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  1. speaking of those who are going to trial, here are some of their excuses randy might want to use


  2. craig, just like i suggested this time last year, might best for you and david to stay home today & tomorrow.

    Security ramping up ahead of one-year anniversary of January 6 Capitol attack – CNNPolitics

    (CNN) Law enforcement and federal authorities in the Washington area are stepping up security efforts in anticipation of the one-year anniversary of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.
    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Tuesday that the department is operating at a “heightened level of vigilance, because we are at a heightened level of threat” in general, but he added that DHS is not aware of any credible threats specifically related to the anniversary or January 6.
    “The threat of domestic violent extremists is a very great one,” he told reporters.
    US Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger insisted on Tuesday that the department would be capable of fending off another mob-like attack a year after rioters had crashed through doors and windows, attacked police and threatened lawmakers.
    The stepped-up security comes as Washington braces for the anniversary of the insurrection. Last week, a DHS intelligence assessment warned that “threat actors” may take advantage of the anniversary “to promote or possibly commit violence.”
    Lone offenders are the most likely threat to the anniversary, according to the intelligence assessment, which was shared with state and local authorities.

  3. music from another randy to commemorate jan6 and remind us not to forget what it was – sedition, i.e.conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch”

  4. more on sedition, another pov a year later

    A Key Reason Jan. 6 Rioters Aren’t Facing Sedition Charges: They’re White – Mother Jones

    As of this writing, 695 people have been charged for federal crimes related to the January 6, 2021, Capitol breach—crimes motivated by the lie that Joe Biden won because of nationwide election fraud. Of those 695 people, not one has been charged with sedition, defined in the US Code as two or more people conspiring to “overthrow, put down, or to destroy” the government, “prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law,” or “by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States.”
    January 6 defendants came armed with bats and bear spray and stun devices and guns and zip ties, aiming to overthrow the election by any means necessary. They called for the execution of the vice president. They assaulted law enforcement, bludgeoning officers with American flagpoles and police barricades. They stormed the Senate floor, stole mementos, and seized government files. They told us what they were there to do—for weeks ahead of time, in some cases—and they very nearly did it.
    But no one has been charged with sedition, because America does not talk about violent expressions of white supremacy as sedition. Even when it manifests as a coup against America itself.

  5. There are probably pics of Andy sweating somewhere.  Of course, things can be doctored now, so it would have to come from an old source.   

    The men who hung out with Epstein knew what was going on, whether or not they engaged…and they most likely did.

  6. BB got to it first with his nickname of Randy Andy


    I’m sure if a pretty 17 year old was available, he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity.

  7. Knew about it in some degree?  Darn right!  Even Trump tossed off that “he likes them young” remark about Epstein. 


  8. One of Epstein’s accusers said she was recruited at Mar-a-Lardo by Maxwell in 1999 when she was 15 working as a locker room attendant there. 

  9. “Prince??  There are thousands of princes……..There is ONE Beethovan!”
    –Ludwig v.

  10. The correct quote. The other was from memory, always a risky venture.
    “Prince, what you are, you are by accident of birth; what I am, I am of myself. There are and will be thousands of princes. There is only one Beethoven.”

  11. Hahaha Haaaaaa I gave him a bit of the old peevish ire. He probably said it very politely as he took his leave.

  12. So seems Ludwig Van may have been less dramatic in his discourse with his patrons than he was in his music.  But then again the drama could be lost in the translation.

  13. I was yakking the other day about how all the big road bands in the sixties used the Fender Dual Showman amps.   The Beatles had a contract to use Vox amps onstage, but looky what they were using when nobody looking.

  14. After a lengthy dental visit I return home to the street blocked with cars and a tree service truck.  And, a tree expert high up a seventy-five foot maple tree.  Chain saws screaming, in my neighbors tree and  yard along with my neighbor across the street cutting up the scraps of a fir tree he used to have upright.  Then up the street, towards the mainland, another chain saw.  If I was more interested in joining the orchestra I would have gotten mine out just to run it, but I did not. 
    This last snow was rather brutal to our little peninsula.  There is still about eight inches of snow on the dock box I carry around in my pickup truck (still deciding where to install it).

  15. Sturg, Fender makes lots of great amps. LP has basically fallen in love with my lowly Princeton- and it’s not even the tube model so many of the old bluesmen used. I’ve lusted after a Twin Reverb or a Bassman but never pulled the trigger since a Champ is more amp than I need to play for myself, which is all I do. 

  16. “Onward thru the fog”

    The James Webb Space Telescope achieved another major milestone today, successfully extending its secondary mirror as it continues to sail seamlessly through its never-before-conducted deployment sequence on the way to its destination. 
    The 2.4-foot-wide (0.74 meters) secondary mirror sits attached to a tripod opposite the main mirror. Its task is to concentrate the light collected by the gold-coated main mirror into an opening at the main mirror’s center. Through this opening, the light reaches the third mirror, which reflects it to the telescope’s instruments.
    The secondary mirror travelled to space stowed on top of the main mirror, attached to three 26-feet-long (8 m) legs that form its supporting tripod.


  17. Can’t post it, but all the amps for the guitars and bass in the Let it Be rooftop performance are Fenders.

  18. Bob, the engineering that went into turning the Webb telescope into a portable self-deploying package is mind boggling. 

  19. Good jobs report for December. 807k private sector jobs doubles projections. Watch it get lost in the bullshit over Garland’s address today and the handwringing over tests and the lack of availability of the Pfizer pill.
    BTW I got tested Saturday (rapid) and today (rapid and PCR), all on a walk-in basis and with waits of less than an hour. Of course East Bumfuck isn’t NYC. 

  20. Sorry Poobah & patd. Tried to post one for tomorrow but the site’s gone hinky on iPhone and it’s not possible to draft one more than a few lines with links. I’ll submit it tomorrow when I am at a P.C. Just reading and posting has been hinky lately with iPhone – slow loading, cannot parse entry, not logged in, etc. – almost to the point of what’s the point? Just an fyi.

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