Republicans Stick With Dear Leader Again

The House voted 222-208 on Tuesday night to refer a criminal contempt charge against former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to the Department of Justice.

Only two Republicans, Reps. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Liz Cheney of Wyoming, voted to hold Meadows in contempt.


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  1. couldn’t pass this one up from marlette. takes courage to produce and publish things like this in the ultra red floriduh panhandle.  they better duck, incoming fire for sure.   kudos to andy and the pensacola news journal.

  2. This is bigger than circling the wagons around Orange Adolf.

    Almost all who are choosing to call themselves Republicans are fascists and they will continue to act as one. They don’t need the ugly head anymore. He’s done the job he was installed to do.

    There are inky two, actual Republicans in the House.

    Sadly, the Teabagger movement (which appeared when the ex-half-Governor of Alaska gave them a rallying point) has morphed into those who stormed the Capitol on January 6th and those who would’ve liked to have been there. Orange Adolf was an opportunist and he knew how to play it. They don’t actually need him anymore. However, to keep their movement going, they have to continue to pretend that nothing bad happened to democracy on January 6th.

  3. One doesn’t get to pick their parents, and i’m impressed that Don Jr. at least tried to stop the insurrection, a little.  
    …but Marlette gets a shitty cartoon out of it, so let’s not let bogged down in the details, right?

    Oh, and Mary Trump got another TV appearance, so good for her. i wonder if dipshit gees a cut of her proceeds

  4. Here’s hoping Orange Adolf lives in obscurity, ignored by those he thought adored him. I hope the old, bastard lives forever, because I do not want that turd to have a fancy, state funeral. As much as I love to dance, I don’t want that.

  5. What truly ticks me off is that I have watched this poison infect our society since the early 1970s.  The Civil Rights legislation kicked it off and I still remember the “Block Busting” protests, the end of “red lining” in insurance and real estate and of course busing and integration is schools.  Anyone who doesn’t think the nation suffers from systemic racism has been asleep longer than Rip Van Winkle.

    All Trump did was give the worst the chance to crawl out from under the rocks, take off their hoods and pretend to be normal, decent human beings bolstered by Evangelicals and a far right that didn’t spot how they were morphing from Conservative to Fascist courtesy of Limbaugh and worse riding the radio gravy train.

    I would have more hope if the Cheney types who still exist would grow their numbers and try to reclaim their power to be half of a real government before their crazy contingent tears down the whole democracy.



  6. Remember in the sixties those 4 little girls who were blown up by a kkk bomb in a Birmingham church?   The peoples who approved of that bomb have not changed one iota since that time. They have not changed and never will.   They’re insane with an irrational hate for which the only societal solution is a huge Rock dropped heavily down upon them. They can live there under the rock. More and larger rocks please, I’ve been waiting a long time.

  7. Two major factors which contributed to the failure of the coup:   1. Dan Quayle convinced Pence he had no choice and 2. NO counter-protestors showed up, hence no “national emergency”. 
    We were left with a crystal clear picture of an army of out-of-control racist assholes bent on mayhem and destruction.

  8. In his never-ending quest to be more MAGA than any other Governor, Desantis this morning announces his ‘Stop WOKE Act’ to create a private right of action, modeled after TX abortion law, to sue schools if they catch them teaching CRT.

  9. I was 11 when the bombing occurred and don’t have any clear recollection of it from that time – plenty of talk about it in HS civics class as I recall, and certainly in college.  Stupid, evil people.  Bill Baxley and Doug Jones prosecuted the 3 kluckers who got convicted of the murders and burnished their prosecutorial bona fides by taking them to trial and getting convictions against 3 of the 5 suspected conspirators – one of the other 2 passed an FBI lie detector test and wasn’t prosecuted and the 5th was an FBI informant who had testified against Klan members in an unrelated murder case and was put in witness protection. 

  10. It would only be half-accurate to say DeSantis has the “lean and hungry look”, but regardless…
    …be afraid.

  11. craig, how do you think the FL legislature will define “CRT” in desantis’ newly proposed law? 

    imagine the pain staffers will endure trying to draft such a thing.

  12. At the very time of the church bombing which killed the 4 little girls I was 15 and had just gotten home from two coast to coast train rides— before and after a trip on the ocean from Frisco to Sydney and back again.  For some reason I was acutely aware of that incident, of how weird our country really could be.   Then of course, November 63 was right behind.    
    3 months earlier I’d never even HEARD of Pago Pago or that it was pronounced Pango Pango.
    A weird time.

  13. The 60’s—What a decade it was to be a teenager in, 61 to 67.    It just kept coming: Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Viet Nam…..oy vey.

  14. Sturg, lotta traveling going on back then for you.  Geez. You were 4 years ahead of me, but the late 60s and early 70s were definitely a different time for teenagers.  Protests, rock concerts, social upheaval, drugs, sex, Vietnam, Watergate, you know, put ’em together and it made for a helluva time to try and figure out how to be an adult.  One day I might just figure that out. Nah.

  15. As to NBC having a much bigger Christmas tree than James Carville’s, James replied, “Well, cow pies are bigger than diamonds, so what the heck”.

  16. I just want to let everybody know that the Red Cross volunteers in Kentucky and the rest of the tornado disaster areas will be spending Christmas there.  And, many will be there after the New Year’s celebrations are over too.


    “Winds gusting up to 107 mph in Lamar, Colorado, have toppled semi-trucks, ripped off roofs, and toppled trees…”

    “We are dealing with gas leaks, grass fires from power lines being down as well as smoldering trees.”

    “Record December heat leading to ‘unprecedented’ extreme weather threat“


    “Part of it is a job quality shortage,” says Sojourner. “It’s a bit of a puzzle why employers aren’t raising wages and improving working conditions fast enough to draw people back in. They say they want to hire people — there are 11 million job openings — but they’re not creating job openings that people want.”

    Hmmm, maybe because business owners don’t want to raise wages. It’s easier to load extra work onto those who remain. Guess, what. You can’t run a business with no employees. Massive walkouts will be needed to get wages raised and working conditions improved.

    Also, please fix the freaking healthcare system. Insurance is not care.

  19. don’t get this video

    …he’s searching for enlightenment- it’s all around him but he can’t see it

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