Jan. 6

BRET BAIER (FOX Jan. 4, 2021): I want to pin you down on what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to say that Trump will be president after January 20?

JOSH HAWLEY: Well, that depends on what happens on Wednesday


“The actions we have taken thus far will not be our last. The Justice Department remains committed to holding all Jan 6 perpetrators, at any level, accountable under law, whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy. We will follow the facts wherever they lead.” – – Attorney General Merrick Garland, 1/5/2022


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  1. merrick’s “as long as it takes and whatever it takes for justice to be done ” reminded me of the message on the FL supreme’s great seal “Sat Cito Si Recte” (Soon enough if done rightly). both meaning it’s important to take the time necessary to reach the correct result, justice).

  2. hope the clamoring talking heads finally got comfort hearing him explain about the importance of catching the little fish first in order to nab the big ones:

    We build investigations by laying a foundation. We resolve more straightforward cases first because they provide the evidentiary foundation for more complex cases.
    Investigating the more overt crimes generates linkages to less overt ones. Overt actors and the evidence they provide can lead us to others who may also have been involved. And that evidence can serve as the foundation for further investigative leads and techniques.
    In circumstances like those of January 6th, a full accounting does not suddenly materialize. To ensure that all those criminally responsible are held accountable, we must collect the evidence.
    We follow the physical evidence. We follow the digital evidence. We follow the money.   

    and i particularly liked his pointed remarks on voting rights.  all in all merrick done good. sure different from bill barf’s (or shall we more accurately call it the former guy’s) DOJ.

    for transcript click on

    Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Delivers Remarks on the First Anniversary of the Attack on the Capitol | OPA | Department of Justice

  3. looks like columbia missourian cartoonist darkow had the same idea as fearless leader today


  4. How Republicans became the party of Trump’s election lie after Jan. 6WaPo

    On the Saturday in November 2020 when Joe Biden was declared president-elect, Cleveland businessman Bernie Moreno took to Twitter to congratulate Biden and his running mate and to urge his “conservative friends” to accept the results of the presidential election.

    He wrote that there was probably some fraud and illegal votes cast, but concluded, “Was it anywhere near enough to change the result, no.”

    But just over a year later, Moreno — now a candidate in Ohio’s Republican Senate primary — has deleted the tweets calling for unity and, in a new campaign ad, looks directly into the camera and declares, “President Trump says the election was stolen, and he’s right.”

    “Just generally, the election was stolen,” Moreno said in an interview with The Washington Post. “There’s no question about that.”

    Moreno is emblematic of the modern Republican Party, echoing former president Donald Trump’s baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen — a position that has become the unofficial litmus test for good standing within the GOP.

    For Republicans like Paul Boyer, a state senator from Arizona, Trump’s demands of fealty to his false electoral claims are deeply troubling. Boyer was critical of Arizona’s 2020 election audit and was also the only Republican senator to vote against holding the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt.

    Boyer said he expects Republicans to do well in the 2022 midterms but that “long-term, I think we’re screwed as a party.”

    “When you’ve got Trump telling the base the system is rigged, don’t vote, they believe him, and that’s why we lost control of the U.S. Senate, that’s why we lost the two Georgia seats,” Boyer said.

    He is also frustrated that someone like him, a stalwart conservative, can suddenly find himself with no obvious place in the party. “If you ask any of my Democratic colleagues, they’ll tell you how conservative I am,” Boyer said. “And the fact that on one issue I didn’t agree with the party makes my belief on limited government, on school choice, on life, on public safety all out the window — it’s like, no, I’m not a moderate.”

    Boyer plans to step down at the end of his current term and return to teaching high school literature and Latin. Part of him, he said, would like to run again, “to prove that part of the party wrong, that there is room for me in the party.”

    “But I’m just so tired,” Boyer said.

    Lengthy article but worth the read, especially today.

  5. Lest we forget – Glenn Kessler at WaPo 

    The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol: A guide to what we now know

    “The insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!”

    — Former president Donald Trump, in a statement, Oct. 21

    “The events of January 6, 2021, marked the most significant assault on the Capitol since the War of 1812.”

    — Judge Patricia Millet, U.S. Court of Appeals, in an opinion issued Dec. 9

    These quotes signify the vast gulf of understanding about the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

    From the perspective of the former president, the attack on the Capitol was the result of an election that he falsely says was stolen. Trump claims the attackers were mere protesters, falsely maligned by the media and his opponents.

