named the “most creative word or phrase of the year” by the American Dialect Society.
    Founded in 1889, the society is made up of linguists, lexicographers, etymologists and scholars dedicated to the study of the English language in North America. More than 300 members took part in this year’s annual meeting, at which “Fauci ouchie” beat “chin diaper” – defined as a “face mask worn below the chin instead of properly covering the nose and mouth” – to the accolade.
    The meeting also saw “insurrection” named the overall word of 2021, beating vax/vaxx. “More than a year after the attack on the US Capitol on Jan 6, 2021, the nation is still coming to grips with what happened that day,” said Ben Zimmer, chair of the society’s new words committee. “At the time, words like coup, sedition and riot were used to describe the disturbing events at the Capitol, but insurrection – a term for a violent attempt to take control of the government – is the one that many felt best encapsulates the threat to democracy experienced that day. The lasting effects of that insurrection will be felt for years to come.”
    The informal word of the year title went to “yassify”, which is “to apply image filters to a person’s photo to transform it into a cartoonishly beautiful image; more generally, to make beautiful or glamorous”, while the “most useful” crown went to “hard pants”. These are defined by the ADS as “pants that lack an elastic waistband or stretchy fabric, unlike the ‘soft pants’ favored by those working from home during the pandemic”.
    The new word deemed “most likely to succeed” by the society was “antiwork” – meaning a “position supporting the refusal to work, pushing back against labour exploitation”.
    …. In 2000, the society chose its “word of the past millennium” as she, the feminine pronoun. “Before the year 1000, there was no she in English; just heo, which singular females had to share with plurals of all genders because it meant they as well,” it said at the time. “In the 12th century, however, she appeared, and she has been with us ever since.”

    WHAT, it isn’t “unprecedented”???

  2. Rachel Maddow: Trump’s Lawyers Met With Georgia Prosecutors About Fraud Probe | HuffPost Latest News

    Last week, Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis told The Associated Press that she could announce a decision on charges as soon as the first half of the year. She’s even considering asking for a special grand jury with subpoena power to aid the probe.
    The investigation is also focused on a November 2020 call to Raffensperger from Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) about the election, and other incidents, Willis said.
    “We’re going to just get the facts, get the law, be very methodical, very patient [in] this quest for justice,” she said.
    Trump’s efforts concerning the Georgia vote may have violated a number of laws, including state statutes against conspiracy to commit election fraud, criminal solicitation to commit election fraud and “intentional interference” with the performance of election duties, which are all subject to fines and imprisonment.

  3. also happening in GA today (aside from big parades about the dawgs’ championship)

    from the hill:

    Biden will speak in Georgia to urge passage of two pieces of legislation: the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is expected to force votes this week on both bills, though Republicans are set to use the 60-vote legislative filibuster to block them from advancing.

    “The next few days, when these bills come to a vote, will mark a turning point in this nation,” Biden will say in Georgia, according to excerpts shared by the White House. “Will we choose democracy over autocracy, light over shadow, justice over injustice? I know where I stand. I will not yield. I will not flinch. I will defend your right to vote and our democracy against all enemies foreign and domestic. And so the question is where will the institution of United States Senate stand?”

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday Biden would use the speech discuss potential alterations to the Senate filibuster, which requires that a bill get 60 votes to advance in the chamber. She said Biden would seek to underscore the stakes at a time when GOP-held legislatures are advancing bills to make it harder for some groups to vote.

  4. The other day one of the people who live on their boats went by, coughing and hacking.  He passed by the Wine Club, turned and said he and his wife have COVID, along with two others who went to a restaurant together.  They are: no maskers, COVID does not exist it is a flu they have but admit the name COVID, eight hundred thousand people did not die of COVID, the vaccine does not work, the vaccine makes you sterile (they are in their sixties), the vaccine whatever.  Two of the people infected were not in good shape to start with, I hope they survive.
    Any sympathy for them? No.  They put themselves in this condition on purpose, along with possibly infecting others by going around without masks and quarantining themselves when sick.

  5. from squib below vid:

    Lewis would often kick the piano bench out of the way to play standing, rake his hands up and down the keyboard for dramatic accent, sit down on the keyboard and even stand on top of the instrument. His first TV appearance, in which he demonstrated some of these moves, was on The Steve Allen Show on July 28, 1957, where he played the song “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On.” He is also reputed to have set a piano on fire at the end of a live performance, in protest at being billed below Chuck Berry.

  6. I didn’t feel anything.   Nothing shook under me.   mighta been earthquivers.
    absolutely dug the transmission video.   

