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  1. same-o same-o for tomorrow (AKA 2021 all over again) in KY






  2. 2020, too

    .Republicans continue to lie
    .Willfully stupid folks go along with the lie, even if it costs health, lives, democracy
    .Dose 37 of the vaccine
    .CDC continues to cause whiplash with their ever-changing guidelines
    .Masks, masks, masks

    Tomorrow, we start month 25 of 2020

  3. Yesterday’s burn north of Boulder Colorado was fast and nasty.  Most of my friends who live in that area have checked in safe, I am still waiting to hear from several others.  My son evacuated to my ex’s home southeast of Denver out of precaution.  The dry conditions are a serious issue there, the Front Range has had little moisture this year. Something that has not been discussed is there are oil and gas fields east of the burn area. That could have caused even more havoc. 

  4. bId – The speculation about the dictator wannabe whereabouts is getting to be fun.  Send in Sherlock.  Or maybe Dr. Feelgood.  There is hope amongst some that he stay hidden away.

  5. The next daily ton of emails from the Former whatever that was to scream for money to make up for not being able to steal from the Treasury Department.

  6. What’s a Willie-Waught? Andrew Bird Gets to the Bottom of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ – Billboard

    “I’ve been determined for years to learn all the verses of this Scottish classic,” he tells Billboard. “It’s almost in the category of ‘happy birthday’ in that it’s second nature in our society to sing this song at a particular moment yet we have only a vague notion of what it’s about. ‘A right guid willie-waught’?’ Begging the question: what is a ‘willie-waught”?”


    [The line roughly means to have a goodwill or friendly drink.]

    to be more precise

    dictionaries of the scots language:

    WILLIE-WAUGHTn.comb. Also -waucht (e.Lth. 1908 J. Lumsden Th’ Loudons 201; willy-waught-wachtwullie-waught (e.Lth. 1892 J. Lumsden Sheep-Head 290), -wauchtwully waught-wauchtwaly-waucht (Lnk. 1885 J. Hamilton Poems 74). A copious draught, hearty swig, usu. of ale or other liquor.

  7. just noticed the beginning of an acronym in my checklist of predictions for the new year in KY is PTS. to round out the full condition, i’ll add

    dystopian disorder:   ✅

  8. Well as the old saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the day. And in the words of the sage of the Bronx, It’s like deja vu all over again. I think that about covers it. I’d predict the outcome of the college football championship but I’ve tried that before and been wrong so I will just let it unfold. 
    Regardless, do whatever you do to make the next year a good one and here’s hoping it works. 

  9. Well… being the old farts that we are… Rick and I will spend the night doing what we’ve done for the last several years.  We watch a 3 Stooges marathon on a local Boston station.  They always do a theme.  Last year the episodes they showed were centered around food.  If I were picking this year’s theme it would be around medical stuff…
    …  calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard…

  10. “we twa hae run about the braes

    and pu’d the gowans fine”

    jamie, many a folk i bet have tho’t those words meant something more sensuous than 2 young lads cavorting about picking daisies

  11. DENVER (CBS4) – Powerful winds were blowing off the Front Range and onto the adjacent plains Thursday morning. The National Weather Service in Boulder reported a wind gust of 105 mph at 9:51 a.m., at the Intersection of Highways 72 and 93, which is between Boulder and Golden.
    Around 11:30 a.m. the weather service tweeted saying a new gust of 110 mph was reported in the same location. Highway 93 is closed as of this posting due to multiple reports of high-profile vehicles being blown over.

    110 MPH Wind Gust Reported At Highways 72 And 93

  12. OM – Chance of severe storms in DFW tonight.

    It might cut down on the idiots firing their guns in the air.

  13. NBC did a rather nice job of remembrance  of the one’s we lost this year.  A lot of them it seems , a hard year on everyone .
    Betty White and John Madden going in the same week , one can see them standing in line at the “Pearly Gates” making everyone’s  trip a little easier. 

  14. The Colorado branch of the Sunrise Movement agreed, writing on social media that the fires were “fueled by the climate crisis.” A growing body of evidence has detailed the extent to which human-caused climate change is driving more frequent and intense wildfires in the U.S. and across the globe.
    “People are losing their homes and running for their lives from a fire that started December fucking 30th,” Sunrise Colorado tweeted before turning its attention to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and the Big Oil-friendly infrastructure law he helped craft.
    “Sen. Manchin, your Exxon highway bill isn’t going to save our homes or our lives,” the group said. “Your greed and corruption is not only torching our future. It’s burning our communities and destroying lives tonight.”
    Manchin, a close ally of the fossil fuel industry, is currently blocking progress on Democrats’ Build Back Better Act, a $1.75 trillion reconciliation package containing hundreds of billions of dollars in climate-related investments.

  15. Retired general warns the U.S. military could lead a coup after the 2024 election

    As the anniversary of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol approaches, three retired U.S. generals have warned that another insurrection could occur after the 2024 presidential election and the military could instigate it.
    The generals – Paul Eaton, Antonio Taguba and Steven Anderson – made their case in a recent Washington Post Op-Ed. “In short: We are chilled to our bones at the thought of a coup succeeding next time,” they wrote.  …………………. And we saw it when 124 retired generals and admirals signed a letter contesting the 2020 election. We’re concerned about that.

  16. As a system nears a tipping point . It swings from one extreme  to  another.  There it tends to get stuck before swinging wildly back to the other. This applies to all sorts of systems , not just natural ones.  When the tipping point arrives , a new state is set in place. 
    See 1929 before the crash in Oct.  See Lake Tahoe this year. 
    Some parts of a system arrive at the new place before the rest comes along .
    Case in point , the Utah legislature’s  top item this new year –
    How to save the “Great Salt Lake” .  Think about that , the Mormons along with the rest of us put the “Great Salt Lake” in the ICU. 