    The reality, backed by law enforcement officials and the judiciary, is that Jan. 6 was the culmination of a sustained effort by a sitting president to overturn the election results. “That attack, that siege was criminal behavior, plain and simple,” saidFBI Director Christopher A. Wray, who was appointed by Trump. “And it’s behavior that we, the FBI, view as domestic terrorism.”

    Trump inspired the attack

    Trump aides and supporters actively sought to overturn the election

    The attack was violent

    Trump took inadequate steps to calm the attackers

    Many Republicans and Trump supporters, at least briefly, were appalled

    Capitol Hill security was deficient in part because of concerns about Trump

    A year later, there continues to be confusion about why it took so long to deploy the National Guard after the Capitol was breached. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy withheld authority from William J. Walker, at the time the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard, to activate a quick reaction force, a requirement that Walker in congressional testimony said was “unusual.” Other officials have testified that key Army officials were concerned about the “optics” of troops at the Capitol.

    Trump has falsely claimed he requested 10,000 troops, but that was a number he raised, in casual conversation on an unrelated subject, based on an inflated expectation he would attract a crowd of 1 million supporters.

    Reporting in the past year suggests one reason for the inadequate National Guard presence on Jan. 6 is that senior military officials were concerned Trump would seek to invoke the Insurrection Act. Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told associates that he feared Jan. 6 was Trump’s “Reichstag moment,” referring to Adolf Hitler’s manufactured crisis in 1933 to secure his grip on power.

    Again, a longish read but worth it today.
    I think I’ve reached my bandwidth limit so I’ll shut up and sit in the back of the room and listen for a while

  6. Biden to mark Jan. 6 anniversary: ‘We must decide what kind of nation we are going to be’ | TheHill

    He is planning to ask the American public a series of questions, including, “Are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm?”
    Biden will also talk about the the violent effort by supporters of former President Trump to overturn the results of the 2020 election and its certification.
    According to the excerpts, he will ask if the U.S. is “going to be a nation where we allow partisan election officials to overturn the legally expressed will of the people?”
    “Are we going to be a nation that lives not by the light of the truth but in the shadow of lies?” Biden will say.
    “We cannot allow ourselves to be that kind of nation. The way forward is to recognize the truth and to live by it.” 
    Biden is set to mark the anniversary with a 9 a.m. speech at the Capitol in which he will “speak to the truth of what happened, not the lies that some have spread since,” according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.
    She added at the press briefing on Wednesday that Biden was involved in writing the speech and noted that he feels personally impacted by the events on Jan. 6, especially since he spent 36 years in the Senate.
    The House is holding a series of events on Thursday to commemorate the fatal Jan. 6 attack. A moment of silence will be held on the House floor, along with a prayer vigil will be held on the Capitol Center steps.

  7. joe was the real leader that day saying what the imitation then commander in chief should have said

    this is what joe said on this day last year.  the only leader to act presidentially and tell the truth : “this is not dissent, it’s disorder, it’s chaos, it boarders on sedition and it must end NOW. I call on this mob to pull back and let democracy go forward…. The words of a President matter, no matter how good or bad that President is … therefore I call on President Trump to go on national television now to fulfil his oath and defend the constitution to demand the end of this siege…”

    there’s a 35 second pause before he walks out on stage to speak

  8. I heard a couple sentences that President Biden spoke this morning.  My immediate thought was it would be great treat to see what the criminal orange blog was doing.  My guess is there are holes in the carpet and someone eating wallpaper paste in the criminal shop.  Hopefully he will pop the blood pressure and become a trivia question in 2122.

  9. Many fine zingers in Biden speech. Among my favs:

    “His bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy”

     “You can’t love your country only when you win.” 

     “He’s not just a former President, he’s a defeated President.” 

  10. BBC World Service is running a decent 6-part audio-doc on the genesis of contemporary American right-wing extremism, from the genesis of it with anti-Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories in the ‘90s to the fruition of it on Jan. 6th, worth a listen.
    The first episode discusses some British “Ambrose” fucker who first poisoned the well with Vince Foster conjecturing, and then lo and behold, who has a guest article in the Telegraph, today:


    “Despite what you’ve heard, I didn’t load the gun for the Capitol Hill attack
    by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard“

  11. Bink

    And none of the above would have risen without the end of the Fairness Doctrine, Civil Rights Legislation, Rush Limbaugh and the invasion of right wing radio in the 80s.  Throw in anti-bussing, politicization of the Evangelicals and the tax revolt in California, it has been a more than 60 year slide into fascism.  