  7. patd…  Pogo is a true sports fan.  We see sports as a competition…  and not as we need to wipe the enemy off the face of the earth…  like the way people see politics nowadays.  Whenever I see anyone on this blog that is not able to congratulate the other team… I know that they never played sports as a kid.
    It was great to see that quarterback from Georgia be so happy that he burst out in tears.  Congrats Georgia!

  8. Thanks Renee.  Yes, I awoke this morning to see that indeed the sun was rising in the east.  Georgia is due congratulations.  Great team and well coached – of course Kirby Smart had a good mentor.  I hated to see Kirby leave UA to move from Saban’s offensive coordinator to become head coach at GA, but I didn’t blame him from doing that.  Our offensive line finally got worn down by those huge bodies on the GA D line and couldn’t provide Bryce Young with enough time to let passing routes develop and our D line wasn’t able to pressure Bennett in the 4th so it was sort of a predictable outcome in the last ten minutes of the game. And yes, Stetson Bennett IV played extremely well in the 4th quarter.  Hit two great passes for TDs.  It was a well earned win for GA.

  9. I did a bunch of sports playing when i was a kid…..but it eventually went away.   I had 3 vivid experiences playing sports, though, which I still get a great laugh out of.  The first was at little league baseball up at the community center.  I was never all that hot a player, moving around the positions; was a pretty fair catcher once some old guy showed me the trick of how to be one, but then a really good catcher came into it and I was back shuttling around positions being middlin’ good at each.  So this one night I was out in right field where seldom actually ventured a hit baseball.  Lot of time to think about it all and holler “humma-humma-humma” every now and then.  But then:  late in the game and the end in sight under the bright lights what to my wondering eyes did appear but a soaring high fly ball coming directly into the center of right field.  It was high up and took forever to come down, but when it did I was right under it……It was all silence as the ball descended–I was holding out my hand, flat with palm up and when it struck my glove a mighty rolling cheer erupted from the bleachers……right in mid-cheer, the ball popped out of my glove and like music from the beatles or something I so remember the mighty cheer turning into an agonized groan.   It was beautiful, like something in a movie, even if I did manage to probably lose the game or something.  In my defense i only had the world’s shittiest 50’s baseball glove, the Nellie Fox model…..no pocket, no padding, like I said, the shittiest baseball glove ever made.  It was such a shitty glove the great Nellie Fox himself wouldn’t even autograph it when the Sox and Yankees played an exhibition game downtown.  “Fuck off, Kid….” he said.    I swear to god, lol.

  10.  “Whenever I see anyone on this blog that is not able to congratulate the other team… I know that they never played sports as a kid.”

    renee, that applies also to congratulating other political teams who win elections fair & square.  GOPers don’t pass the good sport rule and one wonders if they were cheats as well as poor sports as a kid, throwing down their bat and stomping away in tears while yelling at the ump.

  11. The other two were football.   In the 8th grade our class was so large we had two teams.  The really good players and popular guys were on the A team and the rest of us were on the Bad News team.   My first year at a new school, I bullshit my way into being quarterback.   I was the quarterback who couldn’t pass.  We did a lot of rollouts and I’d flip the ball to the halfback for passes.  There was some reason I got to keep being quarterback, but I forget what it was.   Anyway, we played the A team, the Jewish Community Center team, Bishop England 8th grade team and maybe one or two others and we managed to lose every game up to about three-fourths of the way thru the season.  Never won a single game.  So during one of these lop-sided contests, our right tackle, Bessinger, recovered a fumble.  Bessinger was a big kid, and I mean BIG for an 8th grader, which is why our senior coaches made him tackle and when he picked up that football and started lumbering towards the goal line he must have gone about 30-40 yards with kids from the other team jumping on and falling off all the way.  With a couple of kids still hanging on he hit the end zone–touchdown Bessinger.  So of course we made Bessinger fullback and we never lost another game.  It was Bessinger up the middle, Bessinger off tackle, Bessinger rollout……Beautiful.  Bessinger even lost some weight over it.   These days he owns a Barbecue joint up-country a bit, the Bessinger family being quite famous in SC for Barbecue.  You can still google Maurice Bessinger, a would-be Lester Maddox, with his confederate flags and such. 
    Our Bessinger wasn’t a racist.