  17. Proposed new country song –
    The Great Salt Lake in the ICU
    Oh lord oh lord 
    What’s a poor boy to do
    We put The Great Salt Lake in the ICU
    We had the fat of the land
    And a wife or two 
    We put The Great Salt Lake in the ICU
    Oh lord oh lord 
    What’s a poor boy to do
    We put The Great Salt Lake in the ICU
    We kept on growing 
    But we always knew 
    We’d put The Great Salt Lake in the ICU
    Oh lord oh lord 
    What’s a poor boy to do
    We put The Great Salt Lake in the ICU

  18. I watched Betty White in A Date With The Angels back in the fifties. Since then she has been a great actor as a lead, a major character, minor character, single episode, comedy, sort of comedy, and anything else you can say.  That she made it to ninety-nine is wonderful.  I will not be on the floor, rending my clothes, or crying or anything sad.  She almost made it to one hundred, and when you give her a bonus for so much happiness she spread, she did make it, just not in the way we would have liked.  It would be a great milestone to make it another seventeen days, but when do we let her die?  She made a great life for all of us.  Today is a wonderful day to leave. 
    Tonight I will cheer Betty White with my drink(s), I will salute her with a raised glass, and, I will watch a few episodes of the programs she was on.  A few Mary Tyler Moore shows, a couple Bones, and a few Golden Girls.  Yup, it will be a fine night (until the idiots start shooting off stuff).

  19. Bronc –
    The game show over the air channel Buzzer runs Password with Alan Ludden  her love  .  I watch it and think of her every time. 
    She lost him too soon.  Later she took up with Smoky Bear. 
    I love those shows the voice over always whispered the pass word. 
    Like the players couldn’t hear him. 

  20. CBS Morning  did a profile of 80 year old Joan Baez.
    Dancing in the park .
    Martin wanted to do limited edition of her guitar , so she loaned it to them .  She had work done on it years before . When they opened it up for the new series , there inside was written in pencil-
    “Too bad you’re a commie”. 
    She loved it. 

  21. The fire storm in Colorado  burnt 1,000 homes to the ground in one day. 
    Climate Change is coming to see you. It’s coming to your state , it’s coming to your county , it’s coming  to your town , it’s coming to your street . It’s walking on to your porch , and ringing your bell. 
    And then it will punch you right in the nose. 

  22. I would hope that the left in this country pulls it’s self out of it’s navel gazing . And brings the hammer  this year. 
    Remind America that Trumps answer to Western Wild Fires  was to rake the  leaves in the forest. 
    His idea to cure Covid was a bleach injection.  
    His idea of a great America again was where powerful men could grab women by the pussy. 
    Every right wing  candidate needs to be asked that question . 
    ” Are you OK with Donald Trump grabbing your wife’s pussy ? ” 
    Rep. Greene needs to have this question put to her. 
    “Are you OK with Trump grabbing  your pussy ?”
    Play that bus tape, and what he said  in office. 
    Over and over. 
    Remember , that had 2 days of play,  then the Russians dropped  Hillary’s e-mails. 
    And we were off to Hillary the dark Shrew , and Don the Orange Game Show Host. 

  23. I few moments ago I talked with my mother (94 yo), my God Father (95 yo) died a couple weeks ago.  We talked a little bit about his life and my father (died 2012) and our families.  No rending of clothes or tears.  He had lived his life.  We shared a lot of memories and then talked a bit about Betty White.  Yup. The Greatest Generation is reaching the end of the bell curve.

  24. https://www.kxan.com/news/texas-politics/gov-abbott-asks-state-agencies-to-carefully-assess-implications-from-fed-infrastructure-act-funds/

    “Gov. Greg Abbott urged state agencies to think twice before accepting funds from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act”

    Greg doesn’t want Texans to have jobs or safe bridges or anything else that might make POTUS Joe/Dems look good.


    “Abbott asking federal government for help with testing sites, medical personnel, monoclonal antibody allocations”

    Greg won’t mandate masks or vaccinations, but wants assistance.

  25. My goal in life was “enlightenment”  as a young man . It was the 60’s , what can I say .
    I’m not there yet , but I can see it from here. 
    I hope it comes in the next  few weeks , otherwise I’m coming back as a bandanna slug.  

  26. MAGA-
    I have rolled this marble over in my head , trying to reframe it , to co-op it, to steal it. 
    And it just hit me !
    Make America Good Again
    Even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then.

  27. Blue Dallas 
    Texas over the last 10 years has gotten more FEMA money  than any state in the Union. 
    These guys know Americans have the attention span of gerbils. 

  28. I try to sign off when my mind is a Spanish Volcano of dominoes , each one popping out to knock over the next. 
    Trying to say something , ….. “important” .
    I am the prince of the land of fools, and  jack asses. Playing with a set of Spanish lava dominoes. 
    Lot’s  of bubbles on a lava domino. 

  29. The Taliban  are the model  for the “New GOP” .
    Sleep with the Russians , and rule by the RPG. 
    How’s that working out for them ? 

  30. As I watch  the Webb  race across space , it floats on a sea of human tears. 
    That is our problem , how to make a square  doughnut  round.

  31. OK 
    I sign off here.  And the BBC  has this young woman complaining that facebook. and twitter  did not  tell her what to do , as the Colorado fire storm hit. 
    NO ONE  knew what to do.  Bitch
    Sit down and shut the fuck up.  Get yer head out of Tick – Tok, and your tiny ass. 
    We are seeing things no one ever dreamed of but fools like me. 
    And remember , this is just the beginning, and there will be no time outs,  and all that heat will make each one stronger.  
    As Walley said many years ago ………. “The climate is an angry  beast” 

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