    The Kochs and Murdock will have a lot to answer for in hell.  

  12. So, Jamie, the US was only not fascist for monied white people in those days. Everybody else got hosed-down and kicked in the teeth

  13. Oh, Jamie, if you haven’t watched “Cadfael”, yet, ya gotta, best show ever

    google it

  14. i read a few of those Cadfael books back about the time before jimmy Lud died cause he was lending them to me…..also turned me on to Ross Thomas.   
    Does it come on tv somewhere or is it a computer thing……

  15. i believe you can watch for free on imdb.tv which is easily accessible with a streaming stick, possibly viewable with a browser

    it was one of my pandemic binges, but imdb.tv is free and i can’t imagine there was a bidding war for the rights since i watched it

  16. I didnt see the biden talk……but with excerpts i’ve seen looks like a certain target toddler is bound to have a shitfit over it…….kinda like when obama dragged him at that big dinner where he looked like big schmucko the clown

  17. if only Obama didn’t make that speech, we wouldn’t be in this mess
    ok i gotta make it look like i’m doing something ✌️

  18. you know come to think of it, i’ve seen that dinner posited as the reason fatso decided to run, but then what explained the goober loyalty which followed……ah ha……bunches of goober nation saw that take-down on their television and immediately hated even moreso the black guy who did it but also identified with, yeah that was a real wabanza……..

  19. but i think he had to make that speech…….fatso was puttin’ him in a corner……

    Tore him up so bad it took 40 russians to put him back together again……lol

  20. Dipshit was just a consolidation point for the vicious who already had hate in their hearts before 2016, he gave them permission to voice their ignorance with pride, which is why liberal obsession with said dipshit misses the point

  21. sturge, he probably lost it more when he saw this


    BTW, if you’re interested in seeing the full monte of joe’s speech plus kamala and CBS intro, click here. if you just want the speech scroll up to my 10:24 comment.

  22. Stunning Liz Cheney only elected Republican on House floor today (with her Dad) for tribute to Jan. 6 fallen police (Kinzinger at home with pregnant wife). House GOP beyond shameful.

  23. Pogo –
    There is nothing that ain’t cool about  this telescope. 
    That shot with the Earth behind really shows just how thin our shell of gases really is. 
    There is no “camera” as we know it. 
    It’s radiator  has has a super black surface to dump it’s instrument package’s heat into space.  Something that has applications here  on Earth. 
    Watching this thing unfold reminds me of that Mars mission that failed , because one team was using metric numbers , and the plans were in drawn up in “Cubits”. 
    Failure has always been the great teacher, and our space program has never failed to learn the lessons.  

  24. So much for that “Party of Lincoln” tagline. 
    Someone needs to check the big statue , and see if he’s crying today. 

  25. And, for something different – I was wondering about flying to Puerto Rico and what the general aviation airfields are like.  This is one of them:

    Airport Operational Statistics
    Aircraft based on the field: 9
    Single engine airplanes: 8
    Multi engine airplanes: 1
    Aircraft operations: avg 48/week *
    48% local general aviation
    40%  air taxi
    10% military
    2% transient general aviation
    * for 12-month period ending 31 December 2016
    Additional Remarks





    The exciting line is the cattle about 500 feet from the runway 28, there is only one runway, and the critters are occasionally on the runway.  The birds are on and over the airport, normal for a lot of airports.  The other activities are also normal at many general aviation airports.  There is nothing as exilerating as hearing from the tower “Cessna NXXXXY watch for Lear Jet – ” a whoosh as you see it pass below you and you are on final approach.  Fing jet jockeys.