  12. Book of The Week:
    In 2001, Maurice Bessinger (not our 8th grade Bessinger) published his autobiography, DEFENDING MY HERITAGE.
    Writer Chuck Thompson’s take on the book was negative, saying that “Bessinger’s gasbagging autobiography is one of the most weirdly entertaining summations of the delusional cultural southern mind-set ever printed. My favorite line about growing up Southern: ‘White people are the best friends, historically, that blacks have ever had.'”. Eric Dabney and Mike Coker’s “Historic South Carolina” was more gentle, calling it “the story of a man of humble origins who worked hard all his life to build a multi-million dollar business, and then was willing to risk it all to stand for his principles.”[4]

  13. The third was a play dreamed up by our coaches,  2 high school seniors.  If I wasn’t telling you about this play you’d probably never be hearing about it.   They had looked into it and decided that there was no reason the END couldn’t hike the ball to the QB.  With that as a basis, we broke out of the huddle on about our own 30 yd line or so, but our RIGHT END went to the ball, and everyone else lined up as normal to his left.  Except for me who lined up behind the END.   The other team, the A-team in fact, was in total confusion as they were centered over the ball as usual and our team was way off to their right.   We kind of took our time and the other team hustled to shift right over to covering the team in the normal way, backs and all.  So it’s just me and Hubbard off to the right with ONE GUY in front of Hubbard who, when Hubbard hiked the ball to me,  rushed in straight at me.  Hubbard takes a few steps forward and I lob the ball over the one player’s head to Hubbard and he runs with zero opposition for a touchdown.   It would only work once in the history of football but damn if it didn’t work that once time. The coach who dreamed that up is now an astronomy prof and photographer down at the College, also son of the guy who took a bunch of us goobers to Australia and back.  

    It was after that year that the music took over and we began playing in the stews of North Chuck and Market Street, and it was basically sports no more.

  14. Funny sports stories Sturg.  BTW that looks just like the first glove I had in the 2 years I played baseball. You got musiced (sp?) out of sports – I got injured out of football and basketball in 1968.  Still ran track and cross country. I was pretty fast and was skinny enough (then) that if I turned sideways and stuck out my tongue I looked like a zipper – or so one of my wisecracking friends said. I was a wide receiver freshman and first half of sophomore year because I was fast and could catch a football pretty well – right up until I got moved to tailback because I didn’t like to get tackled so I was hard to bring down and our starting tailback decided to go deer hunting rather than practice football one Saturday.   On what was to be the last set of plays at practice the day before my debut at tailback our QB miscalculated on a lateral that I had to chase down and got hit under the right arm while diving for it, dislocating my shoulder.  Last time I ever wore pads. Tried to play basketball after the football season ended and dislocated the damn shoulder a couple of times before giving up on round ball.  In the Spring I even dislocated it coming off the blocks at track practice – but I didn’t quit running – by then the coaches would put it back in for me.  Final straw was when I dislocated it (for the 9th time) literally rolling over in bed one morning.  Went under the knife and never could throw a ball for shit after that.  I had promise in my own mind, but at  5’11” and 127 pounds I wasn’t very durable.

  15. I’ve been watching the murder channel, what that scarecrow-head do now?

    Once on U-Tube I caught a video of him and Mary Beard discussing whether Greece or Rome……they both made a lot of points. Really nice debate. I forget which was which.

  16. what that scarecrow-head do now

    …hosted a very-British BYOB cocktail-party in the middle of UK 2020 lockdown, which was much more restrictive than any lockdown in the US

  17. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/01/10/rice-university-financial-aid-lawsuit/

    “The suit claims that by limiting financial aid, this group of schools engaged in price-fixing, reducing competition and inflating the cost of attendance for those who receive financial aid.”

    “The plaintiffs calculated that the scheme affects more than 170,000 financial aid recipients at a cost running into the hundreds of millions of dollars.”

    “In critical respects, elite, private universities like Defendants are gatekeepers to the American Dream,” the lawsuit states. “Defendants’ misconduct is therefore particularly egregious because it has narrowed a critical pathway to upward mobility that admission to their institutions represents.”



    “A rural sheriff near the Texas border is under criminal investigation for allegedly having his deputies illegally seize money and a truck from undocumented immigrants during traffic stops.“

    “The investigation into the Republican sheriff is underway as a political firestorm rages over immigration policy…”

  18. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/11/politics/florida-special-election-sheila-cherfilus-mccormick/index.html

    “…Cherfilus-McCormick defeated Republican Jason Mariner for the heavily Democratic seat. She now heads to Washington, where she will be the first Democrat of Haitian descent to serve in Congress, according to the National Haitian American Elected Officials Network. The Democratic majority in the House now grows to 10 lawmakers ahead of the 2022 midterm elections…”

  19. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/11/politics/biden-atlanta-voting-rights-speech/index.html

    “Biden recalled “the violent mob” that stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, and former President Donald Trump, who he said “sought to win through violence what he had lost through the ballot box, to impose the will of a mob, to overturn free and fair elections, and for the first time in American history, to stop peaceful transfer of power.”

    Republican. Mob violence. Keep painting that picture. Actually, we have a lot of pictures thanks to the domestic terrorists taking selfies last January.

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