  26. Bi-polar Disorder –
    1865  “Radical Republicans” 
    2022  “Radical Republicans”
    1865  Democrats  were about to invent “Jim Crow”
    2022  Democrats are trying to save black and brown votes. 
    “Too much botcula in the rotunda”
    Too many Fascists in the rotunda
    Now an octagon in the rotunda 

  27. A great deal of focus on threats toward congress today. And rightly so. 
    But it’s the local election officials,  public health administrators, school board officials , sheriffs, D.A.s ,  that’s their play now. 
    As a grass roots movement , there’s a lot of Kuduz growing in it. 
    In Italy , the “Black Shirts”  were largely made up of WW1 vets. 
    And they carried guns.  How does one run for a school board under these conditions ?
    Remember when Trump said –
    “Take back Michigan”, and armed thugs took over the state house.  Over wearing a mask ? 
    If last year was about black faces on the 6th , they would have been armed to the teeth.

  28. I did not watch Biden today , part of his low poll is his endless pleading with people who mean to do him, and us harm. 
    Let us be clear when Mitch blocked Obama to pick Garland to the court , the gloves were off. 
    This idea that compromise is possible with AR-15’s pointed at your head  is a fools idea , much like Neville  selling out Czechoslovakia.
    One does not compromise with thugs, and bullies , you punch them in the nose as hard as you can.

  29. pogo, you ask have i got snow?  how ’bout 8″ – it’s 18 degrees now and they say it will be all of 1 degree in the morning. the dogs love it. the cat could care less.

    take care and stay off the roads, you guys are next.

  30. Bink

    Love Cadfael.  I’ve read most of the books as well and always hoped they would film more than four of them.  Derek Jacobi is an amazing actor and I pretty well enjoy everything he is in.  

    In addition to IMDb, Cadfael is also on Britbox channel.

  31. Bob, I did watch Joe’s address on cspan when I got home. Wh’unt no compromise there. He called out Fatso again and again. Appealed to our better angels as Americans. Did about all he could in a speech. I give him high marks for his performance today. Will it make any difference?  That would be optimistic. 

  32. Energy 101 –
    At first it was wood and dung.
    That age lasted for over 50,000 years. 
    Then came charcoal, see the :Bronze Age” .
    All along we were burning animal fat and olives   at night  . 
    Then came ole’ King Coal , 150 years later Drake drilled his hole. 
    Now we can’t make electric pick-ups fast enough , and we know how to make them go using the Sun. 
    I’m very glad I am not  in a hole burning dung. 

  33. I really hate this web site just dumping my words , when it thinks I’ve said enough .
    I was writing about how smart we are , even when we are clueless .
    Off to PBS. 

  34. this web site just dumping my words 

    So, even though CC doesn’t read it (hey-oh!), he hosts it for free, ergo some compromises are advisable, here’s one:
    If you get an error after submitting a post, just click “back” on your browser and your post will probably still be in the commenting box.  Alleviate all anxiety by copying your post to the clipboard before submitting and just re-paste upon failure.
    Also, clear your cache, frequently, especially on a phone

  35. Bob, don’t take it personally. Happens to us all. Drives me nuts. Bink has the drill down. 

  36. i dig the “old man” iteration of he who once was “Colorado Bob”, so, don’t get too frustrated

  37. Let’s start a fund raiser , and sell bummer stickers .
    About voting .
    When they take your vote , they choke your throat 

  38. Whenever i have a lot of trouble posting something, i figure it’s Jesus saying “try a different thought”

  39. The first rule of bumper stickers is less is more .
    I made a sticker for Colorado  once , for some one else. 
    It was the car plate , green mountains , white sky . Embedded in the green was the word “Native”, in white . 
    We’re going to need a lot money this year , we better make it clever.

  40. Ok, i don’t mean to put too fine a point on it

    ….say, “i’m the only bee in your bonnet” 🤙❤️✌️

  41. oh btw if you go to my posts 13 months ago i predicted dipshit would try to start a civil war on jan 6, so don’t try to tell me that Republicans didn’t know what was up, a moron like me could read the code 🥸👍🇺🇸

  42. I got it .
    A 4X6 in , American flag  background , and below the star field  ……..  One American One Vote.
    That sticker will raise a butt load of money. 
    I can get the thing printed , you folks have to manage the money, and where to spend it. Craig holds the copyright.  
    Trust me this thing will work. 

  43. The math of printing , all the cost is setting up the run .  Each impression after that get’s cheaper . 
    One does not buy 100 impressions , and sell at a dollar each , one buys 100,000  impressions ,and sells at 2 dollars .  You go from making five cents ,   to making 97  cents  

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